Sally Teases


My wife, Sally, and I had been married for five years – she was 29, I was 32 – and our sex life, while still active, was getting a little stale. And we knew it. There only seem to be so many variations... we'd both been very active sexually before we met, and I think we were both getting hit hard by the 'same person for the rest of your life' syndrome.

Sally is a pretty woman, a little overweight but that just adds to the overall impression of voluptuousness and her big (38D) boobs always got men's heads turning when she showed off her cleavage.

We did all the things people do to spice up their sex lives, porn mags, lingerie, role playing, different locations, etc, and it all helped, no doubt about that – sex was still better with Sally than anyone else had ever been – but we were both still left with the feeling that it could be just that little bit better. Things were complicated somewhat by my occasional failure to perform, which I put down to overwork and sally never made an issue of.

The thing that tipped the balance was a New Years Eve party last year. Sally's a natural flirt, which I love, and dresses sexy. On that night he was wearing a mid thigh red dress with a low cut top, a sexy red lacy bra and no knickers (she knows how much I love that!).

Anyway drink flowed, everyone danced, midnight came and went, and I lost track of Sally. No big deal, we aren't joined at the hip, but I was getting tired and went in search of her. She wasn't far away – dancing in the next room with one of my mates. I was just about to leave them to it when I realised one of his hands was massaging her bum, and as I watched he lowered his face to hers and they started kissing. There were only two other couples in there, and they were too intent on their respective partners to take much notice of anything else. I ducked out of the room again and got a drink, then went back to see what was happening.

He had her pressed against the wall now and at the back I could see her dress had been pulled up too her waist and his hands were kneading the cheeks of her arse. A couple of times he tried to slip a hand around the front, but she pushed his hand away, but she didn't seem to mind him playing with her bare arse! Nor with him pushing his tongue in her mouth. Just then she opened her eyes and saw me, and pushed him away. He turned and saw me too, and they both looked sheepish. To give him his due, he came straight over to me and apologised, saying it wasn't her fault and it was just the drink. I think he thought I was going to deck him!

I ignored him and told Sally it was time to go. She was quiet, thinking I was cross. We left the house and walked a little way up the road before I dragged her down an alley and pressed her against the wall like he had, pulling up her skirt at the back and squeezing her arse as I pushed my tongue into her shocked mouth.

I pulled my mouth from hers without releasing my grip on her cheeks, and pressed my erection against her.

"Was he a good kisser?" I asked. Sally's not stupid, and had worked out what was going through my mind.

"Yes, he was, lovely." I quivered and she felt my cock twitch against her belly.

"Did he get you wet?" She nodded. "You slut," I snarled, and spun her round, bending her over a dustbin nearby. I released my cock and pushed into her roughly. "Bet you wish this was him fucking you..."

I lasted about a dozen strokes before I came inside her, an orgasm so intense my legs started shaking so much I thought I'd fall over. She whimpered as I came.

Then I stood her up and smoothed down her dress and we walked the 5 minutes home in virtual silence, both of us, I think, embarrassed by what had just happened, and we went to bed without really speaking.

The next night was tense, but she finally brought the subject up, tearfully apologising and promising that it wouldn't happen again. I made her tell me all the details – not that there were many – and within minutes my cock was raging again, so much so that I pushed her to the floor and virtually raped her on the living room floor. This time I lasted longer and she orgasmed violently as I came inside her. We both lay silently sweating in the aftermath, with Sally looking at me oddly.

Again it didn't get mentioned for a few days until we were next in bed. We'd gone through the foreplay stage and I had just mounted Sally, when annoyingly, and not for the first time, my erection started to fade. I looked anxiously at Sally but she smiled, and said "Martin's hands felt lovely on my bum."

That's all it took. In 2 seconds flat I was as hard as an iron bar as I thrust into her. We both came wildly again.

We fell into a pattern of lovemaking where, if I couldn't get it up, she'd tell me how nice it was kissing martin, the feel of his tongue in her mouth, his hands on her skin, his cock pressing against her, and it seemed to stimulate us both to the most amazing climaxes.

Martin, for his part, was apologetic when I next saw him, but I made light of it as if it was an everyday occurrence. I told him (rightly) that she was a born flirt, and (wrongly) that it happened all the time, and (rightly) that I didn't mind at all. When he realised things were cool between us he confided that he really fancied her, and that the opportunity to cop a feel had seemed too good to pass up. Feeling braver when he saw that I wasn't reacting badly, he told me she had an amazing arse and that it was a shame he didn't get to take things further, telling me that he thought she must be a 'right cracker' in bed and that he was jealous.

That night I almost dragged Sally to the bedroom, and told her what Martin had said, embellishing things a little, telling her that he'd said he really wanted to fuck her, and that he'd had a wank after thinking about her. Again we both reached a new peak that night, but after she warned me that, although as a fantasy it was great, she would never, ever go with another man all the time she was married to me.

After some frank and open talk – the first, in all honesty, for far too long, I admitted that although I was really excited at seeing her being felt up by another man, and that I wouldn't object if it happened again, and she – hesitantly – admitted that she enjoyed it also, and that the episode with martin, although rare, wasn't the first. Then we masturbated each other to a phenomenal orgasm while she told me of two other similar episodes at parties with friends of ours where she'd let them kiss her and have a grope – one, when she was wearing a boob tube, even succeeding in getting her tits out!

We'd been invited to another party in a week's time and we both got more and more nervous as the time got closer. Nothing was said, but on the night Sally asked me if I wanted her to wear knickers, and I said no. She asked what I'd like her to wear and I nervously selected a black boob tube, meaning that she couldn't wear a bra, and a flared black skirt that came half way to her knee. She raised an eyebrow at my choice, but made no further comment.

Sally looked sensational and I found it hard to keep my hands off her. I felt myself thinking that I hoped she'd have the same effect on other guys.

The party was in full swing when we arrived, and I proceeded to feed sally with vodka in the hope that she'd 'dance' with another guy. We didn't know many people there, but Martin was there and greeted us both warmly, eyeing Sally hungrily.

I got chatting to some other guys, wandering off now and again to check on Sally. She was having a great time, dancing with all and sundry, but nothing much was happening. Towards the end of the evening I heard the music slow down and suggested to Martin that he ought to go and dance with Sally. He grinned and disappeared. I left it 10 minutes, then went off in search of them, but was surprised to find Martin in the hallway, alone.

I asked him why he wasn't with Sally and he said that someone else had beaten him to it. I went to go into the room where people were dancing but he pointed me at a different room where the lights were dimmer. "They only went in there a minute ago" he said.

I slipped into the room quietly and sat on the floor, doing my best to look the worse for wear and invisible. There was another couple in the chair in the corner kissing, and I saw Sally and a guy I hadn't seen before on the sofa kissing. My cock was instantly hard as I saw him put a hand on her breast, only to have it pushed away.

Her eyes opened for a moment and she caught sight of me, looking a little uncomfortable, but I smiled at her and she smiled back before closing her eyes and opening her mouth to accept his tongue again.

This time when his hand went to her breast she didn't stop him, and he massaged it for a minute through her top before slipping a hand inside. As he pushed his hand in the whole front of the boob tube was pushed down and her right breast popped into view. Seeing that she made no move to cover it, he tugged some more and both breasts were exposed. At that point Martin slipped into the room and sat next to me.

"Christ!" he whispered. "Fantastic tits!"

The guy she was with obviously thought so too, as he dipped his head to suck on one of her engorged nipples. She took the opportunity to open her eyes again and smiled at me, then did a double take seeing Martin sat there, then shrugged and closed her eyes again.

The guys hands started wandering over her legs, rubbing up and down her thigh, but every time he tried to put one under her skirt she pushed his hand away. Again she looked at me and raised an eyebrow. I smiled at her and nodded, at which she again closed her eyes and, next time the wandering hand slipped under her skirt, she not only let it go, she opened her legs slightly to make it easer.

I knew when his hand encountered her pussy because he stopped dead – he wasn't expecting to find a naked pussy, let alone a freshly shaved one. He stopped sucking her nipple and looked down, lifting her skirt right up to her waist so he (and we) could see everything. His hand dove between her parted thighs and Martin and I saw quite clearly as he slipped first one, then a second finger inside her, and just as clearly we saw her open her legs wider and push her pelvis against his fingers, and heard her moan.

"Fucking hell she's loving that" Martin whispered.

He didn't need to say it – she grabbed his wrist to push his fingers deeper, her hips jerking against them as she started to cum. She clamped her mouth on his to try to suppress her moans, but she was still loud enough for the other couple to stop what they were doing and look over!

When her orgasm subsided she pushed him away and straightened her clothing, covering herself back up. He asked if he could fuck her but she said no, her husband was at the party and if he caught them he'd turn nasty! He looked pretty pissed off, but let her go.

She left the room and a minute later we followed. I met her in the hall. Martin was grinning from ear to ear. "That was bloody fantastic!" he said.

"We need to get home, now!" Sally almost panted at me. I called a cab and they said it would be around 10 minutes. I told Sally this and she went off to get another drink. Martin was still going on about what a fantastic sight it had been and what a lucky guy I was. I laughed and told him he had ten minutes to get his turn!

As luck would have it he'd just cornered her and was kissing her deeply when the taxi arrived. He looked crestfallen but I suggested to Sally that he come with us and she said "Whatever."

I surprised everyone by grabbing the front seat in the cab, leaving the back to Martin and Sally. They started kissing again as soon as they were inside and at one point I thought the driver was going to crash! I looked around to see what he'd seen in the rear view mirror. Sally's ample tits were out again and Martin's hand was up her skirt. Judging by the look on her face he was hitting the spot!

As the car drew up outside the house Sally covered herself up and they went indoors while I paid the cabbie.

I went to get drinks and Sally came out to the kitchen and kissed me.

"Are you still happy about this? She asked.

I nodded enthusiastically. "OK, me too," she said. "It's really exciting, but Martin isn't allowed to fuck me. You make sure he knows that."

"Sure, of course," I said, "But how far is he allowed to go? It's not fair to get him all worked up and not finish him off, like you did that guy at the party."

"How far do you want me to go?" She asked. I just grinned. "OK," she said, then we'll play it by ear. Just so long as you tell him no fucking!"

She sent me back to the living room, where I quickly gave Martin the low-down. He was in full agreement and said if anyone felt things were going too far, just to say the word and he'd stop and leave immediately, no worries.

Sally came back in with a couple of beers and a couple of bottles of Smirnoff ice, her favourite tipple.

She sat down on the sofa next to Martin – I was sat in the armchair opposite – and leaned against him. Martin kissed her passionately, and pulled down the front of the boob tube exposing her breasts again. I could tell how turned on Sally was because her nipples looked painfully stiff, and she whimpered as Martin took one into his mouth.

Of her own volition she pulled up her skirt and opened her legs, her pussy lips gaped open obscenely and I could see how wet she was.

"Feel my cunt" she groaned at Martin. Two fingers slipped straight in up to the knuckle.

I couldn't take any more, I freed my cock and started to masturbate. Martin was driving his fingers in and out of her, his thumb on her clit, and he added a third to her well stretched hole which seemed to send her over the edge and she wailed as she came. It was too much for me and I splashed my load onto the carpet.

They both took a few minutes to cool down, then Martin thanked us and said he should go and leave us to finish the evening off.

"Not so fast," Sally said with a wicked grin. "Mark said I shouldn't leave you high and dry." With that she reached for his zipper and pulled out a very healthy looking cock. "It's only fair I help you out," she said as she started to give him a hand job.

The look on his face was magic, but it turned to one of disbelief as she lowered her head and took the end in her mouth and proceeded to give him an expert, enthusiastic blow job. Not to be left out I knelt behind her and slipped my cock into her sopping wet hole. Martin unloaded in her mouth and she swallowed every drop, and I came again so hard my head swam.

That was about it for that night – Martin went home, we had mind-blowing sex again and Sally made me cum by telling me how good it felt to be felt up by other men, and how she loved having Martin cum in her mouth.

That was eight years ago. We have had all kinds of adventures since then, and she relaxed her no fucking rule with Martin eventually, but numerous men have had a feel and a lucky few have finished off with a blow job or a tit wank!

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