Sara's Car Trip Ch. 03


We were fucking, our folks not twenty feet away from us. She whispered back, "They can't see us."

"The hell they can't."

She looked back at me. "So pull out." Her eyes held wide, this mournful little look. A little pout.

I didn't move. She pushed herself back again, as I impaled her. She gave me a little bump, "Didn't think so."

And we continued to let our bodies slide together, as I stroked her soft skin. Reaching beneath her jacket and squeezing her breasts, letting her press and fuck back on me as I sat in the chair, pressed against the wall.

I reached around and found her clit, began to rub, draw circles, fold the head back and press it, stroke it lightly. Her head went down, I know how she loved that. She whispered, "You little shit." I was going to make her cum.

"I'm going to cum in you. Right here."

"They're right over there."

"So stop."

She answered by beginning to move on me faster, and I continued to rub her clit, she breathed out to me, "I want to cum. Cum in me daddy. Oh god! So good." She was moving on me now with abandon. There were eyes fixed on us.

She leaned forward, both our eyes on the back of our parents head. I fucked into her steady could feel myself start to spray into her, ribbons of cum filling her. I could feel my cock squishing into her, the sloppy slapping of our sexes as we fucked into each other, my cum spraying out.

She was bucking back against me, I could feel her legs stiffen and she leaning against the table with her mouth open, turning her head, trying to stay silent. I could hear these little squeaks, as she spasmed against me; and I squeezed her clit, and heard her squeeling with surprise. It sounded like a hiccup.

I was filling her with cum and she hung off the front of me, her hands held the edge of the table, and we were in the midst of an orgasm when the waitress set the bill on our table. "Have a nice evening."

I laughed, as Sara ignored her, probably didn't even know she was there, and continued to orgasm and slide herself against me, pleasuring herself. I could feel her gradually relax as she leaned herself back against me, full along my front and wrap her arms around my neck. She sat full on my lap. I settled back, my cock still buried up inside her, softening. The vinyl seat was wet with our cum.

I have no idea how many drinks Sara had, but she was very tipsy, and she began to giggle. "I can feel you." She rubbed her cheek against me.

I reached down behind her and pressed on her butt plug. "Oh my god. Oh my god!" And I could feel her body tremble in another orgasm.

"Oh God, J you can't do that!"

She giggled again.

"I got two cocks up me."

I felt my cock slip out of her. She stepped away, straightened her skirt, "I need my panties now."

I pulled them out of my pocket as I pulled my pants up around myself. Handing them off to her and she stepped into them. A few people at the tables nearby were obviously watching us. As we walked by I smiled, and they nodded. We snuck out the back door.

I was still so horny I could not stand this and I took her by the hand and led her along the dark path back to our little room.

When the door closed I didn't turn on the light. I took off my T shirt and pants, and I turned Sara to me and she said, "Where are we?" She lay her hands on my chest.

I was just holding her, she looked around seeing, realizing, "Oh!" And then she laughed and snuggled into my arms.

I was standing in my briefs, hooked my fingers around my waist and pulled them down and stepped out. My cock beginning to rise as I looked at her, as I stood naked in the low light of the room.

Sara felt my cock bump her leg and she looked down at me, smiled and then covered her face. "Oh! Excuse me." Then she whispered, "Daddy you're hard again. Can we do what we did before?"

And I slowly undressed her, slipping off the jacket, untieing the halter from behind her neck and letting it fall around her waist. She unzipped her skirt and it fell aournd her legs.

Then she stepped to the bed and tugged her panties down, and then she came up to me, looked into my eyes and melted into my arms. I let my cock point straight up her belly.

"Gawd. That was stupidly incredible."

"Best thing we ever did!"

And she kissed me, eyes still shining, still tipsy, "Yeah! So Far...."

I let my hand lay on her ass, just fluttering my fingers over her skin grasping the butt plug and pulled, felt it 'pop' out of her.

"Ow." She giggled again. "Oh."

I whispered, "So far."

"Daddy now what are you doing?"

And I just took her by the wrist and turned her onto the bed. She knew. She was going to get it now.

"You were a naughty girl."

"Naughty! No. Daddy, I was a good little girl."

"Taking me out into public and playing with my cock in front of all those people. Naughty. Very naughty."

I pushed her onto the bed.

"Daddy I...."

"Don't talk back to me," and I swatted her ass. That felt good. I heard her squeal and did it one more time. She turned to me.

"I'm sorry, I won't."

"You need a spanking young laddy."

There was silence. "Turn around."

I turned her, held her hips. I could feel her trembling as I pushed her down into the bed. she lifted her ass up to me.

I was so hungry for her. I took a little bottle of lube and squirted it on my penis, sprayed a line on her ass. She jumped! "That's cold."

I lubed her ass with it, rubbing it up into her with my finger. Poured lots of it on her. The cool liquid forming lines on her back and ass.

She cooed out again. "Ohh, that's cold." She giggled now. "What are you..."

I came up behind her and rose up on my knees, my hands wrapped around her waist.


And I set my cock to her ass, her little rose and pushed. I could feel her pushing back against me. And I felt my cockhead slide right in, felt her tighten around my head. She let out a low moan, and I just held myself there. Held my cock, just the head, quivering up her ass.

And in the silence we held still, just our breathing, feeling her body beneath me. She began to push herself again back against me. And I began to slide in further, just a little and then a little more. And to draw myself out again, these slow short strokes. She was meeting my thrust and was growling deep, letting her head touch the mattress. "Oh my God, sooooo fucking good. I can't believe....."

I slid my whole length into her. It was so tight. My little virgins hole.

"That's my little girl. I'm going to spank you."

"Oh god! I'm sorry. Spank me daddy. I'm so sorry. I won't play with your cock in front of other people again."

And she was lowering onto her elbows laying her head sideways on the bed. I was towering over her and pushing my cock up into her ass.

I reached around and lay my hand on her bare puss, cupping her stroking her. She looked back at me, I could just see the whites of her eyes as she looked back at me completely surrendering. I could have done anything to her just then.

"Fuck me."

And I drew long deep strokes up into her. She was whimpering, "Oh my god I can feel this all the way into my clit." And I pressed my finger into her and took her little clit in my fingers and squeezed as I pressed back into her.

Her head went up, and she was, "Fuck. Fuck. Ow. Oh J....ow." I drew out, "No! Deeper." and she was backing herself, reaching herself onto me.

She was so tight. And we were pounding into one another she was fallen into the bed and I was lifted up onto knees, lifting one foot onto the bed as I slid my whole length into her, her ass lifting high off the bed.

And then she was crying out, screaming, shaking. "Oh my...oh my. J...J....I can't believe it. Jason I'm," and she lay her hands out flat on the bed and began to scream into the mattress. Her whole body was spasming beneath me.

I could feel my cock burning, the cum rising in me, and my orgasm rushing up my spine. I fell down onto her back and held on as tight as I could, keeping her pinned to the bed.

I was spraying up into her ass. I was so aroused, and pounding down on her. She was turning one way and another, as I pinned her to bed with my cock, run through her.

Hard and tight and so wet. She was crying into the mattress and then went utterly limp. I lay on top of her, our bodys were soaking wet, we slid against one another and lay my arms around her head. She bit my finger and held it there.

I let my chest slide off her as my cock slid out of her. She felt like she were on fire, and she breathed, "I'm too hot, I need air. I can't breath." She was pushing me off her

I lifted myself, rolled onto my back and she curled herself into a little ball.

I began to touch her, and she pushed my hand away.

"Oh, Owww! You can't touch me right now."

"What. Are you ok?

"Oh. Oh. Oh my God." Silence.

"Are you ok?"

"I'm still cumming. I can still feel it."

I lay on my back and that's the last thing I remember.....


At one point in the night, I felt her spoon into my arms. I wrapped around her and she turned and kissed my cheek.

She whispered, "Jason, I thought of something."

I just said, "Hmmm." I was not awake.

Next thing I knew the curtains were open.


In the morning, I could feel sunshine on my skin. Opening my eyes saw a little line of light on the white sheets which were disheveled on the bed.

I looked around, Sara wasn't There. I could smell coffee.

She was sitting at the little table, two cups. She wasn't wearing any clothes, she had showered.

Coffee? My slut sister with coffee. I looked at her, she didn't look any different. She didn't have a virgin ass anymore. My little girl.

I could see her tan lines, the soft skin. I looked where her ass pressed into the chair. I wanted to push my cock up inside her again. She smiled when she saw my open eyes.

"Uh," I sat up.

I didn't want to wake you.

I looked around. I looked at the nightstand, there lay the plug.

She saw me look, smiling, "Yeah."

I got out of bed and sat across from her, took the coffee and it was still hot.

"I love the way you look when you sleep." There was silence, I took a sip. She continued, "Remember when you first touched me?"

I smiled, thinking back. Her hair was fallen around her shoulders, the hair was still wet. She was squeaky clean.

"Right here." She leaned back pointed at her tummy. I could see her bush.

"I can still feel it. Every day."

"Remember when you modeled your bikini?"

"Oh..." She looked off into the distance, "A million years ago."

"Three million. Remember you had those little hairs peeking out."

She covered her face.

"You were so embarrassed."

"I don't have anything down there now."

I pictured it. "True."

"Thanks to you."

"Yeah, well."

"No. Thanks."

"You and I..."

"Are amazing. I wanted to go take a walk. Clear my head. I remember the question you always seem to ask me, like every day. I think back to when you first asked it, when we got here, ten thousand years ago."

I listened.

"What do you want? J...It's not a fair question."

I set my coffee down. Took her hand.

"We aren't allowed to have what we want. We don't get what we want. Not ever. Not anymore, about everything....What do I want? I've been thinking about that."

She held her cup in both hands, "I want to be naked, and sleep whenever I want. I want to eat whenever I'm hungry whatever I want. I want to go into stores and take something off the shelf if it strikes my fancy and walk out with it. And I want to hold hands with you and kiss you out there," she pointed out the window, "Where everyone can see us. And I want to suck your cock on the beach."

I looked at her, "Well, I want to hide away with you forever in a dark warm room."

"We leave tomorrow."

"We could stay."

"I have school. So do you."

I frowned.

"Come here. It's our last day."

We fell into the bed, and it felt unthinkable. Knowing that time lay out before you, that's one thing. Her body stretched out on the bed. Her tan little form, with white triangles on her ass, on her boobs, little lines around her back. That feeling of knowing you are about to fuck, closes out the future. In that moment - eternity. The silence of the room filled us. The drawn curtains. The muffled light. Our little world these past two weeks.

"You have the best tan in the whole world," I cooed to her as I rubbed her back.

"Hmmm. I think someone wants to fuck me...Again."

She turned on her back and wrapped herself around me, and we folded into one another.

She pulled her legs around me as we lay facing one another and pushed my cock between her legs, oh god that perfect bare flesh.

"Remember the first time I touched you there?" I asked. "I don't know what I was thinking."

"I was so scared...It felt so good."

"I touched you right over your panties. The ones you described to me at the ice cream place. The fabric, I could feel the hairs of your puss beneath the fabric. How you pulled my hand away."

"My heart was beating so hard. Jason, I wanted your finger in me. I could not believe you would do that."

"Did you think about touching me?"

"No. But your hand on my tummy. I kept wondering if your cock was hard."

I let my cock slide up between her legs. "It was."

She laughed, "Mmmm. I thought it might be."

"Next morning I wanted to yell at you, but you were so beautiful. I love your eyes."

She kissed me then, and we touched our faces together. And I began to kiss her neck and she rolled onto her back and I kissed down the front of her. I was licking her skin, tasting the salt on her, and down between her legs. Her hairless little cunt was amazing.

Bare flesh, the little line, the pout of flesh. She opened her legs and let her knees drop to the sides. Her pussy looked swollen, ravaged. That wet pink line, she was so wet.

"Mmmm. My little girl."

"Mmmm. Daddy. Eat me."

And I licked at her, felt her roll onto my chest as I lay back and watched her sit on my cock. We were experienced lovers. She knew my body. And I felt us merge together, we let our bodies come together - cum together - I watched her mouth, the way she held it open as she rose and fell on me. I watched between her legs, my cock as it sunk up into her. We came, and then she lay beside me.

"Jason, you ever hear of the the 400-mile rule?"

"The what?"

"We go back tomorrow, we CAN'T, like I said. It's impossible. We can't. I can't believe we did what we did. But..."

I waited, expectant.

"The 400 mile rule. You can do anything you want if you are more than 400 miles from your home. We can go...on trips together. It has to be more than 400 miles away. OUR vacation. Wherever, whenever, as often as we want. matter what, no matter who we are with."

I kissed her, "Deal."


I began to tipple my hands over her body, to trace the outline of her skin. She rolled over onto her stomach. I briefly touched her ass, she looked back at me, "And I've been thinking. I want three things from you." She leaned up on her elbow facing me.

She looked like a question mark.

I kissed her waist and lay my head in her breasts as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Ok. Ok. Ready?" I nodded.

"This is what I WANT:

"I want to be blindfolded, tied up and fucked. And I don't want to know when it will happen to me. I want you to surprise me. I want to live with that every day.

"And I want to be fucked by two guys at the same time. I want you to be one of them, or they can be two other guys - AND you - which I guess that would be three guys. (She laughed). But I want a lot of cock in me all at one time. And....

"And three ....


* * * * *

Please let me know what you think of this story. Any ideas for Sara's Vacation. Your responses are the reason I write these.


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by Anonymous04/09/18

math nitpicking

blazing hot story, my impression of which I will leave separately


you made bit of a mistake on your math about the incremental size difference in the butt plug(s).

Circumference is still a linearmore...

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I don't generally agree with other commenters about this stuff

But this time, I do. This is their love story, and they deserve to have it to themselves.

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Don't add other guys

This is their love story don't ruin it with other guys

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by Anonymous03/11/18

Very nice 5 stars for the series

Another chapter would be nice, but only if the couple stay together. NO ADDED PEOPLE! It's a love story...

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by Anonymous01/12/18

Really erotic story line. I loved them all

You weaved a wonderful story line and it was beautifully written

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