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Roll Of The Dice


It was another Monday night, Suzanne gave her husband a kiss as he left for work, they had been married a couple of years and he worked at the casino, a security guard. She heard his car drive off and she began to change into her bedclothes, her hands unbuttoned her blouse and drew it away as she then fought with the clasp of her bra, finally freeing the ripe melons that seemed to sigh at their release and she gave them a rub to take away the pain the elastic had left. She looked at herself in the mirror, at 28 she was in prime shape, her tits jutting out, their slightly dark aureoles accenting the lighter nipples as she stood there watching her hands move over them.

She should have made love before he went to work, now she was so horny, and her hands reluctantly left her tits as she unzipped her pants and stepped out of them, her pink panties showing the outline of her pussy lips on the crotch and her finger traced it on the stain panties as she closed her eyes and wished that she had a big cock to fuck. She pulled her nightgown on, her finger reluctant to give up the moistening lips it was tracing and she settled into bed, he wouldn't be home for 9 hours. She drifted off to sleep, her hand resting on her moist pussy as she began to dream of a wonderful big cock that would make her moan and scream, this dream had tackled her a lot lately and she slept as she dreamt it was here. Just then she woke, startled as hands covered her body, someone was really here, it wasn't a dream.

As she started to scream, a hand closed over her mouth and she saw a light come on, there were 3 black men in her bedroom! "You be quiet little white bitch and maybe we won't hurt you," and then another one said, "Much," and they laughed as they forced a pair of her panties in her mouth they had retrieved from the hamper and she could taste herself on them. They rolled her onto her stomach as she felt her wrists bound together with her own bra and then her ankles were tied with the belt from her bathrobe and they rolled her back onto her stomach and then picked her helpless body up and she was thrown over one of their shoulders.

A hand went up under her gown as it stroked her panty clad ass, "This is gonna be tasty fellas," and they walked out of the house, checking to make sure no one was about, and deposited her in the back seat of the car and one man got in with her as the other two got in the front. She tried to scream, but only muffled sounds came out, "Shut that fucking white cunt up!" the driver said and she felt a hard slap on her panty covered ass and she could feel the sting and then another, "Shut the fuck up bitch!" and she sobbed as she felt the burning on her ass. Her face was down in the floorboard and she couldn't see where they went, but they drove a long time.

The hand that had spanked her now roamed freely over her ass as they drove, it's long fingers snaking between her legs as it stroked the puffy lips of her pussy. After working a finger inside of her, it fucked her hard and mercilessly as she writhed on the floor and then it stopped and she felt her captor move to the other side of the backseat and a hand grabbed her hair as her head was pulled up. She could see that he had pulled his cock out and her eyes grew large at its size as he began to rub it over her face, its precum streaking her cheeks as he did.

"Now, I'm gonna pull this out of your mouth, I don't want no screams, you just suck on my cock and if you bites it, I will fuck you up so bad bitch!" and he pulled the panties out of her mouth and she refused to open her mouth to let his cock in. He tightened his grip on her hair and she cried out in pain and as she opened her mouth, he shoved his cock in. It was much bigger than any she had ever had before and she could feel her lips stretch as it was inserted and she fought to catch her breath. The position didn't allow her to take it all and she was glad, he would have choked her! His hand in her hair moved her mouth up and down on his cock as it pushed at the entrance to her throat and she fought off the urge to gag as his pace quickened. She could feel her eyes bulging as this cock rammed her tiny mouth and she fought the urges that she had begun to feel, the tingling and the wetness between her legs, she had wanted some cock, but not like this!

His pace got even quicker and she knew he would soon cum, she fought with the idea of having to swallow his cum, she had never swallowed anyone's but her husbands. In high school, she would give blowjobs, but she would make them blow it on her tits, she wouldn't swallow it. She could hear his breaths quicken and feel his massive cock getting even larger as he moaned and thick, hot cum bathed her throat, and she had no choice but to swallow it.

She heard a voice from the front seat, "Man, don't stretch it all out, there's others waiting you know," and he laughed, "She's got two more holes yet bitch, chill out!" and she felt his grip relax on her hair as he pushed her back to the floorboard, the salty taste in her mouth. The hands returned to her crotch as they groped her, her gag was gone now and she could breathe a lot easier, but she still had no idea where they were taking her. The car finally stopped and they drug her out and once again she was hefted on a shoulder as she caught glimpses of farmland through what little light there was. She was dropped onto a sofa and now she could see her attackers clearly, they were in their early 20's and quite muscular, their ebony skin shone in the lights of the room.

"Whas your name bitch?" and she looked at him as he talked, his bright, white smile caught her attention, "Suzanne," and he kept smiling, "Well, Suzanne white cunt, your old man threw us out of the casino the other night. Wasn't very nice of him, considering we was winning big, so we just thought we would recapture our losses by winning you bitch.

By the time we're through, that pathetic little white cock your old man has will feel like a toothpick to you," and they all laughed. She watched as they began to strip and she couldn't help feeling scared when she saw their huge, hard cocks, the one had nearly ripped her lips apart and she could just imagine what they would do elsewhere.

She watched as the leader went to a cabinet and came back with a huge butcher knife and she began to tremble, "Don't worry baby, just gonna cut them rags off you," and he cut the straps of her gown and they stood her up and it floated to the floor at her feet, "Look at them white titties man!" and she felt hands cup her tits as they squeezed them roughly and her nipples felt like they would pop from the pressure. She winced in pain, "Please, stop. I haven't done anything to you, if my husband made you mad, take it out on him," and they paid little attention to her, "We are, we gonna fuck his bitch. We gonna fuck you baby until you cum so hard, that pathetic white pecker of his will never satisfy you again," and then the knife cut her panties off and hands delved into her neatly trimmed bush, spreading her lips as they stroked her moistening pussy.

"This here pussy looks almost good enough to eat, shame I don't do that," and he laughed as he thrust a finger in her. They pushed her down on her hands and knees and one of them got on his knees in front of her and began to rub his big black cock over her face, "Teach this bitch what's what," and she felt a leather strap across her ass and she lurched forward, colliding with the cock at her face. She could feel the welts as the strap kept up its fury and she soon lost the feeling of pain as her body compensated for it and she only lurched at the whacks now, no more screams as the cock was rubbed on her lips and she opened them. The big cock stretched her mouth as it entered, her body submitting to their whims, the strap had broken her and she felt the beating stop as hands now rubbed her red cheeks.

She had not enjoyed the beating, but she was beginning to enjoy the cock in her mouth as she sucked it and swirled her tongue over it and he started fucking her mouth faster. She felt a tugging at her ankles as they cut away her belt and freed her legs and then they spread them as one of them inched forward, his big cock dragging against her thigh. Her hands were set free and she dropped them to help support her weight as the cock pushed into her pussy. It felt like the walls of her vagina were tearing as it inched forward with each thrust. The huge black balls were crashing into her chin now as his cock filled her mouth and she could feel the head in her throat, suddenly he grabbed her hair as his cum squirted into her and as he pulled back slightly, she tasted him as it spurted out on her tongue and she gulped it down.

The cock in her pussy now buried itself completely, having stretched her pussy completely and she felt his balls hit her clit as he thrust, her mind reeling as an orgasm approached. She had never been taken so fully before, no cock had ever filled her pussy the way this one was and it way too much for her body as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her and she moaned around the fat cock still emptying itself in her mouth. The man at her mouth withdrew and another took his place as another hard cock was thrust at her and she took it in her mouth, "Told you this white bitch would love to suck black cock," and he pushed into her throat with only two thrusts as she sucked on him and his buddy reamed her pussy out with his cock. His thrusts at her pussy now lifted her knees off the floor as his hammering made her pussy so alive and she came again, joined by him as his cum shot into her and she swore she could feel it running into her stomach.

Her pussy felt so empty when he withdrew, although the emptiness gave way to soreness at the stretched walls, but he was soon replaced by another as it filled her as much if not more than the previous one. She winced slightly as he began to slap her ass cheeks while he fucked her and the cock in her mouth was building towards the flood of cum she knew was coming and she took it willingly as he filled her mouth and she could feel it running from the corners of her mouth as the cock in her pussy relentlessly fucked her. Her mouth was empty now as her moans and screams were quite audible as he fucked her and she found it hard to catch her breath as he did. Her whole body and even her mind had been altered by this one foul deed of her husband's, but she had begun to enjoy their attentions, although they were slightly rougher than she was accustomed to.

His cock exploded in her as she fucked back at it, her muscles trying to drain his cock as it spurt and she screamed out in ecstasy, as another orgasm tore through her as well. As he withdrew, she collapsed onto the floor, her pubic hair matted with cum as she tried to catch her breath and relived her own orgasms they had brought about. It would be hard for her husband's cock to satisfy her after this, they were right about that, then she saw the strap again, "No, please, I'll do whatever you say, no more please," and she felt it connect with her hard nipples as the red welt rose across her tits and it was soon joined by more slaps across her tits and on her stomach, the red welts grew wherever it contacted her creamy white skin.

"You forget bitch, we're trying to get even with your old man, he needs some visible reminders of what he done to us," and the beating continued until she no longer felt it, like before and then they stopped, her body covered with red welts as she lay there on the floor. "You know, I been standing here watching her cute little asshole twitch from the strap, I thinks I'd like to have some of that," and her fear grew once more, no one had ever fucked her there before!

The thought of a huge black cock ripping her tiny asshole apart made her cringe and begin to cry as they rolled her over onto her stomach and she felt her legs held apart by the other two as he rubbed his cock in her pussy to lube it up. Her mouth gapped open as he entered her tight unused ass and she screamed out at his size as he moved to fill her and his friends held her there. His cock had felt huge in her pussy but it was enormous in her tight ass as he began to move it in and out, "This fucking bitch is so tight, man, my cock feels like it's in a vise," as her ass slowly adjusted to its intruder and his thrusts got faster, his cock filling her ass completely as he began to moan. Her welt covered tits were being rubbed on the floor with each thrust and her pain was almost unbearable as his thrusts were unrelenting and he picked up his pace and she passed out from the pain, her body wracked by his intrusion and she lay limp on the floor as he fucked her.

The next thing she remembered was the feeling of wet grass and she opened her eyes to see their front lawn and her body ached, cum was dried all over her and every hole she had hurt, the welts remained and were tender to the touch and she rolled over, trying to get up, her strength was gone. It was early morning and no one had awakened yet, she thanked her lucky stars for that and she crawled to her front door and inside and lay there on the floor until her husband got home.

He was pissed and wanted to call the police and an ambulance but she warned him against it, "They said if we did, they'd do us both next time," and his jaw dropped at the thought of getting fucked by three black men. He helped her up and saw their writing in black magic marker on her back, THIS WHITE CUNT LOVES BLACK COCK, and he ushered her into the shower to clean her up. Little did he know that they had awakened a need in his wife that only a black cock could satisfy from now on.

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