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Review: Escorts Pt. 02


Mike and Bryan enjoy a Mexican dinner while being serenaded by a mariachi band and Mike says that he would never introduce Bryan as an 'escort' but he would say that he is his date or companion. Bryan says that a typical appointment is dinner, a movie and some 'special' time back at the hotel. Mike doesn't think that he's a 'john'; he says that he's paying for his entertainment, that's all. Bryan says that someone asked him if he thought what he was doing was degrading but he says, "No. What's degrading in making people happy?"

Bryan says that he's from an upper-middle class neighborhood and that he was heavily into music, playing piano, for much of his life until one day, he woke up and wasn't sure that it was what he really wanted. His parents were upset but he wanted to strike out on his own. A factoid pops up: In 1999, Bryan moved to Amsterdam on an exchange program. There, he declared a major in art history and discovered escorting.

Savannah explains that a whore is a fabulously glamorous, intelligent, spunky woman who knows what she wants out of life and those around her and gets it. She is in a store in Atlanta, trying on clothes for a fashion show for her web site and magazine advertisements. Dolores French, a former prostitute, accompanies Savannah on this trip, giving her advice on what looks good. Savannah says that Dolores has never been wrong on any advice so she formalized the relationship between them and Dolores is now her gopher/assistant. Dolores was the first prostitute to go on TV without a screen or voice change so Savannah really looks up to her.

Dolores explains that Savannah was already in the business when she came to her and that she had the right attitude. Back home, she gets ready for her photo shoot, explaining that she will be covered in chocolate. She says that she feels very empowered and that she loves herself and her body. She spreads chocolate on herself while the camera flashes and Dolores tells her that she's very proud of her.

Bryan says that after working as an escort in Amsterdam for two years, he moved back home. He says that he moved back in with his parents and began to receive e-mails from people who wanted to see him stateside. At first, he told them that he wasn't working but the response was so overwhelming, that he had to start working again. He says that he receives 30-50 e-mails a day and advertises on a website but that print media is not his style. He also says that the average client is between 35-50, is a white-collar professional, is often married and Bryan presents the only venue for the client to express his sexuality.

He won't say how much he makes and says that his life is much different from his student colleagues. He shops only in boutiques or high-end department stores. He arrives at the airport and is flying to Albany, New York and says that he travels 15-20 days each month. As he says that his family and friends worry, a factoid pops up: Prostitutes have a mortality rate 40 times higher than the average American. He says that he hasn't had a bad experience.

Echo watches people disembark from the subway and comments that all these people have to work 40 hours a week and that she can make the same money in a few hours and do what she wants after that. She wants to type up cards and hand them out to the businessmen. The card will read: Hey, busy businessman. Got a few minutes before you have to catch the train? Spend some time with a whore. Buy a beer from the vendor and step across the street for a little release after a hard day at work.

She says that the sex industry has allowed her to combine her lifelong interest in sex along with what she does as an artist. She does camera shows and says that the knowledge that others are watching her is a turn-on. Mike, a client, says that he looks for the emotional intimacy and that is what he gets from Echo. Another client, who is masked, says that he is a professional who likes to be bound and ordered around. Mike likes that he can consider her a friend as well as an escort. Echo says that she is turned on by the lack of pretension between an escort and a client and that it's getting to the point where having sex without money is unappealing.

A factoid opens this last segment: Recently, Bryan met a new client in downtown San Antonio. Bryan explains that the client didn't make eye contact with him and he assumed that he was nervous or that it was his first time. The screen shows police footage of the meeting. We know where this is going. Bryan says that he got up and straddled the man's lap. When the man asked if he had protection and Bryan said yes, the officer told him that he was under arrest.

Some of the dialogue between Bryan and the officer is shown: Client: Would you like to take care of the money? Bryan: No, we'll do that afterwards. Client: $350 for two hours. Is that cool?

Bryan says that every escort knows he or she is in trouble after that question so he said that he didn't know what the officer/client was talking about. The officer/client repeated the question and Bryan said that he couldn't talk about that right now. And then he heard the key in the door. Police footage and dialogue is shown: Officer: Hi, we're the vice squad. Wanna have a seat right there?

Savannah says that any women involved in the sex industry should be aware of the laws and that it's not a question of will you be arrested, but when you'll be arrested. Dolores advises Savannah to get a lawyer, Michael Kauptman and he has told her that there is no way that she can run a legitimate business due to the laws. She says that everyone, her friends and family included, knows what she does for a living because she doesn't have the time to deal with anyone who doesn't know.

Echo says that from the time she was 5 until the age of 13, she was molested by a family member and says that she never questioned it until she saw movies about molestation in school. It stopped then because she told her mom and felt completely victimized by it. Another factoid: 75% to 90% of all women in prostitution were sexually abused as children.

Bryan says that no one forces you to sell your body and that there are risks involved, not only with the law but with medical issues. He's tested every other month for STDs but says that the risk is still there.

OPINION: Three out of four. Another very interesting study on a part of life that we normal people seldom see. If you have a chance to see any of MTV's Sex 2k series, please do so!

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