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Sally's Ch. 07


This is the final of the Sally's Series due to time commitments...another school year is starting and time becomes a short commodity right about now. To all those who followed this over the summer thanks and I hope this last one meets your expectations.....Seat542

I am turning off voting for this one, but feel free to leave comments...

PS—I will be writing stand alone stories however....


The end of Part VI....

The crowd surrounded the table. I could see everyone masturbating while we fucked. One woman moved onto the table, kneeling a few feet from us and screamed with pleasure as her orgasm overtook her. Her juices sprayed over us with no particular direction. Cum shot from the other side as a man emptied himself onto Olivia's breasts.

We were being showered in cum and nectars. We began rubbing it over each other. Our faces were covered and our fingers pushed it into our waiting mouths. Olivia dropped her body onto mine and greedily licked my face while we kissed.

Our bodies began to tremble uncontrollably. Our orgasms hit at the same time. My balls erupted deep into Olivia. Stream after stream of cum kept pouring from them. Olivia's pussy was spraying us with her piss and cum.

Lustful grunts and moans surrounded us. We continued to be covered with cum and juices. The Priestess, in what appeared to be a final act, parted her legs and released long streams of golden nectar upon us.

As things subsided we were still fucking, slowly savoring the remnants of our orgasms. Olivia and I slid side by side, embracing and kissing while our hips continued their rhythm. A low chant filled the room as the naked, masked, throng held their outstretched hands over us.

"A sha ta domanatta; a sha ta remana"

..............to be continued.....


The feeling of my cock buried in Olivia was unique; I don't remember ever having a feeling this overwhelming before. It wasn't a cock in a pussy. It was the binding of our sexes. Our bodies moved as one while our mouths made love and our hands gently stroked each other.

There was movement on the table. Warm, moist towels were laid upon us and then tenderly rubbed over our bodies to remove the gifts of the followers. The sensuous cleansing felt very erotic and added to our bliss.

Slowly the chants faded. One by one the followers who were cleaning us moved away and slipped into the dark shadows. Olivia and I were alone on the table, exhausted but still aroused. Silence had replaced the music, moans, and chants.

The Priestess' voice broke the tranquility without startling us.

"Olivia and Brad, tonight you enjoyed the first of the three binding rituals. It is time to cleanse yourself. Fresh clothing has been placed in the shower area. You may now shower, dress and return to me for further instructions."

Standing we looked around. With the exception of the Priestess sitting on her throne in a most noble and elegant fashion, the room was empty. The feathered head-dress still adorned her; hiding her face but leaving her body exposed.

It was the first time I consciously surveyed her. She was magnificent. Her breasts were full and perfect for her slender toned body. Her mound was shaved and "V'ed" seductively into her creamy joined thighs. Her pierced nipples stood out. The piercing rod was the same as Olivia's and the others.

We showered and dried. The clothes waiting for us were two red silk robes. They were pull-over types with hoods. A silk belt wrapped our bodies in luxury as we returned to the Priestess.

A circle of light illuminated the seated Priestess and the area in front of her. The table had been removed. At her feet were two small pillows. An empty silver chalice stood between the pillows and her throne.

The Priestess gestured for us to kneel.

As we knelt before her our hands joined. A smile danced in the Priestess' eyes when she saw this. She began to speak.

"Tonight's ritual was very potent. I can feel the strength of your binding. This is good, for its power is a reflection of your love."

"The robes you are wearing symbolize this love and its bind between you. You are to wear them home tonight and for the second and third rituals. Tomorrow messengers will visit you and guide you into sexual immersion. You must participate fully. At dusk I will arrive for the second ceremony."

The Priestess slowly and purposefully spread her legs.

Her mound was glistening. Thick juice was present at the opening of her vagina. Using her finger, the Priestess collected it in a most erotic and un-lady-like manner. Leaning forward she lightly coated Olivia's lip with her cream and repeated this with me, giving us instructions as she worked her essence into our lips.

"Tomorrow you shall exchange your seed, your essence, and your nectars with one another and all who desire to share with you. Anna and Friedrich have been informed and will have all the necessities available."

Sitting upright and moving to the edge of her throne, the Priestess began to a soft, deep caress of her breasts. Each caress ended with a firm squeeze and pull of her nipples. Cream was now flowing freely from her sacred opening. There was a sense of arousal in her voice and her hips rocked in rhythm with each tug of her breasts buds.

"Before you is the 'Chalice of One'. It will be used in each ritual and remain as yours forever. It is now empty but soon it will be filled with my golden essence. You shall consume it all. Olivia you shall serve Brad and Brad, Olivia."

Drops of milk appeared on each nipple. The Priestess beckoned us forward. Her hands offered us a glistening nipple. Moving the pillows next to her, we knelt and took her breast and nipple into our mouths and began to suckle. Her warm milk poured forth.

"This is my milk; the milk of the Priestess. It is given to you as nourishment. Savor my gift."

Her hands went to the back of our heads and caressed them as we drank. The Priestess moaned with soft content. The milk was surprisingly creamy; it's taste desirable. The sounds of our suckling were arousing and I saw the Priestess' mound swell with craving.

The flow of milk subsided but our suckling remained strong. The 'pop' when the Priestess removed her breasts from out mouths brought us somewhat back to reality. The Priestess then bent forward and picked up the chalice. Keeping her legs spread and her soft cheeks on the edge of the throne, she held the chalice at her dripping entrance. Thick juices began to fill it and with a low sigh, her golden nectar released.

The Priestess handed the filled chalice to Olivia. She instructed us to each take three sips and to empty it on the third. Olivia brought the chalice to my lips and I drank from it. The warmth, aroma, and taste was arousing. The Priestess narrated each sip.

"A sha ta domanatta" was recited on our first taste. "From individual souls."

"A sha ta remana" was the second sip. "Only one soul remains."

"A shat a domanatta, a sha ta remana" accompanied our last sip, "May your souls become one."

Olivia finished the nectar in the chalice. The Priestess smiled affectionately and stood; gently touching our arms in a gesture to rise. We stood before her with the empty chalice in my hand.

"It is time for you to rest. The clothing you wore tonight has been sent to your house. Gather your pillows and go home. Sleep. Remember what has been spoken."

The Priestess placed a tender kiss on our lips and then motioned to the door.

Olivia's car was waiting outside. Her look told me to drive. Opening the passenger's door, Olivia got in---but not before I gave her a tender, loving kiss.

We talked about the evening the whole way home; answering questions to unlock the evenings riddles. Olivia explained the ritual, the followers, the Priestess and all which occurred. I was her captive audience.

She has been a follower for many years. Although some would say the "pleasures of the flesh" to be a pagan cult of sort, in reality it was not. The followers simply find great pleasure through sharing ones body with others.

Everything they do; their dress, their roles, their acts; are meant for pleasure and enjoyment by all who desire the same. Nothing is done to harm or degrade. Even our flogging was used to enhance. This enjoyment unlocks pleasure and forms a loving community.

The Priestess and the others in the more elaborate masks serve as the leaders. One simply cannot show up and become a member. Each new neophyte must be sponsored by a follower. The role of the leaders is to discern if someone is ready to become a follower.

Olivia went on to tell me she asked for my membership after I accepted her invite for drinks. Our meeting at Sally's on Wednesday night was observed. Anna, Friedrich, and Tracey then attested to my love of the flesh and I was granted 'followership' that evening; even though I was unaware.

The binding rite was a surprise to Olivia. The Priestess approached her; telling Olivia our relationship was true and the core of our love was strong. Olivia suspected Anna and Friedrich went to the leaders. They are respected in the community and their opinion carries power. The leaders all agreed to the binding ritual.

Olivia said only soul mates were bound. It was something she deeply wanted for us, but thought it best to give it some time. She wanted to make sure I truly wanted to be a follower. Tears swelled in her eyes as her words stumbled slightly.

"I wanted to make sure you wanted to be bound to me as well."

My reply was heartfelt. "More than anything I have ever desired before in my life."

Our hands touched, giving each other a gentle squeeze.

Continuing, Olivia said our play this evening answered all the leaders' questions and they moved quickly to prepare our ceremony. I asked about the next two rituals and Olivia said she did not know, for only bound members participate in the last two. The next steps will be a mystery to her as well.

We pulled down the lane to Olivia's as the first glimpse of dawn broke in the horizon. I parked her car in the front and opened her door. Taking Olivia's hand, I helped her out of the car. We kissed as our hands caressed each other through our silks. The door to her manor was open which gave us a bit of concern. The note on the door from Anna and Friedrich which read, "Welcome Home" put us at ease.

Removing our robes we draped them over our arms as we entered. Lights lead us to our bedroom where our turned downed bed was waiting. Anna is really a sweetheart.

We put our robes in the closet along with the pillows. The chalice was placed on the dresser in front of the bed. We both knew we'd use it often.

Our bodies melted into bed and our arms wrapped one another while tender kisses took us to sleep.


The next day was one of sexual immersion. The rituals were erotic and wonderful. Saturday's party became more of a reception than a party. Unfortunately because of the vows we took details cannot be shared. Trust me when I say it was incredible.

I moved in with Olivia the day after our third ritual. We were bound. Four months later, Olivia and I resigned our positions and I joined Olivia's investment firm. We worked from home most days—me in panties and with my now pierced nipples. Olivia was always naked,

The owner of Sally's turned out to be none other than Olivia.

Kim, Olivia and I share many an evening together.

Life is good.

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