Sales Call


We had been talking online for quite sometime, almost a year. You knew that I was married, what city and where I worked. There was little that we didn't know about each other. Our trust grew as time went on.

We chatted about many things from current events to family life to our fantasized sensual desires. Many times we wished to be able to come through the phone wire to the others location to make those desires come true.

Our phone conversations were few and far between. When we did talk we were laying in bed in the dark, our hands touching ourselves as we slipped into an erotic dream coming from the others voice on the line. The moans, the need in the others voice as we spoke and finally the release that we wanted...but wishing it was at the hand of the other. Then laying there listening to each other breathe. It was as if you were lying next to me instead of many miles away. It's always so hard to hang up the phone.

Once in a while you would call me at work and see how my day is going. What a nice break in my day. One day you called and asked about my day and what I was doing at lunch. I said it was the same old boring day and that I was going out for lunch. You said you had to go and that you would see me soon. I thought that was a figure of speech. Wrong!

The front desk buzzed me and said I had a salesperson in the lobby. I said that was fine, send them back to my office. In walked this active woman beaming a very big smile. I stood and said Hi, I'm Anthony. As I looked up, the face seems very familiar to me. You said "I know" smiling. You could see the realization on my face that I was puzzled.. that something was up. You were almost laughing and said I'm...I said yes I know and smiled. I reach for the door and closed it. Then we kissed.

Your hand pulls open your trench coat to reveal a white lace crop top, a garter and stockings with heels. You asked me if I thought this was appropriate business wear. I said, "Yes". We kissed and fondled each other. Seems to me that this was a fantasy of ours. You said, "Really, I don't remember" with a sly grin.

I closed my blinds and let you sit on my desk. You let your coat drop back revealing such a sensual sight. I put your feet on the arms of my chair and moved in closer. I let my face hover over your mound to inhale your musk. Then I had to taste you, my tongue dipped between your lips sampling your wetness.

MMM the taste and smell were incredible. The softness of your lips and your hard clit as my tongue move over them was exquisite. I feel you fingers in my hair pushing down on me. We both know we must be very quiet so as not to be heard. I can hear your breathing quicken and your body reacting to my efforts to please you. My face is covered with your juices.

I feel your legs go over my shoulders as you lean back. Sometimes you are watching me feast and others you are lost in pleasure. I feel you muscles start to contract and your body shakes. I could see that you were trying hard to be quiet as you came into my mouth. I sucked the your juices out of you. So wet and tasty. Finally you hugged your body around my head. Your breathing in my ear tells me all.

You slide off the desk and kneel before me as I sit in my chair. Unzipping my pants you look possessed, wanting what is in there. You free my cock ohhhh babe that feels so good. Smiling as you look at me you lick the precum that drips from the tip. You say you love my shaven cock and balls as you caress me. Your hand moves up and down my shaft as you suck the tip. I move my hips forward giving you more room. My head is back; I am trying not to moan.

I see you fingering yourself as you suck me. Then you take your well-lubed finger and slide it up my ass. I almost come out of my chair. I feel you mouth take me in deep as you go down on me. My body trusts forward and I shot my cum into your mouth. I hear you sucking it down. I am almost panting as you clean me up. You stand up and slip your coat on. Leaning over me you kiss me deeply sharing my cum with me mmmm.

Nice doing business with you Mr. Brown, here is a key to my room in town. I will be there whenever you leave work today. You leave and I watch the clock to see that it doesn't seem that I am following you out. Twenty minutes later I am drive across town to meet with my new sales rep again.

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