tagMind ControlRepeat After Me Ch. 03

Repeat After Me Ch. 03


I set down the camera and stood over this kneeling, nearly-naked, young goddess, staring up at me with those wide blue eyes, sucking her fingers at my command.

"I think that mouth of yours needs to suck on something bigger, darling," I said.

"...I need to suck... on something bigger..." she repeated around her fingers.

"Undress me."

As she obeyed, my hard cock sprang out and hit her in the chin. I laughed. "You don't suck cock very often, do you?"

"...I don't suck cock very often..." she panted. She put her hands behind her back again when my clothes were off, as if her body eagerly anticipated my next oder.

"Because sucking cock is degrading, right?"

"...right..." she repeated. I could feel her warm breath on my shaft.

"To kneel like a slave in front of a man and let him stuff your throat with cock."

"...stuff my throat with cock..." she said, her breathing was getting faster as she leaned in closer.

"Isn't it demeaning?" I teased, "As if you only exist to obey and be fucked."

"...I only exist to obey and be fucked..." she panted.

I smiled. "Louder."

"...I only exist to obey and be fucked..." she said louder, moaning a little on the last word, an inch away from what she needed.

"Good girl," I said, shoving my cock into her flushed, parted lips. "Suck me off and get used to the taste."

Her mouth obeyed, sucking hungrily and eagerly. But she clearly wasn't lying about her lack of experience.

"Rhythm, bitch. Rhythm," I said, placing a hand on top of her head, bobbing it up at down to my liking. Her whole body complied. "Good girl."

I lost myself in the pleasure for a while. Until I needed more. I took a fistful of blonde curls in each hand and face-fucked that cock-starved hole, pumping in and out as she moaned around my girth.

With this pretty stranger's nose in my pubes and lips on my balls, it wasn't long before I came. I made sure that I came in her mouth, not her throat, so that she could savor the taste of my cum.

"Swish it around and get used to my taste," I ordered, pulling my satisfied cock out of her soft red lips.

Watching this sexy, independent young woman swivel my spunk around her tongue, on her knees, with her underwear still pushed up her slit... And knowing she was completely under my control... I almost came again right there. I was certainly ready for more.

"You like the taste of my cum, don't you?" I said, looking down at her, casually teasing her wet underwear with my toe. She writhed and nodded, trying to spread her legs wider as if begging me to rub her cunt with my toe again. A little cum dripped out the corner of her dainty little mouth. I let out a chuckle and gave her another toe stroke. Her back arched even more and she squeezed her wrist behind her back.

"Desperate aren't you?" I teased, with another wiggle of my toe.

She moaned, still holding my cum in her mouth.

"You may swallow now, slut."

She gulped down my load and let out another little moan. As if it gave her pleasure to have something fill her throat again.

"You already miss the taste of my cum, don't you?"

"...I miss the taste of your cum..."

"You love the taste of my cum, don't you?"

"...I love the taste of your cum..."

"Call me Master."

"...I love the taste of your cum, Master.." she panted, her naked breast rising and falling with her excitement.

I rubbed my toe through her underwear again. "And you love the taste of my spit too, don't you?"

"...I love.. the taste of... your spit.. Master..." she repeated between moans of anticipation.

"Good girl. Now stand up," I commanded. "You've been wearing that underwear for way too long."

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