tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSara Has an Admirer

Sara Has an Admirer


The following is based on true events and real people. The basis for this remembrance is true, however, I have expanded on the events somewhat to represent some of my own fantasy and desires... and yes, maybe even some of my own perversions. Hopefully this expanded reality will make this story more interesting and entertaining.


From a very young age two of my favorite things have been water and boating. While going to college I started visiting a couple of clothing optional parks on Lake Travis. And there I discovered that I also had quite a predisposition for naturism. Living in Austin with Lake Travis nearby gave me and my friends all the opportunity we'd ever need to pursue these interests.

In my thirties, one of these friends was Sara. I had met Sara thru an old friend that worked with her. They had fooled around a bit on the side, but it was nothing serious. My initial introduction with Sara was a nude full moon midnight swim at a pond west of Austin. So you might say that Sara and I have a friendship based on water and nudism.

At that time I was living out of state and just home for a visit. But, when I moved back to Austin a year or so later I ran into Sara one night down on the Drag. We chatted like old friends and agreed that we should get together some time to enjoy some nude recreation. I also recently had bought my second boat, a used 26-foot sailboat.

Skip ahead a couple of years and I was spending most of my free time at the lake. In the summer it was nude sunning and swimming with friends and in the cooler months I'd sail like crazy. When I was able to sneak off from the office just a little early I'd head directly to the boat. Especially in the summer since with the longer days I could still get some good rays or sailing in. The great thing about Lake Travis is that discrete nudity is not a big problem. So as a general rule I was able to sail or motor naked. I would only try to cover myself with a towel when a boat with children came by. And it wasn't unusual to see other naked boaters out in the afternoons also.

Since Sara was usually free in the afternoons I would often call her to go boating with me. She was about the only friend I had that could often go at the drop of a hat. That is how we started going out on the boat about once a week on a regular basis for two or three years.

I'd keep some extra beer on the boat and only have to stop to pick up ice on these late afternoon events. Usually by the time Sara arrived I'd have the beer iced down and the motor warmed up and ready to go. Sara would throw her bag down in the cabin and cast off the dock lines and away we'd go.

One thing about Sara, she isn't shy and she loves to be naked. As soon as we cleared the marina she would have her shirt and shorts off and be spreading her towel out in the cockpit. Then she would grab a couple of beers for us and sit down in the cockpit leaning up against the cabin to enjoy the sun and the day. Once I was certain that we were out in the lake far enough to not have to worry about running aground I'd peel off my shorts and join her.

Generally for these late afternoon cruises we'd motor to the main Basin area of Lake Travis and cruise by Hippie Hollow and anchor at the east end of the Hollow or even go out to anchor at Sometimes Islands. After making sure we were anchored we'd grab a beer, throw out a line to hold onto, and jump on our rafts.

This particular Thursday we anchored up east of Hippie Hollow and outside of the park boundary. This area is basically just cliffs and ledges making the anchoring there deep. Because of the rocky bottom it is best to put out a stern line to the shore in addition to anchoring off the bow. As we anchored up and tightened both the anchor and stern lines we ended up just inside of 50-feet of the shore.

Let me say that I truly appreciate the feminine form, and I'm about as horny as any guy. But female nudists that enjoy boating and can go almost anytime are a very rare commodity. Plus, Sara had become a very good friend over the years. So Sara and my relationship remained totally platonic. That isn't to say that I do not admire her figure, her lovely breast with just a hint of age appropriate sag, an ass to die for, and a slightly puffy set of pussy lips that are very noticeable beneath her light blonde pubic hair. Sara is definitely a looker.

As we motored toward Hippie Hollow we talked and I admired her lovely form as she sat against the cabin with one leg thrown over the cockpit combing. With her beautiful pussy invitingly on display I reminded myself that we are just friends. Somehow I managed to stem the flow of blood attempting to rush to my dick and avoid getting a hard-on. I just enjoyed the moment and the gift that Sara has given me to trust me to that degree.

We settled in to our usual routine and we got pretty relaxed lying out in the sun and drinking beer. We had been anchored for three or four hours and it was getting to be about 7:00 pm. The lake changes a bit about that time. Most of the boats and folks at Hippie Hollow have left and the lake just seems to quiet down a bit. It is the beginning of the end of the day and it is the absolute best time to just mellow out at Lake Travis.

Looking around I noticed that a couple of nude guys in their mid-twenties had moved from the Hollow past the east boundary and towards our anchorage, but they remained several hundred feet away. About then I decided to get out of the water and go down in the cabin to check on the battery and get a few things put away. After I climbed up in the cockpit I noticed that one of the two single males had left. As I worked below I glanced out past the stern again and Sara was hanging on to our stern line about 20 feet from the boat and lying on her raft on her stomach. Her ass was tan and looked fantastic. I then returned to my tasks in the cabin.

When I finished a couple of minutes later I started to climb out of the cabin but before doing so I noticed that the remaining young man had moved closer from a few hundred feet away to about 10 feet from where our stern line was tied to a large rock on the shore. This put him about thirty-feet directly behind Sara who was still lying on her tummy with her ass up and slightly spread legs pointed directly at the young man on the rocks. As I stood there watching in the cabin the young man began to rub his cock while looking at Sara. I thought 'oh great' we've got a 'bushwacker' and this is going to piss Sara off. He started to gently stroke himself and I could see that his cock was hard as a rock. When I climbed out of the cabin the young man stopped jerking off, but he continued to stare between Sara's legs and at her ass with his hard on involuntarily bobbing and jerking.

About this time Sara turned over and saw him. I was about to yell at him to leave and not be such a "perv", but before I did Sara smiled at him, looked over at me, and lay on her back and spread her legs so the young man could she her gorgeous pussy. As I watched her the guy started to slowly play with his cock again. At this Sara splayed both legs off the sides of the raft. I thought, "Wow, she is into this!" and I sat down in the cockpit and watched them both. The guy now felt confident that it was ok to masturbate in front of us and he started slowly rubbing his cock while he looked at Sara. He occasionally glanced at me just to be sure I was ok with what was happening.

As he slowly rubbed his dick he made sure that Sara got a good look at it. She continued to watch him without saying a word. But as he started to settle into a steady rhythm, she began to massage her breast with both hands. Squeezing each breast and then rolling her nipples between her fingers. Basically, she was starting to tease him... although I wasn't the one the teasing was directed at it had an effect. And I felt my own cock harden as I watched Sara.

The young man did have quite a body. He was chiseled with a trim waist and large shoulders. He didn't have six-pack abs, but he was most definitely in shape. His nuts and pubic area were shaved bare and his balls dangled low. He did have a good sized cock. Though not overly so in girth, it was long and had noticeable upward curve. He showed it off to Sara as much as possible by slowly and methodically stroking it with long, slow strokes, corkscrewing his fist over the head as he stroked it slowly back and forth.

Sara continued to tease him. Now she was running her hands over her pussy as well as continuing to squeeze and knead her tits and pinch her nipples. Soon the young man's cock grew red and his stroking was getting faster. Then Sara opened up her pussy lips and that was all she wrote, the young man wasn't holding back any longer. He was now staring intently at her sex; his hand was steadily increasing the tempo over his tool. From my position in the cockpit of the boat I was elevated above the water enough that I could see Sara clearly. I could see that her pussy was slightly swollen and I thought I even saw a hint of wetness around her vagina. That is when everything became a little bit wild.

My cock was throbbing and I finally reached down and started to stroke myself. Watching the young man, Sara reached down and inserted a finger in herself. That was all it took for me. I was now officially masturbating as I watched Sara begin to play with herself. Finally, Sara let out a low moan and began to diddle her clit as she continued to finger herself. I stood up at the stern rail and started to furiously pump my own shaft as I watched my friend tease the young guy on shore and start to bring herself off. I glanced up at the guy and he was now jacking off with nothing but lust for the woman on the raft. His unit was so full of blood and pressure that his member was now turning purple. He was oblivious to the world and could only stare at her. The only thing on his mind was this beautiful woman and his own desperate need to cum.

Sara's pace quickened and her hips started moving up to meet her fingers. She looked extremely hot as she performed for the young man. But she too went past the point of no return as she watched enthralled by the blur of the young man's fist sliding over the purple head of his prick as his balls bounced around wildly.

The scene before me was very exciting and I too was jerking off as fast as I could. Suddenly I felt like my balls were turning inside out as I shot a stream of cum over the stern rail and into the lake. Another couple of jets and my sperm landed on the rail and the stern as the last of it dripped from my deflating member.

Now Sara was rubbing her pussy quickly and she was bucking on the raft making waves and splashing sounds in the still waters of the lake. Her own orgasm started and she let out a low, loud guttural moan as her orgasmic spasms hit her again and again. She never took her eyes off the young man's fist flying over his cock. She was racked with her orgasm just as the young man closed his eyes, arched his back, and spewed a huge load of cum out into the lake. He must have shot it ten feet as the globs of white fluid continued to spurt out from his engorged member. Finally, the spurts subsided and he stood there slowly squeezing the head as a last big glob of sperm dripped off the head of his shrinking prick.

As Sara came down from her orgasm she absent-mindedly rubbed her pussy and looked around. She looked up at me with a big grin and noticed the last strings of cum falling from my dick. She then looked over at the young man and waved, got off her raft and swam over to the boat's ladder. The young man cleaned himself up, grabbed his backpack and began making his way thru the rocks back to the park. Sara then spoke first words of the entire episode, "Bob, would you mind handing me another beer?"

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