tagBDSMRichard and Julia

Richard and Julia


It was a Sunday night like any other for Richard and Julia. They had settled into a routine, and it kept them both happy. They were snuggled in front of the television, Julia's head resting comfortable on Richard's chest. Richard was a swarthy and muscular man, with thick brown hair and piercing grey eyes. He commanded respect from whomever he met, and that included Julia. She was quite petite, with a slim figure and long dark hair. Richard supported her weight easily as they cuddled, and she curled up in his warm embrace.

They were watching an action movie that Richard had chosen; he made all of the choices in their relationship, and they both liked it that way. Julia's role was to support any choice he made, and submit to him entirely at any time she was needed. This made Julia feel completely at ease with life; she always knew she would be looked after, and she always felt that she was doing good by supporting Richard, who she thought was the best man in the world. For his part, Richard liked things that way too, because he liked to be in charge. It had taken them time to find and get comfortable with this routine, but now that they had it they knew it was right.

The action movie's violence waned to allow for dialogue, and Richard's attention wandered elsewhere. "I have to piss," he rumbled to Julia. She immediately slipped down to the ground and knelt between Richard's legs. She gently opened his trousers and took his flaccid penis out. Even soft it was quite big, like the rest of Richard, and a sheath of foreskin encircled the massive head. Julia took the head in her mouth almost reverently, and swallowed quickly as warm pee streamed down her eager throat. Richard closed his eyes as he let himself go in Julia's mouth, feeling her warm mouth gently sucking the liquid down. As he finished, Julia swallowed the last drops, then lapped at his foreskin to make sure it was clean. She put his cock away in his trousers and returned to her spot on the couch.

After the movie had finished, they retreated to their bedroom, and Richard said, "Suck me hard." He stood imposingly over Julia as she knelt obediently and took him in, gently thrusting his hips. As soon as his cock was hard, he pressed both of his meaty hands to the back of Julia's head and pushed her deeper onto his dick. She was well used to this, and opened her throat to allow him access. He fucked her face slow and deep, groaning slightly with each thrust. Julia's eyes watered, but she didn't gag or cough; Richard could be much more aggressive than this, and she was accustomed to being throat-fucked.

Soon Richard was no longer satisfied by her throat. "Stand up and bend over," he ordered. Julia eagerly complied, reaching back to open her fuckholes up for him. She was already dripping wet. Julia got off on being treated like a sex object like nothing else; she was at her happiest when she was 'where Richard sticks his cock.' Richard wasted no time in plunging into Julia's offered pussy, sinking his huge dick in almost to the hilt. It had taken her almost a year to get used to his incredible length, but now it slid right up her, nestled firmly against her cervix. Richard held her hair in a tight knot with his right hand and used it for leverage as he started fucking her in hard, short strokes. She knew this meant he wanted to cum quickly, and she squeezed her internal muscles on him as hard as she could. Richard let out a grunt with each thrust, and pulled Julia's hair hard enough to crane her neck. With his free hand he reached around to squeeze her tit, pinching the nipple and gripping the whole breast hard enough to bruise. Richard's grunting grew louder, and his thrusting grew even harder. Suddenly, with a long, loud groan he held his cock deep inside Julia's cunt and came. Julia could feel his massive cock pulsating as he pumped jet after jet of thick cum deep inside her, right against her womb. The thought of this led Julia to begin cumming, though before she was finished Richard had pulled out and ordered her to clean his cock.

Julia knelt in front of Richard again and lovingly lapped and sucked the length of his cock. She cleaned it well, sucking gently on his foreskin to make sure it was tidy. "That's enough" said Richard, as she felt his cock beginning to harden again. He sat down in a large armless chair that they kept in the bedroom, and gestured for her to present herself for a spanking. Julia eagerly lay down on his lap, offering her bare ass to him. They both loved this, and no longer pretended it was a punishment at all; in fact, being spanked made Julia incredibly wet. Rickard's big meaty hand came up almost instantly and started smacking down on Julia's bottom. Richard was a strong man, and he didn't hold back. Julia couldn't help but let out a yelp at the impact of his first strike; it felt like her ass was on fire. After a few strokes though she was taking it like a pro, moaning and wiggling her ass for more even as it grew redder and redder.

Every five or ten strokes, Richard paused to finger Julia's pussy. First he used one finger, then two, then three. Julia loved to have her hole stretched open, and as she felt his fourth finger enter her she groaned loud and deep. Richard's cock was pressing into her stomach, and his knuckles were working their way into her cunt. She rolled her hips on his hand like a bitch on heat, needing desperately to be filled by him. He added his thumb, forming a fist and slowly but firmly pressing it home. The pressure inside her was immense; Richard's hands were huge, and it felt like a battering ram was being pushed up her canal. The ridge of his knuckle pushed right in to her g-spot, and as he started thrusting she started cumming- hard. She got even wetter as she came, allowing Richard's fist to fuck her more easily. Her cunt convulsed around his hand as it slid right up to her cervix, and back to her entrance. She was panting and keening like a wild thing, her whole body felt like one big cumming cunt, and Richard's fist was the centre of her whole universe.

Finally, her orgasm subsided, and Richard withdrew his hand. She lay panting on his lap, thanking him over and over again, babbling about how amazing it felt. Richard ignored her chattering, and began working his dripping wet fingers into her now quite relaxed asshole. He added one, and then a second, but stopped there because he still wanted her hole to be good and tight for him. Julia had just caught her breath when he ordered her to lie down on the bed with her legs up. He caught hold of her calves and pressed them up and back, curling her asshole up to him and leaving it open and ready for his dick. He lined up the massive head and began pressing in insistently. His weight bore down on Julia as he worked his cock in inch by inch. A final hard thrust made sure he was balls-deep, and then he began fucking her with short hard strokes.

Richard used all of his weight for leverage, and Julia's hole had no option but to stretch to accommodate him. Her legs pressed back hard, folding her in half, leaving her completely vulnerable to him. He sawed in and out of her tight hole with determination; he was there to enjoy a long hard fuck, and Julia was there to take it. He thrust slow and hard, pausing every few moments to enjoy the feeling of her hole squeezing on the tip of his dick. Julia's asshole was merely the thing he was using to pleasure himself, and he took his sweet time. Julia was coming down from her orgasm, and was feeling tired. Still, she knew it was her job to let Richard satisfy himself. She squeezed on him when he wanted, milking his dick for all she was worth.

After a few minutes, Richard god tired of the position, and instructed Julia to turn over, which she did. She put her head and arms into the bed, and thrust her holes up and back at him. Richard seated himself firmly in one long thrust, and began working himself in and out, groaning in pleasure. Julia thrust back, enjoying the warmth and pressure of his cock. She knew she wouldn't cum again, but she loved making Richard feel good. Richard put his hands on her ass and leaned forward, leaving Julia supporting some of his weight. He began thrusting faster, grunting in pleasure. Julia felt that he was close to release, and worked her ring of muscles on him hard. Richard thrust three more times, hard and deep, then held himself deep inside Julia's ass and released for a second time. He let out a long groan, tired from his efforts as the last jets of his cum dribbled into Julia's ass.

Richard held himself still for a minute, resting and catching his breath as his cock started to soften inside Julia. Richard noticed that he needed to pee, and didn't feel like moving to do it. With his softening cock still inside Julia, he pushed down and released a steady stream of urine into her. Julia felt the warm pee shooting, and relaxed completely to try and take it all comfortably. She loved this feeling, it was so warm and intimate. Richard's piss filled her cavity and kept coming, making her insides tighten. She took it all though, and Richard emptied every drop into her. He pulled out slowly when he was done, then lay down on the bed ready for sleep. Julia took a moment to squeeze her hole closed as best she could, then got up to go and relieve herself, not spilling a drop. Julia emptied herself and tidied up to get ready for bed, then crawled in next to Richard and fell asleep. They both slept soundly through the night, cuddled together.

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