tagNovels and NovellasRise of Roxy Ch. 07

Rise of Roxy Ch. 07


Depressed and feeling her only hope was to move and make a new start, Roxy relinquished her apartment, packed and caught a flight to Los Angeles.

At LA airport she called Di Roach's sister she'd met when Di and Roxy had come to LA for a few days thirty months earlier. God how time flies, Roxy thought and almost cut the call when it was answered.

"Jolene Featherstone."

"Oh hi Jolene, it's Roxy Reeves. I'm..."

"Omigod, are you here in LA?"

"Yes just arrived. I'm fed-up trying to move my career in New York so thought I'd..."

"Are you at the airport?"

"Yes and it happens to be the same terminal."

"Oh please come and stay with me. Please."

"Well that would be lovely. I was hoping you could give me advice where to settle and..."

"Yes and we can discuss that later. Go to that same café where we had coffee that time Di and you left for your flight home and I'll come to there."

Roxy saw Jolene approaching and stood. Jolene saw her and screamed a greeting and they fell into a big hug.

Jolene said her husband Dirk was in Hawaii on business for four weeks, with still two of those weeks to go, and she was lonely. Roxy's timing in arriving was perfect. The driver of the hire limo loaded the big bag and two smaller bags and Jolene said, "Is that all you have?"

"Yes I dumped all the rest of my stuff in a pre-owned personal effects warehouse and was ripped off, receiving only two hundred bucks but to me it had suddenly become junk. I aim to start all over again but there are just some things you can't bear to part with."

"Yes I think I understand. Um Robert Ludd is in China making a movie so won't be any use to you."

"I'll hire an agent. I have saved money."

Jolene obviously wanted to assist and said kindly, "One of my younger friend's mother is a personal agent based in Hollywood and has been doing it for years. She only represents the cream, actors who've made it, but I'll ask Bella to work on her mom to make an exception for you. I'll get Bella to bring her mom over for lunch this Saturday."

"Oh I couldn't..."

"God you are so uptight Roxy. Just relax and allow me to help you. It's what I want to do. Oh Di was out here about eight weeks ago. She asked me did I know if Robert had been in contact with you regarding movie work."

"No he hadn't. I must call Di and my aunt and uncle and catch up. It's over three months since I last called them. You must understand it was such a struggle for me in New York to make much headway and I was forced to become focus and self-centered. I secured work but except from the last role it was all crap. I finished playing the lead in a light musical with much more dialogue than singing that went very well, running off-Broadway for sixteen weeks and I got very good money for it. But the theatre had no new show in the wings to absorb any of us into so my time with that producer had come to an end. Further, and my agent couldn't produce anything so we agreed to part. I stewed and then decided I'd move to try to get something to happen."

"Oh dear, how depressing. But cheer up, you're with me now and so something will happen for you. I see my daughter rarely now that she's moved to Dallas with her family; they have no desire to visit LA so if I want to see her and my grandson I have to go to Texas. I'm just so glad to have you as my house guest. I really do need someone to care for. My husband is someone to fuss over, he hates it and growls and tells me to butt out."

It all sounded very comforting for Roxy and she yawned.

"Omigod you are exhausted with the long flight added to your emotional weariness. We won't go out for dinner tonight. I'll settle you and we'll eat when you wake. One of the things I can do in the kitchen is spicy meatballs. How does that sound."


Roxy yawned but felt refreshed after showering following a long sleep. It was late so she headed to the kitchen to make a sandwich and passing the TV room found Jolene watching TV.

"Oh hi, ready for dinner? I waited for you."

"B-but it's late? Oh I am so sorry."

"I prefer to eat with company so no apology is necessary. God look at you, all refreshed and looking beautiful. How old are you now?"

"I turn twenty-nine in two months."

They sat eating meatballs with a side salad and drinking a gusty Spanish red.

"So what's Dirk doing in Hawaii?"

"Fucking the ass off his PA I'd think. She went with him and he said he would spend a week on the working for his client – Dirk is an investigating accountant which is like an auditor but he specializes in tracing misappropriated money – and then he will take a week off work."

"Humping his PA? Oh god, Jolene, I'm sorry. How could I say something as stupid as that?"

"It's okay. He has the occasional break-out with her, only occasionally because she's married. You may as well know Robert Ludd fucks me when I allow that. He's rather pathetic in bed but does his best and I like men who try their best."

They giggled.

An hour after they went to bed, Roxy found she didn't really need sleep so thought she'd watch TV. She looked in on Jolene and found her reading.


"Oh hi darling," Jolene said, putting down her book and removing her reading glasses. "I guess you've had sufficient sleep for the time being."

"Yes. Um can I hop in beside you?"

"Don't feel sorry for me Roxy."

"Oh but I am and believe you need to be held."

"I sleep nude darling."

Roxy removed her long t-shirt and noticed Jolene's tongue tip slide out and wet her top lip.

Jolene rolled over and Roxy slid up against her and placed an arm over Jolene's belly.

"That's lovely and you feel so soft against me. Do you do this often Roxy?"

"Very infrequently."

"Have you done it with Di?"

Roxy hesitated and said, "Is this confidential?"

"Oh absolutely."

Roxy said they almost did it and Sam came home unexpectedly early. Although he hadn't caught them he appeared suspicious and the woman never became so intimate again."

"I'd like you to do things like that to me. I use a strap-on with Bella."

"Oooh, you naughty ladies. Yes okay because I fell you are yearning for this level of intimacy Jolene. It will be my pleasure."

"Ooooh," Jolene simpered.

To Roxy's surprise she experienced ten days of intensive sexual activity. She found Jolene was a gym bunny and that meant she was strong and fit in bed and she had a rather long tongue. Understandably the women became very close and as Roxy had anticipated she no longer felt deep loneliness.

On Saturday morning Roxy said, "Will Bella be jealous to find my staying here with you?"

"Bella and I are not lovers darling, only users, and believe me she's a rather nice and well-adjusted person. She loves her husband but developed a big of a taste for women when at college."

"Oh god, a bit of a taste!"

Roxy and Jolene fell about laughing.

Bella Boyd arrived for lunch with her mother an overweight Robyn Curtin who wore a fashion turban and had dark eyes, didn't smile a lot but maintained a friendly and engaging manner.

They sat beside the pool and when Bella and Jolene went off to prepare lunch, Robyn said, "Bella and Jolene are best of friends and Bella has been at me as a talent agent to find you work as an actress. In a moment of weakness I said I'd consider that but now that I've sighted you and heard you speak and watched how naturally you interact I've decided to take you on as a client but at the standard rate. I never offer a discount. I've viewed Part 3 of the documentary you fronted on the Italian Renaissance and Jolene filled me in last Wednesday on your TV work and the hard grind you had in getting theater work in New York. All I can do is to get your interviews and hopefully auditions and if you enter paid work or even a retainer I take a cut."

"Well only take me on if you are comfortable about this."

Robyn smiled and said, "Young lady, if you keep on playing it cool like this you could go a long way. First I need to talk to you professionally and then steer you in the right direction to get a folio of photos and get an expert put your experience down on paper in the right style. Then we'll look at getting you some work in advertising..."

"No I've done the hard grind. I know it's wasn't done in California but enough is enough. Just introduced me to the right people for minor roles in movies and I'll do the rest. I'm patient, persuasive and can work really hard and I accept these people have heard it all before. Just give me eye to eye contact and, as I say, I'll do the rest."

Robyn said unsmilingly, very well, they would try it Roxy's way.

The photographs had been taken and a woman was working on assembling Roxy's profile when Roxy received a call from one of Robyn's assistants.

"One of Mrs Curtin's friends, an independent filmmaker, has a crisis. He needs a softly spoken female who looks great in black to jump in as a welcoming hostess at a media preview due to start in one hour at 3:00. The hired woman has come down with a stomach upset."

"I'm sorry but..."

"Mrs Curtin said to tell you not to argue, just do it, that chances come in all shapes and sizes and rarely are what you expect."

"Right give me the address and who to ask for."

Jerry Hinckley looked at Roxy and said, "Christ you're one out of the box. Okay here's the script about how to welcome people and to point where they are to go. You don't look to be dumb so ought to be able to manage that. What will count is your openness and warmth of your smile and...er never mind."

"You want my tits looking pert?"

"Honey," he laughed, "You are amazing. That's why I asked Robyn for an actress."

He yelled Pauline, and an aide came running.

"This is Roxy, our greeter. Take her away and hurry with the briefing."

The job was routine and the media people smiled back and Roxy, many of them smiling at her breasts.

It was a 90-minute movie and to Roxy's surprise most of the critics stayed to the end and stayed on for nibbles and drinks.

When the last of them left Janet the aide handed Roxy cash and she had to sign for it. Even with 10% clipped off for her agent, it was still great money.

"Oh Jerry wants to see you. His office is over there."

Jerry had his jacket and shoes off, feet on his desk and was drinking whisky.

"I suppose you think this is where I ask you to close the door and remove your clothes?"

"The thought had crossed my mind and I was considering doing it or saying go to hell."

He grinned and said his wife would be arriving any moment.

"Tell me about your acting experience baby?"

Roxy described it briefly.

"Well that's sounds like experience to me. Oh here's my wife Jennifer."

"Good afternoon ma'am. I was the fill in greeter. Your husband was quizzing me about my sexual preferences."

Jennifer appeared to have slumped into a daze. She murmured, "Omigod, our Wynona and she already has the chestnut hair."

"And the breasts."

Jennifer laughed and said, "And is under thirty."

Roxy said she took it she had the part in a movie if she auditioned well.

Jennifer said they'd been commissioned to make a 30-minute documentary to be shown one network television. The client was a super-rich chemical manufacturing tycoon who wanted to mark the centenary of his grandmother's birth. The actor to play Wynona from the age of thirty-five had been found but they wanted a younger actor to play Wynona from the time she entered law school, becoming the first woman to enter that law school and graduate, others before her not lasting out the first semester due to male persecution. Wynona went on to be a fighter for women's rights and fought and won many cases representing females charged of civil disobedience when pressing for recognition of women's rights."

"Oh I wish I were older and could have acted as that feisty attorney."

"Well sorry but you'll have to make do with the years when she ran amok sexually at a time when many citizens couldn't believe an educated woman could put it about," Jennifer said and laughed when Roxy said enthusiastically, "Oooh. Wonderful and I won't ever have to act doing that."

Roxy was hired for the role and she and Jennifer just clicked as director and actor and Jennifer found Roxy a very suitable small apartment in the building opposite when she and Jerry lived. Their son Richard latched on to Roxy for several weeks and when he wandered off Jennifer introduced Roxy to an even more suitable male companion.

When filming finished, Roxy and one of her best friends Jolene went to Dallas to visit Jolene's daughter and family and Di took leave and met them there.

They had a great time and the little boy was a real darling and a sister for him was on the way.

Roxy was surprised that Di knew of Wynona Bryant (nee Rhodes). She'd read the book on which presumably the movie script was based.

When Jolene and Roxy returned to LA Roxy received a call from Jennifer inviting her to lunch with a guy she refused to name until the meeting. He turned out to be and executive movie producer from one of the main studios in Hollywood.

"I've viewed some of the clips from Wynona," said William Packer. "You in your part returned a most compelling performance I must say."

"Thank you."

"We have engaged Jennifer to direct a light musical using the author's title of, 'Let's Produce Musicals."

"Good title, says it all doesn't it?"

Roxy watched William and Jennifer look at one another. Then William said they had a department that would test public reaction to that title and other suggested titles.

"Jennifer recalls you can sign although she hasn't heard you. I'd like to hear you sing."

"Okay then where shall we meet?"

"Sing here, now."

"But this restaurant is full and humming. People won't..."

"This is Hollywood where anything goes. If you are no good you'll be booed. If you are good the hum will stop dead. Just a couple of verses will do."

"Oh god and I'm to do that without accompaniment?"

"You don't have to do it."

"No it's fine. I'll just step back from the table."

Roxy stood and noted Jennifer was smiling confidently. She stood between two nearby tables and looking at William began singing, 'I Love Paris'.

Within thirty seconds the room hushed and waiters stopped still.

She stopped after the second verse and headed back to her chair and observed that William was leading the applause that filled the restaurant.

He nodded and then poured her more red wine.

"We'll need you in for a full screen test," he smiled. "Jennifer will tell you what to wear."

"A loin cloth?"

He smiled and said he liked her attitude.

"Aren't musicals dead?"

"Well Roxy the answer will appear a mite confusing, yes and who knows?"

"Ah so you think in these sorrowful economic times a perky musical on the big screen made prove a timely revival?"

"Good thinking. We are not going overboard on this and when you get your hands on the screenplay you'll see the storyline is pretty simple but Rusty has a big heart."

"Rusty? So what's the female lead's name?"

"That's it, Rusty, actual name Sharon Hill in the novel. She has red hair and in prison organizes a signing group and writes them a small play with songs and the prison governor is astonished how the unruliness of the jail birds has calmed. The movie ends with Rusty years later taking the full cast of her musical...."

"A musical called 'I'd Like to Sing' back to the prison and the show is televised and it becomes a sensational hit and every city in the land wants Roxy to tour with her show."

"Well there's no mention of the show being televised Roxy but we'll sure talk to the author of the novel about that."

"Well what do you think Roxy?"

"It sounds good Jennifer. So it will be produced on a shoe-string and that's why you two are talking to me instead of a name female actor?"

"Well we're not going silly about this but our feeling it will become a cult movie for mainly the young. We have most of the budget of $65 million covered already."

"Sixty-five million?" Roxy croaked.

"Yes, I'm only ever associated with movies that distribute internationally," William sniffed.

* * *

Roxy's dialogue coach was a fat woman and when he found her singing coach would be male Roxy expected he'd be a fat ex-bass. But no he was a slim ex-tenor and very charming. The notes Roxy had received stated his father was Polish father and his mother was Italian.

"Welcome my dear," said Rufus, and leaned forward to kiss her Continental style and she shivered and was kissed and the shivering increased.

Omigod, did Rufus go in for casual sex. Roxy thought she couldn't ask, well not at their first meeting.

"You are so beautiful," he said gravely.

"Oh thank you and do you like my breasts?" Roxy said brightly.

His eyes slowly lowered and his olive skin slowly darkened.

"Oh I think you do," she chided and he cleared his throat and went to the keyboard and said he'd like to check her register.

The classes with Rufus were relentless, one hour each morning, one hour late afternoon each day, six days a week. Roxy was merciless in her gentle wooing, attempting to make sure he couldn't get her eyes off her and after she finished her lesson at 9:30 each morning she asked for coffee and him to join her and by the third day he just said he'd get coffee.

She asked straight out was he married. The reply he was divorced.

On Saturday afternoon Roxy invited him to dinner that night.

"I'd like to say yes by my mother is against me associating with American English girls. I married one and it didn't work out."

"Sometimes mothers are not always right."

He considered that and added she hadn't had sex for some weeks.

And so Rufus arrived for dinner.

He had a long, think cock that Roxy pushed to sample between entrée and meatballs and she just loved it.

Rufus must have loved slotting it because he didn't go home until 11:00 next morning.

He called an hour later and was very apologetic.

"My mother didn't like me staying all night with a woman she doesn't know. She is very angry and wishes to talk to you. I will refuse to allow her if you say no.

"You leave my son alone you slut. My Rufus has already been charmed by an American bitch, must to our regret. I want him to find a nice American-Italian girl."

Roxy let rip, speaking in Italian.

"You rude cow calling me a slut. Apologize or I'll cover over and slap you about and kicked you fat ass."

Needless to say Rufus' mom apologized profusely and invited the surprised Roxy to dinner that evening.

According to mother at the end of that evening, Rufus was free to bang Roxy whenever he wished. And Roxy found that very acceptable. He moved in with her two days later and their relationship lasted almost five months until Roxy went on location to a disused women's prison, er correctional facility, in New Mexico. After some filming there where Rusty was doing time for acting as a drug mule, filming shifted to her home town of San Antonio.

Rufus called Roxy to say he'd found an Italian women, a little older than himself and perhaps they might marry.

"If she's a good lady, marry her Rufus. You said she has two young children so settle down and become a family man."

The guy who managed the locations in San Antonio was a randy guy formerly from Ohio and Roxy make sure he found her and they banged away at least twice a week. She felt sexually replete and that maintained her in good humor and she thrived in the heat and only used her trailer to sleep. Her knowledge of Italian helped her to pick up the Mexican language quickly and she became very popular with the local crew enjoyed singing to the accompaniment of Mexican musicians and was invited to their functions to sing and for her ability to make them laugh. One of them landed her with the nickname of 'Hot Sweet Chili'.

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