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Rip in Time Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Hard Day's Night

Willow was busy perusing a government website, looking for references to the "Initiative". So far, there wasn't even a mention of it. Giles looked up from the book he'd been reading about Tract demons. "Willow, I was just wondering something. Have you , by any chance, been doing some spells lately?" Ones that make older men lust after you?

"Of course! Nothing serious though, I know that with my concentration a little strained because of. . .you know. . . that wouldn't be a good idea."

"A wise decision, Willow." He said thoughtfully. Maybe it was Ripper. In the past, he had somehow gotten a time travel spell. Spell books that contained that type of magick were scarce. Partly because it wasn't wise to visit the past, changing the slightest thing could alter the universe. They were also notoriously unreliable. Though, that wouldn't have scared his younger self in the least. Damn that boy!

"Why do you ask?"

"I have been having these. . ." he needed her assistance to get to the bottom of this, but he didn't want to tell her the nature of these dreams. ". . .dreams about my younger self in this time period. I think that they might be memories, Willow."

"Wow! What were you doing in the dream?"

Spike, who was sitting on the chair across from them, seemed to find that question amusing. "Hold on, you were dreaming about yourself as a whelp?" Spike had a mental image of a pimple-ridden tweedy nerd shagging Willow and almost fell to the floor.

"Talking." They did speak to eachother before they. . . it wasn't a complete lie.

"About what?"

"That's not the issue." He said. "I need your help, Willow. Can you look up references to time travel magick?"

"Of course." She crossed over to his formidable library of books and pulled out some likely candidates. *******

"This is getting us nowhere." Willow said closing yet another book. They had spent most of the day researching and had found nothing.

"I'm afraid you're right about that." Giles closed his eyes. He was contemplating writing the Watcher's Council. He knew that they had cast him out but he had a very real problem.

"Giles, can I call it a day?" Willow said, standing up. "I promised to meet Buffy at The Bronze."

"That's fine. You have a good time, Willow." He said, reaching for another book.

"Bye, Spike." Willow said.

"Bye, pet." He called, not even raising his head, he was glued to the television.

"Willow, let's keep this to ourselves for now. I don't want to get Buffy involved unless its necessary." She nodded as she scooped up her belongings and headed for the door. ********

At The Bronze, Willow spotted the gang at a table. They all gave her tentative smiles, she could see they were in "Cheer up Willow mode". Sighing, she went to the bar and ordered an iced mocha before going over. "Hi." She said, hoping that they wouldn't ask any direct questions about what she had been doing today. She was a terrible liar.

"So, Wills, how are you feeling?" Xander asked.

"Fine. I get a little better every day."

He smiled and put a brotherly arm around her shoulders. "I'm glad, I was worried about you."

Riley looked over at her. "How's your term paper coming?"

"It's going really well. I'm doing it on treatments for depression." He smiled back at her and Buffy threaded her arm through his. It was plain to see she was falling for him.

Buffy smiled at Willow. "It's good to see you out here again."

"Can we dance now?" Anya asked.

"Anya, we're talking to Willow-" Xander began.

"No, really guys, it's fine. Go dance! I've got my mocha and its not such a bad day for me." She just didn't want to see any more of their pitying looks.

They all went to the dance floor and Willow settled back in her seat, looking at the crowd. There were a lot of familiar faces. That's when she saw him. He seemed out of place but unconcerned about it. He was leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette. He wore tight blue jeans, a white shirt and a black leather jacket. Willow could see the young man was watching her as well. He crushed out the cigarette on the bottom of his boot and slowly walked over to her.

"Hello, luv."

"Hi." Goddess! He sounds just like Spike, come to think of it, he looks a little bit like him too. Of course, his hair was more blonde than white. And he was a touch taller. But there was something in his attitude, in the way he walked, something not quite safe, that reminded her of Spike.

"What's a pretty thing like you doing all alone?"

She blushed a little, fiddling with her straw. "Would you like to join me?'

"Why don't you join me, on the dance floor?"

She was captivated by the young man. "I'd love to." He pulled her on to the dance floor as a slow song was playing and wrapped his arms around her as they danced. "I forgot to ask your name. I'm Willow."

"Willow, like the tree." He said softly. He thought a moment, before he answered her, not sure if he should give his real one. . . considering the circumstances. "I'm Ringo."

"Ringo." She repeated. Like Ringo Starr? Something about the expression on his face when he had been thinking a minute ago struck her. There was something familiar about him. The clothes, the accent, the stupid alias. . .Ripper. He was here in Sunnydale doing Goddess knows what. She glanced over at her friends but they were absorbed in dancing and Giles edict to keep this quiet echoed in her mind. She was on her own and she could see only one way out of this.

He smiled as he held her closer, she felt so good in his arms. He was quite clever for coming up with that name, its not like The Beatles would still be remembered. This was turning out to be fun. . .he'd see himself as an old man, have a few laughs, and maybe a good shag if he was a lucky bloke.

"Uh, Ringo?"

"Yes, luv?"

"What are you doing this evening?" She had to find some way to make him come with her. Giles needed to find out what he had done.

He smiled slowly. "What ever you want me to, pet." He pulled her even closer, letting her feel the evidence of his interest in her.

She gave him a weak smile and closed her eyes briefly. Think Vamp Willow, Rosenberg. When she opened them, she said. "Why don't we go someplace we can be. . .alone." She winked at him.

"I like the way you think." He shook his head in delight and wonder. "Lead the way, luv." *******

By the time, they had reached Giles' apartment, Ripper had grown impatient. He pressed her against the door and kissed her. The he began whispering the most. . .wicked things in her ear. She slipped out of his hold and knocked on the door. "Do you have a roommate, pet?"

The door was swung open by a harried looking Giles. "Willow, do you have any idea what hour it is because-" he broke off when he saw Ripper, standing behind her and holding her too close. He reached out and yanked the young man inside by his ear.

"Bloody hell, Willow. You didn't tell me your dad was living with you."

"I am your future self, imbecile." Giles ground out, finally releasing the young man's ear.

"What? I was about to shag my own daughter?" Ripper looked a little green.

"Did somebody say shag?" Spike asked, coming down the stairs. He had been listening in upstairs. He looked at Ripper and frowned. "Hey, you aren't tweedy."

"I'm not Willow's father and you weren't about to, uh, shag anyone." Giles blushed, he hoped he had stopped that from happening at least! He looked at Willow for confirmation.

"I had to get him here somehow. He just kissed me. That's all!" Willow flushed and looked away. She realized that Giles would probably eventually 'remember' that all he had done was kiss her.

"You have a lot of explaining to do, young man." Giles said.

Ripper looked at Giles bathrobe, glasses, and disheveled hair. " No, I think you have a lot of explaining to do, old man. What the hell happened to me?"

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