tagSci-Fi & FantasyRites of Spring

Rites of Spring


Adam was slightly disappointed that so many people had had the same idea as he had, despite its racy reputation at night The Heath offered spectacular views over London. Adam didn't need to look at his watch to know that 8.30 was approaching, the small crowd clustered together for mutual reassurance, was growing more excitable faces here and there illuminated by the light of camera phones and digital cameras.

Adam looked around for somewhere to sit, he had been on his feet since the morning and was looking forward to get out of his hard formal shoes. Picking what looked like a suitable site he placed his brief case on the ground and slumped down beside, he realised how tired he was.

The crowd oohed and arghed as lights here and there winked out, giving out small cheers as office blocks disappeared into the darkness and a large one when the circle of the Wheel dimmed. Adam clapped and cheered with the others, and shared their disappointment when ten minutes in no more lights went out.

"We'll do better next year." he said to nobody in particular and to everybody who would listen.

"Maybe." said an unknown voice beside him, when asked later he could only describe the voice as both young and old and as smelling of cut grass and leaf fodder. "It' s not even a start really, this is easy, turn of some lights for an hour to show you care, and even that is too hard for some people, maybe mankind will do enough in time to save yourselves, but most probably not."

"That's a rather grim way to see things." said Adam turning to see who he was talking to.

"We'll save the planet yet."

For a moment he saw what he thought of as a haggard old asian woman, emaciated and worn, her breasts flaccid dugs, their work done; yet at the same time it seemed that she was a full fleshed black woman, with buttocks and bosoms that promised fecundity, of progeny. In the blink of an eye she was a muscular flaxen haired valkyrie, the rantings and fantasies of a million bigots made flesh.

"Do you want to fuck." the cut grass and leaf fodder voice asked quite unexpectedly. "I need to have sex, and you seem quite nice."

"Sorry." said Adam "I think someone must have spiked my coffee earlier. Since I'm both seeing and hearing things."

The girl sitting next to him, for that was how she appeared now, was about 19 maybe 20, 5 foot 9 and slim and svelte with long limbs and small pert breasts, she had fine elfin features and flawless green skin and long green hair that fell in curls to her shoulders.

"It must be the light." Adam thought "It has to be the light its playing tricks on my eyes." However whatever he tried to do the girl remained a stubborn shade of green.

"Is something wrong?" she asked "Does my visage displease you in some way? I would have thought myself beautiful to your eyes."

And she was Adam had to admit to himself, save for the green and the sometimes archaic speech, she was the perfect embodiment of everything he lusted for in a woman.

"Are you an actress." he asked "Are they filming something near here. The Heath is really popular as a film location I know."

"Does it matter what I am?" she asked "Would you like to have sex with me or not? I'm sure someone here will want to if you don't."

"Well you're not a man are you?" asked Adam "Well you know the Heath's reputation, well you see I have nothing against transgender people, but I'm not that way inclined.

"I am all women." she said playfully, jokingly "I am as female as every woman who has ever lived."

"All woman." said Adam choosing to mishear what she had said "That's good to hear."

"So does that mean you will fuck me?" she asked.

Adam was pretty sure he did, although he lived with his girlfriend, Grace, the relationship was still pretty open, neither of them wanted to close off options until they were ready to commit for sure. He was pretty sure that as long as he practised safe sex and didn't become too emotionally attached Grace would not begrudge him some harmless fun.

"Sure I do." he said "My car is parked that way." he pointed in what he thought was the right direction "I'll have a look online to see if there's a hotel nearby with rooms available."

"Actually I was thinking about doing it out here in the open." she said "Hotel rooms are well so manmade."

"Well I suppose that's traditional for here, I guess." said Adam his erection telling him that his body wanted to have sex.

"Come." she said springing to her feet and offering him her hand. "I know somewhere special."

"Oh why not." he said. Stuffing his feet into his shoes, he accepted her help in shuffling back onto his feet.

He had though that she had wanted to hold hands while they walked, but she had other ideas. Allowing him his right hand to carry his belongings she wrapped his left around her hips and eased her own right hand into his trousers.

She wrapped her fingers around his penis, her fingers warm and silk like. Playing with his penis she stroked and squeezed it until it was all he could do to prevent himself from cumming.

"So what's your name?" he asked to fill the silence. She hesitated for a moment before answering

"April." she said " I will be April, so you can call me that."

"April." he said "That's a pretty name, is that your role in your film?"

"Oh you think its a false name don't you?" she laughed "No, April is one of the names given to me, one of many, you can call me June instead if you want."

"I think April suits you better." he said wondering how to apologise and asking himself why he was so hung up on her name."

"I think so too, I certainly feel like April today, which is why I didn't give you one of my other names."

Adam nodded in agreement, which he found silly given the darkness.

"Since we're on the subject of names." she said "What should I call you?"

"Adam." he answered seeing no harm in giving his real name.

"I suppose it must be." she laughed "In a way its more than appropriate. Though if I had known I would have given you another of my names."

"Here we are." she said after what seemed like a twenty minute walk. "Don't you think this place is just magical?"

She retrieved her fingers from Adam's trousers, causing him to ejaculate, and began to spin and skip away in a wild unstructured dance, shedding what clothes she had been wearing with each graceful movement .

"Are all artistic types like this?" Adam asked himself. They were at the edge of a small copse. For a moment he thought he heard the trees sing their welcome to him and April with the whispering of their leaves, for a moment he saw the shadows of their branches dance with her; the one giving the other a balance and a harmony that when alone they lacked. She danced as if to welcome and be welcomed by each of the trees.

"Where do you want to lie down?" Adam asked "How about over there, I can lay out my shirt and jacket for you."

He saw her do a handstand which she continued into cartwheel that left her on her back. Spreading her legs apart she said

"What you want me to do this. " in a disgusted voice.

Disgusted or not Adam was drawn to her vulva, filled with a primal desire to mount her all thoughts of safe sex forgotten. However as he lumbered towards her she raised her legs until her toes touched the ground above her head, and with a quick shift in balance was back on her feet again.

"What is it with Adam's line, that that is the only way you can think to fuck." she mocked "I would not submit to him that way and I will not submit to you that way."

"Come dance with me though." she said "Come dance with me." she said taking his hands in hers. "Let me be your teacher."

Adam would have been the first to admit that he really wasn't much of a dancer. For him dancing was shuffling his feet to the left and then to the right, waving his arms a bit and maybe if he was feeling particularly confidant spinning on one foot. But there was something intoxicating about April. Her perfect body, sweet scent and the grace of her movements that was like a drug to him. He found himself dancing with her with movements that were hunt, chase, duel and copulation all at the same time, his cock both the spear with which he hunted her and the leash with which she bound him.

Adam found himself lost to the dance, shedding inhibitions, fears and the worries that were city life at the same time that he shed his clothes. If he had been his usual self he would have asked himself why with so much exertion he was not tired, that in fact the dance was making him feel stronger, faster and more virile then he had ever felt. He did not care that he danced with his cock erect and dripping semen upon the ground, did not notice the small white flowers that sprouted from his seed.

The dance had spiraled until they were in the middle of the copse, April stood her back against a tree there was no way for her to avoid his spear, no way for him to escape her leash. Standing in front of her he found the lips of her vulva with the tip of his cock, pressing his body against hers he wrapped his arms around both her and the tree.

"Do you want to fuck like this." he asked probing her vulva with the tip of his cock.

"Like this." she said wrapping her legs around him and squeezing him towards her forcing his cock all the way into her, throwing her arms behind her to grasp until the tree she said "It's time, do it, do it now, give me your seed."

Adam grunted in bliss as the long hunt ended and he could now stab his prey with his spear, but even as he cast his seed into her he knew it was not enough.

"Feed me." a voice that was death and that was decay demanded "Feed me and let the world be anew.

He could see little, what with the darkness and his blinding by lust and fear, but by touch he knew the woman he was fucking was the hag, he could feel her bones press against him her parched skin like sandpaper against him.

He tried to dismount her disgust and fear driving him, but her legs would not let him go. He was about to attempt to use his new found strength against her when a thousand voices begged him not to. A thousand voices that reminded him of every female voice that he had ever known.

"Please." the gestalt pleaded "you have to see this through "More than you can imagine depends on it."

Obeying he thrust again and again into her losing a little of himself with each exertion. Fucking her until it seemed all the strength was gone from his body. After what seemed like months a motherly voice thanked him.

"Thank you." it said "You're doing well. My sister is never satisfied, she would take all your life and still not be sated, but remember when things seem bleak, life endures, everything is both an ending and beginning.

It seemed that he was being caressed by a thousand arms, and while the hag had sapped his strength and will, she who he was fucking now filled him with both joy and wistful sorrow, their lovemaking slowed to the contented pace of old lovers, of lovers comfortable with themselves and each other.

Adam wept when the contentment ended to be replaced by anxiety. Not anxiety for oneself but for others. He cried for the last of the polar bears, the disappearing bees, for dying corals, of seas too warm too acid, for species doomed to extinction for being neither cute nor photogenic. He cried for mankind, the unruly teenager who was setting his parents house on fire, even as he was realising there was no where else to live. Adam wept for his species, a species that thought of things with no monetary value as worthless.

"Strength my brother." encouraged a strong African voice "Revel in life each and every sacred moment of it, for the seasons have not ended yet." she embraced him allowing her flesh to enfold him her spirit to refresh his. Adam buried his tearful face into her ample bosom and found himself refreshed by her strength and optimism."

"Strength my son." she said after a long while "Thank you for this boon, fare thee well."

"Will I see you again." he asked.

"Of course." she replied "Every day that you may live, everywhere that you may be. But will we do this again? I think not. Once is enough for any mortal man."

"Oh." he said not knowing whether to be disappointed or relieved.

"Sleep now." she said as he fell into a slumber taking from him some of his memory of the night "Enjoy the gifts we leave you."

Adam woke from a deep satisfying sleep, feeling refreshed and alive. Disorientated he wondered why he was naked and had his arms wrapped around a tree, he was not the only one.

"Mummy what is that man doing?" he heard the voice of a child ask "Why has he got no clothes on and why is he standing against that tree like that."

Adam quickly identified the location of his clothing, he would be naked for maybe three minutes to gather them up and dress, and then he would run as fast as he could to the car. Having decided on a course of action he began a would be dash to his trousers, which left him screaming in pain. There were no two ways about it, his penis was firmly trapped in a cleft in the tree.

It was very late in the day before Adam finally made his way home, a day he would rather never had happened.

"Hiya, you look shattered." Grace said from the comfort of the living room settee. "Where have you been? You weren't at work and you didn't call."

"I had an awful day." he answered "I'd rather forget about it." and it was true, though it would be near impossible to forget the sniggering fireman and his terror when they talked about using a chainsaw to free his trapped member, impossible to forget TV news crew making the most of a slow news day the policeman's caps that had hidden to little of his face and modesty, the disbelieving CID taking his statement-they had asked him flatly what drugs he had been taking and what he had done with them. But worst of all it would be impossible to forget the custody sergeant and his knowing manner.

"I can understand why you did it." the sergeant had said in a kindly and fatherly way "But it can still be dangerous and in this time and age not really necessary, here have these leaflets, if you need someone to talk to, there are numbers you can call on the back."

The pamphlets including one entitled "Coming out, what you need to know" together with a form commanding him to return to the police station were hidden in a little used compartment of his brief case.

"Here you've got to watch this." Grace said excitedly, turning up the volume of the television. "It's a right real laugh."

"Pervy neopagan shags tree in bizarre fertility ritual." blared the rolling news channel "Even locals used to lewd behaviour on The Heath are shocked at this latest act of depravity."

"You know what." said Grace "When they first ran this item I thought it was you. Silly I know, its not your kind of thing. But that guy on the television really could be your twin, I would have sworn it was you, but I know your body and lets say from what I could see he was much better endowed and in much better physical condition then you are."

Horrified by her words Adam rushed to the bathroom to examine himself.

"Now how am I supposed to keep this secret?" he cursed as Grace knocked on the door to ask if he wanted a cup of tea. April had it seemed left him a present, his penis was now almost twice the girth and length it had been.

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