tagMind ControlRevenge is Best Served Hot Ch. 02

Revenge is Best Served Hot Ch. 02


Kim felt tired but good walking back to her dorm. The class had been exhausting as ever but she liked how much confidence it gave her. She knew she could handle herself and looked good doing it. And burning calories like this meant no stupid dieting for Kim. 'But I feel ready to crash right here in the hallway,' she considered as she stifled a yawn.

Opening the door with another yawn she had to blink some tears away. She'd already put her gym bag down when she glanced over to the desk on her left. Cameron was sitting behind the computer, but that wasn't the surprising thing. No, what had Kim's mind scrambling to make sense of what she was seeing was what her roommate was doing. With her skirt bunched up around her waist, she was slowly rubbing her sex through her panties.

Looking away, she started to apologize. She backed out of the room as fast as she could, closing the door as she did so but not entirely. Only then did Kim notice that Cameron still hadn't reacted. "I'm really sorry Cameron. I don't want to bother you or anything but... Cameron, did you hear me? Cameron?"

But no answer came. Carefully Kim went back inside, softly calling Cameron again after she closed the door behind her. The blonde made sure not to look in her roommate's direction but she was starting to get worried.

She stood there, waiting for her masturbating roommate to finally acknowledge she wasn't alone anymore, for some time. In the silence Kim had no problem hearing the chair creak every now and then or the sound of cotton scraping over wet skin. And her nose began to pick up on Cameron's arousal too.

It wasn't until Kim had to yawn that she decided she had waited long enough. Marching over she took a look over Cameron's shoulder to see what had her so captivated. Before Kim fell asleep standing there in the middle of the room.

The screen was showing utter chaos. Letters and words snaked across a blue background. 'What's so erotic about this?' She blinked as her tired eyes gave up trying to track everything that was going on.

Kim looked again, not so hard this time so as not to overtax her weary eyes. It helped, she began to discern patterns in the alphabetical maelstrom. They changed constantly, each one lasting only a few seconds. She yawned.

'Still not seeing the turn on. It's pretty, I'll give it that. Relaxing.' Her eyes drooped, then closed. Blinking hard she managed to open them again. 'I'm a lot more exhausted than I thought.'

She put her hands on Cameron's shoulders hoping the physical contact would finally get a response from her. 'I should look at her too, not the screen. Can't see if she reacts this way... Nah, I should relax. Her reaction wouldn't have been subtle if she finally took notice.'

A frown crossed her face. 'But this isn't normal behavior. She's acting like she's hypnotized or something. Maybe I should turn the screen off?' The frown smoothed out. 'Nah, it's alright. It looks harmless, I trust the program.' It felt good to trust. Her thumbs began to play with the collar of Cameron's blouse, stroking the skin. 'So soft, so warm, I like it. It's relaxing and girls are a turn on.'

Suspicion began to scratch at her consciousness in a demand for her attention. 'Where did that come from?' It was getting harder to stay awake, to reason. She was so relaxed, too tired to think. 'The program gave me that answer. Of course, that makes sense. Nothing to worry about. I can just relax... Let the program give me the answers... Just... Relax...'

Kim kept standing there like a sleepwalker, her hands stroking Cameron's skin. She swayed a little as her body tried to balance its need to stay in place with her mind's attempt to relax completely. She didn't notice any of that. Her eyes peered fixated at the screen through eyelids that had closed almost completely.

A new pattern appeared on screen and thought began to enter Kim's mind again if only a little. 'Gotta send Sonya an email to tell her everything. I can tell her everything, I trust Sonya.' She didn't know who Sonya was but didn't question the impulse. Sending the message was more important.

She leaned over but her hands stopped short of the keyboard when they encountered resistance in the form of Cameron's hands, already busily typing. Indecisive she stood there, her eyes now reading what Cameron was writing to Sonya but not caring. She had to send her report about her progress, except she couldn't.

She was stuck and getting agitated. Kim blinked. 'What... Where... What am I...' She saw Cameron type her name informing Sonya she had watched part of the program. 'Good, I trust Sonya to know what to do. The report about me is being sent.' A thought still tried to worm its way into her attention. About how something was off, that something was going on but she shrugged it off. She could relax again, she did not need to remember.


"Yeow," Eric hollered as a purple discharge of miniature-lightning singed his fingers. "Fuck, shit. Goddammit to hell why isn't it working?" He glared at the copper bowl that used to contain the spell ingredients. If he didn't live alone off-campus he would have had some explaining to do to his neighbors right about now.

This had been the third time he had tried to recast the Obsession spell on Cameron and like twice before only a part of the energy made it through. The rest rebounded quite painfully. 'But why? Some resistance is expected on the first casting and maybe the second, but now? And then there was the situation with Sonya.'

"Master, Master. Are you alright?" Sucky

asked as she entered. She looked like a devil with her red skin and small horns. Her crimson eyes were concerned and her tail was whipping around. Incongruous with this fearful demeanor was that her nipples were rock-hard and a sheen of arousal coated her bare sex.

Eric glared at the stupid creature. "Of course not." She began to babble some apology but he had a better use for her mouth. "Shut up and get over here," he told her as he sat down. The light of understanding dawned in her eyes when he unzipped his pants. 'She can do the rest.'

Feeling her talented bifurcated tongue go to work took the edge of his frustration. He took a moment to just watch her. Sucky hadn't always been her name. She used to be his nanny, but that had changed on his sixteenth birthday. She had been his masterpiece, his proof to the family that he had mastered their teachings.

Melding her very soul to an imp to create a creature devoted to him. A succubus that would never leave him unsatisfied and serve him loyally. Since she still had a physical form she was only a half-demon, but he had proven his command over a full demon two years later with Sharon. She'd been his girlfriend for highschool, a nice front to the world that outlived her usefulness and had earned his wrath for not putting out.

Turning her into a pain demon, a being that would never know true joy or happiness was her just reward in Eric's opinion. His mood darkened again as this lead him back to Sonya.

She had been a nice diversion, something to test a few of his new mind spells on as well as a welcome variety from Sucky. And when she had become a bother he had thought to add her to his stable. Creating a pain demon was a delicate business and she had seemed like the perfect candidate.

Sharon's progress report had been promising but she hadn't come back after that. And Sonya seemed to have bounced back awfully quick from her descent into suicidal depression.

And now his hold on Cameron was faltering too. Something or someone was interfering with his plans. And he didn't have the time to cast detection spells all over campus to find out what it was. His gaze returned to the succubus slurping on his cock.

Taking locks of Sucky's ink-blank hair in his hands Eric began to fuck her mouth, uncaring of the gagging noises she made. It only took a few thrusts before he unloaded. Still in that position he gave her his new orders. "Tomorrow, after I've left the house, you will go over to the university and look for anything mystical. You will not feed and you will disguise yourself at all times. I do not want any incidents. Do you understand?"

Sucky still didn't have much room to move but she managed to bob her head to show she understood. "Excellent. Now climb on and get back to work."


"You like Sonya," a voice whispered in Kim's ear. Hands coming from behind were holding her boobs, kneading them thoroughly. Hands that belonged to a woman. She knew that because she could feel that person's tits pressing against her back, their diamond-hard peaks digging into her flesh.

They were both naked, but Kim couldn't for the life of her remember how that had happened. Or who Sonya was. "Yes," escaped from her mouth. But if she was agreeing with the speaker or just with the situation Kim didn't know. And it didn't matter.

A tongue caressed her ear before trailing down her neck and ending with a kiss on the junction between her neck and her shoulders. And the hands kept squeezing, kept pulling. Pleasure was slowly bubbling up. She wanted to help it, make it go faster. Get some stimulation lower down. But the woman wasn't cooperating, she just kept up her steady assault on Kim's breasts. "Pleasure is the reward for learning your answers quickly," her tormentor breathed.

"Yes, yes. So much pleasure. I learned my lesson, just please." The woman, however, just kept doing what she was already doing and didn't respond.

"You want to use the Program every day."

"Yes, anything." She didn't know what program the woman was talking about nor did she really care. "Oh yes!" Kim grunted as the woman behind her finally changed her routine and began tweaking her nipples. She threw her head back letting it rest on the woman's shoulders as she pushed her bust forward. "Almost there, almost there, almost there," she chanted.

Her eyes flew open as the orgasm hit her. Confused she looked down to see her own hands holding her breasts through her shirt. Breathing hard she felt sweaty and sticky. Not to mention damn good. Looking around she noticed her roommate was gone. 'Good, means I don't have to deal with her disapproval. Or my own embarrassment,' she added grudgingly. Just because she liked sex didn't mean she liked an audience when she did it. 'That dream was a little weird. Never had one so vivid that I started to fondle myself in my sleep. But I sure don't mind it,' she added with a grin as she finally got out of bed.

'I must have been really tired last night. I can't even remember going to bed.' But she didn't feel any lingering tiredness now.

It wasn't until after she had taken a

shower that she noticed the piece of paper lying on the keyboard. Unfolding it she noted it was a note from Cameron. 'Hey Kim, would you mind checking out this relaxation computer program my friend made? I liked it and told my friend so but she could really use a fresh pair of eyes. It's already installed and you can't miss it. All you have to do is watch it. Thanks, Cameron.'

Kim sighed. 'So, I could either get

dressed and get a bite to eat right now or do all that five minutes later.' She shrugged. She would help out this friend of Cameron's and truth to tell, she was a little curious too. Not so much about the program but the person that had made it. Cameron didn't really have many friends and Kim thought she had met them all. But she didn't think any of them knew much more about computers than how to turn them on and off.

The note had been right, the program was easy to find. It sat smack in the middle of the desktop and said 'relaxation Program'. 'Kudos for calling it as it is instead of coming up with a silly name.'

The blue screen that appeared after the program had started up seemed familiar to Kim. When words began to snake over the screen, she was sure of it. She'd seen this before, somewhere. She'd been...standing, yes that's it. She had been standing behind someone. Her hands had rested on someone's relaxed shoulders.

On screen the word-strings began an intricate dance. 'Maybe I should turn it off...' But her hands didn't move nor did her eyes stray. She knew it was probably best to ask Cameron a few questions about her friend first before watching this further, but... 'I want to use the Program...' Hey, that was in my dream. Was it about this program? 'Relax...' Yes, relax. I can think better... 'You do not need to think...' When I don't think.

Wait a second, how can you think better when you don't think? That didn't add up. 'Relax...' She was too stressed, it screwed up her thinking. 'The Program gives you your answers...' Better let the program give her the answer to the puzzle.

But was that right? It was after all just a computer program. 'You trust the Program completely...' That she fully trusted. Cameron had seen the program and she liked it. 'Relax...' Sure, Cameron didn't always have the best judgement. Eric was proof of that. So maybe she should take her recommendation... 'You want to indulge Cameron...' as a good sign.

'Relax... Learning your answers arouses you...' Maybe I shouldn't have put on a fresh pair of panties. 'Relax... You like to play with yourself... Enjoy... As you learn from the Program...' Her hands began to roam over her body on their own. 'Relax... You can't miss a chance to use the Program... Enjoy... Pleasure is the reward for learning your answers... Relax... You fantasize about girls... Enjoy...'

Kim started to whisper as a finger disappeared into her pussy. "I trust Sonya completely... Hmmm, I want to please Sonya... Oh, I love pleasing Sonya..."


"So how exactly does this fit with your noble intentions to save Cameron?" Jackie taunted. "I get that you don't want her roommy to get suspicious but this is going way beyond that."

Sonya turned away from the computer. "What do you care? And didn't you just cheer me on?" It had been a little embarrassing. Jackie, dressed like a cheerleader complete with pompons, had shouted and spelled out some very explicit stuff.

"I don't care, really. Just want to make

sure I'm on the same page you are. If you want to go wild, by all means, go wild. And she certainly is a looker."

Sonya's eyes drifted back to the computerscreen and the picture on it of a blond with green eyes. Her lower body wasn't visible but her breasts were and they were impressive, especially on that slender frame. Cameron had sent this photo of Kim this morning after being instructed to do so.

Originally Sonya nearly had a heart-attack when she read Cameron's message detailing not just how she had faired with the program but also her roommates reaction to it. She couldn't believe just how close to being discovered she had been.

Her first response had been to sigh in relief and instruct Cameron to be more careful in the future. But that had seemed too careless, she should take more preventative measures. And so she had hit upon the idea of using the program on Kimberly. Make it that she wouldn't think there was anything amiss with Cameron diddling while watching a screensaver. Jackie had assured her she could do that. It would be a simple matter of having Cameron trick Kimberly into watching it a few times and that would be that.

Curiosity, however, gnawed at her. Sonya wanted to know just who had seen it, how she looked. And after seeing her, a wild notion had entered her mind. Why settle for one if you can have two? With Jackie's enthusiastic help they had trashed out a plan. A plan that would come to fruition this evening and Sonya was getting nervous.

'What if she decides to go out? What if she's just playing along and warned the cops? What if the power fails? What if...'

"Okay, that's enough. I can almost hear you worrying from here," Jackie broke in. "You just need to..." She was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Is that Cameron? She's way early," Sonya remarked as she got up. She looked at where Jackie stood but she had vanished.

'I don't think it's her. Be careful, something's off,' Jackie warned inside her head. Sonya swallowed as her fears started to look a little more realistic. Opening the door she was confronted by what at first glance appeared to be a woman in her thirties in a business suit. Her face was friendly and she was carrying a briefcase. "Excuse me, I'm looking for a Sarah Hagwell."

For a moment, Sonya could only stare at her. Her skin tone flickered between what one expected it to be and a fiery red. The business suit didn't seem solid somehow as she could see the figure underneath it. And Sonya could swear something was wrapped around the woman's right leg. Perhaps most disconcerting were the eyes that had a crimson glow and the transparent horns above them. "Who?"

"Sarah Hagwell, she's supposed to live here. She's my... niece." The woman tried to peer into the room.

"I'm sorry, but I honestly never heard that name before. I think you've been misinformed."

The woman now gave her a penetrating stare. "Are you sure? Couldn't I just wait a few minutes, inside?" The words were cloying. Sonya's tongue felt paralyzed to say anything but yes.

From somewhere new strength rose up in her. "I am sure, Miss. Have a good day." And with that she closed the door, not even waiting for the woman's response. Even through the door she could feel the woman's presence. Calling for her, promising her if she just gave in. After a few seconds it stopped, the woman was leaving. Resting her head against the door Sonya took a shuddering breath.

"It appears Eric has grown just a tad suspicious," Jackie mused from the bed in a police-uniform.

"A tad?" Sonya asked incredulously. "He sent that thing here!"

"Exactly, he only sent her here. And obviously was careful to instruct her not to make a scene or break cover. Or she wouldn't have let herself be stopped by that door. He knows things aren't going well, he just doesn't know why. And if he felt threatened, he would have employed methods that were slightly less conspicuous. So everything is still good. But it's a good thing we'll be closing the deal with Cameron very soon."

"And Kimberly."

Jackie chuckled. "And Kimberly, but let's focus on one girl at a time."


'Why did I dress up like this?' Cameron wondered yet again. It wasn't that her clothes were indecent or anything. But these were her dating clothes. With the top buttons of her blouse undone so that you could just see a hint of the swell of her breasts. And underneath it she was wearing those scandalous undergarments again that Kim had given her.

'But this isn't a date,' she told herself. 'Sonya just wanted you to come over and help her perfect the Program. I can't believe I actually shook hands with the Sonya. What are the odds that she was a friend of Eric's.'

She couldn't help but blush had the memory of how she had acted when she had been introduced to Sonya. She had felt... torn. Her boyfriend was standing right there yet Sonya's presence outshone his. Something she hadn't believed possible two days ago. She had been so full of Eric back then; she'd already begun to plan the rest of their lives together.

And now she liked girls. It was sudden, unexpected and Cameron couldn't tell exactly how she had come to this realization. Although she suspected it had begun the morning after she'd played with herself while thinking of her roommate. It was inescapable after meeting Sonya in person. With just a hand shake she had Cameron shivering, a good shiver. But that still didn't make this a date. She was already dating somebody else!

Gathering her courage she knocked on the door. Sonya's voice answered right away. "It's open!" She tried to expel her anxiety by exhaling before actually going in and for a moment Cameron thought it had worked.

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