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On a recent vacation to Mexico, I had an experience I had only fantasized about in the past.

I am a 41 year old, closeted bisexual, or even gay man, living in Colorado. I have known about my sexual preference for years, and only dabbled in unsatisfying sex with other men. For the longest time, I yearned for a loving, sensual experience with a man, but that only happened during my masturbation fantasies. That is, until I went to Mexico.

It was Tuesday when I checked into my motel on the eastern coast of the country. It was hot, but with the breeze blowing in from the Gulf Coast, the heat and humidity were tolerable.

This was my first vacation in a few years, and I had spent the money needed for a week near the beach. My plans were simple; sun, beer, sun, and more sun.

I was pleased with the money spent the minute I entered my suite. The door opened to white, marble floors, tropical pattern couches and chairs; and a huge balcony, which faced the beach. The warm breeze from the Gulf blew the sheer curtains from the French doors leading to the balcony.

I dropped my bags, and headed directly to the balcony. The view was spectacular! White sand beaches, blue water, various partially naked bodies walking everywhere 15 floors below me. Sitting in the chaise lounge and looking out into the Gulf, my body drained of all tension and I drank up that ocean breeze. The sun permeated my clothed body, the warmth and the breeze and my surroundings put me immediately at ease.

After about an hour on the chaise, I reentered my suite. Unpacking and putting away my clothing took about thirty minutes. I stripped and hopped in the shower with a bottle of beer from the min-bar. I must have stood in the shower for forty-five minutes, letting the water wash away the rest of the tension from my body.

After my shower, I put on a pair of shorts and headed back out to the balcony with another beer and some sunscreen. I sat back on the chaise, applied the lotion between sips of beer and getting lost in the view. I must have stayed in the sun for and hour or two. Drifting off to sleep, waking up, looking at the ocean, turning over and beginning to figure out what to do for the night.

I heard a voice from my right and sat up to see where it was coming from. In my haste to begin enjoying my vacation, I had not noticed that there was a balcony on either side of mine.

Seeing the origin of the voice instantly brought me to the idea of finding and enjoying that elusive, erotic experience I had craved for so long. There was a man speaking with a house cleaner, who was having a difficult time understanding him.

The man noticed me looking at them, and as our eyes met, he broke into the biggest grin. He dazzled me with his white teeth and his genuine looking smile.

"Do you speak Spanish?" He asked, still grinning.

"Yes I do, how can I help?"

"I want to find out if there are any golf courses in the area."

Since I am a Spanish translator for my job, I had no problem getting the information for him. The house cleaner left and we introduced ourselves. His name is Rodney, and as it turned out, he is also from Colorado, and would be there for the week. I told him to let me know if I could help him with anything, and I turned to lie back down on the lounger.

"I appreciate your help," he said, "you are more than welcome to join me for a beer if you would like."

I turned to him, smiling, "That'd be great!" I replied.

"Let me get a shower, and I'll let you know when I'm done."

With that, he walked into his suite and left me to my sun.

I stayed on the lounger, enjoying the sun and the view for about thirty minutes when Rodney returned. I was so caught up in the visual esthetics; I did not notice that he had returned. He startled me as he spoke.

"I'm ready anytime you are."

As I turned to look at him, I realized that I enjoyed looking at him. Rodney is a black man; he stands about six feet, average weight. His hair is cut short, has a mustache, and as I said before, the most brilliant smile. He was wearing only a pair of Bermuda shorts. His skin was still a little wet from his shower, and the drops of water glinted in the sunlight. I do not usually look at men in a sexual way, but I could not stop thinking about how sexy I found him.

With the sight of my new friend and the sound of the waves coming into the shore, the wind in my ears, the birds and the rest of my surroundings in general, I quickly realized that I was going to enjoy my week.

I went over to Rodney's suite, and we settled out on the balcony with a few beers. We talked of our jobs and our lives back in the states. We both shared our need for some relaxation and our genuine pleasure in our accommodations. As we talked, it seemed like we were old friends. We talked about failed marriages, women in general and drank more than a few beers.

At about seven o'clock, we decided that it was time for dinner. I think it was mutually agreed, with out speaking that we would have dinner together. I went back to my room, showered, and dressed casually. About the time I was ready to go get Rodney, I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door, and found that perfect smile.

"I leaned on the door, smiled back and was caught up in something that I can't explain." I stood there, not talking, but genuinely enjoying the crush I had on this man.

His smile grew even bigger, "are you ready?" He asked.

I closed the door behind me and we walked to the elevator.

The dinner was decent, steak, potatoes, a few drinks and some more great conversation. Afterward, we decided to walk around to check out the rest of the area.

We walked along the path at the beach, passing couples, groups and single people. We talked, and laughed, and just enjoyed each other's company. There was never a point that either he or I came on to each other. However, I know I flirted a bit with him, and I was thinking that he was returning my flirts.

Stopping at a beachfront bar, we had a few more drinks. I was drinking scotch and water, while Rodney was drinking Jim Beam and coke. There were a few times while at the bar, that our arms brushed against each other. At one point, we let our contact linger without saying anything. His skin was warm and his arms seemed strong. While we held our contact, my heart was racing.

We began walking back to the hotel after midnight, and as we walked, we again brushed together a few times. We glanced at each other, holding our stares for a few moments, and both grinning stupidly.

When we got back to the hotel, we stood between our rooms, talking quietly for a few moments. We planned to meet the following morning for breakfast, shook hands and parted company.

After taking my third shower of the day, I poured yet another drink and went to the balcony to relax. I sat on my chaise lounge in only my underwear and enjoyed the night air.

I could not stop thinking about Rodney and his fantastic smile. I remembered our brief touches, and our locking gazes. I began to wonder if I was reading too much into this. I actually felt a pang of depression when I thought that I was going to spend the week around this man without anything developing.

After I finished my drink, I crawled into my bed. I thought more about Rodney, and began getting excited. I thought about sliding my arms around his shoulders, kissing him, stroking his body, I was masturbating within minutes.

The next morning came quickly. My wake up call at six startled me from a blissful sleep, but within seconds, I was wide-awake and ready to start my day. I showered again, enjoyed my coffee on the balcony with the sunrise and began planning my day.

I had breakfast with Rodney, all the while enjoying his smile and our time together. I had made plans to spend the morning on the beach, doing nothing but tanning my opaque skin. I invited Rodney to join me, but he said that he had already paid for a snorkeling tour. My heart dropped, but he immediately asked if he could join me after his tour. Of course, I said yes, and instantly began to feel better.

I spent a few hours on the beach and then went back to the room for a little nap. The day was already hot, and the cool shower felt wonderful. I lie naked on my freshly made bed and drifted off to sleep.

It was later that afternoon that I was awakened by a soft knock on my door. I quickly pulled my shorts on and went to answer it. My heart raced as I reached the doorknob and opened the door. There he was, smiling and wearing his swim trunks.

"I'm sorry, did I wake you up?" He offered, "I could come back later."

That is when I did something that even I could not believe. I was so glad to see Rodney that I reached out, grabbed his hand, pulled him into the room, and slammed the door behind him.

I stood there, holding his hand and looking into his befuddled face. However, I did not know what to do next. Should I kiss him? Should I try to laugh it off? I did not have the courage to kiss him, so I dropped his hand and walked into the room, mentally kicking myself.

Apparently, Rodney did have the courage. I felt his hand on my shoulder, turning me to face him. When we came face-to-face, he stepped closer to me and we began kissing.

The first kiss, was a quick "let's see how he reacts to this" type of a kiss. Gently brushing our lips together, his arms sliding around my waist and mine around his. When he realized that I was going to be okay with this, he leaned in and kissed me very passionately. My whole body melted in his arms as my lips parted and our tongues explored for the first time.

We stayed there, in the middle of the room, kissing and holding each other for quite a while. After a few minutes of this, my hand slid down under his buttocks, and I pulled his crotch into me. We grinded our hips together as I explored his mouth with my tongue.

I worked my hand around to the front of his body, sliding my fingers over his crotch, I found that he was getting erect and as hard as I was. Rodney began caressing my chest, and lightly playing with my nipples. Our kisses got hotter, and I started to unbutton his shirt.

I dropped my head to his chest, kissing and licking with each button undone. I pushed his shirt off his shoulders, biting his skin and listening to him as he quietly moaned with consent. We stood there kissing, licking, pinching and touching for a long moment. I loved the feeling of his skin against mine, our erections pressed together.

My breath caught as I felt his hand slide under the waistband of my shorts. His fingers traced a line from my balls, up my hard shaft and to the tip of my penis. His hand encircled my erection and he used his thumb over my slit to spread my wetness. I moaned into his mouth, completely caught up in my fantasy turned to reality.

I pulled my body back from him slightly, reached down to his shorts. I untied them and slid my hand inside. I stroked his erection, feeling his own wetness spreading over his shaft in my fist. I cupped his balls, and slid my fingers further back to his hole.

We stood there, in the middle of the room for what seemed like years. We enjoyed each other's kisses and touches and explored our bodies until my legs were tired and my knees ached from being locked for so long.

I broke our embrace and led Rodney into the bedroom by his hand. I could not wait to experiment with him. We made it to the side of the bed, and began kissing and petting again.

I sat on the bed and slid the fingers of my right hand into the waistband of his shorts. With my left hand, I caressed his erection through the material and looked into his eyes. His usual smile had been replaced by a look of pure desire.

I pulled his shorts out over his erection and pushed them to the floor. My hands went to his chest and his nipples as I began kissing his hips, and gently biting his skin. I ran my nose and my tongue through his pubic hair, taking in his scent and the taste of his most private area.

His cock was at the side of my face and when I turned to slide my tongue along his shaft. My left hand slid down his body to hold him still as I licked the length of his hardness.

As I again looked up into his eyes, I stared at him as my lips parted and the head of his cock disappeared into my mouth. I was instantly awarded with the taste of his slippery pre cum.

I took as much of him into my mouth as possible, rolling his balls gently with the fingers of my right hand, and sliding my left fist along his shaft with every wet stroke of my lips.

As I reached the head of his cock, my hand slid back to the base and my tongue swirled around the head, tasting his wetness. Each time I opened my mouth and followed my hand back down his shaft, he exhaled sweetly with passion. His fingers tracing lines up my neck, around my ears and around my lips as his cock slid.

I worked slowly on him, sliding on his shaft, stroking him, sucking on his head, pulling on his balls, trying desperately to give him as much pleasure as possible. When I felt his balls begin to swell, and his cock getting harder, I stopped all together.

Rodney pushed me back gently onto the bed by my shoulders. He quickly pulled my shorts off and lie beside me.

As we lay there, face-to-face, kissing each other, I felt his hand begin to stroke me. He used my own juices to help his hand glide on my very hard cock. His fingers stroked my balls, and a few times, I felt a fingertip at my hole.

I wanted this man; I wanted him inside me and me inside him. Our kisses got hotter and very intense. We leaked pre cum on each other in torrents. We writhed on each other, and got lost in our passion and desire.

I began kissing his chest, and concentrating on his nipples. He has wonderful nipples, they got very hard in my mouth, and he responded with great enjoyment from my licking and sucking.

I descended further, kissing his stomach, his hips and the top of his thighs. Before I knew it, I was laying beside him with my cock in his mouth. I swung a leg up and over his head, and had each knee on either side of his face. Within seconds, we were ravishing each other's cocks. My mouth made him so wet and slippery that I alternated between sucking him and stroking him. I sucked on his balls, and raised his legs to get my tongue to his ass.

I circled his hole with my tongue, getting him wet, and pushing on him. He thrusted his hips up, his cock sliding along the top of my chest. With me in this position, he was able to get his own lips and tongue to my hole.

I moaned on his body as I felt his tongue enter me slightly. At some point, a finger replaced his tongue, and I could not manage to concentrate on what I was doing any longer.

I let his legs fall to the bed and moved forward to lie on top of him. I spread my legs to allow him easy access to my ass. As he kissed my calves and massaged my thigh and my ass with one hand, he slowly slid the finger of the other in and out of my body.

He used one hand to hold my left cheek open. I felt another and even a third finger push inside me.

One of the things I love the most is being entered. With Rodney using his fingers to open me up, I was lost in lust. I began kissing his legs, his ankles and I began to suck on his toes. I sucked each toe like it was a little cock, and with each stroke of his fingers I moaned. Sometimes I moaned quietly, and sometimes I almost squealed with delight.

When I felt his fingers slide out of me, I turned and lay back down facing him. We kissed gently a few times, our hands went back to work on erections, and I whispered in his ear, "Make love to me."

Rodney responded by kissing me harder and sliding his fingers back to my hole. They went inside easily, and he quickly took control of me.

He was up on one elbow, sliding his fingers in and out of me and kissing me while I spread my legs as far apart as possible. Within seconds, he had three fingers back inside me. My hand was feebly stroking his hard cock and my fingers spreading his pre cum over his head and shaft.

Rodney took his fingers from inside me, and rolled over on top of me. I wrapped my legs around his hips and knowing better, I moaned into his mouth as he pushed inside me.

My arms were wrapped around his neck, his tongue inside my mouth as he slid his cock in and out of my body. Our bodies moved in unison, we took turns pinching and pulling on each other's nipples, kissing shoulders, exploring mouths. It only took a few moments before Rodney was exploding inside me.

I felt his cock, every inch of it, sliding in and out and then pounding me. I felt him as he grew rock hard. He held his body up with his arms, leaned his head down and I lifted mine to meet him in a kiss as his cum filled me.

With his cock, still inside my body, Rodney got back on his knees and began to stroke me. It only took a few moments to get me hard again, and shooting my own cum onto my stomach and chest.

He lay back down on top of me, and we slept in each other's arms.

We spent the rest of the week in paradise, lust and indulgences. I have not seen Rodney since returning to Denver, but that story is in the making.

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