tagNovels and NovellasSarah and Ben Ch. 02

Sarah and Ben Ch. 02


My husband has told his part now it is time for me to tell mine. I have been in love with Ben forever. Well, since I have known him. We had been a very happily married couple. I had some friends and he had some of his own. We also had a few friends together. June was one of my friends and I had been a bit jealous of her for a long time.

June was one of those girls who looked sexy in anything she wore. I had seen Ben look at her in 'that' way more than once. I had also noticed him looking at our next-door neighbor. She was built a lot like June and I had never cared for her. She was always showing off her body to my husband any chance she got.

Ben had always been faithful to me I knew, but temptations could overcome even the strongest of marriages. My biggest fear was losing Ben to that bitch next door. Her whole attitude seemed to me to be 'I'm going to have your husband some day, wait and see.' It drove me nuts to think she would be able to get Ben into her bed.

June had always talked to me about Ben and I knew that if it weren't the fact that I was married to him she would have been after him too. I also felt that I could trust June implicitly. I knew that she had tried once at a New Years Eve party and had failed miserably. She had even fessed up to me afterwards, telling me that he was as faithful as the day was long.

One day June mentioned to me that her boss was looking for some help. The women he wanted to work for him had to be good looking and built. When I said that I doubted that I would qualify she had floored me with her praise of my body and looks. She convinced me to go on down and interview with Mr. Stevens.

While Ben didn't care to have me working, he also knew I was bored at home all the time, so he consented to my trying out. (Not that he 'owned' me or anything like that, I just felt that this was one of 'those' decisions that both had to agree on.) When I got to the club it was an eye-opening visit. June was a stripper! I was stunned, and then a bit turned on. I had some fantasies that centered on my being a stripper in a club.

I knew that Ben would not be happy with this kind of work, so after my 'interview' and how good it went, I decided to not tell Ben what I did exactly. It was a bad thing to hold that information back from him, but I really wanted to try this out for a bit.

Mr. Stevens was quick to hire me. He kept telling me how good-looking I was and how much I would draw in the men to his club. June was also very vocal on my looks. Eventually, after a lot of great comments about me, I let myself be 'talked' into going to work there. If they had only known of my fantasy.

I started to work there and at first I just waited tables (topless of course) and watched the other dancers do their routines. Soon, I learned some moves and invented some more of my own. One night I began to dance. As I danced around and stripped I got hotter and hornier than I had ever been. Ben received the benefits of all of this 'work' of mine without knowing what caused my horniness.

June had started to talk to me about doing parties and 'special' routines. I begged off since I knew that to do those was to cross the line from dancing to actual sex for money. I was going to remain faithful to Ben at all costs. Mr. Stevens started to invite me to be the 'star' attraction on some nights when it was slow and I consented to doing that. I was soon bringing in quite a bit of cash on those nights.

One day, as I went to my bank to deposit my money from the night before I realized that I had over twelve thousand dollars in my account. This was after buying my 'uniforms' for work and some other toys I had wanted. I was stunned at the amount. When I mentioned how much I had made to June she just shrugged and said that wasn't too bad for a beginner who only worked the slow nights.

June went on to tell me about how much she had made at the two parties the last weekend, and then how much she had made at work after those parties. The amounts she was talking about were substantial. I was shocked to learn that she was in the six-figure bracket, and at the upper end too.

She explained how she had been investing her money and how it grew even quicker than she had thought it would. She didn't have to work at all anymore; she just genuinely loved what she was doing and intended to keep going for quite a while yet.

Soon I let myself be seduced into the money and then begged Ben to let me work those parties and other shifts. He was very reluctant to let me do this, but I convinced him to at least let me try it for a while.

One night, after I had stripped and was getting ready to go home June stopped me and begged me to work a party with her the next day. I reluctantly said I would, but no sex for me. She said ok, she just needed another dancer to help her out.

The party time came and we arrived to a crowd of fifteen men who were already partied up. I did my routine then June did hers. The groom and best man begged me to do some more for them and I let myself be talked into a lap dance. (I hadn't done them as of yet)

I was so horny and turned on from the comments and men trying to cop a feel that I really let loose on the grooms lap dance. As I danced for him I knelt and pretended to be sucking his cock. He reached down and released his pants to reveal his rather large hard cock.

Before I knew it I was actually licking and then sucking on his hard cock. As I sucked him the best man knelt down behind me and thrust his equally large cock into my now very wet hot pussy. I tried to stop him but the groom had a hold of my head and I couldn't get away from the cock in my mouth to holler at them to stop.

As I was getting fucked in my pussy I could feel other hands and fingers exploring my body and soon I was lost in a trance. I came and came. I had cocks in my pussy and mouth constantly for quite a while. Then at one point, while June filmed my gangbang, they started to use my virgin asshole. I once again couldn't protest since my mouth was full of cock and it was in my throat.

As my painful ordeal went on I got into it and was soon begging for more cock in all of my holes. I really was in heat and lust for all the cock I could get. June filmed and photographed all of my debauchery that afternoon. I had no excuse. I was not drugged nor was I drunk. I had just fallen into this gangbang and found that I loved the cocks and fucking that came with it.

I was able to take large cocks in any hole. I could swallow them until my lips were crushed against their pubic bone and not choke. I was able to take them straight into my ass with no trouble or little pain. This became my life. I would do the parties for the sex and then get paid a lot of money on top of that to boot.

Mr. Stevens saw the film and bought some of the stills for his own personal use. He then 'auditioned' me for other 'special' work at the club. June was there as he used me the first time. He was a large black man and he had a monster cock. I soon learned to take him in any and every way possible.

He would use me to calm some of the rougher elements on busy nights. They would use me in the back room for hours. I was getting fucked in more ways than I had ever heard of and enjoyed all of it. These men had no hesitation to use me as their slut. I was made to suck them after they had been in any hole in my body. I let them use me like a prize whore.

I was even the winnings in a weekly poker game and the winner could use me in any way he wanted. This is when lesbian sex with other dancers started. I found out that I even liked girls. I loved to lick a pussy that had just had a cock spurt its juices into it. I loved to have strange cocks filling me with their love potions too.

I had a hard time keeping my work sex life and my married sex life separate. When Ben finally found me out I figured that I was going to be kicked out of the house and his life forever. I truly loved Ben and didn't want to divorce him. I was ready to quit this whoring for him. I wanted to be his wife and felt very, very bad about my lies and deceitful ways.

I was sure that he was going to dump me when June came over and talked to the both of us that afternoon. When Ben learned about my parties and what I had done, well the look on his face was one that I would never want to see ever again. I had broken him. I had torn his trust in me apart and destroyed our marriage for the illicit sex. I tried to get his attention on the money that I had made, and soon realized that wasn't going to help things at all. June had saved the day for me but her plan was one that I had a hard time accepting. Watching them have sex turned out to be the hardest thing I had ever done. I was crushed and torn. My heart and soul knew now what I had put Ben through. I deserved to be tossed away.

My thoughts as I watched them fuck were ones of torment and pain. Ben hadn't felt all of it totally yet and I was sure that we were going to have real problems before this was all over. My heart was broken as I watched June let Ben take her ass and then when she made me suck him off, well, I realized that I had been deserving of my punishment, and so much more.

After the whole weekend and June had left Ben didn't talk to me very much. I could see the pain in his eyes yet. He said that he had forgiven me, but the pain of my betrayal and lies was in his eyes. His attitude was a bit cold, even as he tried to show his love for me.

I took the next week off from my work, much to Mr. Steven's dismay, but I think he knew he was real close to losing me at this point so he let me take the time off without too much argument. It cost him some big bucks since he had a party set up on three successive days that involved me and now I wouldn't be there for him. I had to promise to make it up to him at a later date no matter what.

Ben was still working so I stayed home and cleaned and cooked and tried to make amends. Our sex life went to nothing. His hugs were stiff and per functionary. I felt that he was ready to run at any moment. I didn't know what to do. How could I have been so stupid and cruel to the one man that I had loved with all my heart? I still loved him with all my heart and I knew that deep inside him was a wound that was festering and growing. I had no way of stopping it and was at ends trying to get him back. I had totally screwed up my life and his too.

I finally called June and she came over on that Friday. We had a long heart to heart talk and she came up with a plan. She knew that the pictures of my gangbang had turned on Ben. She figured that I had one chance to get him back and that was to give him a 'party' and let him be the center of attention. I should also be prepared to let the other dancers have him too.

Her plan also involved my being gangbanged by some male dancers too. This would be worked out if June thought that he was ready for it at the same time as his party. If he showed the signs she was looking for I might have a chance to correct this mess I had created.

We set up the party for the following weekend and I was on pins and needles the whole next week. Ben still refused to have sex with me and I was sure I had lost him by that Friday night. He had taken to sleeping in the guest bedroom and not talking to me at all.

I had snuck into the bedroom naked, hoping to get him interested in fucking me and found him in tears. I felt lower than ever. I had caused deep emotional wounds and I didn't think our marriage was to survive. I crawled back into the other bedroom alone and cried myself asleep.

June showed up the next morning early and after a quick conference with me we snuck in and tied Ben up to the bed. He was yelling and shouting at us, mostly me. I straddled his face and lowered my pussy down on his mouth, hoping that he wouldn't bite me. He soon quieted down and started to suck on my clit and lick my pussy.

As he ate my pussy to a great orgasm June had the other girls come in and strip off. When I got off of his face Ben looked shocked. He couldn't believe that there were six naked strange women in this room ready to fuck him. They were lined up and looking him up and down. I was tense, afraid that I was going to lose him to these co-workers of mine.

As I watched, his cock started to go soft. I knew this was not a good sign. The other girls were quick to jump on the bed and they began to lick and kiss him all over his body. Ben's cock regained its hardness and as I watched, these other women got him turned on and on the edge of shooting his load into the air.

Nothing was taboo for these girls. They tongued his asshole, sucked his cock and used him in any way they could get at him. He was moaning and wanted to cum real bad. June stepped up and stopped the party and then introduced them all to him. First names only, as if he would remember any of their names after this.

June then climbed on him and dropped down on his hard cock. As she fucked him the others went back to tonguing and licking where they could. June started to talk to him.

"Ben, baby, you like this? Does this feel good?"

"Uh, yeah June, I like it."

"Yeah? Who do you like more, me, or them?"

"All of you."

"What about Sarah?"

"She's my wife June, of course I like her too."

"Oh really? Then why haven't you been fucking your wife stud?"

"I...I don't know. Mad, I guess I'm mad at her for being a whore and fucking all those men."

"Don't you think you benefited from her fucking around? Hasn't she learned some new things to do to you in bed?"

"Yeah, but this is all wrong. She should have talked to me first. We should have talked this all out first."

Ben wasn't able to concentrate to well since all of the attention was still being paid to his body and June was skillfully fucking him and keeping him on edge. I wasn't sure about her plan at all now.

"Ben, did it turn you on to see Sarah with that man's cock in her mouth?"

"I...well...maybe a little bit."

"A little bit? I just felt you surge up in size just at a memory of that picture honey. I think it turns you on more than a little bit. Maybe a lot?"

"June, why are you doing this? You know that I told you that I had some fantasies about Sarah doing it with other men. You know that it turns me on somehow."

"Oh yeah Ben, I do know. I just needed for you to admit it. I have a little surprise for you now. You get to watch Sarah get gangbanged up close and personal babe. Real close."

One of the other girls left and soon I heard the men coming in. They were strippers from another club. June had arranged for this and I was soon to be the star of a gangbang. This one was going to have my husband as a very close participant. I was to straddle his body so my pussy was just above his head and let the first of them take me right in front of him. He was to see a strange cock entering my pussy, or asshole within inches of his eyes.

As the first man mounted me I took Ben's cock into my mouth and began to lovingly suck on him. I kept him close, but didn't let him cum. The first three men took my pussy and Ben watched closely. The fourth man decided to take my asshole and as his cock slid in I felt a tongue on my used and overflowing pussy. Ben was licking my pussy, cum and all.

The other girls were 'fluffing' the men on standby and I took cock after cock. Ben stayed with me and licked and sucked my pussy when he could. At one point he was licking a cock and its balls as it rammed into my pussy. I had never known that he would do such a thing. June had it captured on film too.

After the seventh man had fucked me June cut Ben loose. He moved up and began to tongue my asshole. I sat up and lowered my butt down to his face and cum ran from both holes all over him. His mouth was wide open and his fingers were busy catching cum on my legs and transferring it to his mouth too.

I sat there and began to orgasm and as I went off his cock shot off a huge load without even being touched. The other girls were a bit impressed with the whole episode. The night went into a full-blown orgy after that. Most of the men continued to fuck me and Ben stayed with me even though some of the girls mounted him or sucked him off. He was always in touch with me.

The next morning, after the last people left, June sat us down and we talked about our night. I found out that Ben had been feeling guilty for fucking June in front of me and didn't know how to make it right. He had been feeling guilty for fucking one woman. I had fucked so many men by that point.

He was only aware of the fifteen that we had told him about and June began to tell and show him the rest of the parties and pictures. His guilt was short-lived. He didn't get mad, like I thought he would (at least not to show anyway). He just accepted it all and stared at the pictures as they were flipped up to him.

We talked for hours that day and in the evening Ben and I went to bed in the same bed. Just the two of us. I held him close to me and we slept that whole night that way.

We had exorcised some of our demons and I felt that perhaps our marriage had a chance, however small, of surviving. Ben worked that week and was home each night on time. I had dinner ready for him every night and after dinner we would talk or just go to the bedroom and make love.

There was a difference in our love making now. I could see that Ben was working very hard at pleasing me. Not to say that he hadn't in the past, he just threw himself into it more each time.

That weekend, on Friday night, Ben took me out to where I worked. He watched as I danced and did lap dances for customers. I had my eyes on him constantly, fearing that he would go ballistic or leave in a huff but he stayed right in his seat and just watched.

Towards the end of the shift he pulled me aside and asked me if he could use the room in back right away.

"You want me to fuck you back there? Mr. Stevens has a camera back there Ben, are you sure?"

"Yes. I want to take Candy back there and fuck her. I have already made arrangements with her. I want to have you join us and ride my face as she rides my cock."

"I thought you just wanted me Ben. I don't like the idea of you fucking these other women. Couldn't we just do it by ourselves?"

"Sarah, I love you, you know that. I also am owed quite a few fucks from other women because of your cheating slut ways. I think you had better get over this jealousy thing quick. It could be detrimental to our marriage."

I was stunned. I had thought that he wouldn't go through with fucking to catch up with me and now that he knew about all of the other men I had fucked I realized that if I didn't let him fuck other women and try to catch up I would lose him.

I was torn with the need to keep him for myself and also with the need to keep him as my husband. Resigned to my punishment brought on by my friend June, I relented and nodded my head yes.

"Good girl. Sarah, don't ever forget that I love you, that is the important thing. If you hadn't cheated on me like you did none of this would ever have happened."

"I know Ben. I am afraid that you will fall for some other woman and it scares me. I do love you Ben and since this is to be my punishment I guess I shouldn't complain about it."

Ben stood and hugged me close. He then kissed me in a very strong and possessive way. I felt a bit better after that kiss. I just wished that Candy wasn't the girl he wanted tonight. She had the body of all men's dreams and her attitude was a sexual predatory type of huntress.

Candy walked up and took Ben by an arm and we all walked to the back 'entertainment' room. Once there she had Ben naked in seconds. Her aggressiveness surprised even me. I had never seen her so hot for a male before. I became very worried at this point.

Ben was a bit shocked too. His face had a look of a sheep being led into a den of wolves. The only wolf here was Candy though. Her attack became very centered and soon my husband was on the bed being treated to a world-class blowjob. Candy knew exactly what to do and how to best achieve the goal.

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