tagMatureRod Meets Sandi

Rod Meets Sandi


One evening after looking at the pictures of the women at my favorite adult exhibitionist site for a little while, I decided to see if I could connect with any of the local women members. I used the site's search engine to look for females in Arizona between 40 and 60. A number of names came up including a few with pictures and one that I liked with just a profile picture.

Sandi's profile said she was 53(same as me). She was cute, in good shape, had a pretty smile, and she looked like she kept herself nice. Her nails were done and her hair was cut very sexy. She had filled out her profile and it was interesting. I thought, "I'll send her an email and see what happens".

It took a couple of days, but she answered my email. At first she was a little shy, but after a few emails it was clear that she was interested and a very naughty girl. Her marriage sounded a lot like mine. Sound, but lacking in passion. It happens in your 40's and 50's. You still love your mate and don't want to give up a good thing, but what the heck happened to sex.

After exchanging increasingly horny emails and a few pictures we decided to meet. The pictures she had sent me of her masturbating with a large dildo were hot and it told me she wasn't too inhibited. I was thrilled that she had taken them just for me. It didn't hurt that she had shaved her pubes and had very long, sexy legs. I could imagine myself between her raised legs licking her hot cunt. Viewing the pictures I got hard instantly.

It took a couple of weeks to finally meet, but we both found time to get free one afternoon and met at a local coffee shop. I got there first and sat down with my coffee. I was dressed in nice jeans and a polo shirt that looked good on me. I'm in decent shape, 6' 195 lbs, good muscle definition, but a long ways from a bodybuilder. Sandi knew what I looked like in that she had seen my pics (dressed and undressed).

Sandi came in a few minutes later wearing a tennis skirt and blouse. She giggled a little and admitted that she hadn't been to play tennis, but the outfit was the most revealing she could wear without being too risqué in public. I thought the all white outfit was great. The skirt was pretty short and I really checked out her sexy legs and ass when she picked up her coffee. Her breasts were enticing in the tight top. They were average sized, large B cup or small C. Just enough cleavage for me to know I wanted to see more.

We talked a few minutes getting to know each other better and then Sandi popped the bombshell. She asked me, "Do you want to know a secret?"

I answered, "Of course, particularly if it involves any of the kinky things we've talked about the last week."

"I'm wearing the littlest imaginable sheer thong panties and my pussy is so wet thinking about fucking you," she whispered reaching out for my hand and discretely putting it between her legs. No one was looking, but I wasn't sure how much I should play with her legs in public, so what to do?

Fortunately Sandi (despite telling me she was submissive) had everything planned and told me to discretely follow her. She got up and walked to the back of the shop and went into the ladies room. The restroom entrances were somewhat off from the main sitting area so I followed her and instead of going into the men's room went into the ladies room with her and locked the door.

"Shh," she said, reaching for my pants zipper. "Lean back against that wall. I've wanted to suck you for two weeks."

We got my pants down (I'm always commando) and she took my already hard cock into her mouth. After a few tentative licks she swallowed it all the way down to where her lips were on the base of my cock moving back and forth. She knew exactly what she was doing and it was great. I told her that if she did that very long I was going to cum.

She said, "No I want you to cum in my pussy," and stood up giving me a wet kiss. It turned me on to kiss her after she had just been sucking my cock. God she had me excited.

Sandi then turned and bent over the sink and simply said, "Fuck me!!"

After years of so-so sex this was almost too much. I lifted up her skirt and sure enough, the sexiest little panties. Their sheerness did nothing to hide a very cute ass with lovely pussy lips peeking out between her legs. Kneeling down, I pushed her legs apart another inch or two so I could better reach her slit. I lightly rubbed her pussy lips and noticed she was soaking wet. Pulling her panties down to her ankles, I ran my tongue all around her beautiful cunt licking her, dipping my tongue into her. She tasted wonderful and it was great having my face deep into her pussy and ass. I licked her from her clit all the way back to her tight little asshole paying special attention to her sweet rosebud. She was perfectly clean and it was wonderful. My prick was about to burst.

Sandi pushed her wet pussy back against me and I was smothered in her hot sex. It was so very, very good, but I needed to fuck her so I stood up and started to rub my cock against her shaved twat and ass. With the head of my excited cock at her pussy she pushed back and I was half inside her. Another push on my part and I was all the way in her, my balls slapping up against her. I pulled out again and watched my prick draw out from her. She had a beautiful ass, not too small, not too big, just perfectly round and lovely.

"That's nice lover," she said and ground against me more.

I reached around and played with her breasts through her top, pulling her tight to me. After just a minute I knew was going to cum so I slowed down to stretch out the pleasure. I couldn't believe how nice her pussy felt.

I licked my thumb to get it wet and then clasping her ass started pushing my thumb lightly against her tight rosebud. It was already wet from our fucking and Sandi didn't object so I pressed harder, rubbing and then finally pushing a little of my thumb into her tight hole. Sandi was really starting to enjoy me playing with her ass while continuing to stroke her pussy. She sexily moaned letting me know that everything was ok.

Playing with her bottom put me over the top and I came hard. I tried to warn her, but the sexy tennis outfit and the ass play had me so excited and by the time I realized I was going to cum it happened. Sandi looked at me and asked if I had liked it.

"Of course," I replied. "That was the best sex I've had in ten years."

"You're going to like what comes next," she said. "Can you keep that thing hard a little longer?"

"Oh yeah," I replied, "As turned on as I am, I'm in no danger of going soft anytime soon."

"Good because I need you to fuck me in my ass. I've got a wet pussy dripping with your cum, but now I want an orgasm and the best way for me to get it is to masturbate with you in my ass."

"Sit on the toilet seat and let me do the rest."

So I sat back and Sandi straddled me slowly slipping my cock up her tight little asshole. It took a little bit of working it in, but she was wet and soon I was all the way in her. Sandi gave me a long kiss and then reached down and began rubbing her clit. She rocked backwards and forwards on my cock squealing how good it felt.

Sandi took her finger out of her cunt and showed me it was covered with my cum. Licking her finger she told me, "I love the taste of your cum". Then she kissed me sharing my cum with me. She was such a hot, hot lover. After just another minute Sandi started shaking and leaned into me moaning that she was going to cum. She started rocking even faster and then kissed me hard as she orgasmed.

Five minutes in the ladies restroom and we had both enjoyed spectacular orgasms. I had finally met Sandi and it was great. We cleaned up, kissed goodbye, and I went back to work. I spent the rest of the day thinking about Sandi and wondering when I'd be able to see her again.

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