tagReviews & EssaysReview: Dr. Janet – Pt. 01

Review: Dr. Janet – Pt. 01


Thrills. Dr. Janet.

Starring Scarlet Johanssen (as Dr. Janet), George Thomas (as Cal), Mia Zottoli (as Marissa) and Lauren Hays (as Felicia Reynolds).

Radio sex therapist needs therapy of her own.

* * * * *

In a high-rise building, radio personality Dr. Janet, is in her studio, getting ready to go on the air. With a cue from Marissa, she accepts the first call from Amy. Amy explains that she's been having this fantasy about her husband every time they make love. As Amy tells the radio show host about the fantasy, Dr. Janet immerses herself in it and begins to live it.

She is a boxer and she's punching a bag that Cal is holding for her. She continues to punch the bag until he grabs her hands, moving in for a kiss. He backs her up against the bag and raises her arms, removing the gloves, then kisses his way down her body. His attention returns to her breasts and he slides her top off, licking and sucking her nipples until she pushes him off. He's a little bewildered but she pushes him against the bag and makes him grab the top while she moves down to his mid-section.

She yanks his shorts down, gives him a little head, then stands back up. When he asks her if she's going to be a good girl, she says, "Never." Dr. Janet wrestles him to the floor and lets him pull her shorts off, opening her legs to let him suck on her pussy before flipping him over and impaling herself on his cock. Sitting up, Cal sucks on her nipples as they cum together.

Back in the studio, Amy says that in the fantasy, her husband keeps making love to her round after round and that she's never experienced anything like it in her life. By the dazed look on Dr. Janet's face, neither has she. Marissa waves her arms frantically to catch Dr. Janet's attention and awakens, responding to the caller, telling her to buy him some gloves and jump his bones before she does.

In the Thrills Magazine conference room, Marissa tells Dr. Janet that she knew her husband was listening to the show last night so she went and bought boxing gloves and shorts and nearly had to beat him off when she walked in the door. Felicia strides in and introduces Cal, the newest member of the team to the Thrills Magazine family. Everyone says hello and one of the staffers starts talking about this dream that he had in which a beautiful woman walked up to him and told him that he was the most handsome man she'd ever seen. Laughing, Marissa tells him that it sure was a dream. Cal takes Dr. Janet's hand and tells her how excited he is to meet her and that he's a big fan.

In their shared office, Marissa tells Dr. Janet that Cal was checking her out and asks what she's going to do about it. Dr. Janet says he's not her type and Marissa says that Dr. Janet doesn't have a type because she hasn't had a date in six months. Dr. Janet ignores her question, claiming to have a show to do and they enter the studio.

Dr. Janet takes a call from Natalie in San Diego and Natalie says that she and her boyfriend have a secret obsession: they like to have sex in public places and enjoy the thrill of almost being caught. She says that they've been doing it for a couple of years now but that last week, things got out of control.

The scene changes to a kitchen in a busy hotel and a young woman in a waiter's uniform, is pouring glasses of champagne. As she takes the tray out to the customers, Dr. Janet and Cal come in, kissing like crazed people. She pulls her dress off and Cal puts her up on the stainless steel table, pushing the pots and pans to the floor. He unzips his pants pushing them down as she unbuttons his shirt and he crouches, pulling her crotch to his mouth and licking her pussy. Cal notices a can on whipping cream on the shelf and puts a few dollops on her breasts, then licks them off.

Now nicely lubed, he slides into her, slamming home without regard to who might hear them. After they cum, they hear someone approaching and dash off, leaving the waitress to find her underwear on the counter. Dr. Janet advises Natalie to fantasize about making love in public instead of actually doing it, because a fantasy is often better than the real thing.

In between segments, Thrills runs some of the results of a sex survey they've taken. According to their readers, the top five places not to get caught having sex are: 5. Your favorite restaurant, 4. Your parents' bedroom, 3. Your job, 2. On the air and 1. Church.

Cal startles Dr. Janet and she spills coffee on her dress and her papers. When he offers to pay for the dry cleaning, then offers to help her out of the dress, he blushes, apologizing because he gets nervous around beautiful, intelligent women. He asks her out to dinner but she declines, saying that she likes him but she doesn't date co-workers. Cal shakes his head and tells her that he's going to turn in his resignation.

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