tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRoller Skates and Pigtails

Roller Skates and Pigtails


"What do you think we should do for this years contest Lucy?" Kenzie asked.

She was sitting cross legged in a difficult yoga position that made the thin fabric of her shorts strain to cover her panties. Lucy looked over and smiled at her beautiful friend. She was sitting on a tall chair with one of her legs dangling over top of another chair. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and she was entertaining her friend by reading erotic horror stories. The stories were getting them both very hot and in need of release. Lucy's tight shorts also had to stretch to accommodate the space between her wide spread long legs. They both felt a cool breeze tickling the inside of their thighs as wet desire from the erotic tales took over their senses.

Lucy stopped reading abruptly and turned to her gorgeous friend with a mischievous look on her fine chiseled features.

"I have an idea. Let's wear little neon crop tops, put glitter on our tits, go to the downtown walkway, and flash whoever we find worthy," suggested Lucy excitedly.

"Outstanding idea sweet thing! The idea of watching you tweak your nipples, and share your tits with a lucky bystander is such a turn on," replied Kenzie suggestively.

On National Nude day flashing was legal, and encouraged. It was the one day a year that it wasn't uncommon to turn a corner and watch a couple using a park bench for support while they fucked their brains out. Adult only theme parties would be set up in various locations all over the city. The typical crowd arrived in various forms of dress that they often shed when encouraged.

"Let's add a twist. What if a hand reaches out and captures a tit before we bring our shirts down? Let's raise the stakes and say if that happens we have to go fuck them, no matter what, and for doing so we score 100 points. Okay babe? But we'll need to choose our targets carefully, so we can be in control of our adventure."

Lucy squirmed in her chair at the thought of fucking a complete stranger in public.

"I'm so ready to feel a nice, big, hard cock inside me right now," Lucy whispered seductively with her open full lips. She spread her legs wider, moved over the fabric of her shorts, and shamelessly massaged her throbbing clit.

Kenzie played with her nipples while silently watching Lucy bring herself to a pulsing orgasm. She enjoyed hearing the way Lucy's voice crescendoed, and then peaked as her orgasm overtook her. Lucy reached her cum coated fingers towards Kenzie's mouth. Taking each finger, one by one into her mouth, Kenzie inhaled Lucy's sweet aroma and tasted her wet release.

"You're so fucking hot babe," Kenzie said to Lucy. She gave her friend a long lingering look and said, "Let's get back to our planning. Our next adventure awaits."

National Nude Day was an annual tradition and it was only a week away. The girls continued talking and decided to have little tops made at the custom T shirt shop. They would be slightly sheer, with a scratchy mesh over the nipple area, to keep their nipples hard. They'd done it before and liked the feel of roughness stimulating their nipples. Kenzie decided to wear her diamond studded nipple rings. Barely there shorts would complete the outfit for both.

"You know, to add a little innocence, we could wear our roller-skates, and do our hair up in pig tails. Wanna?" asked Kenzie.

Lucy closed her eyes and thought of the two of them maneuvering through the crowd with their long pigtails on roller-skates. She knew her blonde hair and Lucy's brunette curls would look amazing flying through the air while they circled and sailed their way through the center of town flashing people.

The girls kept refining their ideas and decided the point system is what they would use to decide who the winner would be. They trusted each other implicitly and knew neither would cheat. They also decided that in their competition they would play mini games with one another for added points. For example, one of the girls might suggest at the count of 10, that they find the person closest to them and whoever flashed them first, making sure only they could see, would score added points. They would take a picture and the date time stamp would establish the winner. Yes, Lucy decided, this National Nude Day would again be an exciting adventure.

When the day finally arrived the girls dressed carefully for it. They made sure every inch of their long lean bodies and gorgeous tits were highlighted. The beauties sparkled and glittered bling everywhere. Two thin diamond headbands accented their foreheads. Their high pig tails and studded belly button jewelry made them look even more exquisite than ever.

Both girls looked at each other and smiled their approval of each other's sexiness. They were both thinking about dares, and how they were allowed at every turn. They would keep track of their points on their phone and the winner of their multi faceted contest would be served and treated like a Queen for an entire month. The other girl would become her slave to be used in any way the Queen decided. The stakes were high and the girls definitely knew how to play dirty and pull out all the stops.

They pulled over the van and laced up their skates in the parkade.

"Good luck my sweet little nymph!"

With those words Kenzie kissed Lucy full on the lips. They then skated down the spirally cement parkade and exited through the door that led into the street.

Kenzie got the ball rolling the minute they arrived at the outdoor mall promenade.

"Five points to the winner of the first flash of the year!" she called out.

It was only 8 am and the streets were bare. Both girls barreled off in different directions, eager to be the first to time stamp the look on their mark's faces. Later they would post the pictures and captions on their well viewed blog along with some very revealing pictures.

Last year's National Nude Day adventures scored them over a half a million hits and counting. After last year's blog had gone viral, lots of advertisers were eager to sign on. Good money would be made.

Kenzie won the first contest by presenting a picture of a surprised thirtyish business woman who was giving her two thumbs up approval rating after seeing her very impressive rack. Kenzie had the bigger breasts of the two, but Lucy's beautiful up reaching nipples had their own appeal.

"Whoever gets the first teeth baring smile?"

The girls again disappeared in different directions. When Lucy arrived back Kenzie was already at their rendezvous point. The guy whose face she had captured on her phone was well known to them both and his grin was a permanent one. Lucy looked at the picture on Kenzie's phone.

"Ohh, you found wild Jim, you lucky girl. He smiles as everyone and everything." Lucy said laughing.

"How about that guy?"

Kenzie pointed at business man who was walking towards his shop.

"I dare you to flash him, bend your sexy ass over and ask him to spank you. I'll give you 3 points if you can talk him into spanking you. If you can't I get three points." said Kenzie.

"You're on girlfriend!"

Lucy took off. She used her seductive charm to inspire a nice hard spanking. Kenzie took a video from a distance. It would be an excellent video for their blog page. He was getting into spanking her so intensely Lucy had to skate away.

"Let me look at your tush babe."

Lucy lowered her shorts. Her tush was beat red.

Kenzie took some healing ointment from her mini backpack and rubbed it slowly all over Lucy's inflamed skin with her smooth hand. They'd been through this ritual many times before. Lucy enjoyed being fucked and spanked at the same time.

Storekeepers were now just beginning to arrive. In ten minutes retail businesses would be open and it would become like every other Saturday, but with a twist. Occasionally people objected to having their pictures taken and the girls removed them, but this year, when on skates, Lucy doubted if their prize saps would even be able to get near them after realizing what had happened. They were doing this for fun, but the monetary rewards were an added bonus and provided additional motivation.

Rouge looked up and down the street with a sharp eye. He wiped his hands. Getting sweaty hands had always been a problem for him when he got nervous. He put the hood of his black hoodie up and strode into the bank that had just opened with his head down. Rouge slipped the teller a note that said if she alerted anyone, his friends would attack the people in her home. Constance was not a girl to take chances. She handed him the money and didn't say a word until thirty minutes after he left, just as she was instructed to do.

Ten minutes later when he was just a block away from his car, Rouge heard a voice behind him.

"Hey baby!"

Rouge turned to see a gorgeous blonde on skates lifting her top. A beautiful pair of tits met his gaze. He temporarily lost his balance and instinctively reached out with his sweaty palm. It landed firmly on her tit.

"Oh you got me handsome, now you get to fuck me!" Lucy said in an alluring voice.

"What the fuck? What the hell are you talking about?" asked Rouge.

He thought she had made him, as the bank robber. He got confused by her proposal and continued running down the alley towards his car. The bank's brown envelope, full of money, was bulging under his arm.

Lucy stood in the alley with a pout on her cute face. As he ran away he turned to look at her beautiful profile while shaking his head in disbelief. Later when listening to the radio he would be reminded that it was National Nude Day and he would repent his missed opportunity to fuck an innocent sexy nymph.

It wasn't the usual reaction she got when offering sex. Lucy stood stunned for a minute eyeing the man she had approached. He was staring at her from a distance with his mouth open. Maybe he changed his mind, went through her head. With smooth strides she moved towards the man who meant 100 points to her and might win her, her queendom. She had forgotten to get his picture in her surprise at his reaction. She took it now from a distance as he entered the car. He hadn't of even noticed her approach. Stashing the money under the seat he raced off into the distance.

When Kenzie saw Lucy pulling up to the rendezvous location with her head hanging down, she knew something had upset her, and it would be her job to cheer her up.

"What happened buttercup?"

Lucy rested her head against the comforting breasts of her friend while she explained how she had been rejected. Comforting words spoken by her best friend soothed the attractive minx and they set about putting that experience behind them and setting off on their journey anew.

The girls flashed hundreds of men and women. For every person they flashed, they added 3 points to their score. By this time the girls started to keep their scores hidden from each other.

Cheating was not allowed, and neither of the girls would do it, but Lucy felt tempted to push her tit into the hand of an attractive male for two reasons. She wanted to get fucked and the 100 points would come in handy.

It was around 3:10 pm when she saw him. It was the same guy she had seen earlier. Confident that he had not been seen he found his way back to the promise of hot sex that had arrived on his lap at the most inopportune time.

He felt his cock stir when he saw her. What a hot sexy bitch she was, and she wanted him. He knew he wasn't exactly a ladies man, but this incredibly beautiful young nymph wanted him.

Lucy smiled when she saw him. Their eyes met and their gaze lingered. The winning hundred points danced in her head. Being the Queen for a month was so much fun; she really wanted it to happen for her. For months now she had been the slave, doing everything she could for Kenzie, but she wanted it to be her turn to be on top.

What if she knows I robbed the bank? What if she puts it all together, he asked himself. Looking at the expression on her face made him realize that sex was her only intent. In fact Lucy had not seen or heard the headlines. Her flashing opportunities give her all the stimulus she needed.

"You're one hot, little ripe piece of ass, you know that don't ya babe?"

She ran her long fingers over the thin fabric of her top and tweaked her nipples as a response. They sat together at a park bench as she unlaced her laces. Knowing he was watching she did it slowly and deliberately, showing off her sexy curves by arching her back and pushing her tits out.

"Show me those tits, you sweet cunt!"

She shuddered. He was crasser then she would have expected. It turned her on though. She wanted to be his little cunt. Being a slave, sex or otherwise, for so long now, had an impact. It was part of her now. But she desperately wanted to switch. She wanted to feel commanding power accelerate through her.

"Play with your tits for me," he encouraged lecherously. "The stores have closed; there are just a few street people and a homeless guy watching us. Play with yourself for him babe."

Not wanting to do anything that would ruin her chance of getting the 100 points that would surely cinch her victory, Lucy did exactly as she was told. He lifted her top over her head and started massaging her tits, while intermittently twisting and twirling her long nipples. "Spread those long legs for that guy over there babe, and slide a finger inside!"

Lucy closed her eyes, oblivious to the crowd that was watching her from a distance as she put on her show.

"Keep your eyes closed and fuck yourself bitch! Fuck your little cunt hard baby, with two fingers, do it, DO IT! I want to hear the sound of you fucking yourself!"

Lucky slid her panties and shorts over further as two fingers entered her wet cunt. She kept her eyes closed. The sounds of deep breathing all around her, scared her, yet thrilled her. It was so intoxicating. Her head was swimming and her fingers were flying in and out of her cunt at record speeds. Then she came, loudly and aggressively, in full stereophonic sound.

A small spattering of applause woke her up from her sexual trance. Lucky slowly opened her eyes and blushed when she saw the crowd of voyeurs who had just watched her reveal her most intimate emotions.

Kenzie had been watching a short distance away and was video taping the experience. She counted the number of voyeurs in the sidelines knowing that Lucy would be pleased with the added points.

As the voyeurs dissipated and went about their business Kenzie and her camera came into view.

"What the fuck are you doing bitch?" Rouge said as he dived for her phone. "Erase that right fucking now!"

Kenzie quickly saved it again with a different file name, and showed Rouge how she erased the original.

"Okay, okay," Kenzie said. "Calm down."

Satisfied, Rouge suggested, "There's a hotel just down the street. How about if I show you two beautiful babes a good time?"

Kenzie looked at Lucy, then back again at Rouge. He was rude, demanding and looked dangerous. She could tell he was "off" and couldn't be trusted.

"C'mon sweetie, I'll give you those 100 points, let's just go home and have a nice long bath. We've had a long day," Kenzie said to her roommate while putting a protective arm around her shoulder.

"We're not interested, thank you." Kenzie said shooting Rouge a stern look.

He grabbed Lucy's arm roughly and said, "But she promised I could fuck her."

"Oh well bud, it's time we went home," Kenzie said sternly.

Kenzie looked at Rouge warily, wondering how far he would push it.

Remembering his need for anonymity he backed down and mumbled, "Okay, next time."

Kenzie couldn't resist.

"Rouge, smile for the camera," Kenzie called out as she skated away laughing, knowing he didn't want his picture taken but didn't have a hope of catching them.

Kenzie was always happy to have the upper hand in any situation. Lucy grabbed her skates and ran along with Kenzie towards the van.

Biding his temper, he didn't follow them on foot, but watched where they went and was sitting waiting in his car as Kenzie undid her laces and they prepared to go home. He knew that picture had to be erased. If those two bitches ever found out what had transpired down the road that day, they would be his downfall.

An hour later the attractive females emerged from their Jacuzzi bath sipping wine. Their appealing curves were hidden under their terry cloth robes as they enjoyed the warmth from the fire place.

Rouge pried open a side door with the intention of erasing the photo. He made a noise when he accidently kicked a table leg in the kitchen.

"Who's there?"

A scared and furious Kenzie came around the corner wielding a gun to discover the intruder. She called to her friend in a mocking voice as she broke out a smile.

"Look Lucy, we have a guest!" Lucy noticed the relaxed tone in her friend's voice as Rouge's image came into view.

Kenzie, being already a little drunk, traced Lucy's full lips with her tongue while running a hand over the fullness of her tit and said, "Let's use him babe."

They both looked at their prey with mischievous grins. Kenzie held the gun steady while Lucy circled her prey.

"Do you think he'll perform for us? I wouldn't want the gun to take away his fuck abilities," laughed Kenzie.

"Strip while we watch, then make yourself hard for us handsome!" Kenzie insisted. "You should be happy. You get to fuck us after all." Rouge took off his clothing to reveal a strong fit body, nice abs, and hard gluts.

"Now stroke!"

Lucy danced and kissed his body gently as he stroked his cock rock hard. Reaching into a drawer Lucy pulled out a cock ring and positioned it around his hard cock.

"Lay down handsome and spread your arms and legs."

Lucy reached into a drawer and found some long scarves. She proceeded to tie up his arms and legs so he laid there with his cock raised high in the air and his limbs firmly fastened to the bed posts.

"C'mere, who's your queen baby," Kenzie said pulling Lucy into her slender arms.

Lucy's tongue circled Kenzies.

"Ride him," Kenzie commanded. "I want to see your sexy ass bounce beautiful!"

Lucy stood in front of Kenzie holding the bottle of lube. She then slowly took off her clothes while holding Kenzie's gaze. Returning her gaze Kenzie got two fingers wet then plunged them purposefully into Lucy's pussy. She soaked her fingers with lube and did it again, this time just about lifting her small frame off the ground as she finger fucked her friend.

Lucy trembled her orgasm then calmly walked over to her target.

She kneeled over top of him, then kneeled down to suck his swollen cock, knowing Kenzie would get a spectacular view of her ass.

"Ooooo," Kenzie moaned in the background.

Lucy moved into reverse cowboy position then she lowered her dripping wet pussy onto his big hard cock. She held Kenzie's gaze and bucked and rode his cock with seductive prowess.

She orgasmed on his cock and walked towards Kenzie.

They exchanged a knowing glance as Lucy took over the gun and Kenzie took off her robe. Admiring her tanned torso and exotic body made Lucy's nipples harden.

Kenzie straddled his face and started to ride his mouth. She rode him forcefully to a dynamic climax that made her buck and call out her pleasure.

"Mmm that was fun; I wonder what we can do to him now!"

He looked at them and trembled when Lucy said, "I'll get the candles."

Kenzie said, "I'll get the ice."

On the way to the refrigerator Kenzie glanced at the silent television screen. She recognized the face on display right away. It appeared that the cameras had caught his image in the bank, despite the hoodie, and a warrant had been issued.

Kenzie came back swinging a whip and carrying a bucket full of ice.

"So where is the cash, thief?" Kenzie asked.

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