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Review: La Blue Girl, Vol. 4




***** 'Hentai' literally means pervert in Japanese. Today, most everyone knows that 'hentai' is anime pornography. For those of us who love cartoons and especially anime, the Japanese version of cartoons, these adult cartoons fulfill our mature fantasies while remaining based in the medium of our childhood. No Yosemite Sam blowing up innocent rabbits here. You may find people getting their heads cut off, lesbians, vampires, etc., but it's so cool because it's ... a cartoon! If you have a chance to find some 'hentai' online or download some, ENJOY! *****

La Blue Girl, Volume #4 – Unrated – DEZ Entertainment


Miko Medo and her trusty sidekick, Nin-Nin are back to fight the Shikima with her sexcraft. She has found out that her father, Sekima is the lord of the Shikima. Meanwhile, Kugutsumen, a renegade Suzuka clansman and Kamiri, a traitor to the Miroku clan, who is also his lover and a sexcraft master, have stolen the sword called Zipang and plan to use it to kill Sekima and unite the ninja clans under their rule.

Volume #4.

Neither Kamiri nor Kugutsumen know of the evil that is contained in the sword Zipang. In a secret cave behind a waterfall, Kamiri has fallen under its spell, stroking the sheathed weapon as if it was a cock. A yellow light starts emanating from the sword. She puts the handle into her mouth, sucking it and the light grows, streaming around her nearly naked body. The light caresses her breasts, making her nipples harden and her panties are ripped off, the light pouring into her pussy.

Miko, her clan sister, Yaku and Nin-Nin are riding the bus and they overhear two women talking about the fact that 5 women have been raped and wonder if it's Kugutsumen. When they come to the village, they realize that there's no inn. Just then, two young men, Hammer and Cool J, in a hot car show up and offer to be their guides. They take the girls to a restaurant and Miko eats so much food that the guys are now broke. Miko and Yaku head off to find some place to sleep and neither of them sees Kugutsumen high in a tree observing them.

Miko and Yaku take a bath and admire each other's bodies. Kugutsumen attacks the innkeeper, leaving him unconscious outside. Miko touches Yaku's breasts and tweaks her nipples and Yaku thrusts a finger into Miko's pussy. Part of Miko's sexcraft training has enabled her to squeeze her pussy muscles and she makes Yaku's finger swell up. Yaku tells Miko that if Kugutsumen was to try to rape her, that she could break his penis off with her strength. She then wonders if Miko's pussy is large enough for her fist ...

Later, the girls sit down for a snack and Yaku smells lilies. The innkeeper comes in with the snack and some parsley juice. Unfortunately for the girls, the food has been poisoned with a sensory nerve drug and the innkeeper pulls off his mask, revealing Kugutsumen. He plans to take the girls to Kamiri, but first decides to have some fun them. He plays with Yaku's breasts and fingers her pussy, telling Miko that Yaku's heart will never stand an orgasm because of the drugs he used. He pushes two fingers into Yaku's pussy and sucks on her nipples.

Meanwhile, Hammer shows up at the inn because his grandfather is the owner. Thinking to peep on some honeymooners in the bathhouse, he finds his grandfather bound and gagged.

Miko notices that there's a full moon and recalls a conversation she had with Yaku. Yaku told her that her sense of smell sometimes goes haywire during a full moon and that sometimes, people have embarrassing secrets. Miko remembers that Yaku gets sex-crazed during a full moon.

Kugutsumen and Miko watch as Yaku turns into a wolf-woman. Yaku explains that if she cums quickly, then she can avoid the change but if the fun lasts too long, she changes. Kugutsumen escapes and Hammer faints at the sight of Yaku. Miko recovers, using her antidote technique and Yaku returns to her regular form. Yaku apologizes to Miko and is happy that Miko knows her secret now.

Hammer lies unconscious between the girls and the moon starts getting to Yaku again. She pulls his cock out and starts giving him an expert blow job. Hammer awakens to her ministrations and she turns around, turning it into a juicy 69. Miko leaves the couple and goes outside, fingering herself. Yaku climbs onto Hammer's cock and Miko continues fingering herself, worrying about Nin-Nin.

In the cave, Nin-Nin has found Kamiri and watches as she tit-fucks the sword, sucking the hilt at the same time. The yellow light binds her hands and pulls them to the side, while it surrounds and plays with her breasts and fucks her pussy like a cock. Nin-Nin draws attention to himself and tries to escape but Kugutsumen catches him. Kamiri is upset that Kugutsumen knew where Miko and Yaku were and didn't tell her. He asks why her wound hasn't healed and a cut scene shows Kamiri being on the receiving end of the Miroku clan's punishment rod, a thick penis-shaped object with protruding pegs.

Kugutsumen has taken to raping the village girls because he can't have Kamiri. She denies him yet again, telling him that he'll have to wait until Miko shows them how to enter the Shikima world and Kugutsumen is much displeased.

Yaku and Hammer continue going at it and Miko leaves, unable to stand being around them because she's so horny. Nin-Nin finds Miko masturbating and offers to do it for her with a machine he's invented. A small mechanical tentacle attaches to her clit, sucking on it while the bellows blows air into her cunt. Nin-Nin transforms into the man of a thousand faces, Kugutsumen and he tells her that if she wants Nin-Nin back, she'll have to tell him how to enter the Shikima world.

Kamiri taunts Nin-Nin with her pussy, telling him that he can have her if he tells her how to enter the Shikima world. Kugutsumen keeps air-fucking Miko, then injects a control device into her womb, taking control of her. After fucking Hammer five times, Yaku decides to shower and get to bed. She notices that Miko's bed is empty. Just then, Miko comes in, under the control of Kugutsumen and starts to seduce Yaku. Just as Yaku's about to cum, Miko strangles her. Hammer finds Yaku dead.

Under Kugutsumen's control, Miko leaves the inn and goes to Kamiri and him in the nearby forest. Miko refuses Kamiri's order to tell her how to enter the Shikima world so Kamiri is forced to use her sexcrafts on the girl. She fingers Miko into a frenzy, then is startled to see the controller come out. Yaku comes out of the shadows, explaining that she scented the radio transmitter in Miko and played dead. Kamiri uses a spell that commands vines and Miko and Yaku are bound tightly. Just when Kamiri thinks she has them under control, Hammer and his Gohoku Club friends arrive to save them. Kugutsumen and Kamiri leap away but the evil in Zipeng has captured Kamiri and she is now under its control, sitting with the sword sheathed in her pussy.

The sword is possessed by the demon, Zipeng, who now reveals himself. The demon tells the story of how he came to be. 1400 years ago, he was a treasure of the ruined house of Aobi, in ancient Korea. The daughter of powerful clan amused herself by fucking and sucking travelers who stopped by. Once she was done with them, she killed them so that her nasty side would not be known, then she would fuck herself with the sword, reliving the ecstasy of killing them. For days, the sex and killing went on, before she thrust the sword inside herself, triggering a major orgasm and causing her death. Her bloodlust lives on within Zipeng.

Zipeng tells Kugutsumen that Kamiri is now his slave. Kugutsumen tries to rescue her but is quickly chopped into pieces by the sword. Zipeng merges with Kamiri. Instantly, tentacles shoot out and Yaku is lifted from the ground. Zipeng is going to use Yaku to become stronger. Two tentacles wrap around her breasts and one tentacle finds her pussy, thrusting inside. Miko tries to use her daggers on Zipeng but they don't work and he captures her also. Another tentacle finds her pussy.

Nin-Nin drops from the ceiling and throws three bombs at Zipeng and the explosions cause him to release Miko and Yaku. Just when they think Zipeng has been vanquished, he revives. He's built a steel frame around himself and the tentacles attack again. This time, Zipeng concentrates on Miko, binding her arms and legs and forcing a tentacle into her pussy. Hammer tries to electrocute the demon monster, but his attempt fails. Miko gives up, saying goodbye to her grandmother and mother.

Her father's spirit calls to her and tells her not to give up. She puts her last bit of spirit into her hair ribbon and throws it at Zipeng. He releases her and she calls upon her powers, using the Blue Whirlwind. Yaku and Hammer try to leave but are swept up into the whirlwind. The whirlwind rips Zipeng apart.

When daylight arrives, Miko, Yaku, Nin-Nin and Hammer are lying among the wreckage. Yaku and Hammer leave together and Nin-Nin tries to hump Miko's leg and she launches him into the sky.

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