tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSara's Date with Susy

Sara's Date with Susy


As I said in the last chapter, on the evening Susy brought me the store's security tapes, I asked her to go out on a date and she agreed. Hey, she was stone beautiful, who cares if she was a air head? Certainly not me, in fact it just made it easier for me to manipulate her – not very nice, am I?

As I also mentioned in the last chapter, Brad had taken me to meet Susy in his family's station wagon. Susy and I agreed on going to see a movie and I asked Brad if he wanted to come with us. Remember – I meant come, not cum.

He quickly agreed, but said he needed to go pick up his girlfriend, Bonnie. Since Brad was driving his car, Susy and I quickly agreed. Big of us, wasn't it? Bonnie is a lovely dark-hair beauty. She was eighteen, the same age as Brad. She had perfect oval facial features with startling green eyes and a beautiful lithe body. Bonnie's breasts were 34C and were spectacular appearing on her slim body. I just love her!

Literally too, as I mentioned before, Eric and I had had several foursomes with Brad and Bonnie. Of course – some foursome! Part of the time, Eric and Brad would just lay there and watched Bonnie and I get it on. They personally never got near each other.

By the way, I had discovered on Susy's driver license that she was nineteen. Susy never let on that she knew I was wearing one of the intimate outerwear that I heisted from the shop where she worked. I was wearing a red corset with lace trim. It laced up in the back and it came with garters that held up white stockings. All I wore beneath was a red G-string and I looked way hot, even if I do say so myself.

It was quite a daring outfit for the time and the place where I lived. In fact, I knew a lot of people would think it was just fancy underwear – that was the thrill of wearing it for me. Susy also looked very sexy. She was wearing a green glitter mesh mini-dress. It was sleeve less and had a deep V-neck and back. Her enormous breasts were well displayed and in danger of tumbling out if she became too energetic. It was cinched with a belt and transparent enough that I could tell she was once again not wearing anything under her outer clothing. Man! We were going to turn some heads.

On the way to pick up Bonnie, Susy and I sat in the back seat. I leaned over and kissed her, sticking my tongue deep in her mouth. Susy, playing the coy one, was half attempting to push me away and I slid my left hand up under her dress and ascertained for certain that she was wearing no panties as I felt her vulva laying naked to my touch.

Brad was so busy trying to watch us in the rear view mirror that he almost drove off the road once. I broke the kiss to chide him.

"Brad!" I said. "Don't kill us!"

"Sorry," he muttered. "But it's your fault."

Susy and I laughed at him. When Bonnie began to climb into the station wagon, I asked her if she had a large purse and if she did, would she please bring it instead of the small purse she had with her currently. She said she did and agreed to go get it, but she did look at me rather strangely over my request. Haha – she should be used to me by now.

After returning from her apartment, Bonnie got into the station wagon. She turned around and looked at me in the back seat and held up a large brown purse.

"Will this do?" she asked.

"Yeah, that's great," I said. "Thanks."

"You're welcome," Bonnie said. "But Sara – what are you wearing? That's rather risqué – even for you."

Susy and I laughed, and I explained that it was intimate outerwear.

Bonnie said, "That may be, but it looks like intimate underwear to me. I hope they let us in the theatre."

We decided to go to one of those new 'date movies.' I don't even remember which one it was now. They're all alike and a dime a dozen. Luckily we went to one of those multi-plex theatres that stood alone, rather than inside the mall. It probably wouldn't have been too wise of me to waltz into the very place that I stole the outfit from.

It was a Friday evening so there were young couples everywhere. As soon as Susy and I got out of the car and walked up to the ticket windows along with Brad and Bonnie, we started drawing plenty of attention. You know me – I loved it!

Guy's mouths were dropping open and young women were giggling at my outfit behind their hands. A couple of them did say snotty things as we walked past, such as "Kinda forgot to put on something to wear, didn't you before you came out?" I just laughed out loud at them.

We bought the tickets and went inside. Now I was a little nervous to find out if I were gonna be allowed in. But the ticket taker didn't say a word when he tore my ticket in half, but his eyes certainly did grow wide. I was already getting hot. My nipples had grown hard and I felt wet down there.

After Brad and Bonnie had stopped and bought some popcorn and drinks (Susy and I didn't want anything), we found the correct theatre and entered. Of course all of the way through the lobby I was causing quite a stir. There were a lot of wolf whistles and guys yelling things, such as "Oh baby." There was also an occasional jealous bitch calling me a slut.

I asked Brad and Bonnie if they minded sitting in the back row and they quickly agreed. I think Bonnie, in particular, was worried about what kind of craziness I might have planned and she must have figured the less audience to see me, the better. The theatre became dark and the previews of coming attractions began.

I leaned forward in my seat slightly and turned toward Susy. I began to kiss her voraciously and stuck my tongue in her mouth. I rubbed my hands up and down the front of Susy's breasts and she moaned softly. The coming or should I say cumming attractions ended finally and the main feature began.

Considering it was Friday evening, it was strange that the theatre was only half full. It was probably because this particular movie had been out for a few weeks. There wasn't anybody within three rows of us which suited me right down to the ground. I removed my high heels and then unsnapped my stockings and shimmied them down and off.

I whispered to Bonnie to please put them in her bag. She did reluctantly but gave me one of those pointed stares that said, "Sara, you'd better be behaving yourself." I returned to kissing Susy with a vengeance and she returned the kisses in the same way, sticking her tongue deep inside my mouth. I next slid my hand beneath her dress and stuck two fingers into her quim.

We continued to kiss while I worked my fingers in and out of her. Still kissing Susy, I disengaged my hand and quickly untied my G-string and pulled it off, dropping it on the floor. I had no more need of it on that particular evening. I was now only wearing the corset.

People were coming up and down the aisle on the way to get more refreshments or to use the restroom and would sometimes glance over at us. Since we were sitting in the middle of the row and it was dark, they couldn't see anything other than two young women kissing and fondling each other. That was probably a big turn-on to some of them as it was.

I was kissing Susy now all over her beautiful face as I unbelted her. I straightened up suddenly and turned my back to Susy. I whispered to her to untie me which she quickly did. I stood and pulled the corset off. I was now standing totally nude in the darkened theatre.

Susy giggled and said, "Sara, you're insane."

"Shh," someone said in the theatre.

"Whisper you silly," I admonished Susy, who giggled again.

I sat down and handed my corset to Bonnie to place in her bag. When my good friend saw what it was, she did a double take and then glanced at me.

"Oh Sara, you're gonna get us kicked out of here and I want to see this movie."

"I'll be good," I promised whimsically, but I don't think Bonnie believed me as she snorted at me.

I turned back to kissing Susy, while this time she ran her hands up and down my naked body with the touch of a velvet glove. Christ, I was already on the verge of having an orgasm – sitting there stark naked in a public theatre. I told Susy to stand up, which she did rather awkwardly – there isn't much room between rows.

I helped her remove her dress and now we were both standing totally nude. I reached back with Susy's dress to Bonnie, who sighed heavily but put it in her bag also. I noticed she was still trying to watch the movie, but her attention kept drifting to us. We were much better than the movie!

I embraced Susy and pulled her naked body next to mine. It felt so good. We kissed passionately for a few more minutes and then I sat down in my seat with my legs spread wide. Susy got the idea and managed to crouch down facing me. She inserted her tongue and searched for my clit. It popped out and she continually ran her tongue over it. It felt so terrific it was almost unearthly.

I grasped her head with both of my hands and pulled her face closer to me. I hoped I wasn't suffocating her. Oh God, almost immediately I felt my orgasm building from deep inside of me. Every muscle in my body seemed to tense and suddenly my climax gushed out. "Oh God, Susy," I moaned. I actually wanted to scream in sexual delight, but I thought that might disturb the other theatre patrons – haha. At last it was finished and I let go of Susy's head. She looked up at me smiling.

"How was it?" she whispered.

"Awesome! You're the best," I praised her.

Susy half stood up and sat back in her chair. After I felt a little stronger after my orgasm, I invited Susy to go to the rest room with me.

"Sara," Susy said. "Are you completely insane? We can't go out there naked."

"Sure, we can," I assured her. "Piece of cake, come on."

I led the reluctant Susy down the row and past the startled Brad and Bonnie. I heard Bonnie whisper to Brad to be ready to run if we began to get in some trouble. Some friends! I didn't know if she meant to run away and leave us in the lurch or run to us to help us – the second one I hope. I was yanking Susy along behind me. We were lucky when we exited the movie there wasn't an usher waiting outside the door. The movie was only about half way through so they weren't positioned as of yet to open the doors.

Once we were out in the lobby, I dropped Susy's hand. If we did have to run, I didn't want to be slowed down by having to drag her along. Every naked woman to herself, I always say – haha. As far as I was concerned, it was fortunate that there were still some couples exiting from a movie that had just let out. I suppose Susy thought it was unfortunate because she murmured, "Oh God, you're completely crazy. There's people out here."

There was indeed a number of couples in the lobby. They all appeared to freeze in their tracks when they caught a glimpse of our complete nudity. Susy had also stopped walking in her panic and I could tell she was about to fall into a crouch.

I whispered to her, "Just keep walking normally like there's nothing unusual. Nothing's gonna happen."

There was a restroom that fell just off the movie we had exited so we didn't have far to walk.

One of the guys yelled out, "Holy shit! They're naked."

I heard one of the young women present mutter, "Sluts," but the other women just laughed hysterically at us.

"I just love your outfits, sweetcakes," one of them shouted at us.

Suddenly and unexpectedly one of the young men ran up to us. He was very good looking with curly brunette hair.

"Oh God, you two are so beautiful. Why are you naked? Did you lose a bet or something?"

Susy just stood there blushing furiously, so I answered him. "No, I just like being naked."

"That's awesome, can I have your phone number?"

Haha! What a clown this guy was. He wanted my phone number! About this time, his girlfriend said in no uncertain terms, "Aaron! You get over here right now, if you want anything from me tonight."

Aaron smiled ruefully at us and turned and returned to the young woman.

"Sara! Come on!" Susy whined at me, pulling on my hand.

I waved at the couples and then allowed Susy to drag me into the bathroom. As soon as we entered, I saw three young women primping at the mirrors and reapplying makeup. Another one was just exiting from one of the toilet stalls. Just as in the lobby, everyone froze for a minute as though they have never seen naked young women before.

Two of them returned to their primping, attempting to totally ignore us. The young woman who had just exited the stall walked right up to us. She was absolutely gorgeous. She had a perfect hourglass figure with approximately 36B breasts. She had long brunette hair cut across her forehead and blue eyes. She looked to be around twenty years old.

She laughed throatily and then said, "So what's the story here? Your dates been misusing you or did you lose a bet?"

I laughed and said, "Neither – we just like being naked in public."

The brunette appeared somewhat taken aback for a second and then pointed out, "Your friend doesn't look like she's enjoying it too much."

By this time, another young woman who had been fixing her makeup came ambling up to us to listen in. I glanced at Susy and saw what the brunette was talking about. Susy was blushing from head to toe.

"Well, she's just a newbie," I said. "Susy, just relax – there's only women in here," I admonished her.

"I wish I could stay and chat, but my date is waiting. My name is Chase Manners," she said.

"I'm Sara and this is Susy."

"I'd like to call you sometime, Sara, if that's alright?"

Alright? Holy shit! This young woman was gorgeous.

"Sure," I said.

I gave her my phone number and she wrote it down in a small notebook.

"I hope to see all of you again soon," Chase said and then she exited the restroom.

After taking second glances, two of the three young women left also. The third one was a redhead who was wearing an extremely short mini-skirt, a very abbreviated halter top, six inch heels and was heavily made up.

She stopped in front of us and said in a snotty tone, "You sluts are lucky you haven't been raped running around naked like that; or could it be that's what you want. Maybe I should go tell the manager?"

"Listen," I said. "We might be sluts but at least we're not dressed like a hooker."

"A hooker!" she shouted. "I'll have you know this is a very stylish outfit. I ought to beat your butt for that."

I clenched my fists and invited, "Jump, if you're feeling froggy."

Luckily for her, she backed down. Wearing those high heels, I would have stripped her in a New York minute.

"Sluts," she muttered, on her way out of the rest room.

"What a bitch," I said loud enough for her to hear on her way out.

"Oh God, Sara, that was so embarrassing. What have you gotten me into?" Susy said.

"Oh, get off it," I said. "You're digging it – look at yourself."

Susy's nipples were rock hard and her pussy lips were greatly swollen. Despite my just having had an orgasm, I was getting off on all the attention also. I led Susy into the end stall and helped her stand on the toilet with her legs spread wide. I didn't bother trying to shut the door behind me because it would have made it too crowded for me to move. Besides, it wouldn't have helped hide us because Susy's head was higher than the stall – plus she was hanging on the top of both sides. We wouldn't want her to fall into the toilet – haha!

I laid toilet paper all over the floor until it was completely double covered. After all it was a public restroom. I didn't want to kneel in someone's pee – ewww! I pulled Susy just a little closer to me without making her move her feet. I began to tongue her pussy vigorously. She was already moaning and twisting her body all around.

"Stay still," I said. "This is difficult enough."

I tongued her clit until it was huge.

"Oh God, Sara," Susy groaned.

I felt her body tensing and realized it would be any minute when suddenly I heard the restroom door open. Of course I was delighted, but when I glanced up at Susy I could see that she appeared horror struck. I could hear the conversation of two young women. They were laughing about one of their dates.

"What a feeb," one of them said, walking closer to us.

Remember we were in the stall at the end, but apparently that's where she was headed. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice say, "Well, look at this. It's my friend, Sara. And she's naked as usual and she's eating out somebody else who is naked."

"What?!" said the other woman, total disbelief evident in her voice.

I turned my head around and saw my friend, Aline.

"Hi Aline," I said very brightly, considering the bizarre circumstances.

Aline had shoulder length brown hair, hazel colored eyes, a straight nose and a wide beautiful smile that she was bestowing on me. She had nice sized breasts and some people would say her waist and upper thighs were too thick, but I thought she looked great.

Aline was dressed in a sleeveless purple top and black pants.

"Hello yourself, Sara," Aline said. "What exactly are you doing here in the movie restroom naked, eating this young woman out anyway?"

I laughed and said, "It just seemed to be the thing to do."

Susy was attempting to step down from toilet, but I wouldn't allow her to.

"Hey Aanatasha!" Aline called out. "Come down here and see this, you won't believe it."

Soon I was looking at a young woman who stood about five feet, five inches tall. She had long black hair, eyes the same color, a very pretty oval face with a button nose. Her breasts appeared fulsome beneath her scanty red halter top and her waist was narrow in her blue jeans.

"Oh my God!" she shrieked, good naturedly. "Now I've seen everything."

"This is my friend, Sara," Aline introduced me. "She's very unconventional."

"Yes, I can see that," Aline's friend said and then she laughed.

"Sara, this is Aanatasha,."

"Pleased to meet you, but you must excuse me," I said.

Aline said, "I'll go lock the bathroom door. I don't want anything to interrupt this."

I turned back to Susy and scraped my tongue across her clit – again and again – until she was writhing once more. I sensed rather than saw Aline and Aanatasha standing directly behind me, getting an extremely close up view of the sexual proceedings. All of the sudden, her entire body seemed to tense and then she began thrusting her clitoris at me. I knew she was close.

"Very nice technique," Aline praised.

"This is so wild," Aanatasha commented.

"Sara, I can hear people at the door. You all better finish up," Aline advised.

As if on cue, Susy let loose with a shriek that was way too loud for a movie theatre rest room and then she climaxed. And then she climaxed again – and again. It was outrageous! I think she had four orgasms in a row and then finally collapsed literally into my arms.

Aline and Aanatasha broke into spontaneous applause. "Bravo!" Aanatasha said excitedly.

"Encore! Encore!" Aline called out.

I turned my head and smiled at her. "Ain't gonna be no encore," I said. "We need to get moving."

I grabbed Susy by the hand. She was still weaving on her feet from her many orgasms. I pulled her with me up to the rest room door and then Aline unlocked it. It seemed as if a tidal wave of young women needing to use the facilities rushed into the room. A couple of them spotted Susy and I before we could make our escape.

"Holy hell!" some woman exclaimed. "Those two bitches are naked."

Most of the women present broke into laughter. I was glad to see they were so jovial. I didn't feel like fighting right then. Susy and I walked out into the lobby where, of all people, Mike was waiting.

"Come on, you all. The movie let out ten minutes ago," he informed us.

"Where's Bonnie?" I naturally wanted to know.

"She's outside waiting in the car at the curb."

"Well, let's go," I said.

There were now so many people in the lobby for the nine o'clock movies that it felt as though there were a thousand eyes on me. Young men (and some young women) were running up to me and grabbing my breasts and rubbing my pussy and attempting to stick their fingers in me. It was awesome! Mike was busy cutting a swath through the crowd.

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