tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSarah's New Family Ch. 01

Sarah's New Family Ch. 01


It is not essential to read "Sarah's party" before reading this story but it may help to explain what is happening in the Introduction. Either way, enjoy.


Sarah's cheeks burned red. Thankfully her face was turned to the wall as she stood, naked, in her own kitchen while the party went on behind her. She knew, however, that all the guests were enjoying the sight of her punished bottom cheeks which were just as red as her face. As she stood with her hands clasped behind her back, she thought it couldn't get any worse. She should have known better by now.

"Sarah, look who's here."

As she turned to face her flatmate, she was stunned to see the last person she would have expected to be there and certainly the last person she wanted to see. Her brother-in-law had obviously hopped on the next flight from the UK and followed her here but he wasn't alone. The poor woman blushed even more, trying to hide her nakedness from Sandy but also from the stern looking older man who accompanied him. She was sure she had seen him before but couldn't quite remember when.

"Hi, Sarah. Nice to see you again, especially when we can see so much of you. But I thought you had been instructed to stand with your hands behind your back. Are you going to do as you've been told or should I send my collection to your employers?"

She knew she had no choice; she could never allow her evil brother-in-law to send the film of her masturbating on the plane to the school's Board of Governors, so reluctantly removed her hands which were trying in vain to cover her bald pussy and erect nipples.

"That's better, Sarah. It's nice to see you're just as excited about being naked as I am to see you like this. But, forgive me, I'm forgetting my manners. You haven't seen this man since you were a child and probably don't remember who he is. Sarah, I would like to introduce you to your father."

The poor woman didn't know where to look, what to do, or what to say, so she simply stood there, naked before the man who had walked out on her mother and his two daughters more than twenty years ago. He had been in the British army and, after a posting to Washington, simply called her mother one day to say he wasn't coming back. Her mother had never allowed either her or her sister to speak of him since that day and, eventually, Sarah had forgotten about him. Now he stood there only a few feet from her naked body, staring at her in disdain.

"I think it would be better for all concerned if we were to meet again at a later date; maybe by then you will be more suitably attired."

With those few words, he simply turned on his heels and left. Sandy stood there grinning from ear to ear while Sarah finally came to her senses and ran from the kitchen, pushing her way past the laughing guests and didn't stop until she locked her bedroom door behind her.

Part 1

The next day she rose after a fitful night's sleep and wondered, dreaded, what the day might have in store for her. She had stayed in her room until she heard her flatmate leaving and only now ventured out of her bedroom. Making her way tentatively down to the kitchen in case any of the guests had stayed the night, she was relieved to see that the room which had been the scene of last night's humiliation was empty.

As she poured herself a cup of tea, she noticed a note sitting on the table, the table she had been bent over and spanked upon only hours earlier. It was from Mary, her flatmate, telling her that Sandy had left instructions for her to meet him and her new-found father at a restaurant in town for lunch.

Sarah immediately flew into a panic, not only because she was about to meet her father who had only seen her once in twenty years and who had seen her naked as the day she was born, but also because she knew Sandy was going to be there and she didn't trust her brother-in-law in the least. Not to mention the fact that it was already after eleven o'clock and she had still to get dressed.

She ran back up to her room, wondering as she pounded up the stairs what she should wear to formally meet the man who had abandoned her all those years ago. She knew that he must have thought his daughter was a slut when he saw the state of her punished cheeks last night so she was determined not to give him any more ammunition. She was sure that this was an opinion that Sandy had done all he could to reinforce so decided to be very conservative in her dress. She chose a long, black, ankle-length skirt, albeit a wrap around one, and a high-necked white blouse.

Her underwear, however, was another matter. Whenever Sarah was nervous, and although she dressed very conservatively on the outside, she always liked to wear very sexy lingerie to make herself feel comfortable and confident. Thinking that there was no way Sandy would attempt anything in her father's presence, she chose a virginal white, lacy bra which had the added benefit of pushing up her small breasts to show them at their very best. Her panties were of a matching set but there was nothing virginal about them; in fact, there was practically nothing of them at all. The tiny thong consisted of no more than a set of strings connected to the miniscule piece of cotton that fitted snugly against her pussy. As she pulled it on, she already felt better, knowing that this was one set of underwear Sandy was not going to see.

Part 2

As she was shown to her booth by the maitre d', she saw that Sandy and her father were already seated, her brother-in-law wearing the same smug smile he always seemed to have in her presence. Both men stood on her approach and Sandy steeped out from behind the table to allow her to sit between them. Sarah had a sudden feeling of being trapped between two predators.

Over the first course, Sandy did most of the talking, explaining to Sarah how her father was one of his firm's biggest clients and he had recognised him from some old photos that Linda, his wife, had shown him. Her father, for his part, explained how he had remarried not long after he had left her mother and had a new family now, a twin son and daughter, eighteen years old. He also explained that he had been very successful in this country and would now welcome the chance to get to know his daughter again.

Sarah's head was spinning from all this information but also from the amount of wine she was consuming. Her glass never seemed to empty as, each time she took a drink, Sandy immediately filled it up again. As he once more reached across the table to pour her some more wine, he startled her out of her daydream as he almost accidentally brushed her right breast with his arm. Just as her she was convincing herself that it really was an accident, he suddenly kissed her softly on the cheek.

She didn't know whether she was more angry or shocked that he would be so bold in front of her father, but as she turned to face him she saw that he was smiling that same evil smile that she hated so much. She was about to slap him when he kissed her again, saying, "I've told your father you've turned out to be a real slut, Sarah, but I'm not sure he really believes me, even after the evidence of last night. Shall we show him how slutty you can be?"

Sarah was in a daze. She couldn't believe this was yet another situation that she had voluntarily walked into and that it was about to go badly wrong, just like so many others in the past. Her brother-in-law then whispered into her ear, so quietly that her father could never have heard what was said.

"I haven't shown him the film yet. Do as you're told and he might never see it."

Sarah knew she was trapped now and not just by her position between the two men. Even as she felt her tears welling up in her eyes, she felt Sandy's hand moving between her legs, prising them open, expertly finding the gap between her wrap around skirt. Why, she wondered, had she chosen this skirt; why had she made it easy for him; why had she worn that particular thong?

In no time, his hand slid along her smooth stockings and found the naked skin at the top of her thigh. She could feel herself tremble with fear and tremble with desire. She tried to close her legs to prevent his hand traveling any further but was shocked beyond belief when her father's big, strong hand suddenly landed on her left thigh and held her legs apart.

"Do as you are told, Sarah," was all he said as he continued to eat his dinner as if his daughter was not being molested by her sister's husband beside him.

Sandy was obviously enjoying himself and seemed in no rush to go where she knew he was headed. Inadvertently she found herself sliding forward in her seat, almost as if she was waiting for his touch. When he began to tickle her smooth inner thigh, she almost moaned out loud but she could feel her face flush from the realisation that she truly was acting like a slut in a public place, even though she continued to tell herself she had no choice. Whatever she had expected from the meeting with her father, it wasn't this.

Finally, just as she began to think he was going to go no further, his hand reached her pussy. Moving her tiny thong aside, he smiled when he felt the wetness as he slipped his finger inside her for the first time. It took all of her strength to stop herself from moaning aloud now, as she bit down on her bottom lip, fighting desperately the desire to fuck his hand when his thumb found her clit and began to massage it as his finger continued to slide in out and out of her now dripping pussy.

She was so distracted she hadn't even been aware of the waiter approaching their booth. "Your order," he said, delivering their next course with a pleasant smile. The hand between her legs was slowly removed and she wondered if the waiter was smiling because he had realised what was happening in this secluded corner. As he left, so did her father, excusing himself to go to the bathroom. She was left alone with the one man she never wanted to be alone with.

"Sit on my hand," he said with his usual smile.

Sarah just glared at him. No way was she going to let him go any further in front of her father.

He returned her glare with his usual grin, the one that always made her realise she had no choice but to do exactly what he wanted. To reinforce his command, he pulled his phone from his jacket pocket and flicked through a couple of screens until he found what he was looking for. Turning the phone so that she could see what she knew would be on the screen, he smiled as she cringed once more at seeing herself openly masturbate on a plane. Reluctantly, she lifted her bottom slightly and he slid his hand beneath my cheeks. His fingers were against her bare skin and she cursed herself once again for choosing to wear stockings and that particular thong.

Her father returned to the table and began to eat his meal, just as Sandy's fingers began to wriggle beneath her cheeks. She could feel her muscles clenching, trying to prevent him from going any further, amazed that he and her father were continuing their conversation as if it was the most natural thing in the world for a grown woman to be sitting on her brother-in-law-s hand, in a public place, while her father sat beside her.

She suddenly realised her father had asked her a question just as Sandy's fingers pulled the thin strip of her thong aside. His fingertips seemed to scorch her already hot, moist skin as she looked at her father, opening her mouth, trying to answer, but nothing came out. Instead, she felt something going in -- Sandy's fingers pushing forcefully inside her. She caught her breath and could only manage to plead, "What was the question?"

Her father gave her an odd look; did he know what was happening now? Couldn't he see? He repeated his question and, somehow, even with her brother-in-law's fingers still deep inside her, she managed to answer normally, fighting to hold on to her composure. She tried to concentrate on the food before her but it was hopeless.

She placed the hand holding her fork back on the table, unable to consider anything but the fingers sliding up and down, in and out, fucking her with slow, deliberate movements. She could feel the unwelcome pleasure rising in her like a fire starting to reach every inch of her body, and she could feel her juices leaking out around those insistent fingers, staining her thighs, staining the seat.

But what was worse, what was much worse was the fact that she could hear the unmistakeable sound of her wetness. It was faint but if she could hear it, so could Sandy, and so could her father. Her face burned red but her brother-in-law's fingers were taking her to a place where she would soon be beyond worrying about it.

She could feel her hips automatically, instinctively, start to meet his thrusts. She could feel herself, pushing against his hand; she could feel his fingers still deep inside her, his thumb pressing hard against her hard, sensitive clit. She hardly realised that he was still eating his meal with his other hand, still carrying on his conversation with her father, still calmly fucking her beneath a restaurant table.

Suddenly, it all became too much for her, the acting like a whore, the possible exposure to the staff and other diners, the fact that her father was sitting beside her, not to mention the insistent movements of her brother-in-law's hand and she began to cum, just as his mouth engulfed hers to muffle her cries.

Her orgasm was one of the most intense she had ever felt and continued even though he continued to just move in and out, just as slowly as when he had started. His thumb kept up the pressure on her clit and her shuddering only began to subside when he finally pulled his hand from beneath her and brought it to his mouth where he teasingly licked her juices from the palm of his hand before taking his finger in his mouth and greedily licked it clean.

"Well done, Sarah. But I think your father is feeling a bit left out. Maybe you should give him your panties as a souvenir."

Sarah glowered at him but she knew it wasn't a request and began to stand up, her cheeks bright red once again, unable to believe that she had allowed herself to cum as she sat beside her father in a crowded restaurant. She didn't want to think about what her father was going to do with her now soaking panties but she thought the sooner she made her way to the "Ladies" and removed them, then the sooner she could escape from this latest nightmare.

When neither her father nor her brother-in-law made any move to allow her out of the booth, she just stood there for a moment, not understanding. As Sandy grinned up at her, she suddenly realised what was being asked of her, no, demanded of her -- they wanted her to remove her panties in the booth. Biting her bottom lip again, this time to stifle a sob of despair, she sat back down and looked to both of the men in turn, pleading for mercy.

She knew there would be none forthcoming from her brother-in-law but she hoped for better from her father. When he didn't even look at her but, instead, continued with his meal, she knew she was lost. Her tears now flowing from her eyes, she opened her legs and reached into the gap in her skirt, just as Sandy had done moments before. Bending forward slightly, and raising her bottom off the seat, she took hold of the thin waistband of her thong and began to tug it down.

Moving almost in slow motion in case she attracted the attention of any of the waiters, she could feel the thing back strap pulling out from between her bottom cheeks before the soaking crotch peeled off her swollen pussy and she was able to drag it down her stockings. Leaning forward even more to slip it over her shoes, she straightened up, not wanting to believe that she was sitting in a public restaurant, between her brother-in-law and her father, naked below her skirt, her tiny thong held in her tightly clenched fist in her lap.

It was Sandy, of course, who reached over and slowly pulled her fingers open, one by one, until her thong was sitting in her open palm for them all to see. If he had given her a chance, she would have surreptitiously handed it over to her father under the table but her brother-in-law was not one for doing things under the table; unless that it is, he was making his sister-in-law cum with his fingers. No, instead, he snatched it from her grasp and threw it on to the top of the table. This time a passing waiter did see what happened and smiled at Sarah.

"Very nice, ma'am," was all he said as he walked by, busy with other tables.

Sarah was always willing to believe it couldn't get any worse but when her father lifted her thong from the table and held it to his face, she shuddered anew. Her embarrassment was complete when her own father took a deep breath and inhaled her scent from her soaking panties, ripe with her recently spilled juices. Sarah wanted to run and hide, wanted to never see either of these two evil men ever again, but knew she was trapped, trapped and at their mercy.

Part 3

Once they had finished their meal and her father had settled the bill, Sarah got the impression that he and Sandy weren't finished with her yet. As they were leaving the restaurant, her father announced that his was time she met his new family, her new family and that there was no time like the present. Since he was holding her by one arm and Sandy had a firm grip on the other, she didn't think she had much of a choice and so allowed herself to be led to the front row of the car park.

Instead of the large family car she expected, they stopped beside the biggest Harley Davidson motorbike she had ever seen. As surprised as she was to learn that she was expected to get on to it, she was equally surprised to learn that it was her father, not Sandy, who was the owner. Once again, she knew she wasn't being given a choice but there were still questions to be answered, especially how would she be able to maintain her dignity in a wrap over skirt, stockings and no panties while sitting on the back of a monstrous bike like this one.

With great difficulty, she handed her brother-in-law her bag while her father pulled on his gloves and helmet. He mounted the bike and sat there, waiting for her to follow his example but she realised there was no way she could do so without opening her stocking-clad legs. After a few unsuccessful attempts, she placed one foot on the pedal, grabbed the hem of her skirt, front and back, tucked it between her legs and then swung her right leg over. That's when the shock hit her.

"Ohhh!" she said.

"What's the matter now, Sarah?" asked Sandy, smiling again.

"Nothing." She knew he was well aware of her predicament but she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of spelling it out, especially as she was too busy squirming as the warm leather seat pressed against her bald pussy.

"Oh! That's right! You're not wearing any panties. Well, I suppose your father's seat is about to get a soaking." He could hardly contain his joy as he announced this, loud enough for another group of people exiting the restaurant to hear. Sarah blushed as brightly as she had ever done and tried to hide herself inside the helmet her father had silently passed to her. If he was worried about his daughter covering his seat with her pussy juices, he wasn't telling her about it.

She made one last attempt to tuck the ends of her skirt under her legs to keep it secure but her father started the bike immediately and took off straight away, forcing her to wrap her arms tightly around his waist, holding on for all she was worth.

As they left the car park and swung into the main road, Sarah found herself holding on even more securely, leaning forward against her father's strong back. With her legs on either side of him, she knew she was pressing her naked pussy area into the leather seat. At first, all she could think about was holding on but, as they sped along the quiet roads, she became more and more aware of the strong vibrations beneath her.

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