tagErotic HorrorSatan's Sluts Ch. 02

Satan's Sluts Ch. 02


II: Meeting Master

Author's note:

This sequel was never intended to happen, but what the hell, it was too much fun to ignore!


I stood in front of the full-length mirror in my new chambers and stretched upwards, curling my fingers towards the ceiling and then pushing them until my shoulders almost popped, my ribs shifted, my spine cracked and then I rose onto my toes until my calves clenched and a feeling of deliciousness trickled through my entire body and pooled in my huge new tits and my apparently constantly wet cunt.

Oooooh, yeahhhhhhhh.

Oh, fuck I was gorgeous. I looked hotter than a porn star but a lot more real. I had always been skinny, but on the other hand had never really needed to wear a bra. Now I didn't need to wear a bra, but only because they were so fucking firm that they were always in the right shape.

I dropped back onto my heels and grabbed my tits, far more than a handful each, and squeezed. The feeling shot straight to my cunt and made me want to go and find someone and fuck them until they were a drooling, unconscious mess.

Which was kind of odd, because normally that feeling would just make me masturbate then and there until I squirted, then go and see if I could go and find somebody to keep me going.

I guess that came from being Lust now, not just a nymphomaniac.

I looked at myself again, and wished away my horns (they vanished - not shrinking, not going out with a pop, just cleanly weren't there) and my tail (ditto) and my wide, satiny black wings (which surprised me by folding up, then again, then again, and then weren't there. Huh).

I bent over backwards, stretching, until I could grab my ankles. It felt even better, and I felt fluid running down my inner thighs.

I also saw, while bent over, a fat-bellied, bandy-legged, goat-hoofed, big-horned demon squatting in my doorway using both hands to wank a grotesquely extended cock.

I straightened up and turned around, feeling hair tickling my arse as it swished behind me.

The demon leered at me. "You want a good fucking, Mistress?" it asked, through a mouthful of crooked teeth.

I smiled sweetly at it, but I felt no attraction to mere demons - I needed either my father Satan himself, or humans to corrupt. Fucking the corrupted didn't help us win the eternal battle, now did it?

"No," I whispered. "Go back and bugger a soul."

It screamed with frustration but was gone, rushing away without really using either its wings or legs to move, fucking with physics as well as the damned. Watching too closely might give even my old body a migraine.

I turned back to the mirror, and had to remind myself not to stand there and wank, I looked so fucking edible.

I needed clothes, I suppose. Long slinky red dress? I've always wanted to be able to wear a long, slinky red dress and make it look awesome. Nah, not awesome enough.

I was the personification of lust, now. I needed to be a bit more ... blatant about it. Blatant. Yes. And how could lust be more sinful than perverted lust?

I grinned at myself in the mirror and imagined leather boots up to mid thigh, and gave them 5" heels. I imagined a corset that squeezed my waist by half and came up to just underneath my boobs. I imagined rings through both nipples - this new body had abandoned my old nipple rings, but I had always fucking loved those, it was like being constantly on the verge of horny. I put a chain between the rings. I gave myself a collar with 1" spikes, and leather gloves up to over my elbows. I debated what to wear on my bottoms for a while, then grinned at myself, and added a wide belt above my hips, with chains down to suspender hooks on the boots, and left my cunt completely bare. At the last moment, I remembered to put a ring through my clit, as well.

A mask and a riding crop completed the look. I smirked at myself, pivoted and stalked out the door, my heels sounding like gunshots on whatever demonic substance the floor was. It was time for my first proper meeting with daddy.

I knew I could simply transport myself there - don't ask me how I knew, I just knew - but I felt like walking.

When I stepped outside my door, I bumped right into Sheeba again. She grinned at me, giving off waves of avaricious greed, making me, just a little, want to tie her up in my room and keep her all for myself while whipping her breasts red and drinking from her cunt.

"Ah, there you are! Settling right in, I see. Off to see Lucifer?"

"Yes," I said, drawing out the sibilant to make it more sensual. I oozed up against her, fitting myself along the curves of her body, and dropped one hand to seize and squeeze the mound of her pussy inside her pencil skirt. "Can I convince you to distract me?"

She grinned back at me, nose to nose. "No," she said. "I told you, we don't work on each other. I'm greed, I don't have to care about sex."

"But you could."

"Yes, but it wouldn't be for my sake, it'd be for yours."

"Isn't it possible to sin twice at once?"

"I can see you're going to fit in nicely. But, I have an appointment to keep, and a point to make."

I shrugged, which made my breast move, which made hers move but, because she was wearing clothes, not very much. "Fair enough."

I straightened up and, just for the sake of it, whapped her across the arse with my riding crop. She grinned at me, and said "I'm so glad you agreed to joining us, Lucifer's libido has been making life so busy for the rest of us."

"That just sounds like I won't have any time to do my job."

"Oh no - sex with you is worth more than sex with the rest of us."

I oozed against her again. "I could give you some pointers."

"It's not technique, darling."

I gave up, but didn't feel frustrated. I could tell there was much more waiting for me.

I flicked her on one nipple with my riding crop, eliciting a satisfying yelp, and stalked off.

Hell opened out before me. We, the sins, lived in excessively opulent apartments (Glutony did the decorating, she's not just about food) in a ring around a shared living area and kitchen (we were all girls, after all). The doors each had a label in gothic script - not a name, the label. Greed - Sheeba - was next to me. The others, marching around the ring, read "Gluttony", "Sloth", "Wrath", "Envy" and "Pride". I'm not sure I wanted to meet all of them, exactly, but I felt I could get along with gluttony, who spent most of her time grotesquely fat and lying in a sedan chair carried on the shoulders of four souls whose crime in life had been to pursue bodybuilding to the exclusion of their families.

There was one more door, which looked just like the other doors, but read "Damnation" instead.

I took it.

The door opened onto a walkway, arching high above the pit of Hell, from which rose the roaring of fires, the cackling of punishing demons, the screams and sobs and entreaties of the damned, waves of alternating furnace-blast heat and absolute chill, and a cunt-clenching, stomach-tightening, knee-weakening wave of energy my body experienced as lust. I gasped, clutching at the spikily worked metal of the railing, and managed to not jam the handle of the riding crop far up inside myself.

I shivered and managed to compose myself and stand up. Oh man, if this was going to be my future, I couldn't wait to get there!

The other side of the walkway ended at the tall, impossibly thin tower soaring up through the middle of the pit of Hell. Our apartments were on the top of a sub-tower branching out so far below I could barely see it, yet still impossibly high above the floor.

I marched to the other end of the walkway and stepped through the arched doors straight into a well-equipped dungeon, and felt a surge of pure damned-soul energy that really did drive me to my knees.

All around me were souls being raped, or whipped, or forced through demonic powers of compulsion to engage in every sexual act the endlessly inventive human mind could dream up, and I felt the power of all that perversion feed straight into my new demonic soul and OH FUCK YEAH.

A woman being fucked in the arse and cunt simultaneously by the one demon, looked at me and went from crying because she was suffering to crying because she suddenly, desperately wanted it and knew she was being forced to want it, and hated herself while pushing back against both huge cocks.

A hugely muscular man, his body forced to robotically fuck another man who looked like his brother (in arms), looked at me and his desires overrode his deeply ingrained, literally murderous, loathing of homosexuals and he began fucking harder, while the man on bottom pushed back at him and they both struggled to not throw up

A lesbian woman being whipped savagely across her buttocks, and wriggling frantically atop a gay man who was securely tied down and was screaming in disgust at the heterosexual act, began to orgasm every time the whip landed. The man underneath her began to cum inside her, while crying at his own weakness.

A man howling in pain as his cock was caned, began cumming in long, ropey, endless spurts that quickly became painful, and then worse.

A woman strapped into a crucifix shape while a dog-headed demon sloppily ate her out, entered one long, continuous orgasm.

A woman flailing ineffectually against a huge demon who was holding her tightly against his chest while fucking her with a painfully huge cock, wrapped her arms and legs backwards around him and began fucking back.

I felt my influence hit every single human soul and twist their desires, and oh my fucking god, no drug I had ever taken had ever felt this fucking good!

"Jesus!" I gasped as my knees buckled and I landed on the floor. Then I remembered where I was and was afraid, for one frantic second, that I was going to be hurled into the ranks of the damned.

But there was a warm chuckle, as heady as whiskey and as sweet as honey, and He said "Blasphemy is encouraged, here. Welcome to your new existence as one of my delicious sluts."

He was - there really is no way around saying this - devilishly handsome as he stood in the middle of the room, in a way that would not only make women consider leaving their husbands, but would make straight men reconsider their choices. The first time I had seen him, I had wanted to smash my cunt into his face while gorging on chocolate, or kill with bare hands any women who got between me and him, or take three men at once so long as he as one of them.

This time, I just felt my existing arousal spike, but not out of control. It was almost, for one second, a disappointing reaction.

I stood up again and turned to face him, spreading my legs so he could see my swollen, glistening lips.

"One of your sluts, eh?" I purred, stepping towards him and running my hand down his bare, gleaming, perfectly sculpted pectorals and abs. "You immoral pimp, you. I do hope you don't intend to keep me here all the time!"

He smiled back, which made my cunt tell my brain in no uncertain terms that this man, right here, was the very reason for its existence and could we get on with it, please?

"Of course I won't," he replied in a voice that trailed feathers down every inch of my skin exposed or otherwise, and toyed playfully with my nipples and clitoris while lapping gently between my lips.

I shivered, and leaned into him, pressing my breasts into his chest while one leg rose of its own volition and my thigh slid up his, over his hip and onto his waist, my calf twisting to hold me in place by pressing between his tight, manly, dreamily perfect buttocks.

"You have so many jobs to do," he continued, putting his hands on my shoulders and sliding them down my back, over my corset and onto my arse, which he clenched, nails digging in with delicious pain. "You'll be run off your feet. Not that you'll be on your feet much."

His voice made even my head swim, my hips mashing into his of their own accord, my hands curling into claws on his upper chest. My head darted forwards and I sank my teeth into the perfect band of muscle between his shoulder and his neck, almost but not quite puncturing the skin. He didn't even seem to notice, but one finger on my arse moved sideways and pressed against my anus, which opened for him.

"What's my first job?" I growled into his neck as I moved my teeth sideways and thought them pointy, digging in hard, this time rewarded by a spurt of warm, intoxicating blood.

"Me," he growled, "I haven't had my cock in a Lust for a year now."

"It took you that long to find me?" I gasped out as I pulled far enough back to grab his leather pants (they were made from layers of tanned human skin, and were astonishingly soft and erotically sensuous) and ripped them off him in one movement. It was only for show, he could have vanished them instantly, but I wanted to do it.

"No," he said as I grabbed his humongous balls in one hand and started pulling him towards the side of the room, where the sinners were, "Two candidates refused before you. One of them is over there, being raped by three demons with spines on their cocks."

I had to laugh, long and loudly and above all gloatingly.

Chained to the wall, a gay man who had spent his life insulting women as breeders, dirty whores and only good for shelling out babies, was being tickles and teased and licked and sucked by two demons who had taken the form of nubile, adolescent-fantasy teenage blondes.

They moved sideways as I approached, responding without asking to my intentions, and began suckling on his nipples as I reached behind me, grabbed his cock, which was swollen and purple from a too-small ring at its base, and pushed my pussy over it before bending over, grabbing Satan's cock and stretching my lips around his fat, flared head.

He grabbed my head in both hands, hooking his fingers under my jaw, and began fucking my face. He was so huge my throat had to stretch around him but this body had no problems with stretching, or gagging, or even breathing. My mouth and throat may as well have been another cunt, with with more agile lips, and a tongue, and teeth to bite him for added stimulation.

Instead of moving himself, he moved me, pulling me forwards and back so when I went down over him, I pulled off the sinner, and when he pushed me off his cock, I buried the sinner up to the hilt in me.

That wasn't nearly enough for me to do justice to Satan's length, so I started bending in the middle to get more action on his cock.

The sinner was crying so hard some of his tears got past the two demons attached to his tits and landed on my arse like the best, most delicious massage oil.

I grabbed Satan's hips and used them to help move my body, building up speed so I could fuck both cocks properly.

The gay in my pussy came first, helpless against my powers, and I kept fucking him, making him scream with agony from the amount of sensation I could deliver to his over-sensitive cock.

I began to get impatient for Satan's cum, when his voice in my head said "Anything you wish, my dear."

I had that much warning before, as I was right down over the gay, Satan's head just in my lips, he exploded in me so hard I thought I'd be driven through the sinner, and the wall behind.

His cum filled my mouth and shot straight down my throat into my stomach. I thought I'd blow up like a balloon - not impossible for me now - but it was only a passing sensation.

After the initial explosion he spurted a couple more times, then pulled out of me and stepped back while I collapsed onto the floor saying something like "Grgbllllthpggrrnnnnuuugggg".

The taste of him felt like a combination of every good acid, speed and heroin trip I had ever had, layered on the best roaring drunk, layered on having multiple orgasms because I'm in the middle of an orgy with a dick in every hole and a vibrator on my clit, layered on top of the speed rush of being in the passenger seat of a car doing 120 through town, layered on top of that one time I went skydiving and, falling at terminal velocity strapped to the front of a guy, pulled my suit open so his buddy with the camera on his head could film my tits which were getting blasted by air at 200 or 300 or something and minus that many degrees.

"Okay?" Satan asked, suavely, his voice fiddling around inside me so my hips spasmed again.


Then enough sanity returned to me to remember who I was, what I now was.

I rose from the floor like an avenging demon and grabbed both his nipples, pushing him back, flying over the floor until he slammed against the wall, rose up and impaled myself upon him, taking his unnatural size easily and searing myself across his consciousness as my tongue slid halfway down his throat (I'm not exaggerating, it's not a metaphor, I really did that. All of it. Yes, including the tongue).

I started fucking him so fast my hips blurred to human vision, as my tongue slithered inside his mouth and his throat which (he was Satan, after all, built for all the sins) knew how to take something fucking it.

The souls and demons around us exploded in lust, ripping into each other, doing everything they possibly could to get sexual stimulation, demon flesh overriding the design limits of human flesh but nobody caring and besides, they were souls, they healed instantly anyway, ready for the next hard fucking.

The next time Satan exploded inside me, I took that insane chemical rush and rode it, being Lust, taking control and feeding it back into him.

I made him bend me over his throne and fuck my arse violently. I made him submit as I fisted his arse. I made him go down on me and slide a cock-thick tongue up inside, wriggling it around until I came hard enough to shatter the eardrums of all the souls in the room.

I drove him until he got satiated first.

"Do I pass?" I asked him, as we stood in the middle of a room strewn with broken demons and souls driven insane.

He was still erect, but only because that's his natural state.

"Yes," he said, for the very first time sounding as though he wasn't trying to play games with a girls head. "You pass."

"Then tell me what my first job is," I said, my voice sliding over his skin to tickle and fondle every ridge of muscle and line of vein, "and send me out to harvest souls."

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