tagRomanceRenée Is a Little Too Tough

Renée Is a Little Too Tough



Renée Holloway chopped down two cogs in the five-speed box in her rebuilt 1995 MG RV, the V8 motor of the Caribbean Blue roadster burbled nicely through the muffler as she pulled up behind her elder sister's boyfriend's black Lexus.

Rex pulled off Diane's lips to look nervously standing at his open car door as blonde Renée, casually pushing her dark shades into her hair and waved to him as she stopped, leaving about an inch of space between the two vehicles.

She saw his lips move and knew he'd be growling, "Your cavalier sister" or words to that effect. Actually Diane told her later Rex said, 'Your fucking crazy sister should be banned from driving' and he got in a huff because Diane said loyally her sister drove far better than he did.

Rex Oliver was conservative, a merchant banker whatever that was, and Renée knew her sister was fucking him near legless, and she knew what that meant: Rex had never had it so good. Diane was also blonde and slightly better-looking that her younger sister but she lacked Renée's drive, intelligence and ability to perform almost any task and do so many things so competently and she lacked Renée's indomitable spirit.

And that was Renée's problem. She was so good at so many things that people found it hard to like her. Male dates tended to move on to a babe a little less dominating and pushing to run the show. And that was only the sex.

The family lived in a double apartment with separate entrances, the girls sharing one apartment, in Richmond overlooking the Thames River. They also have a family home in 'the country' near Maidstone in southeast England and not far from Leeds Castle. Their father Anthony Holloway is a respected banker, but perhaps not so respected now so many people lost heavily in the recent financial crash on money invested via their bank.

Sarah their mother is The Baroness Ruxley who gives money away rather than earns more.

The girls love their mother and tolerate their dad whom they find boring. The girls agree it's all the affairs their mother has had during over two decades that makes her so interesting and she seems to know everyone, particularly men, and tells her daughters wonderful stories without censoring the passion and naughtiness she remembers.

The family loosely calls the sprawling home in Kent 'The Country House' as in 'we went down to The Country House for the weekend'. Historically it has been known for several centuries as Ruxley Hall but these days no one appears to know what a hall is when used to refer to a stately home. Anyway most of the original hall on the brink of collapse was pulled down in 1910 by the Baroness's grandfather and rebuilt out of quarried stone and milled timber, making a reasonably livable residence even today.

With twenty-two rooms it makes sense to invite guests whenever they go down to the country estate otherwise the place is like living in an abandoned hospital or an old-style jail. And that's where Renée shines and exacerbates her problem of passive unpopularity. She demolishes her parents' friends, her own friends and her sister's friends at whatever sport or leisure activity they compete against her. No guest has ever beaten her at quoits, table tennis, tennis, archery, skeet shooting, swimming, pitch and putt golf or go-kart racing baring mishaps like four years ago when she collapse in the tennis semi-finals having left her sick bed to play.

Renée holds the five-lap go-kart track record by a margin of 47.35 seconds and her fastest time for the 10-lap feature race is 1 minute 2.5 seconds faster than anyone else, nearly all competitors finding in difficult to complete the circuit ten times. Her best 10-lap time is one and a half minutes under Rex's best when he was drunk enough to have a real go at chasing her around the track. He'd been give first choice of which of the seven carts he'd race in. He left the track three times during his hilarious pursuit.

Her mother had warned Renée several times to be sporting and allow other people to win and her daughter was appalled that the Baroness could recommend she do something so underhand.

* * *

It was a gloomy late afternoon in London when Rex pulled out of Diane and handed her a towel and he yelled to Renée they were ready for coffee.

"I'd really like to screw that cocky bitch."

"Well grab her when she comes in and I'll go off and shower."

"God no Diane, are you mad? She'd screw me into tomorrow."

"Oh thank you very much. You are now saying my sister is a better fuck than me."

"No, oh god no darling. All I'm saying I never want her to get her hands on me. No I was thinking about this afternoon when I'd just arrived and had got out of the car to be kissed by you when she zoomed up and miraculously just stopped before ramming my beloved company car."

Diane sighed and said her sister didn't require miracles to succeed like most normal people did.

"I would like to give the Hon Renée Holloway her comeuppance."

"Go ahead, you are welcome to try but I'm warning you, expect to be thwarted."

Renée swept into the room with the coffee tray.

"Here we are guys, a good fuck?"

Her sister and fiancé were too embarrassed to answer that question.

"Oh another dud one Rex?"

Rex looked at the retreating figure and reached for the bedside heavy ornate candlestick but Diane grabbed his arm and said, "Don't Rex it's an heirloom and the pair of them are valued for insurance at five thousand pounds."

Driving home that night Rex had an idea. Over late dinner last weekend down at the country home the Baroness had asked him if he could bring another younger man down this coming weekend. He said yes but it was unlikely Renée would take to anyone he produced and the Baroness said it didn't matter, what mattered was having the right balance in numbers and sex.

"Sex you say Sarah?" he said, attempting to make a joke and the Baroness looked at him strangely and said, "Well perhaps since you are interested Rex; I'll arrange it so we can slip away quietly."

Only then did Rex realize he'd just unleashed the Baroness on to himself. She'd probably been hanging out for this opportunity. God her daughter would kill him if she found out.

The next evening at his own apartment he shared with two guys who were out whoring, Rex pulled out his Year Book from his final year at university and made a list of names of guys who weren't gay and were possible real challengers for Renée. He came up with only two names and thought that class had been really top-heavy with gays, male and female.

Well Charlie Evans was first choice; he was a car rally driver and competed internationally. He looked up cell phone numbers listed on the university website database, called the number he located and got Charlie's wife who said Charlie was in France preparing to compete in a rally this weekend.

"Um Rex I'm alone except for the twins but they are both are asleep. Would you like to pop around and we can smoke some weed and see where that takes us?"

"I engaged and marry in September."


"No thanks, I really would have liked that Annie but my fiancée is bound to find out and she'd kill me."


"Good night Annie."

Rex wiped his forehead and thought that had been a really close one. Oddly enough he'd received more invitations from females hinting he could have sex with them than all the offers he'd received like that in perhaps five years prior to his engagement. It just wasn't fair.

Perhaps Phil Ashford would be available.

"Hi Phil, Rex Oliver."

"Oh hi Rex, that really was a great piss-up we had at our quarterly class get-together a fortnight ago. God it was so wacky, I can still picture that oldest stripper of forty with tits hanging down level with her hipbones. It was fucking revolting."

"Oh I didn't notice her. I was enjoying my 8th pint of beer, at least I think I had eight before I passed out."

"Dunno but Gary and I got you home, remember?"

"Oh you and Gary got me home. I had no idea. Look we have this really good sports person who beats the crap out of us when we go down to her parents' country estate at weekends. It's about time we produced someone to beat her."


"Yes she's super fit."

"You're engaged to Baroness Ruxley's daughter right? I was in South Africa so couldn't get to the party."

"Yeah right."

"And so this sportswoman must be her sister Renée?"

"Right. You are well informed."

"It pays to know who's who. Is it okay if I also fuck her?"

"Yes of course. You have my permission."

"What authority do you have that gives you that right?"

"Er none that I can think of for the moment. You could probably get a leg over the Baroness as well. She's still sexually active."

"But not as juicy as the daughters?"

"No of course not."

Phil laughed and said, "And how have you managed to confirm that interesting fact Rex?"

"Er her skin looks dry, a sure sign."

"Oh I didn't know that."

Rex said he'd been asked to bring down a friend to make up numbers.

"We are friends aren't we Phil?"

"Oh sure."

"I can pick you up outside your office at 3:00 on Friday. If you can't make it until later you will have to drive down alone."

"No that's fine. I'll be waiting outside the office. We are usually breaking open the bar at that time on a Friday."

* * *

Estate manager Ralston Stone who was becoming cross-eyed keeping one eye on his adulterously inclined wife and one eye on Ruxley Manor as the locals called the big house, enjoyed it when the family was in residence. It put staff on their toes and for some reason they became sexed up.

Ralston occasionally shafted Mrs Webster the cook. To ensure he could do that uninterrupted he'd send her husband, who was a shepherd on the estate, into the village to collect a beer order and to stay at the bar for an hour and have a couple of pints. Ralston almost daily tailed Beth Winter, the young housekeeper who supervised two temporary maids who came up from the village when required. He had the secret thought of tailing all three housekeeping staff in a highly erotic orgy and of course he had shared the secret with Beth and the two young married women to increase the chances of it happening. Whenever his over-sexed wife said thankfully that his dick felt fatter that night, it always would have been a night when after dinner the fifty-three-year old Ralston had been picturing himself performing doggy on three beautifully rounded young butts.

On Friday Ralston went over to the house, gave Beth what she wanted, and then inspected every room for weather leaks, rats and stray cats. He was having morning tea with Beth and Mrs Webster when the two women arrived from the village to begin making up the beds. Lucy, Baroness Ruxley's personal assistant, had called Beth earlier and gave details of the sleeping arrangements for the fourteen guests. Some married couples required either separate beds or even separate bedrooms and some engaged couples or couples going steady still didn't sleep together.

Ralston drove off in his mud-splattered green Land Rover very happy. When he was leaving, the young maids Jane and Penny had stood at the front door side-by-side to farewell him, both giggling. The fact they were giggling rather then standing heads inclined slightly and looking expressionlessly as they had been trained to do was a good sign, a very good sign. He patted his dick affectionately and smiled.

* * *

Renée sat with her father's sister in the tearooms, having invited Aunt Doris to meet her.

"So what is this problem you have darling? I thought the only one of you who ever had problems was Diane?"

"I appear to put off men. When I meet them everything seems rosy and they look approvingly at my breasts, ass and legs as one expects them to do."

"As one expects them to do," said her rather dumpy aunt.

"By before long, any prospect of those guys becoming a suitor goes out the window even if they've enjoyed me carnally. Initially I thought it was because they were only after pussy and had got their fill but now I'm not so sure."

"No I couldn't be sure either," Aunt Doris said, nodding sagely. "Men are always after pussy; it's endemic in them. Let me ask your some questions darling."

Thirty minutes and three fresh servings of Twining tea later, Aunt Doris announced gravely that she thought she had it figured.

"I think you are too competitive dear, men don't like females who wallop them at physical activities or to show them up as being intellectually inferior. So you have to choice, adopt a dumber blonde role or go out and get the superior type of guy. If you look hard enough you might find one."


"All the good ones tend to be grabbed early darling and kept on a tight leash. Women are rather smart at times."

Renée wondered if her sister could teach her how to act dumb and be convincing. Well she would look into this after this weekend. This old university friend Rex was bringing might be worth fucking although in going to that university there was a good chance he'd be gay.


Phil Ashford was waiting outside the building where the accountancy practice of Ashford, Bainbridge, Mell & Peek occupied the eleven top levels. He called hi to Rex when opening the rear door and tossed in his two bags and hung his dinner suit bag on the grab handle.

As he climbed in beside Rex he said, "Nice wheels. I probably have packed too much stuff because I'll be in bed most of the weekend with Renée."

"That's unlikely. My fiancée says her sister is not very good at sex."

"That's just Diane lying to keep you from sniffing around her younger sister. How would Di know?"

"What other guys have told her I suppose. I don't think those two would have fucked because they're not particularly compatible."

"That's possibly true Rex but look at it this way. Have you ever fucked any female you haven't particularly liked?"

"Well yes, my cousin for one. But that's different."

"How is it different... watch that old guy on his cycle."

"I have no idea. God look at that fucking cyclist swing out like that. I could have hit him."

Phil whistled when they breasted the rise and he saw the size of the house in its picturesque setting in the lush valley.

"Four-fifths of the people have one-fifth of the money and people like Baroness Ruxley and the Government have the other four-fifths," Phil said philosophically.

"You ought to have a crack at the Baroness; she might accept you as her toy boy and lavish you with money."

"Being identified as a toy boy doesn't fit the imagine I have of myself."

Diane came running out to greet them followed by the two maids who'd carry in the luggage. Diane was all over Rex and ended by licking his ear and squeezing his dick and that made Phil smile. Rumor had it that Diane was a frigid bitch; so much for rumors.

She came around to his side and said, "Hi Phil, I remember seeing you at the capping ceremony but you were pretty drunk."

He ignored that snotty comment. "Hi Di."

They kissed open mouth, tongues touching, and when Phil furtively slid a hand down over her hip she pushed her pussy into his hand. Phil moved his fingers briefly before breaking away thinking blasted rumors. Clearly Diane was your normal young woman willing to fuck any guy who could turn her on.

Rex raised an eyebrow when his fiancée came around the front of the car with Phil on her arm but relaxed when she also took his arm and marched her two men into the house.

The Countess came forward and kissed Rex, saying "Hello darling" and turned and waited for the introduction.

"Mummy this is Phillip Ashford who prefers to be called Phil."

"Good afternoon Countess Ruxley."

"Sarah is sufficient thank you Phil and you are not expected to use formal address with two other titled people here this weekend."

"Thank you Sarah. Also thank you for the invitation to be here. Rex and I have been close friends since our first day at university," he smiled.

Rex recognized the lie. They virtually hadn't spoken to each other until their final year when Rex stepped in and persuaded Police not to arrest Phil for drunkenness in a public place. Thereafter Phil preferred Rex accompanying him whenever he went on a drinking and whoring binge and the association taught Rex how to drink bigger quantities of liquor and remain standing and how to handle whores without paying excessive amounts of money (get them drunk).

At 6:00 Diane slipped into Phil's room where he was reading the 'Financial Times. She threw her panties at him and watched him catch them a sniff the crotch.

"Quickly let's do it. The Baroness has asked Rex to help her move some furniture. I wasn't invited to help."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes get it out and into me but remove your clothes first," Diane said, stripping."

"God you're big," she said, sounding a little nervous.

She was tight but also quite moist. Phil managed to push into the hilt without her moaning too much.

He knew he was supposed to hurry but she took forever to climax. Finally she moaned and bit hard into his neck. He pulled off the condom and drenched her face and hair.

She screamed "You bastard" and ran from the room, only to return seconds later for her clothes.

She then saw the blood Phil was dabbing on his neck and said, "Omigod, I guess I did that. I'm awfully sorry."

"It's fine."

"No I'm really sorry. Put another condom on and give it to me up the ass."

Diane left the room forty minutes later, dressed and wearing a fat smile, having just had the best anal fuck of her life. She knew she had time to dry her hair before drinks due be served from 8:00.

Rex arrived looking a little tired.

"You were a long time?"

"Your mother wanted furniture shifted in her bedroom and in the lounge connecting her bedroom with your father's bedroom," Rex lied.

"Oh that is a lot of furniture."

"And they she changed her mind and we put it all back in its original position."

"Yes that's mom, doing that it see if you'd make a pass at her."

"Me but she'd old?"

"Christ Rex don't let her hear you say that."

Phil was having a long shower to remove all remains of his sexual encounter when the shower door popped open and a female said, "Hi I'm Renée Holloway. Turn and give me a look at it and I'll decide whether I'll sleep with you this weekend."

"God you're rude," Phil said, turned to face her.

"Yeah not too bad. That should come up pretty big. Do you know how to use it?"

"Ask your mother," he said recklessly, thinking what a totally impolite bitch.

She grinned and said at least he was humorous.

"Do you do it backdoor?" she said reaching out to hold his dick.

"Only if I really like the bitch."

"Oooh. You and I have a big date later tonight. I must be off to soak in the bath."

"Renée I'll not have sex with you if you keep on being so impolite and aggressive."

"Omigod, at last, a guy who knows how to stand up and speak for himself," she said, making Phil wince and she gave his dick and hard farewell squeeze. "I'll attempt to be my romantic best tonight, just for you."

Did that mean other people would be involved in groupies? He hoped not. He also didn't like Renée grabbing him like that without any display of caring and tenderness. She'd handled him like a piece of meat.

Conversations he had over pre-dinner drinks were short and stilted. Phil had more than the impression he was being treated like an outsider. He saw Diane drag Rex by the arm from the room and she looked highly agitated and Rex was protesting.

Phil became pissed off and went for a walk and took longer than expected. When he returned he looked into a side room and stopped, glimpsing an astonishing sight. There was a guy with his pants down around his ankles and yet with his jacket on and wearing one of those hats farmers like to wear plugging away a woman bent over the back of the sofa. No there was another woman. Holy smoke and another one and they all had their skirts up over their back. He peered into the gloom because the lights were not on and twilight was deepening. He recognized the housekeeper and the two maids.

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