tagMatureRuby Jane Asks For Help

Ruby Jane Asks For Help

bySven the Elder©

Ruby-Jane is the daughter of some folks a few doors up the road from where we live – we don't know them well; I suppose you'd call us 'nodding acquaintances.'

I'll call her Ruby for short and also because that's what most people called her. We'd watched her grow up over the last seven or eight years from awkward shy teenager, to what she now was – a self-assured, tall, willowy young woman just turned twenty-one. She wasn't staggeringly beautiful, but had a good figure and knew how to dress and look good. I know a lot of the young men, and older ones too, lusted after her and she certainly seemed popular.

Once or twice in the past I had helped with the family computer when it needed a little bit of TLC so she knew I was in the computer industry.

My story really starts this morning. My daughter, I live on my own with her, needed to go visit some friends for a couple of days and was just being driven off to the station in a cab while I waited in for a business call due inside the time it would take me to go drop her off at the train station and get back.

As I finished waving her off and just before I turned to go back in Ruby turned the corner and waved. Now like most people I'm a sucker for a pretty girl and in Ruby's case it wasn't difficult to stop and talk for a few minutes.

She bounced down the path towards me moving in a manner that suggested that a bra had not been part of her dressing routine this morning. Lovely if a little off-putting in that it made it quite difficult to concentrate on what she was saying.

"Hi Mr S!"

Now that she's grown up I've asked her to call me Sven, but she still uses the name she gave me when she was growing up.

"Can I ask you a question? "

"Course you can, Ruby."

"You have an iPhone, yes?" She knew I had so she was on a safe bet. "Could you show me something on it please?"

"You'd best come in and we can discuss it a little easier inside, perhaps over a coffee?" I stepped aside and then followed her into the hall-way.

What then followed took me totally by surprise. We're near enough the same height so we stand eye to eye so to speak.

Ruby closed right up to me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me full on the mouth. She'd thrown me slightly off balance as she did so and I ended up with my hands on her hips. Even so I was quite unprepared for her hands to be moved down and placed on my back-side, pulling me into her where she could feel the instant woodie that had by now occurred. She seemed pleased to feel it against her.

"Oh now 'that's' nice, what a lovely welcome..." was her comment as she ground her pelvis against mine. She stepped back a fraction and with what appeared to be a very practised movement had my shorts undone and round my ankles while I still stood with my mouth open in shock. She gripped 'him' and slid her hands up and down in a manner which suggested quite a lot of practical experience.

As you do, I groaned at the sensory overload. She looked me in the eye, let him go and whipped her t-shirt off over her head, full breasts showing the pink of quite a high degree of arousal, nipples standing hard and proud from her areola. While I continued to gawp at the unfolding sight she continued by taking my own shirt off followed by her shorts so that we stood there naked facing each other.

Her practical nature showed up as she first locked the front door and then knelt down so as to be able to concentrate a little better on the ram-rod hard erection that was still trying to grow for England. She licked gently round the tip, pulling the skin back and then used her lips and tongue on the sensitive corona. Then Ruby sword-swallowed me whole, nose and lips against my stomach. In my case that takes a little doing. What takes even more doing is that as she moved back down so that her lips were just round the very tip she left behind a fully fitted condom. Ladies, how do you do that? I've only ever read about it but it had just been done to me. Wow!

Ruby pulled me down to join her on the floor then pushed me gently onto my back, straddled me, aimed him and then took him all into her hot, ready centre 'til our pubic hair velcroed us together.

Just like that.

Thank God for the rubber coat! It desensitised me enough that I didn't come on the spot.

Then she started.

Hands on my shoulders bouncing herself up and down on me, breasts trying to beat themselves to death as I gripped her wonderful ass-cheeks pulling her back onto me every time she threatened to come off the top.

We were never going to last long, but the explosion of that hard come startled us both, certainly it curled my toes in a spasm that made them ache for a several hours afterwards.

Ruby's back arched as she went rigid – still trying to cram in even more of him than she had already got inside her. Then she sort of crumpled down and lay on top of me, sweat running off both of us in rivulets as we gasped for breath.

As I shrivelled and slipped from her hot wet depths she moved easily off me onto her side. With easy practice she made sure the condom had come with me, eased it off him and knotted the end. She got to her feet ambled down the corridor, found the downstairs bathroom and flushed the evidence away.

Sticking her head round the door she smiled and asked for a towel to use in the shower. I found a large towel and joined her in the stinging, hot deluge.

She grabbed some soap and washed me, bringing him up to full staff as I in turn washed her.

"I can't make you pregnant, you know?" I said.

"Oh, good." Was the response as she pushed me back onto the shower seat, followed by her turning her back to me and sitting carefully down on him, taking him deep inside again. I cupped her breasts with both hands as she once again bounced on her 'real, live, dildo.' She started to make little squeeky noises as she came again hard and fast, her muscles clamping down on me as she did so. I came again with surprising vigour.

This time she reached up and turned the shower off before lifting herself off then going down on me to clean him off with her mouth., something she did with neatness and alacrity.

She licked her lips and cleaned the excess off her mouth with a finger then did the same on the leakage lower down as she finished off.

"I do love that taste. We'll have to do this again sometime. When is Beth going away next?" She asked.

Then without waiting for an answer she turned the shower on again, we finished cleaning up and I dried her first before she dried me off. Then, naked, we wandered out into the hallway, found our scattered clothes and got dressed.

I wandered into the kitchen and got some air-freshener as well – the place reeked of very good, wet sex.

Ruby-Jane finished putting on what few clothes she had been wearing, got her purse and then said, "Now... about my iPhone..."

We both burst out laughing as she followed me into the kitchen to discuss her 'iPhone problem' while I made us both a coffee.

I do love 'trouble-shooting' computer problems.


Sven the Elder

© February 2011

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