tagGay MaleSaturday at the Cement Plant

Saturday at the Cement Plant


Editor's Note: story contains nonconsensual/forced sex.


When I was twenty-one years old I worked as an electronics installer for a company that sold computer systems. I mostly just ran the wires.

One Friday my boss told me that I had to work the following Saturday at a factory that made concrete products such as the cement barriers that you see along the side of the highways, the employees worked three shifts a day during the week so the only time we could work in the plant was on the weekends.

His biggest concern was one cable that ran thru the heart of the plant to a workstation on the main factory floor. This run would be impossible to do when the plant was open due to all the activity around it so this was my assigned task for Saturday.

I arrived at the plant around nine AM; it was an incredibly big building way out in the middle of nowhere.

The parking lot was practically empty, there were only two pickup trucks and a telephone company van parked there besides my own work van.

I took out my box of computer wire, and my tool bag and walked to the entry door.

The place seemed even bigger on the inside, and it was dirty from all the sand and cement dust.

I knew that I was going to get filthy running cables here.

It took me about an hour to figure out how to run the wire and during this time I didn't see anyone, I was actually glad that the place was closed; I could imagine all the noise and dust that must go on when they were open.

Two hours later I was just about done with my work when I heard someone say "You OK up there boy?"

I looked down from my ladder to see a huge barrel chested man in his mid 40's leering up at me. He looked like a tough sort, defiantly not the kind you would want to meet in a dark alley, I replied "I'm almost done running this wire, then I'll be out of your way."

"Oh you're not in my way boy, you here alone?"

I was kind of put out at being called boy, but I guess I could be considered a boy next to this guy since I was not really that big, plus he looked like he could snap me in half if I pissed him off so I played it cool.

"Yes sir just me."

"OK then son, you be careful up there we don't want nothing bad happening to your pretty young self. You need anything you just call out for old Charlie here!" He said as he walked away.

Great I thought not only am I covered with dust, and tired, now I'm being harassed by this bear of a guy named Charlie.

A half hour later I was finally done with my job. I returned my gear to the van and noticed that the other three vehicles were still in the lot; I still hadn't seen anyone other than Charlie the whole time I was inside, but as I said the place was huge.

Since I was covered with dirt I went back inside to find somewhere to wash up, it took me a while but I finally found a door marked 'LOCKER ROOM'

I figured there would be at least a sink in there so I pushed the door open,it slammed behind me hard, as I looked around I noticed that there was no handle on the inside of the door!

"Oh this just keeps getting better" I said to myself, hopefully there was an exit somewhere else in the room.

There were only a few lights on in the massive room, and it seemed almost like a maze since the room was filled with tall metal lockers benches and a few steel tables.

Around a corner of the 'locker maze' I found a big round sink in the middle of the floor, it turned on by stepping on a pedal near the base of the thing, and it did quite a nice job of removing the cement dust and grime from my arms and face. Now if I could only find the exit.

As I rounded yet another corner of the big room I walked into something I was not expecting to see, there bent over a steel table was the guy from the phone truck, pants around his ankles with another guy about the same size and build as Charlie fucking him up the ass.

It didn't look like the phone guy was a willing participant but the big guy was having a ball.

I noticed that he was about my age but had much longer hair then I did, and realized he would have had no luck in fighting the big bear of a guy off. Although it looked like he had tried since he seemed pretty banged up.

I started to back away from the apparent rape scene since neither one of them had seen me, and there wasn't much I could do anyway.

Unfortunately I tripped over a bench and crashed to the floor.

The bear suddenly turned in my direction with an audible 'POP' as his massive cock pulled out of his victims ass.

The phone guy took this surprise break to hitch up his pants and run away, the big man grabbed for him but missed and instead walked over to me with his cock still sticking out.

"OHHH, now you've gone an done it, you let my bitch get away!" He screamed.

"I'm sorry," I said feebly as I looked up at the huge cock inches from my face, it had to be 12 inches long!, and thick!

"Your goanna be sorry cause now you're goanna be my bitch!"

I couldn't believe this was happening to me, I tried to get up and run but I was paralyzed with fear.

"So how we gonna do this? I beat the fuck out of that other guy before he gave up and let me have him. Maybe I'll just beat the fuck out of you anyway since you made me lose my last little bitch!"

This situation was quickly going from bad to worse, and just as he was reaching for me Charlie entered the room dragging the phone guy by his hair.

"You loose this Steve?" said Charlie as he tumbled the phone guy onto the floor beside me. "You really need to be more careful with your toys!"

At this Steve slapped the phone guy across the face, grabbed him by the hair and led him off deeper into the big locker room.

Then Charlie turned to me, sill sitting on the floor in shock and said "I thought I told you to be careful boy, that Steve back there would have beat the hell out of you just for fun, and then made you his bitch to boot!"

"Thank you for saving me Charlie."

"Wait a minute boy your misunderstanding the situation here, your far from saved, I figure your pretty much mine to do what ever I want with at this point, I'm just not gonna beat it out of you..."

Charlie lowered his hand to me and I took it.

He easily pulled me to my feet and now I was face to face with the big man, I had never been as scared in my life but for some reason I was also strangely aroused at the same time.

He pulled me too him and placed his big hand against my cock through the fabric of my pants, my cock began to pulsate and become semi-erect; I couldn't believe it! He grabbed hold of my dick and pushed his face into mine, although I made a feeble attempt to struggle, his tongue forced its way into my mouth and started exploring it.

I couldn't believe that I was responding, but my cock actually got harder. And as Charlie pushed his body against mine I could feel his big hard cock pressing into my leg through his jeans.

He slowly broke the kiss and released my cock then put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees.

He then reached down and lowered his pants.

Turning my head for a moment I could just make out sounds in the background of what must have been the brutal rape of the phone guy.

I then turned back and saw Charlie's throbbing cock just in front of my face. He was leering down at me now.

"That's right boy," you've got my cock to worry about, don't you worry about what old Steve is doing over there."

With that he grabbed the back of my head, and pushed it towards his cock.

He pushed it right against my lips and said, "Open up and suck it boy."

Reluctantly I opened my mouth and his cock slid in over my lips. It was solid but spongy and tasted slightly of salt.

My tongue had no choice but to slide over it as I gasped for breath.

It was initially uncomfortable, but as Charlie slowly forced it further into my mouth, I actually started to enjoy the feeling of it.

Finally he eased off the pressure on my head and I relaxed my jaw and started to suck him into me.

I started a gentle backwards and forwards motion taking more of him into my mouth with each bob of my head.

My tongue slid all over the head of it as I was sucking.

One of my EX girlfriend's had loved to suck cock and I guess I had picked up a couple of her tricks since Charlie seemed to like my work.

"Mmmmm, that feels real nice but I'm not cumming in your mouth this time boy, my cums going deep up that sweet little ass of yours."

Charlie pulled his cock from my mouth, then pulled me to my feet and bent me over one of the metal table's with my ass in the air.

I felt him un-buckle my belt then push my pants and shorts to my ankles.

He then started massaging my ass checks and said; "I've been looking forward to this since I saw you up on that ladder, you've got one of the sweetest asses I've ever seen."

"Please don't do it Charlie," I begged, "I've never had anything up there, and I'm not gay!"

"Well boy, you wont be a virgin much longer then cause I'm claiming that fine ass as mine, and don't you worry about being gay just think of yourself as my little pussy boy, besides I felt that little dick of yours, that ain't nothing. Trust me you'll make a much better girl."

He took hold of my cock, and started squeezing it. Even though I was horrified at my predicament and could still hear the phone guy getting raped in the background, my cock got even harder.

He reached up on top of one of the lockers and pulled down some type of lube, put it on his fingers and worked them into my hole. "Your lucky Steve didn't get a hold of you first, he don't believe in lube, just think though you'll be lubed up real nice for anyone else who wants a crack at you, especially after I cum in there honey."

I could now feel the head of his hard cock pressed against the entrance to my ass.

Then in a low voice he said "Are you giving this to me, or am I just going to take it?"

Surprising myself I replied, "I'm giving it to you."

With that he laughed and called out to Steve, "Hey want to watch me pop this cherry?"

The sound from the other side of the room stopped and Steve dragged the now naked phone guy over to where I was about to be impaled.

He threw him to the floor and stopped to watch, "Big deal I took this bitches cherry an hour ago." Steve said pointing at the busted up phone guy.

"Yeah but my little bitch is giving it up willingly aren't you honey?"

"Yes sir." I replied weakly.

With that he thrust in, My ass seemed to rip apart as he entered me, and I squealed with pain as his throbbing hard cock filled me up.

"Your mine now!" Charlie snarled as he continued thrusting in and out of me.

At the same time Steve picked the phone guy off of the floor and started fucking him on the other side of the table,

Charlie was panting now and I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck. It seemed that now both men were fucking us in unison.

I forced myself to relax the muscles in my ass, and a strange thing happened, as Charlie's hard pulsating cock-head rubbed against my prostate, I felt the first warm tingle of pleasure.

I started to get into the same motion as Charlie, pushing back on him as he rammed into me, pulling back away when he pulled back on his backstroke.

"Hey Steve, this boy has finally got the idea!"

"I wish this bitch would get it!" Steve replied.

Suddenly Charlie started grunting and I could feel my ass starting to flood with his hot cum.

Steve must have had pretty much the same experience because I could here him howling as he was pounding away.

Shortly there after Steve wiped his come-covered cock on the phone guy's ass and Charlie did the same to me.

We both had cum leaking out of our Asses!

We were then dumped onto the cold tile floor, Charlie striped off the rest of my clothing and then I was as naked as the other guy.

Then Steve pointed to me and told the phone guy to suck my dick till I came, obviously beaten into submission at this point he simply moved up next to me an unceremoniously began sucking my semi erect cock.

"You too boy!" Charlie said to me.

I immediately seized the phone guy's cock and started sucking.

The two giants towered over us laughing and pointing at our would be sixty-nine position.

After a few minutes of this I could feel the cock in my mouth start to tense, and soon it blew it's load into my mouth, I choked on it at first but swallowed every drop not wishing to go against Charles instructions, I could feel myself tensing and was about to cum in the other guys mouth when we were suddenly seized by the big men and separated.

Charlie grabbed me and held me close to him, "You see that, my boy here sucked your bitch dry, and he didn't even cum yet!"

Steve looked really pissed; he kicked the phone guy in the stomach then dragged him out of the room by his hair.

Charlie then pushed me back to my knees and said "OK honey this time I'll let you swallow my cum I think I've still got some left for you."

I obediently took his cock into my mouth.

About five minutes later Steve returned, alone. "So what do you say Charlie you going to let me have a shot at your little bitch here?"

"Sure thing buddy, that ass is all nice and slick for you. You don't mind do you honey?"

"Mmmmph" is about all I could say with a big cock still in my mouth.

I felt Steve grab my hips and pull me up to a bent over standing position with Charlie's cock still in my mouth.

He then forced his cock all the way in until his balls smashed against mine.

I yelped into Charlie's cock, but I was glad that he had filled me with his cum earlier or Steve would have really hurt me.

I was now impaled at both ends!

I then felt Steve start to slide out and then push back in faster and faster.

Suddenly Charlie drove his cock deeper into my mouth, making me swallow most of it. I started sucking his cock quickly. And In a matter of a few minutes I could feel the head swell, the shaft grew thicker and harder and the vein start to pulse and I could feel his cum start to flow into my mouth!

It was more cum than I could handle and as much as I swallowed more dripped out of my mouth and onto the floor. I kept sucking his cock until he pulled it out of my mouth.

"All yours Steve fill him up." Charlie said as he left the room.

"You still got a nice tight ass their bitch boy." Steve said as he pushed my head into the lockers "you best do what I say bitch since Charlie gave you up to me. Grab your ankles I'm going to go in deep!"

With this said I bent over more and grabbed them like he said. He really started fucking me fast and hard, my head kept whacking into the doors of the locker's as he rammed it home and he seemed to be enjoying my predicament.

After about ten minutes of this abuse he said, "I'll tell you what I want you to do. Since you've been such a good sport I'm gonna let you cum. You grab your dick and jerk yourself off. When I tell you to, I want you to cum. And catch it in your hand. Don't let a drop hit the floor. When I feel you cum, that's when I'll cum off in your ass."

He kept working his cock in and out of me, pulling me back against him for what seemed like hours finally he said; "Okay bitch, let's feel you cum. I want your ass to clench around my cock so I know you want me to cum for you. And make sure you catch it. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir," was my weak reply.

I was stroking my cock fast now, my breathing had become erratic, and my hips were jerking around his cock like I was being electrocuted.

When my ass clenched around him he pulled out once more and then pushed in deep, unloading his load at the same time I came.

Once his orgasm subsided and my ass muscles relaxed, he pulled his cock out of me.

"Turn around and show me your hand." He commanded.

My hand was covered in my own cum. He took my arm by the wrist and held it. He then pushed it to my mouth and ordered,

"Eat up bitch" I opened my mouth and lapped my cum out of the palm of my hand.

"You are a good little bitch." Steve said as he slapped me hard on the ass then left me alone in the locker room.

I slumped to the floor exhausted with the big men's cum still leaking out of my ass.

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