tagMatureRose Across the Way

Rose Across the Way


Newport, New York 1972 was just as sleepy a little town as it is today. Despite the simple rural setting, like any other town there were countless stories going on behind closed doors. This was one of them.


"You look lovely tonight, Mrs. B." Kenny said as he walked into the kitchen of his neighbor, closing the door behind him, and as the woman who had let him in rolled her eyes, the young man smiled and followed her over to the sink.

"Your Eddie Haskell act again?" Rose Blakeley asked with a smile as she took the small paper bag from her teenage neighbor and set it down next to the sink. "And what did your mother send you over with now?"

"Tomatoes," Kenny replied as he watched Rose take the two mason jars out of the bag and set them on the counter before folding the bag neatly and putting it in the drawer.

Rose wondered whether Mrs. Lansing was actually sending things over to her, or even if her neighbor across the way had any idea that so much of her canning efforts ended up in her cupboards. The Lansing family had always been good neighbors and had been especially considerate after her husband had left her three years ago, but Rose couldn't help but wonder if they knew what their youngest son was up to.

"Well, I guess I can find space for these," Rose said as she opened the door of the kitchen cabinet and looked at the cans and jars that nearly filled the cupboard.

Kenny watched his neighbor intently as she moved things around. Rose was wearing a faded red and white checkered sleeveless top, with the armholes so baggy that he could have even seen the sides of her breasts had Rose not been wearing a bra, like always.

Rose's arms were still carrying a bit of the tan that she had gotten over the summer, and as the middle-aged woman reached up Kenny saw the pale color of her skin when the blouse slid further up.

"Did I ever tell you that you have beautiful arms?" Kenny said as he stared at the woman who had to be - what - close to fifty, and marvelled at how well-toned and shapely those supple limbs of hers were.

"Yes, you have Kenny," Rose said with an amused expression. "Just about every week."

"Is that why you always wear sleeveless blouses when I come over?"

"Do I?" Rose said.

"Every Sunday," Kenny confirmed as he watched Rose brush a wayward hair from her forehead as she craned her neck upward to see the top shelf.

The paleness of the underside of Rose's arm contrasted nicely with the darker outer portion, and as Rose posed there for Kenny his eyes went to Rose's armpit and the coating of peach fuzz that covered the gentle recess of her underarm.

"I didn't realize that," Rose said, although that wasn't exactly true.

"Do you shave your underarms Sunday nights or Monday mornings?" Kenny asked, enjoying the flustered look that Rose got when he would come out with something like that.

"That's rather personal, don't you think?" Rose said as she finally lowered her arm. "Where do you come up with some of this stuff?"

"I dunno. I guess I just say what I think," Kenny offered. "You shouldn't shave them at all."

"Oh, that would really go over well at work," Rose answered.

"Winter's coming," Kenny said. "You'll be all covered up and nobody would know. That's what my Mom does. She doesn't shave all winter. I think it's my old man's idea. He likes them European women. You ought to think about it. You would look really sexy."

"I don't think so," Rose replied. "Guess you'll have to be content with looking at your Mom."

"My Mom?" Kenny said, making a face. "I don't want to look at my mother. At least not the way I look at you."

Rose felt a shiver go down her spine as she went back to making room in the overcrowded cupboard. It was a game that they played, and Rose didn't know why she went along with it. Loneliness, perhaps. Oh, she knew that the kid was just flirting and teasing her, just like she often did with him.

Like the game they played sometimes at night. Kenny's bedroom was upstairs in the house across the way, about fifty yards west of her house. Rose's bedroom faced that way, and they had begun to play out this ritual on occasion.

Rose would leave the curtains open as she got ready for bed, undressing slowly on those nights when she would see Kenny up in his window, looking at her. Kenny used to be wearing only underwear or pajama bottoms, but now he had begun to wear nothing at all.

To Rose's shame, she had begun to look up towards Kenny, but the combination of her less-than-perfect eyesight, the distance between the two houses, and the fact that the outside of Kenny's bedroom window wasn't very clean made it impossible for Rose to see much.

Could Kenny see? Rose often wondered that. Maybe that was why she kept her bedroom window spotless. Since she was on the ground floor, that was easier to do than if it was on the second floor, like Kenny was.

She wanted Kenny to see, inwardly thrilled that a young guy like him would even want to look at a tired old woman like her, even if it was probably just out of boredom. Not much for kids to do around Newport, Rose mused. That was why her two children had moved along as soon as they could - that, and the fact that their father was a drunk and a wife beater, Rose knew.

So Rose kept playing the game, pretending that she was unaware of her young neighbor's voyeuristic ways, and let him look up to a point. When Rose would take off her bra, she would never be facing the window. That wasn't a tease on her part, but more of embarassment because of the way her breasts looked without the harness.

Never much to begin with, Rose was well aware and had been reminded of many times over the years by her ex, her small breasts were no longer perky but sagged noticeably, like much of the rest of her, Rose admitted to herself. No sense ruining it for the kid, Rose had concluded, so she let him use his imagination when her bra came off and she would turn out the light.

"What?" Rose said, suddenly aware that Kenny had been talking to her while she was deep in thought. "I'm sorry."

"I said that if you wanted me too, I could shave you. Your armpits and legs, I mean," Kenny repeated, the color in his cheeks rising. "Men do that to their lovers a lot. I've read about it in books."

"Oh really?" Rose laughed. "And what book might that have been in?"

"I forgot the name of it," Kenny mumbled. "I found it in the attic with a bunch of other stuff my old man thought he had hidden."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah," Kenny replied. "In the book the man gave the woman a bath, and then he shaved her legs and underarms for her, and then they made love."

"Sounds like one heck of a book, but I don't know if a kid should be reading that stuff," Rose answered, putting the last jar away and closing the cabinet.

"I'm not a kid Mrs. B.," Kenny said with a trace of irritation in his voice. "I got my draft card last month."

"That's right," Rose said. "I forget that you're only two years younger than Henry. Time flies."

"I could read the book to you, if you would want," Kenny offered. "I could go get it."

"That's okay."

"I would say that I could read it to you over the phone later, but I don't have a phone in my bedroom like you do."

"So, I take it that the Bills must have lost today," Rose said, trying to change the subject. "I heard your Dad yelling this afternoon."

"Yeah, they lost," Kenny said. "So what do you think?"

"About what?"

"Me doing that," Kenny said, fidgeting as he leaned against the counter toward Rose. "Giving you a bath. Shaving your legs and underarms."

"One of these days I'm going to take you up on one of these crazy things you come up with, Kenny Lansing," Rose said in a playfully scolding voice.

"Tonight?" Kenny asked. "I'm not just talk, you know."

"If you think I'm foolish enough to get naked in front of a kid..."

"Man," Kenny said.

"Okay, a man then. Me getting naked in front of a less - way less - than half my age?" Rose said.

"You let me look at you through the window," Kenny said, blurting out what had been left unsaid for so long.

"That's... that's different," Rose said, stammering as she moved a couple of steps away from Kenny, until her back was against the stove. "It's not like you can see anything."

"I've seen everything," Kenny said in a quiet voice. "And you've seen me."

"No. I can't. Didn't," Rose said. "My eyesight isn't all that great, and you window needs cleaning."

"Shit," Kenny said, and then mumbled an apology. "I wanted you to see me. I wanted you to see how much you turn me on."

"Kenny," Rose said, looking around the room like she wanted to bolt out of her own house. "I'm an old woman."

"No you aren't."

"What happened to that girl?" Rose countered. "That blonde I saw you with a lot over the summer? That busty one that works at the Stewart's in town?"


"I guess," Rose retorted. "Whoever she is. Why you would look at me when you have somebody like that around?"

"She's just a girl," Kenny said, taking a deep breath before continuing. "You're a woman. I love you. I always have."


"I've wanted you since forever," Kenny said, talking fast and finally saying aloud what he had rehearsed in his min for so long. "Back when that asshole was still here, I could hear him screaming at you and hitting you, and I used to lay in bed crying, wanting to come over and kill him."

Kenny looked at Rose, who had a pained look on her face as she looked up to the ceiling, and brought his hands down to his belt. Undoing the buckle, he unsnapped the fastener, and the sound of it echoed in the quiet room. Rose's eyes came down at the sound, and she found herself watching the nervous teenager as he slid the jeans down his legs and stepped out of them.

His underwear. Rose did a double take when she saw the obscene bulge in Kenny's tight white underwear. It was as if there was a snake inside of the cotton briefs that seemed over-matched in trying to contain it, and then Kenny was peeling his underwear down.

Rose gasped when she saw Kenny's penis spring out from his confinement. His cock was hard and it seemed enormous as the long pole swayed in front of him, out of place on the skinny torso of the kid not much larger in stature than she was.

"Look at me," Kenny said in a voice that was pleading. "Please don't turn away."

Almost as if she was wrestling with an unseen force, Rose tried not to look at Kenny, now naked to the waist. His skinny pale legs with the dusting of hair on the calves, and the pale smooth thighs and then his cock. Long and thin and pale, it sprung around lazily in front of the young man as it sprouted from the modest nest of hair above it, and it was so erect that it curved upward slightly, exposing the wrinkled sac and the large orbs in held loosely in the dangling pouch.

"I can't," Rose said, biting her lower lip as tears trickled down her cheeks.

"Yes you can," Kenny insisted. "I want you to see me like I've seen you. I know I'm not much to look at, but..."

"No. You're beautiful. Really you are. It's not that," Rose stammered. "I had no idea..."

Had no idea how well endowed you were, Rose wanted to say as she tried to turn away from the kid with the decidedly manly features. Rose had only been with one man before she had been married, and none since, so her experience was limited, but neither of those men were built anything like Kenny.

"I'm not a virgin, if that's what you're worried about" Kenny explained, mentally dismissing Joni and Diane as merely sex in the grand scheme of things. "But I've never really made love before. Not with a woman. A woman I love."


Rose found herself in her bedroom, and stood like she was a guest in her own house, standing in the doorway as she watched the slender kid with the pale butt go over and close the curtains before clicking on the little lamp by the side of the bed.

"Please don't," Rose asked. "The light, I mean."

"I've seen you already," Kenny said.

"Not like this though," Rose said, turning and closing the door, turning the latch as she felt Kenny's presence behind her.

"Yes I have," Kenny said. "Please don't be mad. I've looked at you though the window."

"I know."

"No, I mean other times," Kenny confessed. "I peeked in at you when you've come out of the shower. Other times when you're naked too. I've seen every inch of your body."

Rose shuddered when she felt Kenny's hands slid down her arms before beginning to open the buttons of her blouse, his hands trembling just like hers were as he admitted what he had done.

"I've seen the little tattoo of the ladybug on small of your back, and that scar farther up," Kenny said as he undid the last button and opened Rose's blouse from behind her.

Rose felt naked even though she wasn't as she recalled how her husband had caused that scar, one of the ones that were visible, but as Kenny kept telling her about her body, she wasn't upset but relieved.

"Your breasts," Kenny said as he pulled the blouse off of Rose's slender shoulders and kissed the nape of her neck. "Your nipples - so big and plump that I've always dreamed about taking them into my mouth, and those little dimples on your butt drive me wild."

Rose felt her bra come undone, and as her breasts eased downward the cups were replaced by Kenny's hands, which cradled them lovingly in his palms.

"Just like I had dreamed them to be," Kenny moaned, trying not to rub his cock against Rose's backside for fear he would cum. "Even better."

Rose's breathing was rapid and loud as she looked down and saw her spongy little breasts get kneaded, gently at first and then a little rougher, and Rose leaned back against the lad and let him have his way.

"Between your legs," Kenny said as he undid Rose's shorts and let them drop to the floor. "I love it - love how thick and plush your pubic hair looked. Always fantasized that it would be soft to the touch."

Rose looked down at the pale hand sliding under the worn elastic of her panties, and her knees buckled as Kenny's fingers raked through the jungle of hair on their way down.

"Omigod! You're wet," Kenny gasped as his hand found the hair was not only soft but very moist. "Are you as excited as I am?"

Rose noticed that she hadn't made the bed, but as she landed on the soft sheets she was just as glad. She was tearing at Kenny's t-shirt while he was trying to yank down her panties, and while it would have been easier if they had waited, it was as if they were both too crazed to bother with that.

"No,' Rose whimpered when she saw Kenny start to lower his head between her legs, and with an urgency that was shocking to both of them she pulled Kenny up on top of her, grabbing his throbbing cock and trying to put it between her legs.

"Easy," Rose gasped as Kenny took his cock from her hand and slid it up and down her wet pussy before starting to slide it in, and although he was as gentle as he could be, Rose still cried out as his cock tore through her long-neglected opening.

"Sorry," Rose heard Kenny saying as his long manhood kept going deeper and deeper into Rose, reaching areas that no man had ever touched before, and as she writhed underneath the boy her hands were clawing at his shoulders and back while her legs thrashed around wildly.

From the moment his cock went into Rose's tight opening, Kenny fought not to cum. All of those other times, he had been in control, able to hold back until he was ready. This was different. This was Rose, and she wasn't some goofy girl he was having sex with, but a real woman. A woman he loved.

Kenny thrust in and out of Rose carefully, but as he began losing control he sped up, moving his cock in and out fast and hard in an attempt to make Rose cum too. She did, a few seconds after he had begun ejaculating inside of her, and as she cried and clawed at him he kept going, thrusting himself into her as hard as he could, and kept going after he had gone somewhat soft.

Rose had come down off of the incredible heights that her orgasm had brought her, an orgasm like she could not recall ever having before, and now she was looking at Kenny's face, which still had the intensity it had shown while he had made love. Now, moving his still sizable manhood in her even though she could feel he had cum, he continued as he had been doing.

It felt good, Rose had to admit, and even though Kenny was now soft he felt just as big inside of her as her husband used to feel erect. Suddenly, Rose began to feel Kenny getting hard again. Slowly at first, his probing member grew harder and harder, longer and longer, and when he was hard again the two of them began laughing like loons.

This time, Kenny came when he wanted, and not before he had brought Rose to a couple more orgasms of her own. Her pussy was sore, but it was a good ache, and after her last orgasm had made her practically pass out, Rose implored Kenny to cum.

"Cum for me, Kenny," Rose asked, her hands squeezing his tight little butt as she looked into his eyes. "I want to feel you cum this time. Give it to me, love."

Rose watched as Kenny's face began contorting, his boyish features becoming all twisted as his previously slow and steady movement in and out of her stopped, and then she watched as Kenny cried out while his cock jerked inside of her.

"Yes!" Rose cried out as she felt the warmth of his seed spurt deep into her womb. "I feel it. So good."

Rose's fingers kept digging into his little buttocks until she felt Kenny go limp again inside of her, and as he delicately pulled his flaccid hose out of her he leaned down and kissed her on the lips.

"I really do love you," Kenny said. "Now more than ever."

"I love you too, baby," Rose said, and she meant it as well, as their sweaty bodies embraced.


They talked for quite a while, and as they spoke their hands gently caressed each other's bodies. Kenny spoke about his ambitions; to join the Air Force and maybe become a pilot, and Rose told Kenny about her kids, who Kenny only knew slightly because of them being older.

Rose didn't discuss her husband, and didn't have to. Even Kenny had been able to figure it out, and he was just a kid when it was happening. Besides, this night was so special that she didn't want to ruin a second of it.

"Uh - your thingy is pointing at me again," Rose said as she reached down and took the long warm prong in her hand and began stroking it.

"I know a place where it would like to go," Kenny said.

"I'm kinda sore," Rose said. "Not used to anything down there these days."

"Especially not one as big as yours is," Rose added when she saw Kenny pout a little. "I have another place in mind for him though."

Rose kissed her way down Kenny's body while she continued to stroke the long staff, and when her mouth reached his cock she let her tongue slide all the way down the underside, from the tip of the mushroom head right down the veined shaft to the very root of his manhood.

I used to love doing this, Rose thought as she let her lips slide down Kenny's cock until they met her fist which was wrapped around the bottom, back when I used to love the man it was attached to.

Now Rose felt that old joy return, and began working over Kenny's cock in earnest, her wet and warm mouth taking in as much of it as she good while massaging his balls in time. Rose could feel the pulsating going on inside of Kenny's member, and the noises he was making in response to her affection excited her as well.

"Rose," Kenny said, using her first name after having been scolded out of calling her Mrs. B. ever again. "This is really good."

"It's supposed to be good," Rose replied after taking the cock out of her mouth for a moment.

"I know," Kenny said, groaning when Rose ducked down and took his left ball in her mouth and sucked on it hard, making a loud popping noise when she released it. "But I'm not going to be able to stop - you know."

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