tagBDSMSara and Charley's Journey Ch. 04

Sara and Charley's Journey Ch. 04


Sara awoke to the sound of the "snick" of her collar being locked around her neck. "Hmmm. I thought we weren't going to play for while. Not that I mind."

"I woke before you and the sight of you there, naked with your legs slightly spread, just made me so horny. Besides, I have plans for genie this evening."

"Oooh. What are they?"

"That is for the Master to know and the sub to discover. But first, my cock needs some attention from genie." With that, Charley plunged his cock into her pussy. She was a little dry but became wet within two thrusts and she started to moan from her excitement. Charley continued to fuck her willing pussy until he unloaded streams of cum into her, a fact that brought her over the edge and she too came.

Remaining inside her to savor the feeling of her wet pussy cradling his rapidly softening cock, Charley looked into her eyes. Eyes that said "I want you; I would do anything for you. I am yours." The look almost got him hard again, something he didn't believe possible so quickly after cumming. But he had plans for her tonight and wanted to get started on them. So he pulled out of her and stood up, pulling on her leash to get her to stand up too.

Turning around, he led her into their bathroom where he turned on the shower. Since they were both still naked, he just pulled her into the shower after taking her leash and collar off. First he pulled her butt plug from her ass and handed it to her for cleaning. Then he cleaned her completely before allowing her to clean him. Finished, he turned off the water and led her out of the shower stall where he handed her a towel and indicated she should dry him. When he was dry, he tossed her a dry towel and went into the bedroom. She dried herself off and went into the bedroom to find him going through her clothes. He selected a nice pale blue pleated skirt and a semi-transparent blouse.

"Put those on." When she went to her dresser to get under clothes, he said "No just those clothes. Subs do not wear under clothes."

"But that blouse is see through. People will be able to see my breasts. What about panties?"

"You will wear what I tell you. Any more backtalk and I will discipline you."

Seeing the look in his eye, genie submitted to His will and slipped into the clothes he had laid out. When she was dressed she turned to look in the mirror. Sure enough, her nipples were easily visible, as was the curve of her full breasts. While she was pondering her situation, she felt his hands around her neck and realized he was putting her collar on.

"Master, a collar in public?"

"You must learn to trust your Master. Look at your neck."

With those words, her eyes turned to the mirror where she saw a lovely silver chocker with diamond studs around her neck. It looked like a normal chocker but it made her feel so owned, so loved.

"I love it. Thank you Master. It is beautiful. Now I can go out in public with the sign of your ownership but only we will know. Thank you, thank you."

He turned her around and kissed her lightly on the lips before saying "When you own the very best, you always buy the best for her." The feelings this simple statement stirred in her were amazing. She felt so warm, loved, owned and cared for.

Then Charley turned to finish dressing. She saw that he had picked out shoes for her too. They were her highest heels and matched her outfit very well. She was going to be a well dressed slut tonight.

She looked up after putting them on and saw his eyes proudly gazing upon her. She knew he was proud to own her and knowing that made her pussy tingle.

Charley then pulled a new, larger butt plug from a drawer along with some lube. "I think you are ready for the next size. Turn around and bend over." She turned around and bent to place her hands on the bed. She felt him lift her skirt, baring her ass for him. Then she felt the plug, wet and cold from the lube, probe her ass. He started pushing it in. It was definitely larger than the other plug and it hurt going in. But she knew she could take the pain for him.

When he had finished inserting the plug, Charley turned and said "Heel" before striding from the room toward the door. She dutifully followed along, her unencumbered breasts swaying in time to her hips as she walked. She felt so free but at the same time, exposed. It was an erotic sensation.

He walked out the door and got into the car. She went around and got in, sensing the whole time that he continued to watch her.

As they drove away, he said "Pull up your dress and play with your pussy."

At first, she started to say something but the look in his eye told her it would be futile. So she hiked her skirt up and began to slowly run her fingers up her slit. It wasn't long before her fingers were playing with her clit. She became so turned on, that she took the fingers of her other hand and started fucking her pussy with them. Her head went back and a loud moan erupted from her lips. The fingers playing with her clit were a blur, while the hand fucking her pussy was half buried in her pussy as it worked to bring her to a shuddering climax.

When she opened her eyes, she realized they were in a restaurant parking lot and a valet was walking around the car to open her door for her. She quickly pulled her hand from her pussy and smoothed down her skirt. Realizing she had acted without orders, she looked wide-eyed at him to see if he was mad. But he was turning to get out the car and she didn't see his reaction. It wasn't until they were walking into the restaurant that he firmly gripped the top of her arm and whispered firmly into her ear "Next time you will wait for my command. When we get home tonight, I will discipline you. You will remind me. Failure to remind me will result in two rather than one punishment."

At that moment, they arrived at the maitre' de's podium. "Sanders, we have reservations. I believe I requested a private table."

"Of course, Mr. Sanders. Right this way. I believe you will like this table. It is intimate and very private."

Intimate in this case meant small. But it was well screened by a group of tall plants. She was grateful for the privacy. She had no idea what he had planned for her. But she had the feeling it was not something that could be performed in public. The very thought made her pussy wet with excitement. She had always had a little bit of the exhibitionist in her, but had been too controlled to ever indulge. Now, she had no control. HE controlled her. It was an intoxicating feeling.

The new butt plug was uncomfortable and genie squirmed a little after she sat. "Sit still." He commanded. She immediately settled down and began looking over the menu. But he pulled it from her hands and said "I will order for you." At first she was annoyed, but then she realized He was taking care of His property. So she submissively dropped her head and placed her hands upon her lap.

The waiter chose that moment to return and Charley began to order their dinner. "We will start with shrimp cocktail. For dinner, I will have filet mignon, medium rare. She will have broiled scrod. And I think we will a bottle of the house wine."

When the waiter had left with their order, Charley looked at genie. She was the picture of submission, so different from the self confident, independent Sara. Her breasts were clearly visible through her blouse. He could see her nipples, all crinkled up with excitement. "Lift yourself off the seat a little and pull your skirt up around your waist."

She looked at him, a little startled. But then did as he commanded. "Now play with yourself." Once again, she did as commanded. A part of her could not believe what she was doing. Another part of her was so turned on; her pussy was literally dripping wet. She knew she would leave a wet spot on the chair when she got up. She continued to play with herself, moaning softly even as the waiter brought their appetizer. She knew that the waiter was aware of what she was doing, but her Master had not told her to stop. So she continued to play with her clit, her awareness of her situation increasing her arousal. Suddenly she realized that He was talking to her. "Take a shrimp and dip it in your pussy before eating it." Opening her eyes fully for the first time since she had started playing with her self, she saw that the shrimp were very large and succulent. She took one and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. It was chilled but she pushed it inside. The chill sensation competed with the steamy warmth of her pussy, a contrast that only served to increase her arousal. She actually used it as a small dildo for a minute, pushing and pulling it out of her pussy. Then she pulled it out and placed it in her mouth. She could taste her juices on the now warm shrimp as she bit into it.

At this point she slipped into a space where the physical sensations she was feeling were all she was aware of. She was completely oblivious to the other people in the restaurant, other than as background to the physical sensations sweeping her body. She started to orgasm, it was a little orgasm but it was soon followed by another as she took a second shrimp and inserted it into her pussy. She continued this process until all the shrimp were gone.

All this time, Charley watched her. Seeing her half closed eyes, her lips slightly parted, moans softly emanating from her mouth. Then watching her full lips as they engulfed the shrimp. Seeing her suck her juices off of it before devouring the meat. This vision of sluttiness was making him so hard. He knew he could not wait until they finished dinner before he had to have some relief.

The waiter chose that moment to return. He studiously did not look at genie who was sitting there lost in her own little world of sensation. But he could not help but smell her arousal as it hung like a cloud around her. He picked up the dirty dishes and looked at Charley as he said "Your dinner will be ready in 10 minutes. Sir." With that, he turned and left, pausing to glance at the slut sitting at the table. It was clear her skirt was drawn up and that her hands were in her pussy. But he was an experienced waiter and knew when to ignore things.

As soon as he left, Charley said to genie "Get under the table and give me a blowjob." The command dragged her from the place she had placed herself in. She was so dazed from the waves of orgasms that she had just experienced that she just slid off her chair and knelt at his feet under the table. She unzipped him and then struggled to free his rock hard cock. Finally she got it free and she immediately, hungrily engulfed its magnificence in her warm, wet mouth. One hand immediately found its way of its own volition to her pussy. The incredible sensation of her mouth on his cock combined with the erotic vision she had presented to him these last few minutes brought him to an almost immediate climax. He shot so much sperm into her mouth that she had trouble capturing it all in her mouth. But she managed and then licked him clean. The whole time she had continued to play with herself and the subservient nature of what she had done brought her to another orgasm, this one even stronger than the ones she had had in the last few minutes. Then she put his beautiful cock back into his pants before pulling herself back up into her chair.

Both of them just sat there, reveling in their post orgasmic feelings until the waiter arrived with their dinners. The smell of sex in the air was very strong and the waiter sensed that he was going to get a very good tip tonight as long as he was very discreet. So he merely placed the meals in front of them before slipping away.

"Here I will cut yours for you. That way you can continue to play with yourself during dinner." With that, Charley got her plate and cut it all into bite sized pieces before placing in front of her again. This whole time she was playing with her pussy. It was almost as though she could not stop. She was so incredibly turned on. As she began to eat, the hand that was in her pussy crept up to pull on her left nipple and then her right nipple. Seeing this, Charley pulled two nipple clamps from his jacket pocket. He stood and moved around the table to her side. Then he unbuttoned her blouse and put the clamps on her nipples. They were the ones with the bells; he planned on leaving them on her until they got back home. He wanted to hear them tinkle as she left the restaurant. In fact, he would place one more on her clit so she would be quite musical as she walked across the floor. Then he re-buttoned her blouse before returning to his seat. He looked over at her, her hand was once again buried in her pussy and the bells were tinkling softly as wave after wave of small orgasms shook her body.

The sight and sounds of her were making him excited again. So he rushed through his dinner, anxious to get her home so he could use her body for his pleasure again. Finally, they were done and the waiter had picked up the check. While the waiter was completing the transaction, Charley took the third clamp from his pocket and moved around the table. He reached down between her legs. She was so wet that the sleeve of his shirt was immediately soaked as he placed the clamp on her swollen clit. He took a moment to use her napkin to sop up some of her juices before returning to his seat.

After the waiter had come and gone, Charley arose and pulled a semi-conscious genie to her feet. She was so lost in a sexual daze that she was not aware of the tinkling sounds emanating from her body, nor of the gazes of the other patrons as Charley guided her from the restaurant. The next thing she became aware of was the sensation of his cock in her mouth as she leaned over in the front seat and gave him another blowjob, her hand back in her pussy. He quickly came again, giving her the dessert she had not had in the restaurant.

Then they were home. He guided her into the house where he quickly stripped her and replaced her collar with her normal one before hooking her leash to the collar. Tugging the leash, he led her into their bedroom. At this point, she struggled to semi-awareness and mumbled "discipline me." Hearing her, Charley smiled. She had remembered!

Deciding tonight was the night to introduce her to the flogger, he pulled it from the toy drawer. He led her to the bed where he bent her over, placing her hands on the covers. He stepped back, pausing to admire the view before striking her beautiful ass for the first time on the left cheek. She gasped with the pain but did not move. In fact, by this point, she did not register the sensations as pain. Instead they were erotic sensations that made her orgasm with each carefully administered blow. Charley alternated which cheek he hit, with occasional blows to her upper legs and shoulders. The bells from the clamps chimed with each blow, lending a counterpoint to the sound of the flogger hitting her delicate flesh.

Finally, he could take it no longer. He had to fuck this incredible woman. He dropped the flogger to the floor, pulled his tie from his neck and then ripped his shirt off, the buttons flying across the room in his haste. Then he dropped his pants and stepped out of them. He moved up behind her and pushed her legs apart with his feet. His cock stuck out in front of him like a lance ready for battle. So he sank it into her pussy and began pounding away. She was so wet that it squished as it plunged back and forth in her pussy. Then he came, much more rapidly than normally. But he couldn't help himself, he had sat across from her this whole evening as she descended into sluthood. She was lovely, she was erotic, she was his.

As though of one mind, they collapsed on the bed, sexually and emotionally spent. The last thing he did before succumbing to sleep was to pull the clamps from her pussy and nipples. The pain of returning blood sent another intense orgasm over her and this one caused her to pass into oblivion. So they slept in a tangle until one of them aroused enough to pull the covers over their naked bodies.

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