A rose by any other name will never be as sexy as the one who came into my life twenty years ago. At sixty, Rose Tucker is still full of youthful vitality and steamy sexuality. The passage of time has not wilted my Rose. Talking with her yesterday, sent my mind back in time two decades.

I was a twenty year old at loose ends having recently buried my fiancee and our unborn daughter. Their tragic deaths had me in what seemed like a permanent funk. Needing something to do, I answered an ad for a ranch hand. Gerald Tucker hired me on the spot.

While stringing barbed wire one morning, the slack in it whipped back, slicing my right forearm. I headed to the house to clean and bandage the wound. Passing by the kitchen, an image that branded itself into my soul from that moment on, flashed before my eyes. Cut be damned, I couldn't stop myself from staring.

A woman bending over pulling a pizza from an oven normally would not cause the branded image effect. This one did.

Her drum tight heart shaped ass was on display in the shortest Daisy Duke's I'd ever seen. Gleaming with a bronzed olive complexion, her legs were flawless, looking to be as smooth as glass. Their curves accentuated by the black "fuck me" pumps that she wore.

The combination of her beauty and a pain shooting up my arm caused me to suck in a breath. That caught her attention.

Placing the pie on the stovetop, she wheeled around and I lost my breath again. The view from the front equaled that of the back. A luxurious mane of jet black curls cascaded onto her shoulders framing brilliant green eyes and a sparkling smile. My eyes traveled to her bust. What I guessed to be a pair of 38C's strained braless against her red flannel blouse, which was knotted halfway between her bustline and her sexy navel.

The Daisy Duke's V'ed tightly over her mound and I swore I could make out wisps of her jet black pubes playing peek a boo as the light beamed between her thighs. "No panties?!" The thought raced through my mind.

"Oh, no! You're hurt!" Her angelic voice penetrated my lust filled thoughts.

"Barbed wire." I managed to mumble. She got the cut cleaned and bandaged quickly.

Inviting me to sit down at the table, the beauty introduced her as Rose Tucker.

My heart and my cock both sank as I noticed the sparkling diamond wedding ring on her finger.

Rose told me that she had just returned that morning from a church retreat and that she was turning forty today. I wished her a happy birthday and told her she looked thirty at most.

That made her smile again as she offered me a glass of lemonade. "The handsome

new hand just made my day. And, I don't even know your name."

I apologized for not introducing myself and did so properly just as Gerald came in for lunch. After kissing Rose he inquired about my injury.

"I'll live in large part thanks to my great nurse." As I bit into the pie, I felt Rose's bare foot rubbing my thigh. Slowly working her way up to my once again rock hard cock, Rose suggested that I stay out of the heat of the day because of my injury.

"Besides, I need someone tall to help me change out the curtains." Gerald asked me if I had a problem and was healthy enough to help his wife. Rose flexed her toes against my throbbing cock as I answered that I was willing to help Rose any way that I could.

"Let's start in the master bedroom." Rose led me into the bedroom. She excused herself as I began sliding the curtains from the rods above the picture window that looked out over their pool. It was a great view.

Rose cleared her throat demurely behind me. Turning around, I was greeted with a view that made the shimmering pool look like a landfill.

Rose stood before me in her birthday suite. Her skin glowing, breasts full and pendulous, her stiff nipples pointing straight at me. Rose's stomach was curvacious and toned. Her hips flaring into the classic hourglass figure that shaped the great ass that had turned me on earlier. A neatly trimmed bush proved Rose's curtains matched her drapes. Puffy pink pussy lips protruded beneath it glistening with proof of her desire. Those long tan legs supported the whole fuckable package.

My cock sprang into instantaneous hardness straining against my jeans. It and her nipples seemed to be engaged in a pointing contest as our eyes met. Rose's were sparkling with a hint of uncertainty in them.

"Wes, please don't feel badly toward me. I know I was awfully forward earlier placing my foot in your crotch." Rose paused taking a deep breath. "I've never done anything like this before. Oh, what I'm doing is trying to seduce you. I'm making a fool of myself. I'm forty today and I just really have to know if I can still turn a man's head."

"Wes, will you make love to me? Please!" Her request came out in a whisper.

"Rose, as you can see by my reaction, you are more than capable of turning more than any man's head. I'd be honored to grant your birthday wish and make love to you."

"But what about Gerald?" I asked the obvious.

"I love Gerald. He's a good man. But, God help me, he hasn't done more than kiss me in two years! He can't get it up, Wes. He jokes that I wore him to a nub." Rose confessed.

"I know this this is wrong, but I need a man! Wes, I need you if you'll have me!"

Hearing the honest desperation in her voice, I quickly shed my clothes, scooped Rose into my arms and carried her to her bed. Placing her gently on it, her hair fanned out contrasting with the champagne colored pillows. She looked up at me with anticipation in her eyes.

"Beautiful!" I whispered laying beside her. A passion packed kiss that left her breathless began my tour of her body. Nibbling the nape of her neck, kissing my way through the valley of Rose's cleavage, my lips kissed up first her left breast then her right, tasting her titflesh. Capturing her eraser sized nipples and suckling them causing Rose to start panting as pleasure poured through her body.

As my kisses passed over her stomach, my tongue took a detour lapping at her sexy navel. Rose whimpered and squirmed as I hung a hard right at the top of her trimmed triangle, covering every inch of her legs with kisses. Down and back up until my nose was inches away from her steaming pussy.

"This has to be why your name is Rose. Your pussy lips are in full bloom down here, sweetheart." Her pussy was a pink rose blossom, fragrant and begging to be savored. Tracing the outer lips with my tongue caused Rose to moan and try to push my head inside of her. She began thrusting her hips, her body begging for more.

Giving her more, my lips spelled out "Sexy Rose" before I gave her clit a quick kiss and an intense suck.

"G..G.O.DDD! I'm C..U.MM.MMM.ING!!" Rose screamed, as her thighs wrapped around my head and her hips shot up off of the bed as she nearly drowned me in her juices as a series of orgasms rocked her world!

When Rose finally collapsed back onto the bed I didn't give her a chance to catch her breath. It had been a long time for both of us and I needed to bury myself into her. I thought she might protest as I began to piston in and out of her when tears began to form in her eyes. I slowed asking her if she was okay. She nodded and smiled picking up her pace meeting me thrust for needy thrust.

"Lord yes, I'm okay! Wes, you are filling me. Your big cock is hitting places that no man ever has. You feel so good! Please, don't stop!" Her admission and the tightness of her underused pussy as she pleaded caused me to understand that Rose had a submissive nature. I gave her a couple of hard thrusts.

"I won't, baby. But, I need you to admit that this magnificent forty year old body is mine from now on. Whenever and wherever I want you. Do you understand, Rose." I slapped her ass and buried my cock in her as deep as I could get it.

"Oh, Wes! That's exactly what I want. I'm your submissive little whore. Is that what you need to hear to get you to keep doing this to me?" My cock gave her my answer pounding her hole as hard as I could.

"Wes! Oh! F..U.CKKK MM..EEE!" Rose begged giving me her body. "Take me! Sh..oo.t your load in me, please! Let me please you! Make me cum all over your big dick!" Her submission nearly sent me over the edge. Yet, I wanted to tests the depths of Rose's submissiveness to me.

"What's in it for me if I allow you to cum so quickly, Rose?" I held my position teasing her gushing cunt with the head of of my cock.

"Anything! Anything you want Wes! Just let me cum!"

ANYTHING. What a wonderful word to hear coming from a naked woman's mouth.

"Okay, I'll get this horny little ass," I gave her another love swat, "off and fill you full in the process. But then, I take control, honey!"

"Fine. Just finish fu.." Before Rose could finish her request I began jackhammering her cunt so hard that her words turned into passionate moans. Her pussy juiced and began clutching and milking me dry. I filled her pussy to overflowing.

In the afterglow, Rose rubbed her messy pussy and asked what she could do to please the man that just gave her her sexuality back.

I kissed her. "Three things come to mind, Rose."

"First, we'll shower together. I want you to show me your cocksucking skills and give me head. You will swallow and don't miss a drop. Next I'll wash your back and while you have it arched I'm gonna fuck this fine ass that has had me hypnotized all day."

"After, our shower, You'll lay across my lap for your birthday spanking. Bare hand on bare ass. Forty licks."

"Then I want you to model those Daisy Dukes and, I don't know a full length apron will do, I guess. Nothing underneath. I want to recreate the moment I first laid eyes on you. Except with a different ending. No pizza. You will be my meal, Rose. I will lay you on your own dining room table and feast until I've had my fill."

Rose looked at me and grinned. "God, you are insatiable, Wes. I just hope my sore kitty and the rest of this old body can keep up and satisfy you."

Our shower was as sexy as I'd planned it. Rose was a voracious cocksucker. She did not miss a drop as I flooded her mouth and watched as she swallowed it all. Next, I got my first piece of Rose's sexy ass. I'd hoped she was an anal virgin but Gerald had been there once before on the night Sara was conceived. Being second in was still an experience because Rose's near virgin ass was still vacuum tight as I blasted into her. She thanked me for turning her into "my little cum whore" as we dried off.

Rose took her birthday spanking like a champ counting off as I alternated my tingling hand from cheek to rosy cheek with each swat. When I finished Rose was juicing again. Before I allowed her to rise, I gave her tender pussy and freshly fucked ass five quick fingerfuck strokes each " to grow on."

Rose dressed in the outfit that I requested and got into position. Bent over the stove with her ass on display for my viewing pleasure. The difference between the blouse she'd worn earlier and the loose fittng apron she was modeling was the easier access to her bare naturallly titanic tits, as they bulged out on the sides and pushed against the front of the apron as gravity did its thing.

"Hey, good lookin'! What ya' got cookin'?" I did a corny Hank Williams impersonation as I stepped behind Rose. My hands wandering underneath the apron tweaking her nipples, she sighed. "Pizza."

"I'm not in the mood for that. I want some of you for dinner." I ground my hard cock into her ass and spun her around. Kissing her hard, I used my good arm to rip the apron off of Rose's body. Attacking her tits, squeezing and sucking them for all I was worth causing Rose to turn into my submissive nypho again in the process. I sat in a chair and Rose peeled the Daisy Duke's down her legs and gave me a little lap dance before I pulled her to me. Straddling me, Rose rode herself to the brink of orgasm before I stood and placed her on her back on the antique oak table. She spread her legs as wide as she could.

"Take me, Wes! I'm your little slut!"

I began my feast by eating her sweet pussy until she came and kept begging for more. Entering her with so much force that every thrust made the heavy table walk across the floor I fucked her until she came again. Then I had her walk wobbly legged around the table and bend over it. She grabbed the other side as I plowed her ass, pushing the table back across the room until we both came.

"That was the best birthday gift I've ever gotten. Thank you, Wes." Rose sighed kissing me as we pulled our sweaty bodies apart and headed back to the shower.

That day began a summer of sexual submission like no other I've ever had. Rose and I fucked in the pool, on her daughter's bed, in the tool shed, the barn, her car, the sofa and of course, her bed, the dining table and the shower. I made up rules for her to follow and she did as she was told. She was to wear as few clothes as possible and a no underwear policy was in effect, unless it was absolutely necessary. I also got head at least once daily from her talented mouth.

She confessed our affair to Gerald and he actually thanked me for pleasing Rose like he no longer could. He admitted that Rose would've probably divorced him if I hadn't come along and given her "what she desired and deserved."

Sara graduated and returned home and Rose asked me to end it. Not being an insensitive ass, I did as she requested to protect Sara from the truth that her parents were not on the same sexual page and that her mom was submissive to me.

We parted with no regrets.

During our conversation yesterday Rose whispered to me. "I dream of us often. Sara just got divorced and came back home. I finally told her about us. She wants to meet you, if you are interested, Wes. I'm pretty sure she needs you."

"I'd love to meet Sara, Rose." I admitted as my own bride of a year, Tamara, appeared by my side. Six months pregnant with her milk chocolate complexion aglow, I made the introductions. All the while dreaming of the possibilities the future held if Sara turns out to be as submissive as her mother, my Rose, and Tamara are.

- Fiction by LW Taylor

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