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Reverse Cuckolding


My wife and I are white, and through work connections we made friends with a black couple that recently moved to town. We are in our later forties, and this couple was in their early thirties. In spite of the age difference, we had a number of things in common that brought us together often.

Bruce is very attractive, tall, fit and talented. And he knows it. He can be a little hard to be around sometimes because he's confident and a bit of a braggart, but in other ways he can be good company. Marianne is quiet, a talented classical musician, and absolutely beautiful. She's from an old New Orleans family with both French and African ancestors.

Bruce fancies himself quite the ladies' man. He and I went to a restaurant without our wives, and he did everything but invite the waitress out for a date. He also told me about his visits to gay bars in the city. Evidently, Bruce was broad minded and enjoyed all kinds of pleasures and appetites.

Did Marianne approve of Bruce's interests? I didn't know. What I did know was that my wife thought Bruce was cute and she seemed to feel his spark whenever he was around. She keeps herself in good shape, and even though we're getting older, she has kept her good looks.

Marianne and Bruce had their first child last year, and Bruce confided in me that sex was no longer what it used to be in their marriage. I let the comment go without a further comment. Lots of couples find that the life changes of parenthood make their love making less of a priority. Plus, Bruce even said that since she'd given birth, Marianne wasn't as tight as she used to be.

Not long ago, they came over to our home and arrived just after I had folded laundry. Piles of our clean clothes were still on the bed when Bruce and Marianne came in. Bruce walked in on me and saw my wife's panties folded in a neat pile. He picked up a pair and said, "Very nice! What I wouldn't give to see Laura in these!"

I smiled just as Laura came into the room. She had heard what Bruce said. "Oh, I'm sure you'd want to see a near-50 year old in her undies."

Bruce laughed and said, "You'd be surprised what I'd like to see." With that we went back to join Marianne who was with the baby in the livingroom.

Later that night, Laura and I made love, and she teased me about Bruce wanting to see her in her panties. She was passionate, and I was super hard.

The next time I saw Bruce, he remembered the same event and said, "I hate to tell you, pal, but do you remember when Laura walked in and saw me holding her panties? Well, I got the most wicked hard on because of that."

I looked at him and said, "So did I."

I could tell Bruce's wheels were starting to spin. Laura and I had never slept around or swapped partners or anything like that, so when Bruce suggested it I wasn't sure what to say.

Actually, he didn't come right out and ask if he could fuck my wife. He was much more suave about it. He complimented Laura, saying how attractive she was and how she must look nice in a bathing suit. Then he suggested that we get the wives together for a swimming outing so he could see Laura in a bathing suit and I could see Marianne in hers. "Fair's fair, I always say," Bruce added.

Our next door neighbors have a pool, and they were out of town for a week. We get their mail when they're gone, and they always invite us to use their pool when they're away. I told Bruce about this, and he was delighted. "Let's do it," he said. "What about this Saturday?"

I told him I'd check with Laura and get back to him. Meanwhile, he said he would find a babysitter.

When I asked Laura about this, she was giddy and starting to look forward to it. That Saturday, Laura looked very sexy in her black one piece suit. She answered the door in her bathing suit and let our friends in.

Bruce took one look at Laura and give a wolf whistle while Marianne asked where she could change her clothes. Laura gave Bruce a little kiss on the cheek and did a little spin to show off for him. The flirting was already underway.

Marianne changed into a modest suit. She's not as slim as Laura, and she wore an outfit that didn't reveal too much. Laura, on the other hand, was content to reveal the arch of her freshly trimmed mons and a slight camel toe to the hungry eyes of watchful Bruce.

The four of us cut across the back lawn to the pool in our neighbor's yard. Bruce dropped his shorts to reveal a skimpy tight suit that gave everyone a bit of a view of his cock bulge. He and Laura dove in while Marianne and I lounged at poolside.

Bruce grabbed at Laura and tried to hold her as she laughed and escaped his hold. They touched one another playfully, and I'm sure Bruce let his touch drift frequently to off-limits places on Laura's body. She only laughed.

Marianne and I talked. "Bruce thinks Laura is pretty cool, you know."

I replied, "Bruce thinks all women are pretty cool."

"Ha, don't I know it?" Marianne replied, "He's a frisky one all right, but we get along ok."

I looked at lovely Marianne, "Oh, I'm sure you do. And I'm glad you do. I didn't mean to suggest anything."

"That's all right," she said, "Bruce is a wonderful partner, but I'm aware of his interests." "And for the moment, Laura is one of his interests." "I must say, she does look good in her bathing suit."

"Well, to tell you the truth, I think Laura has a thing for Bruce," I revealed.

"Well, tell her she can do whatever as far as I'm concerned. I'd rather have him in bed with someone I know than someone I don't know."

I was surprised, but no too much.

We splashed in the water for a while ourselves, and they all four of us went back to the house for drinks.

Bruce kept on his suit with just a shirt on top. Laura stayed in her revealing swimwear, too. Only Marianne and I changed back into street clothes.

At one point, I took Laura aside and told her about my talk with Marianne. Laura said Bruce had told her the same things.

"Gee, Laura, I think he wants to screw you," I said.

"You know what," she said to me, "would you mind if I had some private time with him?"

I was excited but tried to appear calm. "Well, I guess so, if that's ok with you."

Laura smiled and kissed my cheek and we returned to join our guests.

Laura whispered to Bruce. Bruce whispered to Marianne. Marianne said, "Why don't Jim and I run out for some more wine?" "You two guard the castle and we'll be back in a bit."

My heart was racing as Marianne and I walked toward the garage door. I looked back to see Bruce and Laura waltzing toward our bedroom.

Once in the car, Marianne told me that I shouldn't be worried about anything because even though Bruce pursued the ladies, his attention span was short. "They'll have a playful romp, and that's that." By the tone of her voice, I could tell that she had been in this situation before.

As we drove around, wasting time to let our spouses have their fun, I enjoyed staring over at Marianne's large breasts. Occasionally she struggled to pull her skirt down lower.

I asked, "So Marianne, do you ever get to romp?"

"Ha," she replied, "No, that sort of stuff never interested me."

"Well, I think you're beautiful, Marianne," I told her, "and if we let our mates do this, don't you think we should do it, too?"

"If you want to, it's ok with me," she said.

"Really?" I asked. "Are you serious?"

"Weren't you?" Marianne said.

Suddenly, I wasn't sure if we were teasing or getting serious. But I knew one thing for sure – my dick was thinking it was serious. By the time we got back to the house my flesh hose has sprung a leak.

I peeked in to see our bedroom door closed, and we could hear muffled sounds from inside.

Marianne and I were standing in hall outside the bedroom door, looking at each other. I figured she was thinking the same thing I was thinking. So I raised my right hand and let it touch the underside of her breast while looking her in the eyes. I kept looking into her eyes while she allowed my hands the freedom to feel her tits and lift them slightly to feel their weight.

"Come on," I said as I led her down the hallway and into the guest bedroom. I helped her unzip and undress down to her bra and panties. Her darker skin tone next to the white lingerie was a lovely sight. She lay back on the bed and waited for me to undress.

Even though a light was on, she didn't watch me while I took off my boxers. When I was naked, I got on the bed next to her and caressed her gently. Knowing that Marianne hadn't done this sort of thing added to my excitement about the anticipation of fucking her.

What I didn't know was how she would respond to my cock size. I'd never said anything to Bruce about it, and surely Marianne didn't know that I had eleven inches of dick meat to share with her. Laura was used to it, but I didn't know how another woman might react. But I was about to find out.

Marianne let me touch her and remove her bra. Her full breasts were heavy and well-nippled with elongated tips. She kept her eyes closed while I pleasured myself with her body and let my fingers trace her pussy slit over her lacy panties.

In a few seconds, her panties were down to her ankles and flying off the bed. I rolled over, feeling the full weight of my erection and drooping balls swing into position to enter her.

But first, I slid down to enjoy looking at her pussy. What a sight! Her cunt hair was untrimmed but not too thick with a clearly visible slit splitting her fleshy pussy lips. Just a little below her slit opening her inner labia were blossoming and inviting me to lick them.

I settled in with a sigh and began a slow tongue lashing of Marianne's delicious pussy. She moaned and relaxed, letting her legs separate wider to allow me better access to her cunt. I decided to go very slowly because I sensed the Marianne hadn't had a slow love making in a long time.

She seemed to appreciate my tenderness and the fact that I teasingly traced her hidden folds with only an occasional flick of her clit. Gradually, my tongue spent more and more time near her most sensitive spot, then my tongue made long slow laps from her vaginal opening up and flat-tongued across her clit to the top of her pussy crease.

Over and over I lapped her cunt like this before adding a circling motion around and over her clit each time. Pretty soon she was lost in the pleasure of the sensations. Her sighs and groans were music to my ears, and my poor dick wad had leaked a quart already just enjoying the priming of Marianne's pussy for its eventually pumping.

I inched up and faced her, trying to decide it if would be too intimate to kiss her. Kissing, after all, can be more intimate than fucking. I decided not to press my luck, just in case a kiss might remind her of how unfaithful she was being.

My cock head sought Marianne's pussy opening. Soon my dick was positioned for entry, pressing gently against her very wet and slippery lips. I could feel her cunt yield to the pressure of my dick head, but I didn't dare act hastily.

"May I?" I asked Marianne as my cock pressed a little harder against her pussy lips.

She just moaned and put her arms around my waist, pulling me to her.

As my cock made its way inside her she began to feel its girth. It dawned on me that having had a child, her pussy was probably stretched and could accommodate a thicker dick. In a few moments, Marianne opened her eyes and looked at me, "Oh, this is different," she said as she felt my thickness move up her cunt canal.

"Tell me if I should stop," I volunteered.

She didn't say a word but closed her eyes again and let me penetrate her. I continued to go slowly, not wanting to alarm her or cause her to want to stop. Every few moments I would stop and let her adjust to the feel of my dick.

I can't say for sure, but when I was about six inches inside her, I felt a stopping point. I figured that was the limit of Bruce's penetrations. Up to this point, she had been docile and calm as I put my dick in her.

I let my cock rest in this position and asked her, "Do you mind if I go farther?"

She gave no reply, so I took this as a sign that she was looking forward to a little extra cock, an extra treat to have while her ego-filled husband was playing around. Now it was her turn.

I withdrew slightly, then reentered her. Over and over I kept withdrawing entirely, then plunging back but carefully deepening my penetration a bit each time. The tightness of her pussy challenged my ability to control my own arousal. It felt great.

After she was dicked up to eight or nine inches, I thought I felt a barrier, the upper limit of her pussy. "My god, I've never felt so full," Marianne whispered. "Let me see what you're using on me." I pulled out and rose up on my knees as she looked down and gasped. "Sweet Jesus!" was all she said.

Then she wrapped her legs around me and spread herself fully so I could get back to my work. We rolled over and she fucked me from on top, then sat up with my dick inside her. I still had another few inches to do her with, but she was careful not to impale herself fully.

She lifted herself up and then came down on me while I enjoyed the view of my cock disappearing into her pussy.

Just then I noticed that Bruce was in the room with us. He stood behind Marianne where she couldn't see him, but he was staring intently at my cock poking into his wife.

"Hi Bruce," I announced.

Marianne looked around with a start, her bare tits swinging.

Bruce said, "My god, that's a huge cock." "Marianne, are you all right?"

"Never better," she told him, "I didn't think you'd mind if I did unto others as you were doing unto their wives."

Bruce sat back in a chair and played with his little six incher while he watched me fuck his wife. Laura came in wrapped in a robe and sat on the arm of Bruce's chair, watching Marianne and me and every now and then giving Bruce a little hand with his cock.

As they watched and as we fucked, I started up a conversation with Bruce and Laura about some landscaping we were thinking of doing. I enjoyed making Bruce talk about everyday things while he watched my big dick please his pretty wife. Bruce couldn't help himself from talking, trying to act like the expert on everything. At the same time he heard his wife moan to the strokes of my thickness as each dick plunge stroked against her clit and sucked her cunt lips in and out of her pussy.

As we talked, I turned Marianne over and missionary fucked her for a while. Then she got on her all-fours and in position for a doggie fuck from behind. Her perfect big ass gave me a target. I raised up my cock and let it slap down on her buttocks, then trail down between her cheeks and teasingly up against her asshole. I'm not an ass man, so I had no intent of fucking her ass. But she was worried and flinched each time my cock touched her bung. And I could tell that Bruce was a bit worried that I might try to ram my schlong in his wife's pretty butt.

Marianne looked straight ahead at Bruce as I properly inserted my dick into her pussy. By then her cunt had shrunk back a bit to its normal size, so my cock again expanded her. I could tell by the expression on Bruce's face that he was watching his wife gasp for both relief and pleasure.

"Big, ain't it?" Laura teasingly said to Bruce. "For the longest time I had trouble taking him, but a girl gets used to it."

Marianne said, "I've never felt so full." Ever since the baby, I sensed that poor Bruce could not satisfy his wife, not completely. I'm sure Marianne is a polite and kind wife and would never say so, but I figured she was hooked by big cocks now that she'd actually had one.

By this time, I thought we'd all had enough of this, and decided to unload. I asked Marianne for permission, and when she agreed I focused on the task at hand.

"Bruce, Marianne just told me it's ok if I dump a load in her pussy." "With your permission, I'll be doing that real soon."

Bruce just nodded. I closed me eyes and felt the pleasure of my cock in Marianne's pussy and peeked over at my wife watching us with her head in her hands. Bruce toyed with his limp dick.

"Tell you what, Bruce, why don't you give me a countdown, you know, like 10-9-8. That'll help me pop my cork."

Poor dazed Bruce started the countdown as I felt the sap rise. I was ready to blastoff before he got down to zero, so I had to struggle to keep it in until he said the magic word.

My first few spurts were gigantic and pressure packed. Having Bruce watch me screw his wife really made me harder and more tense than ever, so my load was extra large and eager for delivery. By the time my juice was unloaded, Marianne's pussy was soaked with the overflow.

Since Bruce had just fucked my wife, he had no comment about what Marianne and I did. We all relaxed, chatted more, got dressed, and by 2:00 a.m. they were on their way home.

Marianne's sister is even more beautiful and a good bit slimmer. She has four children and lives in another city, but the sisters visit often. Before a month passed, Marianne asked me if I would do her sister a favor, and I don't have to tell you what that favor was, do I?

It seems that Holly, the sister, had the same problem as Marianne. She too had a husband with an over inflated ego and an average dick. After birthing precious little ones, Holly's pussy was no longer satisfied by her husband. But she wasn't a sleep around type of woman. Marianne had just the solution she needed, and that solution was in my pants.

With Laura's approval, we invited Marianne and Holly over to our home where I repeated the dirty deed with the lovely sister. Who knew there would be such a demand by moms for bigger dicked men to satisfy them and make them feel fucked again?

And the story didn't stop there. Unknown to Marianne, Bruce has spread the word among his pals that he knows of a big cocked and a reliable, sane married may. Bruce has fixed me up with a few wives of his friends, sometimes with and sometimes without husbands present.

Weekends around our house now are fun. Laura will ask, "What's up for our weekend? Should we catch a movie or do you have a wife to screw?"

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