tagBDSMRoom 209

Room 209


Room 209.



That's all that the note said. Nothing else. There didn't have to be. You knew what hotel - the one near the old movie theater. No name on the card because you knew who would be there waiting - me, Sue. Your cock stirs just thinking about me, wondering what I will have in store for you tonight.

Promptly at 8pm, just as you raise your hand to knock on he door, it opens. Looking in you don't see me but walk into the room anyway. I close door after your inside and set the lock. You smile as you slowly turn around.

"Good evening Anthony. I'm so glad you didn't keep me waiting." I say as I walk into the light out of the corner by the door. Your mouth falls opens seeing me, you've never seen me like this. I'm wearing an emerald green leather corset with black ties that pushes my breasts up high barely covering the nipples. My black 4 inch leather boots that come to the middle of my thigh shine so brightly you can see your reflection.

"I'll never keep you waiting Sue. I seem to be overdressed, maybe you would like to help me undress?" Giving me your sexy smile you take a step toward me and I shake my head stopping you.

"No, I don't think so. Not tonight. You will undress yourself and lay on the bed. And you will do it NOW." I push you back onto the bed. Your shocked by this as I've never been this force full before.

As you stare into my eyes you begin to undress yourself, slowly. I wait until your shirt is off, then you feel the sting of my whip as it hits your arm. The surprised look on your face is priceless. You never even saw the whip in my hand. Stunned you look at me with wonder in your eyes.

"I said NOW! Don't keep me waiting or do you want to be punished?" As I ask this I slap your other arm with the whip. It stings but doesn't leave any marks. You get undressed in record time and lay back on the bed. Crawling up on the bed, I straddle you leaning down to kiss you and rubbing my breasts in your face. You love my breasts, can never seem to get enough of them. Running my hands up your left arm leaning forward and placing it in the restraint I have on the corner of the bed. Quickly I do the right arm and jump off of you, standing beside the bed.

"O.K. Sue. Very funny. That's enough. You can untie me now." I shake my head at you. "Sue, I said untie me. Now. Or Else."

I laugh. "No. I will untie you when I say so, not you. No matter how much you beg." I go to the foot of the bed and slip each foot through a restraint. You try to resit me, but I'm able to get the ankle restraints on. I can see you're starting to get a little worried. "Don't worry Anthony. I promise you will enjoy tonight. Trust me." You watch me as I walk over the the table in the room picking up something in my hand. Not being able to see what it is, you nervously ask, "Sue, what are you doing? Look woman,I said you better untie me." You're pulling on your restraints but realize the harder you pull the tighter they get.

I come back to the bed and crawl between your legs. Taking your cock in one hand I lick from base to tip, spitting on it I take it into my mouth. I pull my mouth off of you and sit between your legs showing you what I have in my hand. "This, is your cock ring for tonight. And you will wear it until I take it off." I place the cock ring over you working it all the way to the base. Then I press a button. You start to feel the low vibrations around your cock making you get harder and thicker than you have ever been.

Next I take the lube that I brought over with me and spread it on my finger. I take you into my mouth once again while slowly playing with your rectum. You start to moan as I begin to push my finger into you. Taking you deeper in my mouth at the same time. You're moaning and trying to move, but you can't go anywhere with the restraints on. I start to finger fuck you as I'm sucking your cock. I love the taste of you. Sucking you and playing with your ass turns me on like nothing else. I pull you out of my mouth and start to stroke you with one hand. Never stopping from finger fucking you, I start sucking on your balls. By now you're moaning your approval of my oral pleasure of you. Moving back up I take you back into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around your cock head before I take you in my mouth.

My pussy is soaking when you start to move your hips, trying to fuck my face but I stop. I take my finger out of you and sit up. I lightly slap your hard cock. "Bad boy! You don't get to fuck my face." I stand next to the bed and take my boots off.

"Baby, please! I'll do anything. Just untie me. My God, you're so fucking sexy sucking my cock. I can't stand it not being able to touch you. Please let me fuck you. I need to cum in your pussy so bad." I just watch you begging me to let you cum. "No, Anthony. I'm the one who gets to cum not you. And you're gonna make me cum." I get back on the bed and sit on your face.

I grab your hair and grind my soaking wet pussy on your face. "Lick my pussy. Make me cum all over your face. Tongue fuck my pussy. And don't you dare fucking cum." You start licking my pussy of it's sweet nectar. Sucking my clit as if your life depends on it. Reaching up I start pulling on my breasts, reaching the nipples twisting them as I start to pant. "That's it lover boy. Suck me, lick me. You better swallow that pussy juice before you drown in it." I look down into your eyes as I say this. With you watching me I take my nipple into my mouth and suck on it, knowing how much you love to see me do this. You stick your tongue in me as far as you can, in and out giving me the best tongue fuck of my life. "YES!! YES!! Eat that pussy, lover boy." I throw my head back, pulling tightly on my breasts. "SOOOO CLOSE!! I'M GONNA CUM! DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP! I'M....CUMMMINGGGGGG!!!!" As you feel me start to cum you keep up the frenzy pace of licking and sucking my pussy. You slow down as I calm down from my orgasm. Nibbling on my pussy lips. Lightly biting them with your teeth.

I ease off of your face and lay next to you. Reaching up I kiss you,tasting myself on you. Smiling at you I say, "That was the best you've ever eaten me, Anthony. I came so much." Reaching down I stroke your hard cock and massage your balls. I can feel how badly you want to cum.

"How about you untie me and I'll show you what else I'm good at? Show you how good I can fuck your pussy with my cock."

Stroking your extremely hard thick cock, I look lovingly into your eyes. "No."

I get up, facing you and straddle you. Holding your cock in one hand I guide it into my wet pussy. Moaning as it fills me up I hear you moan and look at your face. Your watching your cock disappear inside me. I take all of you until I can feel the small vibrator on the cock ring humming on my clit. Your hard cock fills me completely. Leaning over you I shove one of my breasts in your mouth.

"Suck my tit. Suck it hard." I start to ride you, moving my pussy up and down your hard, thick cock. Up slowly then down hard, pushing you deeply into me. Pulling my tit out of your mouth you moan stretching your head trying to get to my nipple flicking your tongue for one last taste.

I keep riding you harder & faster. "Oh, fuck. You look so hot riding my cock. Ride me baby. Ride me hard. That's it, make them titties bounce." You start to thrust your hips up as I'm slamming my pussy down on your engorged cock. My nails scoring your chest. "Yessss!! Oh baby. Ride that cock. I'm close. I'm gonna cum in your pussy." Hearing you say this I stop and jump off of you. Grabbing you balls I squeeze stopping you from cumming.

"You cum when I tell you and not before then. I'm not finished with you yet." I walk over to the table and come back with a new toy in my hand.

"Sue, baby, honey, please I'm dying here. Let me cum. Please let me cum. I've never been so hard, so ready to cum in my life." You're begging just makes me smile.

I show you the prostrate vibrator I have in my hand, lubing it up slowing. Smiling I turn it on and slowing insert it into you. I know how much you love this. I ease it back out then back in all the way. You're moaning, "oh fuck, fuck" over and over as I ease the cock ring off of you. I slap your cock getting your attention. You look up at me as I ease my pussy back onto your throbbing cock.

"Listen up lover boy. I'm gonna ride this cock until I cum. You will NOT cum until I do. Do you understand? If you cum before I do....well let's just say you may not like the other toys I've brought with me."

"I can't hold back long. I'm about to bust."

"Then I suggest you make me cum. Fast. And before you ask, no I will not untie you. Not until I'm done with you."

I start to ride you. Up and down. Up and down. Reaching back with one hand I massage your balls as I ride you hard. My other hand is squeezing my one of my tits. Letting go of your cum filled sacs I lean over and offer up my breasts to you. You take a nipple into your mouth. Pulling it with your teeth. Biting my nipple as you thrust your hips matching my rhythm.

"That's it lover. Bite me. Now suck that nipple. Suck it hard. Harder you fucker." Taking my nipple out of you mouth I sit back up, placing my hands on your lower chest to balance myself better. Picking up the pace I'm riding your cock harder than I've ever ridden it before.

"Yeah baby, ride that cock with your pussy. Fuck your pussy with my cock. You love my cock don't you baby. Love how my hard cock makes your pussy feels." You know how much I love it when you talk to me like this. How no matter how wet I am, it makes me wetter. Makes me want to cum and cum hard.

"Fuck me lover. Don't stop. Fuck me with that hard cock. I'm gonna cum all over your cock. So close."

"Cum on my cock baby. Cum on my cock so I can cum in your pussy. I can't hold back much longer. Please baby let me cum in your pussy."

I'm grinding my pussy on you. So close to my own orgasm. You see my eyes start to glaze over, feel my pussy clamping down on your hard cock deep in my pussy. My orgasm hits me, "OOOHHHH YESSS!! YESSS!! NOW FUCKING CUM NOW!!!"

I feel you start to cum in me. I hear you roar as you slam your hips into me trying to get even deeper in me. Squirt after squirt after squirt of your warm cum exploding deep in my pussy. My pussy milking every last drop out of you.

Exhausted I collapse onto you chest. Both of us breathing hard, trying to catch our breath. Trying to get much needed oxygen back into our lungs. After a couple of minutes I sluggishly twist around and pull the prostrate vibrator out, dropping it onto the bed. I reach over and untie first your left foot then your right. Turning back around I untie your hands and then lay down next to you. Shyly I look up at you since you haven't said anything as of yet. Thinking I may have pushed things a little to far this time. Your face tells me nothing. Your breathing is almost back to normal & your eyes are closed, but you're not asleep.

"Anthony?" You can hear the uncertainty in my voice. The nervousness. I'm a little scared at how you will react now that the restraints are off. I've never pushed you this far before.

All at once you lunge at me, pinning me underneath you. I look into your eye and see nothing but red, hot passion.

"That. Was. Fucking. Amazing." I feel all your passion as you kiss me, your tongue laying claim to my mouth as much as it laid claim to my pussy earlier.

"So, I take it you liked me being in control." Smiling, I enjoy your kisses. You're kissing my neck and that special place behind my ear. I feel your cock start to stir against my stomach. I'm thinking you'll make slow passionate love to me now.

"Yes, I did. Now...let's see how you like it." I look at you and start to move only then realizing that you have restrained my wrists. You ease off of me quickly restraining my legs.

"Now Anthony. I did that for your own good. You need to let me up."

"And this is for your own good. You need to understand there are consequences for your actions. Let's see just what all you have on this table." Walking over his looks over the array of toys I've brought. The whips, vibrators, butt plugs. I see him pick up the one we call Big Ben, a 10 inch vibrator with clit and anal stimulator. I'm wondering why I even brought that one. We haven't used it yet since I've been too scared use it.

You reach for the lube as you climb onto the bed with me. I hear the hum as you turn Big Ben on. You look into my eyes as you move Big Ben closer to my pussy.

"Now YOU'RE not to cum until I tell you to..."

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