tagFetishSamantha's Panty Boy Ch.02

Samantha's Panty Boy Ch.02


Special thanks to Angel Love for editing.

Samantha opened the front door and slammed it hard so Jack would know she was home. He had drifted off to sleep with his pink panty still on and her panty crotch on his face. He heard the door shut and immediately got up. He heard her coming up the stairs and did not have time to change back into his own underwear so he left the pink panties on, put her panties into the laundry pile and pulled up his jeans just as she was coming through the bedroom door.

"Where are you hiding?" she yelled coming through their bedroom door. Looking at the piles of clothes yet to be washed she took advantage of the opportunity to let him know she was upset at him for being lazy and not caring enough about her to do this little thing to help out.

Seeing the expression on her face he quickly told her, "I'm sorry honey but I got tied up doing other things and just got started with the wash." "Right, watching TV and sleeping," she responded. "I am very unhappy with you right now, if you were a child I would put you over my lap and give you a good spanking," she yelled at him.

"Ya, right, that's funny," he replied.

"Funny is it, not as funny as you wearing sexy pink panties," she taunted him.

He looked at his wife and his face turned beet red. "Yes, I saw you with my soiled panty crotch stuck to your face and jacking off with a pair of pretty pink panties on so don't try to deny it. Are you gay?" she asked.

"No I can ..."

"Quiet, I don't want any excuses," she yelled and stopped him in mid sentence. "I will ask the questions and you will answer them. I will tell you what to do and you will not disobey me. Otherwise your macho friends will hear all about your pretty pink panties."

"You wouldn't...."

"Quiet I said, and yes I will, just try me. I took digital pictures of you today having your sissy fun that I can email to your friends and family anytime."

Samantha pulled out her vanity chair and sat facing him telling him for being such a bad little boy he needed to be spanked. She took her heaviest wood flat sided hair brush from her vanity table and told him to drop his pants. Jack couldn't take a chance she meant what she said about telling his friends about his panty fetish, and reluctantly, knowing he still had Tricia's pink panties on, dropped his pants to the floor. She laughed when she saw he was still wearing the pink panties.

"Very pretty pink panties you have on and I thought you only bought pretty panties for me," Samantha mocked him. "No, my sissy husband bought them for his personal enjoyment. Being a sissy I think you should have a new name more befitting of your new status around here. You don't deserve a real man's name so I will now call you Panty Boy."

Face red and head down he pleaded, "Please honey...."

"Don't call me honey. You don't deserve to call me honey," she once again stopped him from responding. "From now on until I say different when we are alone you will address me as Mistress or Mistress Samantha." She grabbed his balls and applied pressure, "Understand?"

"Yes Mistress Samantha," he replied in pain.

She slid her skirt up her legs revealing the tops of her nylons and the garter snaps attached to them. The nylons and garters he made her wear for his enjoyment now would be for hers. His strong fetish for her lingerie will work to her advantage she thought to herself. "Leave your panties on and lay across my lap," she told him.

He did as he was told offering no protest. "That's a good Panty Boy," she taunts him.

Feeling empowered she could sense her sexual juices running from her hot pussy and being stopped at the thin satin panty material gently touching her crotch. Samantha immediately pressed her fingers through the wet material and against her pulsing vagina. Using two fingers she wrapped the slippery material around her clitoris and rolled it's little but growing head back and forth between the wet satin. Within second's warmth erupted throughout her body and she couldn't believe how energized she was and how wet her panties were.

She felt the need to humiliate her sissy husband telling him, "I wouldn't have to do it myself if you were man enough to do it."

Jack couldn't believe what she was saying. He thought she always had an orgasm when they had sex. Of course, he always made sure she had one or more. Samantha reading his mind added, "I had to pretend to make sure my big strong husband thought he was king of the bedroom so I faked it."

Shamed by what she said Samantha felt his chest fall and body submit to whatever his new Mistress demanded. She whispered in his ear, "If you are a good boy I may allow you to worship the crotch of these very wet and fragrant panties I have worn all day."

"Thank you Saman ... Mistress Samantha," he whispered back.

Grinning she bit down hard onto his earlobe making him whimper, and responded, "Good boy, I see you are trainable."

"You will get 20 strokes and I want you to count and thank me for each one as I administer them. If you miss one, I will add 10 strokes each time, do you understand panty boy?"

"Yes Mistress Samantha," he reluctantly replied.

"Now beg me nicely to give you your much deserved spanking panty boy," she laughed enjoying his new position.

"Mistress, please spank me for being a bad Panty Boy," he quickly responded.

"Good boy," she said as she placed the heavy wood brush on his lips and told him to kiss it.

Samantha brought her hair brush down hard on his panty-covered ass and he let out a cry of pain. "One," Panty Boy counts, followed by, "Thank you Mistress Samantha."

He makes it all the way to 16 when he is too busy thinking about how much his ass hurt and forgot to count when his Mistress landed number 17. "Panty Boy did you forget something?"

"Please Mistress, I am sorry, I will not forget again," he replied.

"I know you won't after this spanking, now pay attention," she scolded him. "Panty Boy we are adding 10 more; you now have 30 spanks to go.

"Mistress, we just did 16," he protested.

"I have decided to start at the beginning, are you challenging my decision missy," she responded.

"No Mistress I am sorry, please forgive me."

She began and Panty Boy made it all the way through 30 that time wishing the whole time he had not gotten himself into this situation. Tears ran down his face and he wiped them with his hand hoping she did not see them. If only he had not been to busy playing with his and his wife's panties and had gotten the clothes laundered and put away as she nicely asked he wouldn't have been caught and in this situation. He noticed that his cock had grown hard during his spanking. The feeling of his panty-covered cock riding on his mistress's silky nylons felt wonderful even though his ass was painfully being spanked hard with her brush.

Samantha also noticed his tears and his hard cock. She was pleased with the spanking knowing it was intense enough to make him cry. She wondered why he had gotten an erection during the punishment assuming it would be the last thing that would happen. She told him to make sure he never played with his cock or came without her permission or she would give him a spanking he would never forget.

"Now thank me for your spanking Panty Boy," she told him.

"Thank you Mistress," he replied.

Samantha pushed him off her lap and told him to go to the corner by the windows and face the corner with his hands behind his back so he could not play with his little cock.

"Mistress," he asked, "Can I please pull my pants up. Someone might see me through the windows."

"No, leave them down and snap it up," she yelled. Panty Boy quickly went to the corner with his pants at his feet.

"I want you to think about why you are standing in a corner in pretty pink panties and a very red ass for the next hour. I will be back and I am going to tell you what chores I want done tonight and you better get them done right and on time," do you understand me?

"Yes Mistress," he replied.

Samantha stood and smoothed out her skirt. She smiled as she saw her husband in the corner of the room with his pants at his feet and red ass visible through the thin pink panty material. She felt physically powerful and very turned on from being in command. As she left to go downstairs, she swatted his ass one last time with her brush.

He immediately said, "Thank you Mistress."

"Good Panty Boy," she replied and walked away smiling.

Samantha sat on the couch and turned on the TV but her attention was on the tingling in her pussy. She couldn't believe how well and easy it turned out to be controlling her husband. Sliding her skirt up her legs to reveal her panties she used her fingers to slide over the silky material covering her very hot and wet pussy. She pushed her fingers hard against her enlarged and very sensitive clitoris the same way she would always relieve herself after unsuccessfully achieving an orgasm during sex with her husband. She thought about how he would fall asleep fully satisfied and she would finish the job he could not complete. Thinking about her new dominant position, her husband in pink panties, his ass red from a well deserved spanking and now standing in a corner, it only took a few seconds for her pussy to explode and her juices to flow once again.

Looking at the TV she saw the talk show topic being discussed and displayed on the screen. She laughed as she reads the topic, Macho Men and the Women who put up with it. That's not her anymore see told herself. She smiled and started looking over the information she downloaded from the web to plan what would come next for her Panty Boy husband. She decided to let him stand in the corner for two hours, not one.

Returning to the bedroom she saw her husband in the same position as when she left him. "Go to the middle of the room, lie on your back, put your hands under your ass and leave them there," she yelled.

Going as fast as a man wearing pink panties with pants around his ankles could, he headed for the center of the room. Lying on the floor he placed his hands under his very warm and tender ass. Memories of another dominant woman in college making him do the same thing flashed into his mind. He could hear her high heels click on the wood floor as she walked and stood over his head, her legs spread wide, one foot on each side and facing his feet. Her skirt was wide open as he followed her perfect legs encased in nylons to her garter straps and finally to her panty crotch. She could see a look on fear on his face.

"You like my panties so much I will show you a very wet and used pair close up, only this time it will have a real pussy in them," sissy boy.

"You will thank me for your discipline by kissing and licking my pussy and asshole until I am satisfied you are sorry. Understand?"

Before he could answer, she sat down hard covering his nose and mouth with her very wet panties. The combined scent of her urine, cum, and pussy sweat was intoxicating to him and he quickly got an erection. He remembered his promise to himself that he would never give a woman the pleasure of oral sex again because of the way he was forced into it by a bitch in college. He was not willing to start now and tried to turn his head away. She grabbed his balls with one hand and said, "Do it or else!" The pain quickly changed his mind and he repositioned his nose and mouth onto her wet crotch.

"I see from your cock you like being spanked by your wife and the scent of my dirty panty crotch that I have mixed my cum and pussy juices so nicely for you. I am sure there may be a special treat and smell for you where my asshole and panty have been kissing each other, very soon. You better get used to it bitch because until I feel you are more responsible around here and understand who is in charge I am taking complete control of your life Panty Boy. Lick once if you understand me and twice if you don't," she laughed.

She felt him lick once following her command. She pushed her wet pussy panties hard against his face so her clitoris was riding up and down on his nose. He licked and sucked as if his life depended on it. Waves of warm sensations flowed through her body as she orgasms on her Panty Boy's face. She continued to ride his face as another orgasm exploded in her body. She was sure her Panty Boy was now drowning in her sweet juices.

She felt like she was in a euphoric state as her pussy was being worshiped. She had never been that turned on before today. Her pussy was dripping with her juices as she rode on his face until she came for a third time. She quickly turned around on his chest and pressed her asshole against his face. Panty Boy tried to move his head out of the way pleading for her to not make him service her asshole. She grabbed his balls again and he stopped fighting as she pushed her panties aside to give him a good view of her now wet with pussy juices rosebud.

"Kiss it now bitch," she said. He immediately did as he was ordered and kissed her asshole. "I meant French kiss it," she yelled.

He pressed his tongue against her anus and started to push his extended tongue slowly inside. The taste of her pussy juices combined with her anal scent put him into overdrive with his tongue. "Deeper, that's it, deeper, yes, in and out, that feels so good, fuck my asshole with your tongue my little asshole slave."

All the while, she was pinching his very erect nipples and pushing down harder and harder on his face. Her legs begin to tighten around his head and he knew she was going to explode with another orgasm. Her excitement, and his humiliation caused his cock to take on a mind of its own and he came without his cock being touched.

He started to use his tongue like a little cock pushing it in as deep as it will go and back out to the entrance of her asshole. She loved the feeling of his tongue teasing her hole and rectum as she rocked on his face. "Oh shit, oh shit, you cunt licking asshole eating slut, I am cumming again, tongue me harder, harder," she screamed.

Samantha pressed down one last time and her whole body shook as she let her juices flow from her love canal. She stopped but kept his tongue buried deep in her asshole as she slowly came down from her climax. She ground his face one last time to make sure he knew who was now in control.

Samantha was so involved with her own pleasure so she hadn't noticed he had ejaculated until now. "This punishment is not for you to get satisfaction from bitch; it is for me. Only my pleasure is important." Samantha wiped up his cum with her fingers and told him to open his mouth. He starts to protest but she already had them inside his mouth and told him to suck her fingers clean.

"I will teach you to not cum until you have my permission, if ever."

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