tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSarah Palin Takes One in the Ass

Sarah Palin Takes One in the Ass


Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska, was quickly whisked back to her limo by her handlers after delivering a speech to a capacity crowd of Missouri Tea Party supporters. She felt absolutely euphoric. Those multiple standing ovations she'd received had really touched her, but she was also worn out. The numerous book signings and personal appearances over the last few days had left her exhausted. Sitting in the limo, staring out the dark tinted windows at row after row of empty houses and foreclosure signs, all she really wanted to do was go back to her hotel room and get some rest. Maybe have a relaxing bubble bath.

When she arrived back at the hotel, her personal assistant informed her that she'd have a few hours off before a dinner that was to include some local candidates, campaign donors, and influential businesspeople from the area. Delighted by the idea of getting some R&R, she shooed away her multiple public relations and image consultants who were incessantly blabbering in her ear, using lots of words she didn't know, and rushed up to her room, flopped down on the bed, and kicked off her black Gucci heels. Ah, it felt back to be lying down, she thought. She sipped and subsequently gulped down on the bottle of 20 year old malt scotch she'd been working on during breakfast.

Since she hadn't taken a shower that morning she figured she might as well do so now, while there was still time. In fact, she figured she might take a jacuzzi bath in the posh marble-floored hotel bathroom. This was the Hilton after all, so she might as well take advantage of it. Her handlers usually put her in cheaper hotels, sometimes even motels, the cheap bastards. But today they'd done well. And best of all, they'd put her in the "Presidential" suite. Oh how she adored the sound of that...

No matter how luxurious the bathroom's accommodations were, the thought of jumping into the jacuzzi did bring mixed feelings to her, though. Back home, she and her husband Todd used to always fuck in the jacuzzi. It's probably where most of her kids were conceived. However, with her busy schedule, she hardly ever saw Todd anymore, and when she did, he didn't seem to be too interested in sex, and she couldn't understand why.

Maybe he didn't find her attractive anymore. Worse yet, she'd been starting to suspect that perhaps his recent lack of interest in sex meant that he's probably fucking someone else, like that sexy little 20 something secretary of his with the big tits and high-pitched voice. Sarah hated that bitch with a passion.

Whatever the case, they hadn't done it in months, and Sarah had taken to masturbating, usually with her fingers and sometimes with bananas, but it just wasn't the same. She missed the weight of a man over her in bed and a good hard cock plunging in and out of her pussy. She didn't do all those vaginal tightening exercises for nothing, you know.

Fuck it, Sarah figured. She'd been standing in those just deposed $600 heels for far too long and felt like pampering herself to a nice jacuzzi bath. Still lying on the bed, she started peeling off her clothes. First she took off her glasses and laid them down on the nightstand by the bed. Then she rolled her sheer black pantyhose down over her silky smooth legs. That electrolysis treatment she'd had had left them perpetually smooth, and she loved to rub her hands up and down them, and she did so for a minute or two before she lifted up her back a bit and unzipped her long black, butt-hugging skirt that reached just past her knees. After undoing the zipper, she pulled the skirt down to her feet and kicked it off the bed, onto the floor.

Next to go was the light bluish blouse she had on. She unbuttoned the front of it, freeing her large, red lacy bra held her tits. She tossed off the blouse, and then unhooked and threw off her bra too.

At this point she was sprawled out on the king sized bed, with her legs parted, wearing only a pair of red thong panties. She looked over at the wall mirror on the other side of the room, and though her vision was a tad blurry from not having her glasses on, she could see herself there, nearly naked on the bed, with her big, juicy tits hanging out, nipples hardening up in the air conditioner's cool breeze.

"What a fucking sexy bitch I am." She thought to herself. She also thought about how fat and ugly most of the Tea Party women in the crowd were, how many were missing teeth, and how much sexier she was than them. Starting to become aroused by her own reflection, she began running her hands up and down her nude body, caressing all around her silky smooth legs, flat stomach, and pointy-nippled, pear-shaped tits.

The booze had gone to her head and she started to become unbearably horny and knew she had to masturbate. So she slid off her panties, brought her fingers to her shaven pussy's slit, and inserted her index and pointer fingers into it. She closed her eyes, thought of Brad Pitt, and lightly fingered herself and flicked around at her clitoris with her thumb. She was just about to get up to grab a banana from the fruit basket sitting on the table in the corner when she heard a sudden knock on the door.

Quickly pulling her fingers away from her pussy, she stumbled up off the bed, ran to the bathroom, put on a white cotton Hilton crested bathrobe, and hurried over to the door. Upon opening it, she saw Peter, one of her young staffers, standing in the hallway with a manila folder in his hand.

"Mrs. Palin, hi. I've got a few forms I need you to sign, regarding PAC contributions." Peter said to her, his voice nervously cracking a bit as he noticed that she was in a bathrobe.

"If now's not a good time I could come back later..."

"No, it's okay. Come on in and put the forms on the table over there, by the fruit basket." Sarah responded, sounding a bit winded from scrambling to the door.

As Peter nodded, smiled and walked in, Sarah eyed him up. She'd been eying him up for a while, actually.

A big, beefy six foot tall young twentyish recent college grad, Peter was muscular and had the dark, handsome Italian features that drove Sarah (and most women) wild. He looked a bit like Sylvester Stallone from the early Rocky movies and was just as cut and fit. Sarah personally interviewed him and although he was under-qualified, his movie star looks and physique got him the job.

Sarah also liked him because there was something about this particular young man that brought her back to her college days, the happiest times of her life. Quite wild times too. She'd had to make several pay-offs to ensure that no tales of those drunken sex romps, frat house parties, the time she had that double trouble with the quarterback and running back, etc, ever emerged in the press.

All of a sudden Sarah started to feel 20 years younger, like a sorority chick again. Watching this young stud stroll confidently across the plush white carpet of her hotel room turned her on immensely, and by his mere presence she felt transported back in time to those college days that Peter so vividly reminded her of.

Turning around, she slammed and locked the door, then did something she couldn't believe she actually did after she did it. Something she thought she'd never do in front of anyone other than her husband. Maybe it was the booze that made her do it... Maybe it was the heat of the moment, lack of recent sex, spousal neglect, who knows...

Whatever motivated her to do what she did was no longer relevant, though, because Sarah had just taken off her bathrobe and was now standing naked, facing her young staffer.

"Okay, you'll need to sign these four and initial the two others by the boxes." Peter said, with his back turned to Sarah, as he placed the papers down on the table and pulled out a sliver pen from the chest pocket of his white polo dress shirt.

Not receiving a response, he swiveled his head around towards Sarah and when he saw her standing there naked, he dropped the pen from his hand and managed only to say, "wha..."

"Shut up!" Sarah shrieked at him. She was getting into her bitch mode now. Todd and she always played it rough when they fucked and that's the way she likes it.

"I, uh, okay..." Peter stumblingly replied, his cock sprouting an instant erection at the sight of Sarah Palin totally nude and approaching him.

Though he'd never been that into MILFs, he and all the other young male staffers always talked about how hot they thought Sarah was and how they'd like to fuck her. Her rock solid ass and the sexual positions they'd most enjoy putting her in were often topics of discussion when they went out for drinks after work.

"Take off your clothes! Now!" Sarah commanded, pointing at him.

Peter was so shocked by the whole situation, he could barely muster a response, but he did promptly comply to her demand and tore off his loafers, black socks, beige khakis, navy blue boxer briefs, and white dress shirt in less than 20 seconds. He now also stood naked, facing Sarah, and his 7 inch cock, thick as a doorknob, was fully erect.

Sarah approached him and Peter leaned in to kiss her, but she put her left index finger over his lips and snapped at him "no kissing!" Then she dropped to her knees and took his dick in her mouth.

"Faaa..." Peter moaned, as her cold/warm mouth sank down over his mushroom tip and soon took in the entire appendage, all 7 inches of it. He'd never been truly deep-throated before, and it was a sensational feeling.

The whole thing was so surreal, he thought, as he glanced down and saw Sarah Palin's lips at the base of his cock. She started sucking it slow, but soon worked his unit in and out of her mouth at light speed, like a porn star. It was by far the best head he'd ever received.

But it didn't last too long. After about 45 seconds, Sarah got up, looked at him angrily, and walked over to the bed, climbed atop it, and got on all fours, with her gym-sculpted ass pointed high in the air. Peter followed her, got up on the bed, and Sarah craned her neck around at him and screamed out "put it in my ass, motherfucker!"

Peter had never done it in the ass before. All the college girls he'd been with would never let him. And now, here he was, in a hotel room with the hottest MILF in the world, and SHE was asking HIM to fuck her in the ass. Fucking amazing, he thought.

He looked around and didn't see any lube anywhere. He also thought to himself that he might want to put on a condom, but there was no time for that now. With all those kids she'd shitted out and at her age it's unlikely she had any diseases. And if she wasn't asking him to use one, then who cares? He'd always wanted to go bareback and here was his chance, with Sarah Palin, no less.

Looking down between her legs at her shaven pussy, he could see it was wet as anything. So he rubbed his hand on it, around the lips, got his hand all wet with pussy juice, and lathered up his dick with it. Then he brought his hard cock up to the entrance of her tight little pink asshole and worked it in slowly.

At first her ass offered slight resistance, but it was only temporary. After puncturing the outer rim, his cock slid right in. And damn, it was like heaven to him. Tighter than the virgin pussy he popped back in Freshman year of college. Tighter than anything he'd ever felt.

And Sarah was loving it too. She'd always wanted to be fucked in the ass but never had been. One would think she might have, especially after all those drunken romps back in college, but no, never. And Todd never wanted to. He objected to it on "moral grounds," as if he had a problem with sodomy, all the times she sucked his dick and he ate her pussy. The fucking liar, she thought.

"Mmmmmmm... Ohhh..." Peter cooed, as the young stud slowly worked about half his dick in and out of her ass.

"Harder! Put it all the way in!!" She yelled back at him, really starting to enjoy the intense pleasure and pain she was feeling. She loved how big his cock was. She hadn't had one this big in years. It was far, far thicker than her husband's, and she wanted all of it up her ass.

"Ahhh... Faaaa..." Peter groaned and mumbled. He started sticking it all the way in but didn't pick up the pace as Sarah had commanded. He liked pumping it slow and gentle and wanted to savor the experience and overwhelming tightness. Plus he didn't want to come too fast.

"Fucking fuck me!!!!" Sarah yelled, even louder, and this time she reached her arm back and dug her fingernails into his thigh, scratching deeply into it, drawing a small trickle of blood.

"Fucking bitch!" Peter screamed. He'd never been much into rough sex, but her scratching him like that and interrupting the pleasure he was receiving from doing her ass really pissed him off.

"Okay, you want it rough?! I'll fucking give it to you like that!"

And with that, Peter slapped her violently upside the head, then grabbed a big clump of her hair and yanked it back, bringing her face up to his. He lowered down over her and kissed her aggressively, his tongue stabbing into hers. Then he shoved her face into the pillow with one hand and used the other to grab and slap on her ass as he picked up the pace and fucked her hard, very hard, up the ass.

Pretty soon he was banging her so hard that they were both bouncing up and down on the tightly wound spring coil mattress, almost as if they were on a trampoline. He quit grinding her face into the pillow for fear he might suffocate her and used his now free hand to fondle her dangling tits as he plunged in and out of her tight asshole with his thick cock. The other hand he kept planted on her asscheeks, though did reach around a bit and sporadically grope at her clitoris.

"You fucking bitch! You fucking stupid bitch!" He kept yelling at her.

"Ahhhhh! Ahh, fuck you! Fuck you!!!!!" Sarah moaned and screamed back.

A string of drool hanging from the corner of her mouth, Sarah was entirely consumed with pleasure. Much of it coming from the pain of being savagely anally penetrated by a thick cock, but much of it also coming from the guilt of getting fucked in the ass by a young stud, practically a stranger, in a hotel room. She thought of her husband and kids, her family, her supporters. Thinking of how terribly she was betraying them made her feel like such a slut, such a whore. And she loved every minute of it. She'd never acted out on any of her deepest, most repressed and immoral desires in years, but she thought to herself about how she should do so more often.

Peter wasn't able to take much more. The tight, hot asshole he was furiously fucking like wild was bringing him to the point of submission. He started to feel that tingling, electrical feeling a man gets before coming. His toes curled up. He closed his eyes. And then it happened. He let loose. His balls tightened up and he unleashed a huge orgasm straight into Sarah's asshole. As he shot his load in, it felt like it lasted a minute or so and that it must have been a quart of semen he let go into her ass.

"Argaaa.. FAAAAAACCCC!!!!!!" He nonsensically blurted out, like a person with Tourettes, as he came.

"Yaaaaaa!!!!!" She cried out, coming herself as the feeling of his hot sperm shooting up her anal passageway pushed her over the edge.

After he finished coming, Peter pulled his dick out of Sarah's ass. It wasn't as covered in shit as he thought it would be, but it did have a bit of blood and a few dingleberry-like things on it. He bent down over her crouched, trembling body, kissed her on the cheek, and went into the bathroom to wash his dick off.

When he came back from the bathroom, he saw Sarah lying in the bed, under the covers. It appeared as if she'd been crying.

"You okay?" Peter asked sympathetically. Maybe he shouldn't have been so rough with her, he thought.

"Get the fuck out of here!" Sarah hissed at him. She was wiping away tears and sniveling.

"Sorry..." Peter said. He quickly dressed and headed towards the door.

"Hey," Sarah shouted out, just as he reached for the doorknob. "When we get to Kansas tomorrow, meet me at my room at 11. And bring that intern I always see you with. I think his name is Jake."

"Will do." Peter responded with a chuckle and sudden smile.

"Oh, and I still need you to sign those forms..."

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