tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSara Gets Ravished

Sara Gets Ravished


Everything was back to normal with Eric and me. Although I had many problems, the most pressing one was lack of money, which I needed badly to take care of some of my other problems. I decided that I could tackle my money issue down at "Dredricks of Dollywood" in the mall. A job? Haha! No way!

There was a sales manager in the store that I had had my eye on for quite a while. Her name was Alexis. She was very attractive with shoulder length red hair. She appeared to my untrained eye to be around five foot, six inches tall and to weigh around one hundred, thirty pounds. She had a nice figure too; underneath the fashionable clothes she had to wear to her job, she looked to have about 34D breasts.

I didn't know a thing about her personally, she could have been bi or gay or straight for all I knew, but like I said – I'd dug her for awhile. Luckily she wasn't there the day Eric and I got it on in the shop. I currently didn't even know if any of her staff had reported to her about the "incident." If it turned out that I was banned from the store, it would ruin all my plans.

I didn't want to this to turn out half ass, timing was of the utmost importance, particularly since I was doing this as a solo performance. This was going to take a lot more subtlety than just keeping the sales personnel busy while some of my friends ran out with merchandize.

I scoped the place out for several days, noticing the store's most busy times and who else besides Alexis was working what shifts. I finally located the staff schedule just inside the door to the stock room. I found a morning during the week when the schedule called for one other clerk to be there with Alexis.

The other person turned out to be a young woman named Susy Creamcheese – haha! I guess her forebears were big in the cheese industry. Anyway I'd been checking her out and she was a real air head, but very sweet. And very hot! As you would expect from the name Susy Creamcheese, she had long blonde hair, halfway down to her ass. She was tall and willowy, but had big knockers and a tiny waist.

All in all, she was a major knockout, although as I've said, a bit short in the brains department. I actually wasn't certain what part she would play in the scenario, but I knew that I could count on her to do the wrong thing under pressure – mwahaha!

Luckily on the morning that was the most opportune time under the conditions of both Alexis and Susy being there, there was nothing major scheduled for me as far as classes were concerned. The mall ordinarily opens at nine in the morning, but that doesn't mean all the stores are opened that early.

In fact, Dredricks didn't open until an hour later. Even though I was already in the mall, and I was bursting with nerves to begin, I made myself wait until 10:30 a.m. I was afraid I would call too much attention too early to myself if I were waiting outside while they opened the store. I was wearing a rather sedate outfit for me – just an ordinary blouse and knee high skirt, but like I said it was nothing like my usual clothes that showed a lot more skin.

I had my mother's credit card with me. Sometimes you have to plan on making an investment in order to receive a larger return. After I entered the establishment, I glanced around casually in the manner of a customer who was deciding where to look first. Actually I was, of course, getting the lay of the land, so to speak. I was really hoping the actual lay would come later.

Despite the relatively early hour, there were four or five young women in the store and a couple of college age guys. Alexis was currently behind the counter and looked to be involved in some kind of inventory control or ordering some new items for the store. Susy was out in the store proper looking to accommodate anyone who needed help. I decided I might need some help from her real soon!

I chose my first outfit off the rack and took it back to the dressing area. It was a teal colored corset that had a tassel fringe and was lace and ribbon trimmed. The outfit also included boyshort panties. The corset had a mesh back and held a hook and eye closure, which was perfect for my purposes. By the way, I looked extremely sexy in it.

I removed my blouse and skirt and then stuck them under a large collection of trash in a waste can outside the dressing room. Standing completely naked, I then slipped on the corset and panties and exited into the main part of the store. As soon as I came out I walked over to where Susy was working on the racks.

"Excuse me," I said.

"Oh," the clerk said in surprise, once she had looked up from her work and focused her eyes on me. I could tell she didn't quite know what to say to me. God, she was stone beautiful close up.

"Could you shut me up?" I asked, turning my back to her.

"Oh, sure," the young blonde said.

As Susy worked on the hook and eye set up, I wondered if she even considered why I wanted the corset closed if I was just going to take it back off – probably not. I already told you she wasn't real bright. I noticed that everyone in the store was currently watching me. I dared to lock eyes with Alexis to discover how she would respond and she looked away.

Perfect! I took that to mean she wasn't going to challenge me any time soon. Once Susy had completed her task, she said, "All finished."

I turned around and then pirouetted, except with my arms out at my side. I was attempting to attract as much attention as possible and it was working big time.

"You look so hot in that!" Susy exclaimed. "Should I ring that up for you?" she asked.

She may have been an air head, but she was still a good little salesperson.

"No, not yet," I answered. "I still have some other things to look at. Will you help me?"

"Surely," the salesclerk said brightly.

As I began to probe and poke through the different racks, Susy asked, "Would you like to put your outfit back on? I could hold this for you, after you changed back."

She was not so subtly attempting to stop me from wearing the corset in the store.

"No, thanks," I said politely. "I'm fine."

Haha – I was more than fine. I felt my nipples grow hard and moisture was forming around my lower lips. The two young men were following my every move and the young women were tittering amongst themselves as I pranced through the store in what was basically fancy underwear.

"Uh, miss," Susy said.

"Please call me Sara," I interrupted.

"Okay, thanks. Please call me Susy. Uh Sara," Susy began again.

"Oh, look at this!" I exclaimed, pulling a black mesh teddy down off the rack. "This is de bomb."

It was partially see through and was trimmed with beaded ribbons and had adjustable straps.

"Yes, it is pretty," the young woman naturally agreed, hoping to make a sale.

"Help me with the back again," I said.

Susy dutifully undid the hook and eyelets that she had just joined. I pulled the corset up over my head and then off my body and handed it to a very shocked Susy. I then shimmied down my boyshort panties and stepped out of them leaving me standing there stark naked in the store for a few seconds.

"Sara!" the young woman exclaimed in protest, sounding extremely agitated.

I stepped into the teddy and adjusted the straps. I must admit – I did look great in that too.

"How do I look?" I asked Susy.

"Uh, fine," she answered, distracted. "Uh, Sara, I think it would be better if you changed outfits in the dressing area," Susy suggested.

"That's such a hassle," I said. "To have to keep walking all the way back there, this is so much quicker."

I looked around the store. There guys were moving closer to me. One of the guys was way cute. He was about six feet tall. He had longish blond hair and attractive features. His physique was of moderate proportions. The other guy was mostly big, in fact he was huge. The young women were busy whispering to each other and then shooting me gleeful looks.

This time I noticed Alexis was giving me the total stare, but not in an unfriendly manner. She appeared more intrigued with me than anything else.

"But surely you would it less embarrassing," Susy said, still trying to convince me to use the dressing room.

"Oh, don't worry," I said and then laughed. "Trust me, I don't find it embarrassing at all."

Still wearing the black teddy, I went back to pawing through the racks. Susy was standing nervously by my side, obviously wondering what new tackiness I was capable of.

"These look good," I said, pulling out an extremely sexy red bra and panties.

The lace bralette had halter neck ties and the panties were a G-string with side ties. Man, I could hardly wait to get these on – and the ties would insure that it would take me quite a while to get them on. Susy was already freaking out just looking at them.

"Sara," she said, with an obvious abject plea in her voice. "Please take them back to the dressing room to put on."

"No, I'm okay," I insisted.

I noticed the two guys, particularly the good looking one, were now standing very close to me. I removed the teddy and handed it to Susy. I looked great standing there in the store totally nude and I knew it. I was getting off like a race horse when I saw everyone intently staring at me. My nipples grew even harder and I felt my clit sticking out. I was so hot I was surprised I didn't cum right then. Susy then made matters much worse for herself by beginning to struggle with me as I attempted to put on the bra and G-string.

"No, Sara," she protested. "Please go back to the dressing area."

It was here that everything became fubar. I don't know if you speak military. Fubar came out of World War II and it stands for – fucked up beyond all recognition. That is a perfect description of what happened next.

One minute I'm standing there naked, fighting with Susy over possession of the bra and panties – the next minute the great big guy picked me up and slammed me down on the floor, momentarily stunning me completely.

The second young man – the good looking one – stood over me for a second. Then he dropped his pants and his full blown erection popped into view. And I mean POPPED! It was huge. He dropped to his knees before I could move and inserted his prick straight into my cooze!

The young rapist had no difficulty because I was plenty wet down there. I guess rape or no rape, my sexual organs didn't acknowledge the difference and became excited immediately. As he rocked inside of me vigorously, I realized I had no real chance of dislodging him at this point. Besides, it felt so good! And, after all, he was great looking.

I glanced around the store and observed that everyone looked as if they were part of a frozen tableau, including Alexis still standing behind the counter with her mouth hanging open. Ironically enough, the only person moving was Susy. Unfortunately all she was doing was waving her hands as if she were attempting to dry her nails quicker after putting nail polish on them.

The old sexist saw about if rape was inevitable, then lay back and enjoy it sprang to my mind, so that's what I decided to do. I pushed back at him with my pelvis in time with his plunging into me, allowing him to go deeper. Oh, it felt so damn good. I clutched at him, pulling him even closer to me.

"Go faster," I said. "Or you're gonna get busted." I wanted my orgasm!

He plunged wildly into me after that. I reached behind him with my two hands, placing them on his butt and pulling him even more closer to me. I could just about feel his prick with my tonsils or at least that's what it felt like.

The young women were beginning to talk and I heard one of them say, "That guy is good. I only wish my husband was half as good as he is."

"I know that's right," another one answered. "But she's pretty good too."

I wanted to laugh out loud, but I figured laughing while being raped in the mall in front of others would be considered too gauche.

"Oh, oh," I murmured as I felt my orgasm on the verge of arrival.

Suddenly it exploded from me! Oh lord, I wondered if being raped always felt this good. Now that I had climaxed, I redoubled my efforts at pushing upwards and then I gripped his prick with my nether lips as hard as I could. It only took a few more thrusts from that point on by the young man until he shot his load of semen into me.

"Christ!" he cried out.

"Quit praying and get off me," I said.

The young man jumped up and readjusted his clothing quickly. Then he and the other guy not only gathered up all the outfits I had been wearing, but they also grabbed a lot of clothing from off the racks. Then holding it all above their heads, they ran from the store.

"Quick, somebody call security!" Susy screamed.

"No!" Alexis contradicted, stepping out around the counter and striding quickly up to me. "Unless that's what you want, m'am," Alexis said to me.

"No," I said weakly.

"I think that's a wise decision," Alexis said.

She held a hand out for me to grasp and then she pulled me up off the store's floor. I stood wavering on my feet as if I were embarrassed and punch drunk with all of my nakedness on complete display, cum still leaking out of me.

"Come with me back to my office, such as it is," Alexis said.

Now that the danger had passed, the young women crowded around me.

"Are you alright?" one of them asked me.

That question was so stupid, I deigned not to answer it. A couple of them were checking out my naked body closely and nodding approvingly. Haha! Perversion everywhere! I followed Alexis back to the stockroom. She did have a small makeshift office. The manager had a cubicle that held a desk, the store computer and a telephone. There were two chairs, one of which sat in front of her desk. We introduced ourselves and then sat down. I sat all crouched down, still acting as though I was embarrassed over my nudity.

Alexis began, "Now Sara, this is a most unfortunate incident and I'm so sorry it occurred in our store. The reason I suggested you might not want to get security involved is because they would be forced to call the police."

I nodded in agreement.

"Once the police get here, I'm afraid you're gonna end up really embarrassed.

"How so?" I asked tearfully. I had produced a few tears for effect.

"Because even though you were raped and there's never any excuse for rape – let me get that straight right off. Even though you were raped, you were prancing around the store naked. I'm afraid the eye witnesses would have to testify to that. You would come out looking like a total slut."

I began to protest, but Alexis interrupted. "No, I don't think you're a slut, but it might appear that way – you have to admit that."

I nodded my head reluctantly.

"In fact, the police might even arrest you for indecent exposure, for being naked in public."

"Oh no!" I gasped.

"Yes, I'm afraid so," Alexis said.

"What should I do?" I asked, my voice quivering.

"If I were you, I'd go straight to my family doctor and get myself checked out."

I stood up and said, "That's a good idea and I'd hate to get the store in trouble."

That caused Alexis to sit up straight in her chair. "What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well, I don't think that it would do the store any good at all if it got out that a customer had been raped."

Alexis stood up and crossed over to me.

She said, "No, I'm sure it wouldn't. I know you're really upset right now – that's completely natural and you probably don't even realize what you're saying. Is there something I could do right now to help?"

I wanted to laugh right in her face, but what I said was, "Yes, I could certainly use a hug."

Alexis smiled and embraced me. I grabbed on to her and pressed my naked body extremely close to her. I'm certain she could feel my breasts pressing against her. Now heavily blushing, Alexis pushed me away slightly and I used the opportunity to unbutton the one button of her jacket. Before she could protest, I unbuttoned two of her blouse buttons and slipped my hand inside and softly rubbed her belly.

"Please stop," Alexis said.

Right then, Susy entered the back of the store. "Oh, I'm sorry," Sara said, greatly flustered. God knows what the little air head thought. "I didn't mean to interrupt you."

"You're not interrupting anything," Alexis snapped at her. "I'm just giving Sara a hug. What is it anyway, Susy?"

I used this distraction to pull Alexis' blouse completely out of her skirt.

"Uh, uh, oh yeah," Susy said. "I can't find Sara's clothes anywhere. They're missing!"

"Well, get her something, Susy. She can't very well leave here naked," Alexis said.

"Okay, I'll knock before I come in next time," Susy said.

"No, you don't have to knock, there's nothing going on here," Alexis insisted.

I unhooked Alexis' skirt and it fell to the floor, revealing her minuscule thong panties.

"Okay, if you say so," Susy said. She giggled and then left.

I allowed Alexis to disengage from me, and as she bent over to retrieve her skirt, I ripped her thong off.

"Sara!" she shouted in protest. "Now stop it!"

Alexis did finally pick her skirt up, but made no attempt to put it on. No doubt she realized I wouldn't have allowed her to.

"You asked me if there was something you could do to help," I reminded her.

"Well, what is it?" she asked.

Alexis looked so damn cute with her little cooze peeking out below her blouse.

"I want you to go out there and work the rest of the morning without your skirt," I said.

"Oh, no," Alexis said. "No way."

"Well, then I guess I'll just have to go to the papers with this. It will certainly make your store look bad and it also won't cast you in a very favorable light."

Alexis was already blushing – God knows how red she would become if she did go out there right then.

"Come on," I encouraged her. "What's gonna happen? They're all women out there. You don't have anything they've never seen before."

Alexis appeared to think it over for a minute and then said resignedly, "Okay, I'll do it – but then you'll leave and won't say a word about any of this to anyone?"

"Of course," I said.

As the pretty store manager turned to leave, I said, "Now remember, don't put anything else on and send Susy back here with my purse. It's in the dressing room. And tell her to do anything that I ask her, that both of your jobs depend on it."

"Okay," she said, one more time.

She was one beaten down young woman when I got through with her, let me tell you. Alexis left the back and entered the front of the store. I knew that she had been spotted by the woman customers because at first I could hear giggles and then finally guffaws. About a minute later Susy came back.

"You wanted to see me? she said, while handing me my purse. Susy was blushing and having a difficult time looking me in the eye – or was it the body?

I said, "Yes, Susy. What did Alexis tell you?"

"She told me I needed to do anything you needed."

"Good, are you ready to do that?" I asked.

Yeah, I guess so," she replied timidly.

As I mentioned before, Susy was tall and willowy. She was wearing a long white dress that buttoned all the way up the front. It was almost see through and it hugged her body like a soft glove. She looked very hot in it! I stepped up to her, where she nervously waited.

"Are you wearing anything under that dress?" I asked her.

"Of course," she replied heatedly.

"Then let's see," I said.

I started at the top of the dress where the buttons met and just pulled all the way down. Buttons flew everywhere as the material ripped. It's shocking how poorly made clothes are today. In a flash she was standing nakedly in front of me. And she was beautiful!

As I've already alluded to, she had huge breasts with great big nipples. She had a small waist and a shaven pubic area. I waggled my finger in front of Susy in a good natured way and said, "Naughty, naughty. I thought you said you had something on under your dress, Susy. Obviously you lied, and what's worse - you work for a store who sells women's underthings and you don't even wear them. What do you have to say for yourself?"

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