tagRomanceRita Remembers Ch. 02

Rita Remembers Ch. 02


Author's Note: My thanks to Ronnie Wachuka for his help and also for providing a male perspective. My thanks also, to my friend Gloria.

There are scenes in this story that are of a fetish nature. I do not apologize for them, but offer the explanation that in the 1930s and 40s in Rome as well as other European countries, internal cleansing was the norm as was analingus. It still goes on today. That said, please continue on and enjoy.


While Rita was praying for forgiveness, Fr Frank was praying for strength to get through his busy day. He knew he wanted to be with Rita. He needed to spend more time with her, learning about her; her wants and needs, how she responded, what were the things that made her happy?

He shook his head and dragged his thoughts back to the present. As much as he regretted it, Rita would have to wait. Right now he had a Homily to write, and an appointment with his Thesis Advisor at the Jesuit College where he was doing Graduate work on his Doctorate. After that, he had an appointment with Msgr. Vittalio, the Priest who had worked with him on the small part of the Vatican Library exhibit. That was when he'd met Rita. He had been previewing the Exhibit when this wonderful young lady fell into his arms and everything else was forgotten.

Frank sat quietly in the Church Office and took a deep breath. He gave up on trying to write the Homily for Sunday Mass and let his thoughts stray to Rita. She was not only beautiful, but fun to be with. Her eyes twinkled with such mischief that he almost laughed out loud at some of her antics. He could see her taking her shoes off and walking in the Trevi Fountain, splashing water over her legs and thighs and then cupping water in her hands and tossing it at him as she watched him jump back. "Its not Holy Water, Frank. Its ok," she would call laughing. He would grab her by the hand and drag her from the fountain as they ran like children before they were caught. A block or so later, he would pull her to a halt against his chest and kiss her deeply as she ground against him, feeling his cock harden.

He closed his eyes and could see her lying with him in his bed, her brown eyes laughing and her bright smile. He could imagine her silken hair wrapped around his engorged cock, her hands wrapped there softly stroking, as her mouth tried hard to swallow him.

He went back to his apartment and tried to call her once more after he ate supper. When she answered, he knew immediately, she was upset.

"Why are you crying?" he asked. "What's wrong?"

"Because I thought you didn't want me and that I wasn't worth breaking your vows."

He almost laughed, as he had been thinking the same about her. "Shhh, don't cry," he soothed. "Of course I want you. I've just had a lot to do, and I'm sorry you worried. I always have time for you."

She stopped crying and they talked of meeting the next afternoon at the Museum that had started it all. "I can be there by 12:30 tomorrow afternoon. Is that all right with you? he asked.

"Yes it is, and I'll have the chance to visit the Pharmacia before I come and meet you."

"We can share lunch together then and maybe go walking in the park?"

He was trying to keep her on the phone. He wanted to hear her voice; even if they couldn't be together, they could talk on the phone.

After the Embassy opened the next morning, Rita quietly went to the older woman who worked at the Pharmacia there. She asked for and received a box of condoms. Slipping them into her purse, she walked out with one problem and worry solved. She walked down the hill toward the Della Rosa Musee. She didn't care that she was going to be over an hour early. She loved watching for Frank, and seeing his face light up as he approached her.

Rita entered by the side door and started to climb the steps. As she did she heard a familiar voice saying "Haven't we met like this before?"

Turning, she smiled down at Fr Frank. He stood two steps below her, yet their height was almost the same. She grinned, feeling her heart lurch. "I think so," she replied. She wanted to throw herself in his arms and lose herself in his kiss, but waited as he walked up the two steps to touch her hand briefly. His eyes said he wanted her as much as she wanted him, as he walked her to the nearby alcove, making sure they were alone. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her hungrily. "I'm so glad you're here," he whispered against her mouth.

"Me too," she breathed.

Frank was wearing a soft blue shirt with the sleeves rolled to his forearms and she could see the muscles bunch with his movements. He still had on the black pants from his clericals.

They walked to the top floor, which was almost deserted and sat on a bench looking at a series of Spanish oils and statutes; but neither of them remembered a single painting or statue. They had eyes only for each other. Finally they walked down the steps and across the piazza to the tiny trattoria, where they were greeted, given a table in the back corner, and left alone except for a waiter who looked occasionally to see if they needed more of anything. Time flew as they talked about the war that they knew was coming, their families, and how he had become a Priest. During the small talk, they held hands under the table and stole quick kisses when they found themselves alone. They found they had much in common besides the obvious physical attraction.

Again they had a light early supper at the trattoria and then she invited him to walk her back to her apartment and join her for some wine and an Italian cream cake.

Frank and Rita climbed the stairs to her third floor apartment, which had a sunny living room and a balcony stretching from the bedroom around the corner to the small kitchen. Opening the wine, Frank poured two glasses, which they raised to toast each other. Taking her hand, he led her towards the comfortable sofa.

As they sat down, he took the wine glass from her hand, and turned towards her. "I have spent hours on my knees trying to pray, but instead, my thoughts were of you."

"Oh Frank, I can't help but feel that something as wonderful as the times we are together; the way you make me laugh, the things we agree on – even the same way we believe. This truly is NOT a sin. Yes, you are a Jesuit Priest but you are also an exciting man," she went on, "I want to be with you and spend time with you –even if it can't be that often. I know that you have duties and they must come first, but surely you have some time for your own needs. I can be that "Need!"

Frank paused, thinking. He knew what she meant. Rita was willing to take only what he could give freely. She wanted more, but knew it would be impossible. She could be content with his afternoons off and an occasional overnight visit. It would be a unique friendship and also a way for them to be lovers who would not be easily detected.

They looked deep into each other's eyes and seeing only passion and honesty, he leaned over to kiss her, gently at first, then pulling her against him, more deeply. Sighing she hugged his shoulders and returned the kiss until he felt some mental barrier inside him shatter. He slid his tongue into her mouth and felt her trembling become shaking as they slid closer together.

The kiss left them both shaken and breathless. "I want you, Rita," Frank groaned as he placed her hand on his erection. She could feel the heat through his pants as he started to unbutton her dress with shaky fingers. There was no bra to impede him and he stroked the silky skin of her breast, watching the nipple harden before taking it into his mouth.

He felt her fumble with his belt and loosened it for her. She lowered the zipper on his pants to find him leaking precum onto his briefs. She lowered her head to his lap as he raised up to push them down for her. Touching him softly, she felt the sticky liquid and tasted it.

Frank groaned as he felt her tongue touch the tip of his cock and fought the urge to push deeper into her mouth.

"Take me to bed, Frank," she softly whispered. "Make love to me."

In seconds he was out of his clothes and she out of hers, as he picked her up and carried her to her bedroom, where he laid her on her bed and covered her with his body.

"Dear God, Rita," he spoke softly, "every inch of you is beautiful."

His last conscious thought was what a delectable feast was spread before him. Neither of them thought about the condoms that were still in her purse.

His erection was rock-hard and pulsing as he felt her reach for him and rub the head of his cock through her wetness. He groaned as he spread her legs wider and pressed to enter her slowly.

"Rub your clit for me, honey," he breathed, raggedly.

Her fingers moved to the top of her vagina and began to lightly press and rub across the hard nubbin that was her engorged clit. It felt so good that she pressed harder and rubbed faster. He felt his balls tighten and knew that he was nearly ready to cum.

Frank panted "rub it faster –cum with me. I can't hold off honey, I'm going to cum! If you don't want it, tell me now."

She shook her head, whimpering, "Oh God, Frank, YESSSS. Cum in me. Fill me up. Fuck me hard!!!

He groaned deeply as he felt his cum moving up the shaft, and he exploded in her. There was no way he could have stopped it. When she felt him shooting, she went over the edge into her own orgasm. As she trembled, she felt him hold her tight until she was only able to lie beside him and softly moan.

Rita and Frank lay together recovering, he on his right side, and she on her left, facing each other. One soft kiss on Rita's cheek and then he began nibbling on her neck. His hands were softly but insistently rolling, pinching and pulling on her nipples first one then the other. Suddenly she felt a warm wet tongue licking her right breast first all around the nipple and then the super sensitive skin under the nipple. Frank moved to the left breast and found the nipple already hard and waiting for the touch of his tongue. Rita felt as if there was an electric charge running from her breasts down to the heart of her womanhood. Her vagina pulsed and she felt very aware – so aware that her responses were almost automatic.

She wanted Frank to hurry, and, although he was not slow; he didn't hurry. He lavished large amounts of time touching and stroking and even using his tongue on her thighs and tummy and even the knees and the sensitive skin that was at the back on her knees. His large hands turned her over and urged her to bend over and raise her hips. He folded the largest pillow in half and wedged it under her upraised hips. Softly he stroked and nibbled on her butt cheeks. She was squeaky clean and they both knew it as she'd used the open top enema bag before she'd gone to meet him.

She felt the tip of his tongue running around the rim of her anus. It pulsed as if she has been shocked but Frank did not stop and as Rita moaned she felt his hard cock touch the back of her right leg. He was dripping a little pre-cum. Rita was so excited that she was swaying back and forth, moving her buttocks, clenching and unclenching her cheeks. She knew what was coming, and wanted it badly.

"Be still. No Moving!" as he popped her cheeks with a hard swat on each cheek. "I mean it, don't move!" Rita began to whimper as she tried to hold back the tears. Frank reached for the cold cream jar on the bedside table and opened it.

He slathered the cold cream on her waiting anus as Rita began chanting softly "Please, oh please!" Please, oh yes, please!" But he knew that she wasn't ready yet as her anus had not dilated or relaxed enough for him. Frank touched his index finger to the center of her rosy bud and then slid it in about an inch.

First he slid almost all the way in and as he felt her relax he added the waiting middle finger. She'd thought that he would never do anal with her and was surprised at his willingness at this time. He had never done it before, but knew that she would teach him.

She moaned again as Frank said, "Damn woman, you're so tight!" As she relaxed, her muscles surrendered and she felt his fingers sliding in and then out over and over again. "Bear down and push!" he said gruffly, which she did and opened just enough that he was able to push the head of his cock into her sphincter. He was able to penetrate her shallowly, just an inch. Rita felt him stop.

"Frank, wait for me to adjust and then I will back up slowly onto your cock. Don't push, wait for me." It took all of his willpower not to push, but he patiently waited. Slowly her anus relaxed as he felt her muscles become less vise-like around his cock. Rita moved backward and his cock was pushed and then almost sucked into her waiting cavity. "Now. Now you can move but slowly and deeply please. As deeply as you can, my darling. You do feel so good. You have NO idea how wonderful you feel filling my ass with your hard cock!"

She encouraged him to move faster and to move as deeply as possible, until his testicles were slamming against her upraised thighs. The only sounds in the room were the ragged breathing, the slam of skin against skin, and the moans and groans of each of them as they approached their own orgasms.

Rita was on fire! She felt each stroke as an electric shock running from her ass to her pussy and then up to her boobs. She had never EVER been this excited. Frank leaned over her back and reached around to stroke her clit with the fingers of his right hand. They still had some lube and he got even more from the dripping juices running down her thighs. She was ready and going to explode! "Oh Frank, I am going to cum right now! I can't wait any longer!" "Good...I am going to cum too. You're so damned hot I'm going to explode in your ass."

Rita climaxed with a loud scream. When Frank felt her contractions as she convulsed with passion, it pushed him over too! As he came she felt it deep in her gut as if he had injected a hot heavy liquid into her intestines. He groaned loudly, even grunted a few times, but he didn't care. Leaning against her buttocks, he draped himself over her. Both of them were panting heavily.

He didn't pull out but did manage to roll both of them to their left sides, his arms pulling her against his chest as he kissed the back of her neck.

"Oh Rita you feel so wonderful!"

"Frank just don't move...don't pull out please! You feel so good inside me. I want you to stay inside until you can't stay in any longer."

He breathed a soft contented yes as they fell softly silent...just relaxing in the stillness of the night.

Many years later...

Rita sat still and silent, breathing in the incensed atmosphere of the quiet church. As she sat reflecting on many things, including her parents here in Rome and her family in the United States, a young cleric dressed in the familiar black cassock walked quietly up the main aisle. The sight of the young priest walking past her, genuflecting as he crossed in front of the main altar, and then disappearing into the sacristy brought a sudden flood of memories back to her mind. She recalled their last time together making love; and the consequences paid. She remembered as if it were yesterday. . .

They had stumbled clumsily over to his bed, for their limbs were still entwined as if they dared not let each other go, as if it were impossible to disentangle themselves from each other. Frank pushed her down on the bed so her face was pressed against the mattress. He pushed apart her legs and lay down between them so that he was lying on top of her, his legs between hers. She could feel his cock, hard and thick, resting in between her buttocks while he kissed the back of her neck. She tried to roll over but he wouldn't let her. He began to move downward, following the line of her spine until his warm and wet tongue was at the top of the crack in her ass.

Then he paused. What now? She wondered.

The shock of it overwhelmed Rita in very strange way. She was turned on by the fact that he was taking control of her; making her submit to his control. It was so profane that it was making her even more aroused.

Frank pulled up her hips until she was on her knees with her face still against the cool sheet on the mattress. She could feel his hands spreading apart the cheeks of her ass, which was enough to make her gasp, but then she could feel his tongue following the line between the buttocks until it found its way into the deep recesses of her vagina, which by then, was already oozing out wanton desire onto his clean crisp white sheets. Oh my god, I can't believe this, she thought to herself, while her hips moved backwards, wanting his tongue to enter even deeper. But instead he used the slippery juices to lube his cock; then she felt the hard bulbous head force itself between her quivering folds and with one strong thrust, he buried himself balls deep. He slid back almost to the point of coming out and then slammed into her lean buttocks again and again as she gasped. She came so swiftly and strongly that her vagina milked his cock and the pulsing tightness forced him to erupt. She felt his contractions and the drenching fluid filled her vagina. Almost without pausing he hardened again; but this time she knew he wanted the tightness of her anus. His fingers slid in and out of her anus slowly as he took her to heights she loved. In fact, those feelings almost transported her into a different reality as if she were no longer inside a human body, as if she were made of nothing but pure 100% orgasmic pleasure. Time no longer had meaning, She would not have been able to tell you then if it was day or night, she would not have even been able to remember her own name. She was in another realm where disbelief and arousal mutually fed each other.

Then she felt him pull out. She groaned with disappointment for she didn't want it to end, but within seconds she felt something bigger and harder and stiffer push against her asshole. Oh. Frank's cock. She braced herself, knowing it would initially hurt. She relaxed her anal muscles as much as she could as she pushed her hips backwards, slowly and gently. Frank let her take control at this point as he patiently waited while she eased herself onto his cock. Once he was fully inside her, the thickness of his cock rubbing against the walls of her anus, rapture once again emerged, compelling her to move back and forth with quicker rhythm until she heard him moan. He held onto her buttocks, rubbing them and smacking them just enough to arouse her more as she fucked his cock.

The shock value of this only added to the incredible delight of having a hard-on in her ass. She had never really enjoyed vaginal sex, always wanting the guy to hurry up and get it over with within ten minutes, but anal sex? She could go on all night. Now she had come to love both vaginal and anal, but it had to do more with the man and the fact that he knew what to do with her.

For a long while, they fucked in near silence, letting out gluttonous sounds of exquisite satisfaction, the shaft of his cock rubbed her like a genie in a bottle. She was raised to higher and higher levels until indeed the genie came out in the form of vaginal and anal orgasms, so strong that they pushed out Frank's cock. When she came back down to reality, she collapsed on the mattress and Frank fell down next to her, his head resting on her shoulder. They lay this way for a while, catching their breath.

"Jesus H. Christ!" mumbled Frank. "I've never come like that EVER!"

She smiled and chuckled quietly, staring up at the ceiling, watching the lights from the streets flicker upon it.

Frank placed his hand on her leg, stroking it gently, letting his fingers trail slowly from near her knee upwards to her sopping wet pussy. He found her clitoris, still swollen from her orgasm and began to circle it slowly with his fingers, before he moved them downwards to the opening of her vagina, letting his fingers go in and out, covering them with her wetness. Frank rolled over onto his side and gazed at her while his fingers continued to play. He was watching her reaction, letting it be his guide, each time she sharply inhaled or slowly sighed, he knew he had found the right spot, the right stroke and kept going.

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