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Review: Eye Of The Beholder



Thrills, Episode Twelve (12) Eye of The Beholder.

Starring Lauren Hays (as Felicia Reynolds), Jessica Lee (as Raquel), Scott Beattie (as Mike), Scott Anthony Gould (as Darius), Stuart C. Kinsey (as Uncle Pete), Duggan Hayes (as Oliver) and Alisha Klass (as Natasha).

A receptionist gets stranded in the wilderness..


This program begins with a completely naked Raquel, a brunette with fake breasts, lolling around on a fur carpet. Mike, a well-muscled guy with short, dark hair, tells her to go ahead and open his gift and she finds a bottle of perfume called Raquel. She asks if it can be used all over and gives it to him to apply to her body. He sprays her and bends to take a nipple into his mouth, then moves between her knees, giving her a little tongue time and an orgasm to boot. Next, she straddles him and rides him to a mutual orgasm. Raquel raises her head and says, "Mike, Alicia's on line 3."

Mike shakes his head and comes back to the real world, leaving his dream behind. Raquel, the woman he's been dreaming about is a receptionist at Thrills Magazine and is telling him that he has a call. In the conference room, Raquel is preparing for a meeting and Mike asks her out, only to be shot down. His friend, Darius, another well-muscled guy with blondish-brown hair, chides him about it then they rush to sit down as Felicia Reynolds, a redhead with fake breasts, enters and the meeting begins.

Felicia tells everyone that the First Annual Thrills Awards will be this evening and no one is to be late. Raquel reminds her that she has a modeling shoot in Tahoe and Felicia says not to be late. Darius speaks up and asks about the Thrills Total Makeover Contest winner coming and Raquel has forgotten about it. Darius agrees to take care of the contest winner and Mike says that he'll help also.

Later that night, Mike and Darius are sitting and waiting for the contest winner and are upset that they're wasting their time. Natasha, who has B cups and reddish-brown hair, comes out and introductions are made. She's a bit apprehensive because she was supposed to meet Raquel but Mike quickly puts her at ease. After a quick dream sequence in which the guys imagine Natasha naked, they all go off to make her over.

Meanwhile, Raquel's car has broken down and hot and dirty, she walks to a nearby house and meets Uncle Pete. He tells her that the nearest phone is 25 miles away and that he'll take her on Monday, three days away. He also tells her that she can get started doing chores for her room and board.

In between segments, Thrills runs some of the results of a sex survey they've taken. According to their readers, the three sexiest places to get stranded are: 3. Tropical Island, 2. Playboy Mansion and 1. "Sex Addicts Anonymous" Meeting.

The makeover begins with before photos and Natasha goes into a dream sequence. She is lying naked on a table and two muscle-bound men, one of which is Darius, are rubbing oil onto her skin. Mike arrives and joins them, standing above her head and massaging her breasts. She sends Darius and the other man away, choosing Mike. Mike kisses her feet, then goes down on her for a moment, before having her straddle him. They change position, with Mike taking her from behind and they cum.

Back at the house, Raquel is finished sweeping and Uncle Pete gives her an axe to cut some firewood. She is less than thrilled. At the makeover, Mike selects a dress for Natasha, then watches her undress in the mirror while she tries it on. Raquel is splitting wood when Oliver, who has a medium build and light brown hair, shows up and Raquel goes into a dream sequence.

She is Little Red Riding Hood, visiting her Grandma, who is Oliver, naked in the back yard. She removes her cape, bra and skirt and gives Oliver a paddle that she's brought and he begins to paddle her. Coming out of the trance, Raquel accepts Oliver's offer of food and they head inside. At the awards show, Natasha is a little nervous but Mike gives her a kiss and sends her out on stage.

In between this segment, more results from the sex survey. According to readers of Thrills Magazine, their four hottest desires are: 4. Doing striptease at fiancé's bachelor party, 3. Starring in an erotic film, 2. Seducing a friend while in disguise and 1. Going from "Nice Girl" to "Sex Queen".

Raquel is taking a bath and comes out to find Oliver asleep on her bed. Oliver awakens and tells her that she's beautiful. She confides to Oliver that she's tired of being called the "Ice Queen" and being looked at for her body only. Oliver gives her a kiss on the forehead and leaves.

Back at the show, Felicia, Mike and Darius talk about how wonderful Natasha looks and about all the attention she's getting. Felicia leaves for the evening and Natasha joins the boys, receiving a nice long kiss from Mike.

Oliver greets Raquel with coffee and tells her that Uncle Pete's gone fishing and won't be back until the following day. He also hands her her cell phone that they've managed to get out of the car and she calls Matt at the office and says, "Something better's just come up." She uncovers her breasts and gives Oliver a kiss. He undresses and joins her in bed and pulls her over to straddle him. Oliver lays her down and gives her pussy some attention, then takes her from behind with both of them cumming together.

Raquel says that she doesn't want to go back, that she wants to stay with Oliver but he says that she must return because he is a professor at UCLA. She happily laughs, realizing that they can still be together. At Thrills Magazine, Mike and Darius read the reviews about Natasha's success and Raquel walks in with a new attitude.

OPINION: Zero out of four. I keep thinking that I've seen the worst and I'm proven wrong time and again. The sex scenes were too short and the music was horrible. Plot was stupid, too.

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