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Part 1: Phone Domination Isn't For Losers

As a phone sex Mistress, I hear a lot of excuses as to why people choose not to call ranging from "Why pay when I can get it for free?", "Phone sex is for losers", "I can't get turned on by it." to "I want the real thing, not a fantasy." They are entitled to their opinion, however, I think that many people are close-minded about an experience which can be extremely erotic, not to mention safe and cost effective.

1.) Phone sex is a safe way to explore fantasies for the newly kinky and reprobate old perverts alike. There is no risk of getting an STD. You don't have to worry about whether your Mistress honors safe words because you can stop if you don't like something. You don't run the risk of paying out big bucks for a mediocre experience because you only pay by the minute. Again, if you don't like it you can just hang up. You can go places in fantasies that you might not go in real life. Or you can "try them on" and see if a particular fantasy is for you. And if you are hung up on how you look, or are shy, looks aren't as important as imagination and sexual creativity on the phone.

2.) What do I say when people say phone sex is for losers?

My impression is that most of my customers are NOT losers. The type of person that is attracted to the submissive role is varied, but it seems that most of them are highly intelligent and successful.

In my opinion, phone sex is a more intelligent choice. It takes imagination and an intelligent mind to get turned on by erotica over the phone. I also feel that people who make the choice to go to a phone dominatrix value their physical health over sexual impulse. Being a submissive is a risky position. People who err on the side of caution are that much ahead of the rest. Also, the type of customers who are attracted to my flavor of kink, i.e. feminization, tend to be either very secure in their manhood and their ability to get in touch with their feminine side, or they are at peace with their exploration of the feminine and feel comfortable with it. No coward or loser would dare to be called a pussy or have the female/male roles reversed. In fact, in my opinion, the losers are the ones who hide behind macho facades such as "I ain't no sissy?" For my callers to allow me to take them to that place of sissification, it takes great nerve and security in who they are as a person.

3.) Phone sex Mistresses are more available than the professional dominatrix. Therefore, the price is usually reasonable, anywhere (on average) from .79/minute on up to 2.99 per minute. Since most calls last on an average of 3 minutes, you cannot really go wrong. So if you want to go out and pay $10 for a cheap street hooker and run the risk of getting an STD go ahead. However, you'll get more for your money with a phone dominatrix and you'll find that most of the phone dominatrix in the business are far more intelligent and far more interested in giving you the ultimate domination experience, and enjoying themselves in the process. In addition to that, with the computer age and the ability to forward calls, more and more women with mainstream lives are becoming part time phone sex operators, so stereotypes of phone sex women do not really apply.

4.) Why pay when you can get it for free? To put it simply, there are no games, no strings, and no commitments. You don't have to go through the game playing of the dating experience or be concerned that your phone dominatrix is not going to be into your kink. Most state their preferences clearly on their website so you know where you stand. You can have a regular calling relationship with a phone dominatrix, or not. But there are never any obligations. Phone workers are discreet. Although I get to know the personality and likes and dislikes of my regular callers, I have no commitment to them other than sharing my imagination, my sexy voice, and my love of BDSM. I don't see any of their financial info or their name because the website I work out of takes care of that.

Part 2: Making It Real

So how do you make a phone domination fantasy real, hot, and passionate?

1) Know the person's hot buttons, fetishes, and limits. It helps to have them share in an email or on the phone what turns them on and their limits. Submissive fetishists are diverse in their tastes. Mistresses can develop a survey or a consent agreement which when answered by the submissive allows her to get to know them better. I find phone domination services which just launch into a script or a domination scene the minute you pick up the phone to be not at all concerned with the client.

Some clients expect that of a phone domination service and if you ask them what their kink is, they have no ability to vocalize what it is that they want. When they don't know what they want, then I can try to second guess them, or I can tell them what really turns me on, but since my calls run the gamut of sexual orientation and gender identity, it is kind of like playing the lottery. Which fetish am I going to pull out of the hat when you call? It is better if you send me an email telling me your nickname and what it is that turns your crank.

2) Make it erotic. Get very descriptive of your body and his and what your responses are to dominating him. Describe every sensation in great detail. Ask him how he is doing. Know how aroused he is and use this to prolong his orgasm. Tease him, tantalize him, and deny him. Use your voice to dominate him. Make it soft and sexy then hard and demanding. Push him over the edge with your demands, when the time is right.

3) Make it real. Tell your submissive what you would like for him to bring with him to the phone, for example, dildos, butt plugs, nipple clamps, clothes pins, a candle, a belt, etc. Tell him exactly what to do with the items he has gotten. Make him feel vulnerable and controlled. It helps if he can let go and feel that he is not in control of what happens. Own his body. Tell him exactly when and if he can have release. Give him homework. Tell him what he needs to do before the next session. Promise punishment if he does not do it and follow through.

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