tagBDSMRhymis and Hannah Ch. 03

Rhymis and Hannah Ch. 03


***I know it was a very long time in coming but I hope you enjoy the next installment.***


Rhymis rolls his eyes at Ka'ri and glances over at Hannah's unconscious form on the bed. His slave's cheeks are still flushed from their amorous activities except for the bruise marking the side of her face. Fury leaps back into his chest as he remembers that another man struck her, abused this precious woman's body. "Never again," he whispers softly. His eyes roam down her body, watching as her breasts rise and fall evenly. The succubus venom that now courses through her veins locks her into a deep, restful sleep. Movement next to him draws his attention and he scowls at Ka'ri as she leans over him. Her nose is barely an inch from his cock as she draws in a deep breath and moans deeply and shivers, savoring the scent of the juices covering his cock.

Rhymis leans back on his hands, his legs spread, a smirk spreads over his lips. "Was that necessary, Ka'ri?" He raises an eyebrow at the demoness as she squirms between his legs.

"Necessary?" She hisses softly, the warm breath washing over his soaked cock. "I don't know if I would say necessary, Master, but it was awfully fun." Her barbed tail twitches restlessly and her tongue darts out to taste the juices dripping from his cock. Her body trembles and she doesn't hesitate. She hungrily begins to savor the flavors as she starts to clean off his cock.

"What am I going to do with you, you evil little minx? She is your sister now and my property, just like you. She is not your play toy." His voice loses some of its fire as the succubus' tongue slides along his cock and her lips wrap around his spent flesh. He raises a hand and grips one of her hard, curved horns and pushes her mouth into the mess of juices at the base of his cock.

Ka'ri squirms, rubbing herself against his thighs, her ass raised high, her tail swishing back and forth happily as she feasts on the physical manifestations of the couple's pleasure upon his flesh. The juices nourish her body and she hungrily laps and sucks on his cock, forcing him to begin hardening again. Her soft lips caress the swelling flesh in an almost worshipful way.

Rhymis tilts his head back and moans deeply. "Damn your mouth is fucking amazing." He hisses softly, letting the sensation of her mouth course through him. His breaths grow harder and he uses her horn like a handle, moving her mouth up and down on his now hard cock. He starts to thrust his hips up, forcing the length of himself in and out of her mouth.

His gaze falls onto Hannah sleeping soundly next to him. His eyes rove hungrily over her and come to rest between her parted legs. His cock twitches in Ka'ri's mouth as he watches thick globs of his semen dripping out of the slaves used pussy and onto the sheets. A wicked grin crosses his lips and he abruptly jerks Ka'ri's feasting mouth off his hard cock. Ka'ri's face is wet with their juices and glistens in the torchlight that lights the room. Her eyes narrow and she hisses in protest, clearly not done with her meal.

"Ka'ri." Rhymis growls softly to her, his voice lower, letting her know he isn't in the mood for her insolence. He shoves her head away and sits up. "Clean your sister up." He pushes her off of him and towards Hannah's sleeping form.

The succubus raises her eyebrow at him briefly and then grins happily as she crawls across the sheets to the unconscious slave. She pushes the woman's legs open wider and doesn't hesitate as she descends upon her cum filled sex. Ka'ri's tail twitches excitedly as she breaths in the scent of this woman and forces her tongue into her body.

Rhymis chuckles softly, his hand stroking his cock as he watches one pet feed off the other. The sight of Ka'ri between Hannah's thighs makes his throb harder. After a couple minutes of watching Ka'ri licking and sucking at Hannah's pussy he rises to his knees and moves behind Ka'ri.

The bed shifts near Ka'ri's knees and she raises wiggles, parting her legs and raising her hips. The lips of her pussy are dripping with her juices, leaving trails glistening down her thighs. Rhymis rubs the wide head of his cock along her soaked lips, enjoying the feel of her arousal coating his flesh. Ka'ri moans loudly into Hannah's flesh and pushes her hips back against her Master's cock. Rhymis smirks at the wanton creature before he positions himself against her entrance and shoves his cock roughly into her, sheathing himself into her tight, throbbing walls. He doesn't wait for a response before he starts drawing his hips back, her walls tugging on his cock, trying to keep him buried inside of her. He slams his hips forward roughly again and again, using the succubus' cunt.

Ka'ri squirms and writhes at his feet. Her face buried in Hannah's pussy. Her wings stretch wide with pleasure. Her body tingles hotly, her hips pushing into Rhymis' rough thrusts. Their bodies colliding over and over wetly, her thighs soaked with her own arousal.

"Wake your sister enough that she can appreciate your efforts, Ka'ri. No need to be selfish." Rhymis grunts, his cock pounding through the soft, lust swollen walls of the succubus' flesh. Ka'ri squirms as she lifts her head from Hannah's sex. Her lips and chin glistening with cum, she mutters a couple of indecipherable words and Hannah immediately starts to breath faster. Hannah's eyes twitch beneath her closed lids and her lips part in a soft moan. Her thighs spread wider as Ka'ri's mouth descends to again feast on loads of cum that run from the slave's pussy.

Hannah's sleeping body reacts to the mouth on her pussy. Her hands move to her breasts and she cups each one gently, teasing the hard nipples. Her red lips part in deep moans as she starts to squirm on the sheets, spreading her legs wider. Her cheeks grow flush again, her clit hardening against Ka'ri's lips.

Rhymis growls as he watches his new slave react. He is mesmerized by her, unable and not wanting to look away from the sensual woman squirming on the bed. Even in her sleep she is enjoys touch and pleasure. The fact that she doesn't try to push Ka'ri away or move herself away arouses him even more. His mind wanders to the feel of Hannah's tight pussy milking his cock greedily into her body as he fucks the succubus roughly. His hands grip Ka'ri's hips, his fingers digging into her tanned flesh, pulling her roughly on and off his cock. He had been concerned that Hannah's reactions were merely trained responses from years of being indoctrinated in the ways of his land but watching her now, reacting in such ways while sleeping reassures him that she genuinely enjoys sex.

Ka'ri grunts into Hannah's sex with each rough thrust, her body relishing the pounding of her Master's cock as he uses her. She hisses as she tastes Hannah becoming newly aroused and she doubles her efforts, wanting to taste the slave's fresh cum in her mouth. She slides one hand up to join Hannah's on her breasts, pinching and twisting one of the hard nipples. Sweet gasps and moans from Hannah that makes Rhymis shiver.

"She is lovely, is she not, Ka'ri?" He raises a hand from Ka'ri's hip and grasps her hair, jerking her mouth from Hannah's crotch. The succubus moans and writhes on his cock as he pins her to him and pounds harder into her sex, stretching her walls wide around his cock. Ka'ri's body trembles.

"Yes, Master," she hisses. "She is lovely and she tastes so good. I want more." Ka'ri's black eyes burn with lust as she hears Hannah whimper in protest of the mouth that was pleasuring her is ripped away. In an act of what passes for sympathy to Ka'ri, she slide one hand to the girls cunt and starts to tease her clit as she slides her thumb into the girl's wet hole. Hannah's squirming dies down as her sex is toyed with and she moans deeply.

Rhymis leans down over Ka'ri between her spread wings and presses his lips to her ear. "Mine!" he growls to her but whether he is talking about Ka'ri or reminding her that Hannah belongs to him is unclear to the succubus. Regardless, the sound of this single word drives the succubus wild with lust and pleasure and she writhes on his cock, and cums hard on the long, thick shaft. He moans against her ear loudly as her cunt grips his cock and spasms around him. "Mmm...That's it. Cum for me...you want to taste all three of us, Ka'ri? You want me to fuck her with your cum on my cock?" He hisses to her, knowing it will drive her wild with lust.

Ka'ri hisses and bucks her hips back against him. Her cunt swollen and leaking her cum around his cock and down her smooth thighs as his words drive her wild with lust. The demoness reacts like an animal in heat, rutting back against him, caressing his cock with her soft, tight walls, drawing moans of pleasure from him against her ear. Rhymis reaches between Ka'ri's thighs and teases her swollen clit, drawing her orgasm out longer, relishing the feel of her tight, wet cunt around him.

Ka'ri slowly starts to calm down and Rhymis sits up, still sliding his cock along her walls. He pats her ass softly. "Good girl. Is she wet?" He nods to Hannah squirming and panting on the bed. Ka'ri's fingers are still buried inside the squirming slave. She slowly withdraws her fingers, they glisten with Hannah arousal. She greedily slides her fingers into her mouth. Her cunt twitches around his cock as she savors the taste of the slave's arousal. She nods her head to him, still sucking on her fingers.

"Good." He pulls his cock from her aching cunt with a moan of protest. He smacks her ass and nods to the bed next to them. "Lay down, Kari." He moves from behind her, her cum dripping off his cock, which bobs between his cock as he moves to Hannah. Ka'ri quickly obeys and lays her head next to Hannah's thigh on the bed.

Rhymis leans over Hannah gently and he brushes a lock of hair from her cheek. She moans softly at his touch as though she recognizes him even in her sleep. He drinks her in, gently resting his body against hers. He doesn't make any effort to enter her, just enjoys the feel of her beneath him for a moment before he sits up and gathers her limp form against him. He rolls her over on her stomach and brings her legs beneath her, positioning her cunt directly above Ka'ri mouth. The succubus hisses excitedly and squirms beneath both of them.

"The fact you think this is such a good idea, Ka'ri, doesn't really do a lot to convince me it is." He chuckles even as he looks down at the smooth curve of Hannah's back and positions himself between her open thighs. He slowly teases the slaves' sex with the swollen, cum covered head of his cock. Hannah moans softly into the sheets below him and her hips squirm. He wonders if to her, this is just an intense wet dream, that some random man is using her and the thought makes him shiver. He has to force himself not to claim her pussy roughly right then. He hisses as he feels Ka'ri's tongue slide up his cock to Hannah's pussy and her hands slide up his thighs.

He rubs himself back and forth against Hannah, moaning at the heat of her sex against him, the promising of its soft walls, the scent of sex hanging heavy in the room of the inn. He remembers the sight of his cum dripping from her pussy and he growls softly. He leans back and grips his cock, one hand on her hips, holding her up. Ka'ri squirms beneath them. One hand slides from his thigh and comes to rest between her spread thighs.

Rhymis rubs the swollen head again along Hannah wet sex and positions his cock at her entrance. With a moan he slowly sinks his wide head into her. For the first time, he takes the time to watch his cock sink into her soft, tender folds. The sight of their flesh joining raises goose bumps on his flesh. "Gods!" he hisses as her soft flesh welcomes his cock. He hears Hannah moan softly and slides his hips back slowly before pushing into her again, inching his cock gently into her sleeping body.

He continues the slow, steady thrusts until he is buried to the hilt into her hot, wet sex. He stops for a moment to relish the feel of her around him. Her walls throb around him and she squirms in her succubus-induced sleep. Slowly he pulls his hips back and starts a slow, steady pace. Ka'ri's tongue teases Hannah's clit and up and down his cock as he fucks the slave right above her mouth. The taste of all three of them drives her crazy beneath them.

Hannah slowly starts to breathe harder, squirming as her pussy is stretched and teased. The redhead's hips start to meet his thrusts and her walls twitch around his cock. Her hands grip the sheets as her dream lover slides his cock in and out of her sex, filling her full each time. The intensity of the physical acts on her body along with the dream lover fucking her slowly quickly has her on the edge of an intense orgasm. Her muffled moans grow louder and she pushes her hips back against him harder. Rhymis grins wickedly, meeting her thrusts with his own, moaning as he grinds his cock into her, enjoying the feel of her entrance stretched around the base of his cock.

Hannah presses hard back against him and her walls jerk with pleasure. She squirms as she starts to cum around his cock, eliciting a growl from him as he thrusts harder into her walls as they spasm around him. As he did with Ka'ri, he leans down and presses his mouth to her ear. "Mine..." he hisses. Ka'ri's tongue starts to lap at the heavy balls swaying between his thighs. He moans to Hannah, whispering to her in her dream. "Gods woman, I cannot stop touching you. I am going to fill up that tight pussy of yours and I cannot say that is the last time today I will do so. I hope you have rested well, my pet." His voice is a mix of moans and hisses now. By the end of his speech, he is rutting into her pussy like an animal, needing, wanting to fill her with his seed. The urgency of his thrusts forcing her juices to drip onto Ka'ri's face, much to the delight of the succubus.

His cock swells in the slave and he slams his hips, burying himself in her as his cum explodes from him, drawing a moan from her as the heat fills her body. He pushes his face into her neck and moans to her as he cums inside her. His hips rock, as pulse after pulse of cum releases from him to fill her sex. Ka'ri squirms eagerly beneath them, shaking with anticipation as she watches him fill the slave girl full. She presses her mouth to their bodies where the base of his cock meets Hannah. She licks eagerly all over them, whimpering against their sexes. The succubus breaths in the scent of pleasure deeply, almost drunk on the intoxicating scent of them. Her fingers slide into her own dripping pussy, pumping away as she fitfully waits for the moment he starts to withdraw his cock from Hannah.

Hannah seems to almost purr as he buries his spent cock inside her. She gives a deep sigh and her body relaxes beneath his and she squirms into the sheets and the twitching of her eyes subsides. Rhymis kisses her cheek softly and gently pulls his hips back as if he is suddenly worried about disturbing her sleep. A flood of cum gushes from Hannah's pussy and into Ka'ri's waiting mouth. The succubus writhes as she laps at them and gulps down the juices that nourish her.

Rhymis waits patiently for Ka'ri to finish her meal before shooing her away. He slides his cock back into Hannah before he softens and he gently rolls them to their sides, spooning himself behind her. He presses his chest to her back and buries his face in the back of her neck. His hips pushing forward to ensure he is nestled deeply in her sex. She shivers and presses back against him before growing still once again. Content for now, he falls asleep against her.

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