Round One


This is an actual transcript of the very first cyber between me and my online lover. Some edits have been made, as the typos flew fast and furious and we got a little incoherent as our excitement peaked. You may find the POV confusing if you haven't cybered or read much of it. We are addressing one another in 1st and 2nd person, and the double linebreaks are POV shifts.


But right now, if you were in front of me, I don't think I could stop myself from having your pants off and making you mine.

I wouldn't stop you

I'd slip my hand up into your hair and pull your face into mine.

I'd bite your lip before kissing you.. letting you know you will be mine

I'd kiss and lick your lips until you opened and let our tongues dance.
But at the touch of your teeth I'd be tempted, so tempted, to let you have your way with me instead of the other way around.
I'd melt against you for a moment before stiffening my resolve to own you and capturing your wrists to hold behind your back.

*whimpers with anticipation*

With your wrists behind your back, and your hot slutty moans in my mouth, I explore your mouth with mine, probing and testing.
Then I slide my lips and tongue away from your mouth, down your chin, down your neck, to your cleavage.
As I encounter your shirt, I make you giggle when I rip buttons off with my teeth.
But your giggles return to moans as I reach your beautiful braless breasts and begin to lick.
Shifting my grip to hold your wrists with one hand, my other hand slides down the back of your pants to discover you've also foregone panties.
"You sexy fucking barbarian, with no underwear whatsoever. That eager to fuck, are we?"

*whispers* yes...

I slide the hand in your pants forward, over your hip, to your lower belly hidden under your pants.
"I know," I smile at your helpless lust.
I slowly, so slowly, shift my hand so your pants' button is between my thumb and fingers.
"Shall I?"


"Very good, you don't have to learn to say please," as I unbutton you.
I nudge the zipper down slightly.
Seemingly unmoved by your whimpers and gasps, I lick a nipple. "You'll have to ask for it."
Shifting to your other breast, I lick and then suck its nipple wetly.

I thrust against your hand impatiently

"You want it. We both know it. Ask me soon, or I'll make you beg instead."
I slide two fingers under your mostly closed zipper, inadvertently opening it a bit more.

"More... I want more" I growl

I want to hold out, make you ask sweetly, but I'm nearly beyond control. Releasing your wrists from the one hand while tugging your zipper down with the other, I grasp the sides of your pants and tear them down your hips.
With your pants hanging on your thighs, one hand returns to the back of your head to roughly shove your mouth onto mine.
My other hand slides into the juncture between your legs.
Finding you soaking wet, I slide two fingers across your slippery pussy lips, barely grazing your clit, while I thrust my tongue roughly back into your mouth.
Owning your willing mouth, I take further possession of your pussy, sliding that same devilish pair of fingers inside.

I give a long moaning gasp as your lips claim mine, pushing myself greedily into your hand. My hands find your chest, steadying myself with one hand. The other scratches lightly down your chest to tease your nipple

Despite my determination to play the tough guy, I gasp slightly at your touch on my nipple.
You feel my fingers inside you, curling into a "come here" gesture, up and down against your most sensitive spot.
While my thumb moves in to tease your clit.

I chuckle evilly and lean forward to lick your nipple...

Barely grazing your tip poking out from its hood, my thumb teases it out, asking it to come out and play, as I gasp in realization that you've already found one of my hot spots.
Moving my hand from your hair to your hand, I slide it inside my open shirt in mute invitation to slide it off my shoulders.
At the same time, I add a third finger to your wet depths and rub your clit a bit harder with my thumb.

I run my hands along your chest, up to your shoulders but leaving your shirt on, not wanting to give you an excuse to move your hand out of my very wet pussy. I close my eyes and let the first wave roll over me, shuddering lightly. I open my eyes, looking into yours with pure lust, and drag my nails down your chest, back to the nipples that are taunting me. I rub both of them lightly with my thumbs, teasing them until they are hard and happy.
they feel ready and I pinch them both.

I show my weakness once again and melt into you, my free hand sliding around your side to your lower back to pull us together, my hardness tenting my pants urgently against your thigh.

"I want you" I whisper and pinch and flick your nipples. "I want you hard and fast love."

A fourth finger enters your pussy. With no more impediments, I slide my fingers further up into your wetness and my thumb hard against your clit.

I cry out in ecstasy sliding my hands down your stomach

Abandoning any pretense of self control, throw away my shirt, and undo my pants.
I grab your wrists and push your hands down my thighs under my pants, pushing them down and off.

I reach for you impatiently, stroking lightly while you struggle with the rest of your clothes

With my clothes completely shed, I drop to my knees in front of you, grasping the top of your pants, still halfway down your thighs. The tables turned, I look up into your eyes in mute plea, asking permission to make you naked with me.

I stroke your hair and nod

Keeping my eyes on yours, I slide your pants down your legs while kissing your mons.
Your pants in a pile at your feet, I stand and wrap my arms around you, ecstatic to be naked together you at last, touching along the entire length of our bodies, man united with woman.

I wrap my arms around your neck and leap, wrapping my legs around your waist. "fuck me..." I growl

Looking around the entryway, where you entered only moments before and unleashed a mad, impatient lust that would not be denied, I chuckle and carry your eager body into the greatroom, where you see a soft playpen couch waiting. You can't help noticing the sections have been pushed together to be more conducive to fucking than to watching TV or seating guests.

I tangle my fingers in your hair, licking your neck and nibbling on your ear

Moaning as we approach the couch, I lay you down without breaking your legs' luscious grip.
My cock is already sliding against your damp lips, wetting me in preparation.

I wiggle and squirm, trying to take you into me

With a twist and a thrust, I enter you in a single steady stroke.

a long low moan escapes as you enter me, my back arching, my fingers pulling your hair... the other hand slides down your back to your ass, getting a firm grip

Pausing for a brief moment to relish the end of the waiting, I then pull back until only the head remains hidden and slam back into your depths.

"FUCK YES!!" oh gods yes!
my other hand slides down to your ass, grasping tight, pulling you into me

You see the fire in my eyes as you find my next hotspot. Was it slamming home into you, or your hands on my ass? But you notice that as I slide back out, I don't pull back far enough to break your grip.

I dig my nails in, keeping you from escaping my grasp, kneading slightly

There's nothing to see in my eyes but hot lust as we build a rhythm, relaxing your pull to let me pull out, then joining your strength to mine to return my cock to its new home in your pussy.

My breathing is ragged and gaspy. There is no doubt how much I NEED you and want you inside me. I match your thrusts with my own. Reveling in the sight, and sound of our passion.
I slide my hands up your back and around your sides... returning to your nipples. rubbing lightly when you pull out and pinching hard when you thrust into me

The growls of my animal lust are interrupted as a longing light returns to my eyes at your aggressive touch, but nothing stops my pistoning hips. Part of me wants to surrender to the gorgeous goddess beneath me, but that part is lost in the burning need to fuck her.
I've found my goddess, you can see in my eyes, and I will surrender to her, but first I will fuck her.
Fuck her gloriously.
Fuck you gloriously, my goddess.
You see this in my eyes as I repeatedly part your womanhood with my rampant rod of iron.

"More... more! cum for me"

My own breathing is getting ragged as my moment approaches.
My cock fairly pulse with my need to cum in you.

My moans become shrill as I feel you getting close, filling me with your swollen cock

My rhythm falters as my animal growls return, but the speed of our coupling only increases.
I finally thrust home and halt, holding as far inside you as humanly possible. You see the humanity return to my eyes as my growls turn into a yell and then into a moan, my manhood releasing my cum into your pussy.

My cries join yours, my hips bucking, cumming hard and drenching your cock. My hands holding your hips tight against mine.
I slowly start to relax against you
kissing your neck and chest lightly
stroking your sides and back, hips and butt.

I nuzzle in your hair, breathing in your scent, learning it, memorizing it.
I nearly purr at your attentions. My animal lust gentled.
For now.

I laugh lightly and murmer against your neck, Round one...

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