Room 236


Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for your votes, PC's and e-mails on my previous stories. 'Love is where you find it' as the saying goes. For the lovers in this story, it's in their favorite hotel room. Enjoy.


I am unpacking my suitcase when my cell phone rings.

"Hi baby."

"Hi lover."

"Where are you?"

"Where are YOU?"

"Plaza Hotel. 236."

"Our room. I'll be there as soon as I can. Bye."


I finish unpacking and undress, putting on a robe. My cock is already hard in anticipation. I flip through the TV channels until there's a knock on the door.

I hurry to open it and you are standing there, smiling. You've worn the green dress I like so much. Then you are in my arms. We kiss hungrily and our hands are all over each other. A moan escapes your lips as your hand grips my stiff cock.

Locked in an embrace we move towards the bed. You kick off your sandals, lift your dress and lay back on the mattress, your bare pussy glistening between your silky thighs. Dropping my robe, I move between your legs and you drape them over my shoulders. I rub my cock head on your pussy lips as you pull your dress down. Your nipples are stiff on your beautiful breasts and I can't wait to suck them.

I glide into you until our pubic bones touch. I lean over and our eyes meet. For a moment, we savor being together.

"You feel so good inside me."

"Mmmm...I love being inside you."

"Fuck me lover. Fuck me and don't ever stop."

"I want you to cum for me. I love it when you cum."

Your hips rise to meet mine and we move as one. You moan as I stroke deep inside you, my cock head rubbing your g-spot, your pussy gripping me like a velvet fist. We move faster and faster, surging towards that first glorious climax. Your knees tighten against my shoulders and I know you are ready to cum.

I thrust even harder as your hips buck wildly, seeking a spine wrenching orgasm. Then it is upon you. Your body stiffens; your spine arches and your head snaps back against the mattress, eyes shut and mouth open wide.

My balls tighten and I cannot hold off cumming. I cry out and spurt sticky cum deep in your pussy. You're cumming as well, thrashing about and screaming in pleasure. I hold on tight and continue pumping until you have another orgasm.

We scoot into the center of the bed and lie together as our breathing returns to normal. You sit up, pull your dress over your head and toss it across the room.

"Oh, that was so damn good. I dream of this every night."

"I've missed you so much, baby. You get me so hot."

"Omigod, you're hard again. I want more. Lots more."

"All you want, lover. All you want."

I put a pillow under your head and another under your ass. You spread your legs and moan as I push inside you. There is less urgency this time as we slowly grind against each other. I suck a nipple into my mouth and lick it while your hands caress me. You wrap your legs around mine, pulling me harder into you. My thrusts become more rapid, leaving you gasping for breath, your eyes glazed with passion.

We rock back and forth, the bedsprings squeaking in protest, our bodies pounding together. Your fingernails scribe red furrows in my back, but I feel nothing except your pussy muscles rippling on my cock. You begin to gasp and moan, your body shivering under me as we fuck even harder.

Screaming, your nails dig into my back as you cum, writhing and jerking as your orgasm surges through you like an electric shock. I hold on tight and continue fucking until I cum, finally collapsing together in a sweaty heap.

Stunned by the intensity we lay entangled, breathing heavily and exchanging soft kisses. I feel rivulets of blood running down my back.

"Oh baby, look what I've done to you. I'm so sorry."

"Better get some bandages nurse."

You clean my back with a wet towel and use the bandages in my travel kit until the bleeding stops.

"I guess I'll be on my back the whole time."

"Not all the time. I think your friend here needs some attention. He seems to be losing interest."

I moan as your warm mouth engulfs my semi-hard cock, tongue teasing around the velvet head. I lean against the headboard while you pleasure me, cupping your breasts in my hands while rubbing your nipples. In no time, I am hard once more.

You get on your hands and knees, laying your head on the pillow and wiggling your ass at me.

"How about some doggie, lover?"

"Definitely. Woof, woof."

It's our favorite position. I slip into your creamy pussy and you sigh in satisfaction. Gripping your hips, I stroke in and out, slowly at first until you push your ass back at me.

"Fuck me harder. I want it all. Take me lover."

My cock pistons in your slick pussy ,rutting like animals as the bed squeaks loudly. I pound into you and my fingers strum your engorged clit, your little shrieks telling me you are getting close to cumming. Our lovemaking becomes more frantic as we near orgasm, your hands gripping the bedstead. I lie over your back and knead your swaying breasts, my final lunges sending us both over the edge as we cum uttering wild cries.

We stretch out on the rumpled sheets, lazily kissing and stroking each other. After resting for a while, you get up from the bed and return with a plastic shopping bag. I never noticed you were carrying it. Grinning, you take from it a strap on, a dildo, two butt plugs and a bottle of lube.

"What do you plan to do with those?"

"I thought we'd have a little fun fucking each other in the ass. You can open me up with this one before the real thing goes in and I'll use the other one on you."

You wave the butt plugs at me. We've talked about trying anal sex more than once and the time is now. I feel hot and your face is flushed; the idea of doing each other is a huge turn-on.

We lube the plugs and dildo, making jokes to lessen the tension. 'Is it going to hurt' is the unspoken question. Generously coating your puckered hole with lube, I work it inside with my finger. Then I slowly twist the plug into your ass. It penetrates the anal muscles with a 'pop'.

"Ooooh, that wasn't so bad. Your turn, baby."

The lube is cool in my ass; your finger twirling inside me feels both strange, and good. The plug stretches my sphincter until it pops through. There is no pain, just a feeling of fullness.

You roll on your hands and knees, resting your head on the pillow and looking back at me. I work the plug around in your ass; pulling it out and pushing it back in. You 'ohhhh' and 'mmmm' contentedly, reaching back to rub your clit. I lube my cock and it's time to fuck.

I remove the butt plug and before the muscles can contract; my cock is inside. Your asshole is tighter than your pussy, but the lube makes fucking easier. Gripping your hips, I make a few tentative movements in and out, not wanting to hurt you. You lift your face from the pillow and look back at me, eyes wide.

"Omigod. You're in my ass. Your cock is in my ass. It feels so good. Fuck my ass, lover. Fuck me hard."

The sheer eroticism of the moment and your words of encouragement inflame my lust. I thrust deeper into you, my hands tight on your waist. Your moans become a continuous wail as my balls slap against your pussy. I lean over your back and my hand covers yours as you rub your clit. Your body begins to quiver and I know your orgasm is rising. My balls tighten and I grit my teeth, straining to hold on until we can both cum.

Your back arches and you scream in orgasmic ecstasy, your pussy drenching our hands in warm wetness. One more thrust and I pump blasts of hot cum in you, my vision blurring from the intensity of cumming.

You lie curled up making little mewing sounds. I snuggle up and caress your shivering body. You recover and we kiss open mouthed with tongues mingling.

"That was incredible. If I had known anal sex was so great, we'd have done it from the start."

"Damn that was intense. I was afraid I'd hurt you so I held back at first, then I went wild. You okay baby?"

"My ass may hurt tomorrow, but it feels fine. Hands and knees lover, it's your turn."

I help you fasten the harness around your hips and snap the dildo into place. I kneel and lean over as you work the butt plug around in my asshole then pull it out. I push back as you push the dildo in and I moan as you enter me. My asshole spreads even wider as you stroke into me, going deeper each time.

"You okay baby? Am I hurting you."

"No. It feels good. Fuck me lover."

You pump harder and the feeling is incredible. Having you take me like this makes my cock so stiff it hurts. Your breasts are soft against my back and you begin jerking me off, your hand slippery with lube. The dildo presses against my prostate and I have the urge to piss and cum all at once. You're fucking faster and harder, breath coming in gasps. I bury my face in the pillow as you bring me to the edge and I topple over.

The dildo must be rubbing your clit as we both cry out in pleasure and I fill your hand with a load of warm cum. You lie on top of me as I stretch out on the bed, the dildo still inside my ass. Your breath is hot on my neck and you nibble my earlobe.

"How was that lover? Did you like it?"

"That was amazingly sexy. I've never felt so aroused."

"Me too. Now I see what it's like to fuck instead of being fucked. I think I like being fucked better, but that was so hot."

"Oh I know. We'll do this again for sure."

You roll off me, the dildo withdrawing with a fart sound and we laugh. I unbuckle the harness and we cuddle and kiss once again.

"When will you be back?"

"In three weeks. Will you miss me?"

"What do you think? I'll need the time to rest anyway."

"Let's take a nap then we'll go downstairs for dinner."

"Aren't we going to fuck some more?"

"Damn right we are, but my engine needs fuel."

"'re my fuck engine alright."

I pull the sheet over us and we drift into slumber, content in each other's arms. Three weeks isn't that long to wait.

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