tagSci-Fi & FantasySarah vs The Space Aliens

Sarah vs The Space Aliens


Author's Note: This is a little something I thought up around Halloween, but only got around to writing now. It stars the main characters from my "Sarah Saga" stories, but you don't need to read them to know what's going on here.


Sarah thrust into her roommate for the final time, and then she leaned into Ashley, panting. Her breasts pressed into her friend's back as water cascaded down onto them from the shower's rainfall head.

Ashley was still moaning and shuddering her way through her orgasm, the detachable shower head still pushed between her thighs directing pulses of water at her clit. Her free hand was tangled up in Sarah's auburn hair, her head tilted back to rest on Sarah's shoulder. Ashley's raven hair and olive skin made a stark contrast with Sarah's pale, freckled body. They kissed, their tongues dueling as Sarah reached up to grope at Ashley's mountainous, gravity defying tits. She stepped back, slowly sliding the length of the strap-on out of Ashley's pussy, eliciting another gasping moan.

"Fuck baby. That was good." She went to replace the detachable head, her movements still a little sensitive and jerky with the aftershocks of her climax. "This thing is the best investment into the apartment that we've ever made," she said. But then she looked over to where Sarah was standing, the thick length of the rubber cock swinging between her legs. "Though you've made some good purchases lately."

Sarah reached down and lifted its solid weight, stroking it like it was a real cock. "I wanted to surprise you." She stepped in for a quick kiss. "Maybe you can return the favor someday." They kissed again under the water, Sarah's modest breasts pressing against Ashley's more massive pair.

They dried each other, did their hair, and helped each other with make-up. And then they went to their rooms to get ready for the party. It was Halloween, and while many girls will dress up in scandalous outfits on Halloween in the hopes that they might get laid, Sarah and Ashley were certain that they would be fucked multiple times that night. They were heading to a party hosted by their good friend Chelsea. Sarah had first met Chelsea in the middle of an orgy, and that had set the stage for all of their future interactions. Sarah hardly ever saw her with clothes on.

Of course, Sarah couldn't go out in public naked. So she wore the next best thing, an extremely slutty costume. She was going for witch, but the only thing that really gave it away was the pointy hat. Sarah was wearing a tight black lace corset. Her nipples were barely covered and would pop out with the slightest adjustment or deep breath. Her black skirt was just short enough to hide her ass, but every step and every gust of wind gave tantalizing glimpses of her bare pussy. Knee high black and orange striped socks and black heels completed the outfit.

Ashley had put even less effort into her costume, going as a stereotypical hula girl. Her coconut shell bra was far too small for her breasts, and her grass skirt was so threadbare that it was very clear that she wasn't wearing any panties. But it didn't matter that much, they were only going a few blocks.

They had made it two when something strange happened.

Sarah and Ashley were cutting through a small park in their neighborhood, when the wind picked up suddenly, whipping leaves and trash around their feet. There was a bright light. And then blackness.

When she woke up, Sarah was in a large room. It was circular, with a high, white ceiling and grey walls. The floor was a bluish color, and gave a little under her hands, like a gym mat.

She had regained consciousness slowly, like she was coming up from a deep sleep. But once she noticed her surroundings she snapped wide awake. Sarah pushed down the first feelings of panic, tried to remain calm, and looked around the room. Ashley was laying next to her, also waking slowly. She was naked, and Sarah realized that her costume was nowhere to be found either.

Sarah helped Ashley up into a sitting position. "Ash, are you ok?"

Ashley nodded, a little groggy. "I think so. Where are we?"

"I don't know," Sarah said, looking around the room for some clue. "The last thing I remember, we were cutting through the park. And then we woke up here." Sarah bit her lip. "I don't see any doors or windows, but there must be some way out."

A section of the wall slid back without a sound. And in walked the first alien that Sarah had ever seen. It looked like all of the silly sci-fi shows said it would. The creature was small and gray, with a large head and huge black eyes. It had slender arms, and three fingered hands. It wasn't wearing any clothes, but Sarah couldn't see any outward sign of gender.

Sarah was stunned by the appearance of the alien. Ashley was the first one to speak. "Holy shit. We've been abducted," she whispered. Her voice was very quiet, and traces of panic were starting to creep in at the edges.

Both girls were struggling to stay in control as the creature approached. Sarah was taking deep, labored breaths. Ashley was shaking and quietly, almost silently, praying under her breath. The alien stopped short of the girls and lifted some kind of small device. What the tiny rectangle did wasn't obvious, but the alien seemed to be satisfied with it. It walked back out of the room, stopping to punch a short sequence of buttons on a control panel that seemed to grow from the wall. The door slid shut behind it.

Sarah looked over at Ashley and shrugged. "That was weird. Maybe it doesn't need us?" Ashley simply nodded in agreement.

A low tone sounded from somewhere in the ceiling, and a section of the floor in front of them slid apart. It revealed a pool full of some type of metallic blue liquid. The tone sounded again, longer and deeper this time. Ashley and Sarah both felt it in their bones more than they heard it. The liquid in the pool seemed to dance, small waves and peaks forming on its surface. The tone sounded again and again, and the peaks got higher and higher. Until the liquid seemed to take on some other form and shot out of the pool under its own power.

Long tendrils of the stuff stretched for the girls, quickly wrapping around their ankles and wrists, pulling them to their feet. Sarah was so shocked by the sudden movement that she didn't struggle at first. But then the tentacles picked her up off the ground, and that set her to kicking and flailing. "Hey! What the fuck? Let me go!" But all her struggles were useless. Despite looking like sparkly jello the tentacles were as strong as iron. She screamed some more, but then got quiet when more tentacles rose from the pool and made their way towards her with a disturbing deliberateness. "Oh shit."

The tendrils holding her ankles spread her legs wide, opening Sarah up for what was to come. Two thick tentacles slid up her inner thighs, leaving behind a slick substance that was like sap or mucus. More tentacles wrapped around her torso and made their way towards her breasts, leaving their own trail of slime.

Sarah was terrified, but she couldn't deny that the tentacles felt amazing. The thick slime was soaking into her skin and and a warm pleasurable feeling was spreading out from wherever the tentacles touched. Some substance in the slick coating was reacting with her nervous system, and every inch of her skin was turning into one big erogenous zone.

"Oh, god," Sarah moaned as she watched one of the tentacles drove directly for her pussy. It stopped just short and seemed to pause before sprouting a number of smaller strands. They moved in, smearing their thick mucus over her outer lips and the thin patch of skin between her pussy and her ass. The strands reached in and spread her lips open, exposing her pink core. One strand made contact with her clit, and Sarah experienced one of the most explosive climaxes of her life. She couldn't even make a sound. Her mouth opened in a silent scream, and her abs flexed as she tried to curl up into a fetal position. Sarah could feel her juices flowing from her pussy, running down her thighs and the crack of her ass.

She drew in deep, shuddering breaths as she tried to compose herself. But the tentacles didn't give her a chance. Two spiraled around her breasts, squeezing and kneading. Their tips touched her nipples and then flattened out to cover the whole of her areolae. It felt like a thousand tiny mouths were licking and sucking at her nipples. It felt amazing. But as pleasurable as that was, it was nothing compared to what happened next. The thin tendrils at her pussy spread her lips, and the thick main shaft forced its way into her. Sarah came immediately. And then she came again and again, her nectar spraying and leaking out of her, as more of the thick tentacle speared into her, filling her completely.

"Oh god," she moaned. "So full." The tentacle seemed to know that she needed a break, and stopped thrusting into her. That didn't stop the slime from reacting with her pussy, and her inner walls continued to twitch and convulse around the thick mass filling her. Sarah hung her head and drew in deep breaths of cool air. She couldn't believe what was happening, or how good it felt. Frenzied moaning at her side drew her attention.

Ashley was being fucked by two of the blue pillars, one in her pussy and one in her ass. Two more strands were wrapped around her tits, squeezing so hard that Ashley's flesh was being forced up between the tendrils. She was moaning and screaming, obviously enjoying herself. "Fuck! Fuck yes! Oh god, get in there!" She made eye contact with Sarah for a moment. "So good," she moaned, before going back to screaming barely coherent obscenities.

That seemed to be a signal for the tentacles, and they resumed thrusting deep into Sarah's pussy. Another made its way in between the cheeks of Sarah's ass and began rubbing against her tight rosebud. "Oh shit," Sarah moaned, as the thick slime set off another explosive climax. She whimpered as the tip of the tentacle pushed into her tight ass. It felt so good! But when more of it tried to push in she protested. "No! Please, not there." She tried to pull away from the probing tendril. The tentacle hesitated and then withdrew from her ass, choosing to work its way up her spine instead. It was like fireworks were being set off in her nerves, and Sarah screamed her way through another intense climax as it slid against her skin. The thick length wrapped firmly around her neck and the wet tip of the tentacle began to drag itself across her lips. Sarah knew what it wanted, and she opened her mouth, her desire to feel the slick tentacle in her mouth overriding any inhibitions she had left.

She wasn't disappointed. Her lips, throat, tongue, even her teeth all felt as sensitive and sexual as her clit. The tentacle pushed deep into her, filling her throat. But Sarah found that she had no trouble breathing around it. Soon, a pleasant rhythm was established. The tentacles would thrust into her pussy and mouth, they would squeeze her breasts, and every five or six thrusts a powerful orgasm would rumble through her body. Sarah was coated in the thick slime from the tentacles, and thin streams of it were running in slow, gooey trails down her legs and torso.

The tentacles fucked Sarah and Ashley relentlessly. Both girls were so lost in lust and pleasure that the lost track of their surroundings and the passage of time. Eventually, the tentacle's thrusting became deeper and more urgent. The tentacle in Sarah's throat pulled out of her and hung for a second over her face before bulging and unleashing a torrent of sticky slime onto her head. The tendrils wrapped around her tits did the same, their offering running down her breasts and belly. But the thick pillar in her pussy outdid them all. Each spurt filled her completely. Every new convulsion sent the previous batch of slime squirting out of her pussy as she was brought to capacity again and again. Sarah was cumming uncontrollably, her limbs twitching and her muscles spasming. After a few minutes, the tentacles stilled, and began to withdraw. Sarah looked over as Ashley was slowly lowered to the floor. The slime had already soaked into her skin, leaving her glowing and refreshed. As the tendrils pulled out of Ashley's ass and pussy she replaced them with her fingers, desperately fucking her holes and moaning wordlessly into the floor.

Sarah was focused on joining her. So it took a few moments for her to realize that she was still be held in the air. The strands around her wrists and ankles were keeping her suspended just off the ground.

"Hey! Let me down!" Sarah tried to struggle against the iron grip of the tentacles, to no avail. She was still struggling when the door opened again, and the little alien walked back into the room.

This time it was carrying a small jar filled with grey goo. It walked up to where Sarah was suspended and began carefully spreading the substance over her pussy. Sarah squirmed a little to get away from its touch, but there was nowhere to go. Soon, the entire jar had been spread over her pussy and the little alien left the room once again.

Sarah looked down at her groin. The grey goo was covering her completely. For a second it didn't seem to do anything. Then there was a gentle tingling sensation and the stuff warmed up until it matched her body temperature. Then it began to move, collecting and concentrating until all of the substance was mounded just above her pussy. It shifted again, stretching up and out. The color began to change, going from grey to the pale pink of Sarah's skin. Sensation came with color, and Sarah's breath became labored and ragged as she began to feel through new skin. Soon, the transformation was complete. The tentacles gently lowered her down onto her knees, and Sarah was able to really look at what the alien had done to her.

She had a cock. And not just any cock. This was possibly the biggest dick that Sarah had ever seen. It was as thick as her wrist, and almost comically long. It stood out from her like a meaty spear. A thick bead of precum was already welling from the tip, and it oozed down the head of her cock leaving behind a wet trail.

Sarah couldn't quite believe her eyes. A part of her, disregarding everything that her senses were telling her, just couldn't believe that she had a stiff cock sticking out from her body. She reached out to grasp it, hoping to prove that it wasn't real.

Holy. Fucking. Shit!

As soon as Sarah wrapped her hand around the shaft, she came. Something deep in her gut tightened, and she doubled over. A long, guttural moan escaped her lips as she felt a sensation unlike anything she had ever experienced. Long, thick ropes of cum shot out of her cock. Ten, fifteen times she spurted a string of milky white spunk onto the floor in front of her, more cum than she had ever seen come from one cock. Even after the most violent part of the orgasm was over cum still trickled from the end of her dick, hanging down to the floor in a lazy string.

"Oh my fuck," Sarah whispered, gazing at the glorious rod between her legs. "This might be my new favorite thing."

Her new cock had was just slightly softer than before her climax, but it was quickly returning to full hardness. Sarah carefully reached out with her other hand, gathering up some of her cum to use as lube. She pulled the cock closer to her body so she could get a better look at it. It was thick and rigid, the tip reaching past her belly button. Large veins ran up the sides, and it seemed to pulse in her hand, releasing another gush of precum to run down into her fingers. Sarah couldn't see any sign of balls and found that her pussy was still in place. The cock was attached right above her clit, and the slick wetness between her legs and the pool of nectar on the floor suggested that her cunt was perfectly functional.

Sarah began stroking her cock, desperate to feel it cum again. Both of her hands were running up and down its length, spreading her precum. Every few strokes she would drop one of her hands down to her pussy and plunge her fingers between her dripping lips, gathering up her nectar to add to the slick skin of her dick. She was rubbing the head of her cock against her belly, trying to get the maximum amount of sensation. It didn't take long. Sarah cried out as warm jets of cum sprayed onto her tits. Even though this was her second orgasm in just a few minutes there seemed to be just as much cum as the first time, if not more. In a few massive squirts she had coated her chest. Cum was running down her tits and dripping from her nipples, falling onto her hands to add to the lubrication on her cock. The final spurt flew up and splashed across her face and into her open mouth. Sarah groaned again as she tasted herself, salty and sweet at the same time. She wanted more. She needed more. Sarah dragged her hands across her belly and breasts, collecting an absurd amount of cum in her palms. She brought them to her lips and greedily drank her spunk.

"Holy shit, Sarah. That was unbelievable."

Sarah had completely forgotten about Ashley, and she looked over at her roommate, startled. Ash was sitting on her knees, three fingers pushed deep into her pussy. She had one of her breasts pushed up with her other hand, and as Sarah watched Ashley's tongue snaked out to lash across her nipple.

"Baby," there was a pleading note in Ashley's voice. "Get that cock over here."

Sarah staggered to her feet, her thick cock pointing like an arrow at Ashley's plump lips. She took a couple of steps, until the fat head of her dick was nearly touching her roommate. Sarah was sliding her hands up and down her length, gathering her precum and using it to lubricate her shaft. She was shaking with anticipation.

Ashley grinned and leaned forward, dragging her tongue across the tip of Sarah's cock. Sarah's knees nearly buckled. It felt like nothing she had ever experienced. Ashley's tongue was everywhere. Running in circles around her head. Sliding down her length. Even going low enough to momentarily flash across Sarah's clit. Ashley's hands replaced Sarah's, stroking rapidly up and down her thick shaft. She smiled up at Sarah again, and then took her cock into her mouth.

"Oh fucking shit!" Sarah nearly exploded into Ashley's mouth right then, but somehow she controlled herself. Ashley was bobbing up and down on her cock, making lewd, wet noises. Sarah felt the tip of her dick press against the entrance to Ashley's throat and she watch as her roommate struggled to deepthroat her. But it was too much. Sarah's cock was just too wide, and Ashley was forced to abandon her attempt. She settled for focussing on the first few inches. Her tongue slid under the wide flared rim of Sarah's cockhead, and then moved up to tease the slit, pressing in lightly. Ashley's lips were sucking and massaging. Her teeth even got into to action, lightly dragging over Sarah's sensitive skin. One of Ashley's hands was sliding up and down Sarah's shaft, collecting and spreading the saliva and precum that spilled from her mouth. The other was lower, fingers thrusting deep into Sarah's sopping cunt.

It was her first blowjob, and Sarah couldn't withstand Ashley's oral assault for very long. The same tightness was building in her stomach. "Fuck Ash, I'm gonna cum." It was barely a whisper.

Hot cum raced up the length of Sarah's cock and sprayed into Ashley's mouth, again and again. Ashley desperately swallowed, but it was too much for her to keep up with. Cum spilled out of her mouth, running down her chin and onto her breasts. Sarah's legs gave out, and she fell on top of Ashley, pushing her backwards. He still twitching cock popped out of her friends mouth but it quickly found a home nestled in the deep valley of Ashley's cleavage. Sarah's cum continued to spill out, running across Ashley's breasts and pooling in the hollow of her throat.

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