tagBDSMSara and Charley's Journey Ch. 05

Sara and Charley's Journey Ch. 05


When he woke the next morning, Charley lay there a minute gazing at Sara's nude body as she lay on her stomach deep in sleep. He could see that her ass was still red from the flogging. So he got up and found some aloe vera lotion. When he returned to the bed, Sara had still not moved. She was clearly spent from that incredible day they had experienced yesterday. He got back into bed, careful not to wake her up. Taking the lotion, he squirted some on his hand. He gave it a minute to warm slightly on his palms before beginning to gently rub into her ass with both hands. His hands making circles around her reddened globes of pleasure. The feel of his hands rubbing the lotion into her ass woke her slightly. He could tell she was getting excited, little moans escaping were from her mouth and her pussy was beginning to grind into the bed. He was also getting excited and stopped his rubbing. He moved his hands to grip her hips and pulled them up so her ass was presented to him. Her pussy was already dripping. His cock seemed to have a mind of its own as it made its way toward that warm and inviting goal. It wasn't long before his cock was sliding gently but firmly in and out of her pussy and they both came. His roar and her scream exploding simultaneously from their mouths as they came. They collapsed onto the bed, his cock still deep in her womb.

"Oh Master, Thank you for waking me that way. I can't believe could cum that intensely after the amazing day we had yesterday."

It amazed them both that they could feel such passion after the incredible day they had had the day before. This was so different than their old sex lives.

"I think that my slave should make me breakfast while I stay in bed."

"Oh, you do, do you? What would you like your slave to prepare for you?"

"Actually right now, all I want is coffee and toast. Put some jam on the toast and bring the jar back with you. I have something in mind. Oh, make some for yourself too."

"Yes Master." With that genie jumped up and scurried into the kitchen. She didn't bother to get dressed, because she knew her Master liked her nude. Besides, it felt so sexy to run around the house wearing nothing by her collar. Before long she had the coffee and toast ready and placed them on a tray. As she carried the tray back, she pondered what he had in mind for the jam. Whatever it would be, she was sure she would enjoy it.

When she got to the bedroom she noticed he was fully awake and his cock was fully erect. She placed the tray on the bedside table and climbed in the bed beside Charley.

"Do you want your coffee now?"

"No, hand me the jam instead."

She handed him the jar and he opened it, then took a finger and scooped out some jam. Then he rubbed the jam all over his cock and said "Clean me."

She eagerly went to work. Her tongue first licking up the shaft in long, slow strokes before swirling around the head. As she was licking, she became aware that he was making little moans of pleasure. Sensing that he was getting close to cumming, she took him into her mouth. But before she could take the whole thing, she felt his hands pulling her head up. Looking at him, she realized he wanted her to mount him. So she swung her leg over him and paused for a minute with her pussy just above his waiting cock. Then in one swift motion, she engulfed it with her pussy. She started to move up and down but he placed his hands on her hips and held her still. Then he reached over and picked up the jam again. This time, he swirled it around her breasts paying particular attention to her nipples. Then he began to lick the jam. He started at the outside of each breast, cleaning them completely until only her nipples were still covered in jam. The licking created incredibly erotic sensations and, when combined with the feeling of his cock in her pussy, was driving her wild. "Master, please lick my nipples. Please, I beg you."

Without a word, he took her left nipple into his mouth and sucked the jam from it. As he sucked he started to chew on her nipple. The gentle pain combined with the suction caused her to moan aloud. He left that nipple to take the next one in his mouth. But as he gave it the same treatment as the first nipple, his hand was pulling and squeezing her other nipple. She could not hold off any longer and began to move up and down on his cock.

Then he leaned back and took both nipples between thumb and forefinger. He began applying even pressure to both nipples, pulling them from her body until they were stretched out to their maximum. The pain was getting intense, but at the same time the pleasure from his cock in her pussy was also getting intense. Before long, they both came once again and she collapsed onto his chest. His arms wrapped around her, holding her tight in his loving embrace.

After a few minutes, he spanked her ass and pushed her off of him before sitting up. "My coffee is cold. Go warm it up."

She stretched, running her hands down body only to stop in sopping wet bush. "Do you mind if I clean up a little Master while I am heating your coffee."

"I will clean you later. Right now I want my coffee."

With that, genie once again jumped up and went to the kitchen. She wondered what he was thinking of now. Just wondering was making her pussy se wet with anticipation.

She warmed up the coffee, uncomfortably aware of how sticky her mid section was. Then she returned to their bed where they lay comfortably drinking their coffee as he idly playing with her nipples. This caused her to get horny again but she knew better than to make a move that he did not command her to make. So she waited, almost panting in desire. When they were finished, he got up and said "Follow me."

She followed him into the bathroom where he took her collar off and placed a waterproof collar around her neck. "Get up on the counter facing me and spread your legs."

She pulled herself up on the bathroom counter figuring he would soon start to fuck her, something she desperately desired. But instead, he got out scissors, shaving cream and a safety razor. Then he began to snip away her pubic hair as he said. "Slaves should be clean shaven for their Master so he can always tell how wet she is." She had never even considered shaving down there but now the thought was making her even hornier, as was the feel of his hands as they manipulated that most sensitive of spots. When he had clipped away all the long hair, he put the scissors aside and reached for the shaving cream. He sprayed it liberally over the stubble and around her pussy lips, rubbing it sensuously into the stubble so it was evenly coated.

Then he wiped his hands off with a towel and picked up the razor. With even strokes, he proceeded to remove all her pubic hair, pausing between each stroke to rinse the razor in the sink. Next, he started to shave around her pussy. He pulled her left pussy lip over to the right, stretching the skin tight so he could give her a close shave. Then he repeated the process with the right pussy lip. The feeling of his hands manipulating her pussy was driving her wild. Combined with the sight of what he was doing to her, she was close to climaxing. Her pussy was so wet; she could feel a puddle under her ass as it sat on the cold marble counter. When he was done, he took a hand towel and rubbed her newly bared pussy. The feel of the towel rubbing the newly sensitive skin brought her over the edge and she came for the third time that morning. She could not believe it, before these last few weeks she had never come 3 times in one day. Now she had cum three times and it wasn't even 10 in the morning! When she recovered, she gazed down at her pussy. She looked as she had when she was 12, before she had started becoming a woman. It felt and looked both strange and erotic. The cool air was playing over her pussy like never before. She just stared, mesmerized by the sight and the sensations until she heard him say "Now you will shave me as we shower"

Realizing he meant his beard rather than his pubic hair, she slid down from her perch. She had never shaved a man before and it turned her on to realize how much he must trust her to let her shave him. She did not even consider how trusting she had been to let him shave her pussy. He was her Master, of course she trusted him. She did not even stop to consider how much she had changed over the last few weeks. As Sara, she had never placed such automatic trust in another person before but now she, as genie, did it without question. He had shown such love and caring for her as she traveled had the path of submission.

As he went to the shower and started the water, she gathered the shaving supplies before following him into the shower. "Would you like me to shave you now Master?"

"No, wait until the steam gets my beard moist. Right now, I want you to wash my back."

So genie picked up the soap and began to wash his back, working her way down from his broad shoulders to his tight ass, then back up again. He was clearly enjoying the sensation of her soapy hands on his back and the hot water beating down on his chest. He moaned in gratitude as she began to knead the muscles in his upper back. She continued until he said "Enough, continue washing me."

So she knelt and began to soap his legs. He lifted his feet as she came to them and she carefully washed between his toes. Then she moved up to his ass. While she had washed it before, she had only washed his buttocks. So now she carefully parted his cheeks and began to scrub his crack. She even washed his asshole; another thing Sara would never have considered doing. But genie gladly did.

When she was finished, she rose and waited patiently for his next command. He mutely turned around and let her wash his front. Once again, she started from his shoulders. She enjoyed the feeling of his muscles as she spread soap over his body. Gradually her hands moved down to wash his crotch, paying special attention to his cock. The attention made it stand up in anticipation. So she dropped once again to her knees. But first she washed his legs, working her way up from his feet to his crotch. The action was turning them both on but then he turned away from her to let the water rinse the water from his body. Before she had a chance to rise, he was facing her again, his cock rock hard with anticipation. So she took it in her mouth and began to twirl her tongue over the head before engulfing it completely in her mouth and throat. She swallowed five times, caressing his cock with her throat muscles before she had to let up so she could draw in some air. Then she repeated the process three times before he let out a mighty groan and bathed her throat with his cum.

He stood there unmoving for minutes as she continued to hold his cock in her mouth. Then he reached down pulled her to her feet. Then he said with a voice hoarse with satiated lust, "Now you may shave me."

She took the shaving cream and sprayed some onto her hand, then rubbed it on his face and neck. Next she proceeded to shave him, taking her time so as not to nick her precious Master. When she was finished, he turned and rinsed his face in the shower.

"I want you to clean yourself and get familiar with your newly shaved pussy. I expect you to keep it shaved from now on. I want you to bring yourself to orgasm at least once before getting out of the shower. But you must be out in 5 minutes." With that he left the shower.

Before she became genie, five minutes would never have been enough time to cum. But now, in her newfound sluttiness, she came not once but twice in five minutes and had time to completely wash her body. Charley was waiting for her when she came out and he was holding a big towel spread out in his arms for her. As he gently dried her, he whispered in her ear "I think we have played enough for now. I want to check out the new exhibit at the art museum. Let's have lunch there. Oh, one more thing. I want you to wear a skirt but no panties today. The cool air should feel interesting on your newly shaven pussy."

With that, Charley went into the bedroom to get dressed. In a minute, genie followed him and noticed he had laid out clothes for her already. The skirt was one of her shortest and she knew she would feel so exposed the whole time. But that is what He wanted, so she dressed as He wanted. When she was finished, she felt him come up behind her and remove her collar. Then he put her public collar on. She was so happy, a whole day without any responsibilities but caring for her Master.

He did not put a leash on her but merely walked toward the door, confident that she would follow. Of course, she did and soon they were driving to the museum. Once there they parked and went into the museum restaurant. The host directed them to a table and handed them menus. Once again, He took her menu and ordered for the both of them. They said very little during lunch, each lost in remembering the revelry of the morning games. As he waited for the check after lunch, genie said "Master, May I be excused to use the restroom?"

He looked at her for a moment before replying "Yes, but you may not play with yourself while you are gone."

She had not intended to play with herself while she was in the restroom, but his words created almost a need within her. She became so horny as she walked toward the restroom. But she was a good sub and resisted the temptation. But when she wiped herself she realized that she was incredibly wet. It took almost all the toilet paper to mop up enough that it would not run down her legs as she walked. Of course, the touch of the toilet paper in her hand made her even more aroused. So she stopped and stood up. She reached to pull up her panties before remembering she was not wearing any. Realizing that she had taken too long to take care of business, she hurried back to the table.

When she got there, he had a frown on his face. "Forgive me Master" she whispered. "I was so wet that I had to wipe for quite a while to get it all. I promise, I did not play with myself."

Nodding his head, he rose and led her by the hand out of the restaurant and into the museum proper. They had nice afternoon. He did not overtly command her to do anything but made little gestures such as caressing her collar that reminded her of her status. Combined with the cool air caressing her pussy, his actions kept her in a constant state of horniness all afternoon. Finally, they had toured the entire museum and were leaving when they ran into a couple that genie only vaguely knew. They were old friends of Charley's, so they stopped to talk to them.

Charley introduced her as genie, something that surprised her tremendously. "This one is genie, my new sub. I am quite proud of her. She is learning her lessons very well. It won't be long before she is ready to be presented to the club."

She just stared at him as he said this, shocked that he would speak of her that way in public. But then she noticed that the other woman was also wearing a collar. This made her feel better but she still felt uncomfortable. This was the first time her new status was made public. So she just stood there mutely as Charley chatted with the other Dom. His sub also stood silently but beside and a little behind her Dom. Realizing that a good sub would not stand directly beside her Master, genie took a step back. Sensing her move, Charley looked at her and nodded appreciatively before continuing his conversation. After a few minutes, the two Doms took their leave of each other. This whole time, neither sub was spoken to nor introduced as people, merely as property. It was both humiliating and erotic at the same time.

Charley led the way back to the car. By this time, genie's pussy was so wet that rivulets of her juices were running down her legs. When they got back to their car Charley went with her to the passenger side. Thinking he was going to open the door for her, she was shocked when he pushed her chest into the car so was bent over the hood and flipped up her skirt. She heard his zipper open and then felt his cock ram into her pussy. It felt so good. "God, I have wanted to stick my cock in you for hours. I couldn't wait until we got home. I'm just glad we parked in this out of the way spot." While he said all this, he continued to pound away at her pussy. Normally she would have been mortified at this public sex but she was so horny that all she could think of was how good his cock felt inside her. It wasn't long before they both came, their cries of passion ringing in the parking garage. As soon as he could, he zipped his cock back in his pants and opened her door. She was still in a daze as little orgasms continued to overtake her mind and body. He moved quickly around to the driver's side and got in.

As they drove away, a policeman appeared and flagged them down. "Did you or see anything? We got a report of screaming or something similar from in here." Charley answered for them saying "No, we heard some noises as we reached our car but didn't see anything. Perhaps it was up a level. These garages have peculiar echoes." The policeman thanked them and went to check the next level.

They both breathed a sigh of relief as they drove away. Realizing what they had just done, they looked at each other and burst out laughing. At that moment, they felt so incredibly close. Charley stopped the car and reached over to kiss her deeply. "I love you so much. Thank you for being mine." Then he reached up and removed her collar. "I think we have pushed our luck enough today. Don't you?" She smiled her agreement. Feeling her energy leaving her after this incredible day, she slumped against the window, her eyes closing. Charley looked at her possessively, smiling as he caressed her arm. He too felt drained. They would both take a nap when they got home. When their energy was replenished, perhaps they would play some more. The day was still not over.

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