tagMatureRobbie and Nora

Robbie and Nora


18 year-old Robbie Clark grinned in anticipation as he pulled his vintage Porsche 911 into the driveway of his girlfriend's parent's mansion in exclusive Fox Chapel. Life was good. It was the first day of spring break in his senior year of high school and he planned to spend as much of it as he could with his girlfriend Katie.

Robbie and Katie were the "golden couple" at their posh day school. Robbie was the star of the soccer and lacrosse teams, and Katie excelled at those sports as well. Robbie was 6' 3" and 180 pounds of lean, corded muscle. Blond hair to his shoulders and deep blue eyes. Katie was 5' 9", 115 pounds, with a toned 34B-24-32 figure.

Robbie bounded up the stairs and knocked on the door. Katie's mom, Nora answered.

"Hi, Mrs. Doherty," said Robbie. "Is Katie around?"

"Oh, Robbie...no. She and her dad went south to visit colleges. They'll be gone all week. Didn't she tell you?"

Robbie pulled out his phone. "Phone's dead," he said. "I imagine that there'll be a message when I charge it up. Well, I guess I'll shove off, then."

"Robbie, wait," said Mrs. Doherty. "There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about. Would you please come in?"

Robbie hesitated. Katie's mother had always intimidated him a little. Part of it was her wealth (although Robbie's family was just as wealthy) but a bigger part of it was her looks. At 42, she was, quite simply, stunning. A little shorter than Katie, she had shoulder-length brown hair, a tight 34C-26-34 figure, and a tight, marble-hard ass. Even dressed in jeans and a patterned tank top, she looked formidable.

"Uh, sure," Robbie said, following her inside.

"Come, sit," said Mrs. Doherty, leading him into the beautifully furnished living room.

"Well, Robbie," began Mrs. Doherty, "how to put this? Last Saturday night, I heard noises coming from the den and came down to investigate. I saw you and Katie fucking on the floor in front of the TV."

"Oh, geez—listen, Mrs. Doherty, I..."

"I'm not done, Robbie," she said, cutting him off. "I could see your young bodies writhing on the floor, bathed in the light of the TV...you two looked so sexy, like young gods."

Robbie couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"I could see the smooth muscles in your back working. Your triceps bulging as you supported yourself. Most of all, I could see your tight little ass flexing as thrust into my little girl. It was so, so sexy...I literally came watching you two. And ever since, I've been fantasizing that it was me you were fucking."

Robbie couldn't respond. Not verbally, anyway. But there was definitely one part of him that was responding.

"The only bad part of the whole experience, Robbie, was that I couldn't see the front of you. How'd you like to totally fulfill my fantasy?"

Robbie's mind hit overload. He could've sworn that his girlfriend's mom had just asked to see him naked. And from there, he figured...

"Wh-wh-what about Katie?" he stammered.

"Well, now, she's out of town. I don't think she'd need to know. So, what do you say?" she said, moving closer to him.

Robbie couldn't respond as she ran her hand across his shoulder and down his arm. Her other hand drifted across the front of his jeans.

"Oh, my," chuckled Mrs. Doherty. "Someone's interested."

"Mrs. Doherty..."

"Come now, lover—don't you think you should call me Nora?" With that, she wrapped her hands around Robbie's back, and pulled him in for a deep, soulful kiss. Their tongues met and they explored each other's mouths.

"I'm not in the mood for foreplay, stud," said Nora. "Maybe later. But right now I want you to fuck me like you fucked Katie. Fuck her mother as well as you fucked her."

With that, she pulled off Robbie's shirt. She gasped as she gazed at his body. It was perfect. Smooth and toned. A six-pack abdomen. She kissed his chest, taking time to suck and bite his nipples. Her kisses trailed down his stomach, and she couldn't resist licking the cuts in his abs.

As she reached his waist, she paused and looked up at Robbie reverently. "I think I'm gonna like what I find in here," she said as she unbuttoned his jeans.

Working his pants down his lean hips, she continued kissing his upper thighs. His pants hit the floor and Robbie stood above her.

"Dear God," Nora said, taking in the sight of his eight-inch cock. "Could Katie take all of that?"

"Not really, no," said Robbie. "No one ever has."

"Well, I'm gonna give it a hell of a try," said Nora, peeling off her tank top, jeans and panties.

Nora lay on her back, gazing up at the young stud before her. "All right, lover—give me what you've got."

Robbie mounted her, slowly working his cock into her pussy. For a 42 year-old woman, she was incredibly tight. He stopped when he bottomed out in Nora.

"You took it all, babe," Robbie said. "You've got all of my eight inches in you."

"All right then, young stud—give me a good fucking."

He did. He began thrusting in and out. Nora grabbed his tight ass and tried to pull him even deeper into her.

"Oh, that's good, young stud...so good."

"You like fucking your daughter's boyfriend?"

"So much...God, this feels good."

"Oh, Nora, you're so tight..."

"Keep fucking me...I'm getting close..." Nora began whimpering before letting out a loud growl as her orgasm washed over her.

Their bodies both glistened with sweat as Robbie kept up his assault on Nora. Their eyes locked as they mated, swept up in the emotion of two highly sexual beings fucking at the top of their games.

"Robbie..." Nora panted. "No one is sexier than we are right now. No one! As beautiful as you and Katie looked, we look better! Fuck me, my beautiful young god!"

"I'm getting close, Nora," Robbie said. "Where do you want it?"

"In me, my love! Always in me! Give me your seed!"

With a savage growl, Robbie erupted. Streams of cum shot into Nora's womb. They remained locked in a lover's embrace even as he finished.

"Oh, love," said Nora. "That was incredible. I'd ask you to stay, but your parents are probably expecting you..."

"Nora," Robbie said, "my parents are in the Bahamas all week. I don't have to be anywhere."

"Does that mean...?"

"I think it does," said Robbie, already becoming hard again.

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