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Saturday's Letter


Hi sweetheart,

How are you? I have been thinking about you all day and have tried to call you several times. I reread the letter I sent you last night and cannot believe how comfortable I feel when I write you. I know I can write whatever I am thinking and you will understand and accept me. You cannot begin to imagine how wonderful that makes me feel. Have I told you yet today what an extraordinary woman you are? How happy I am that we are friends and e-mail lovers? I long for the first time we will meet. I know it will be fantastic.

Do you think we will be able to meet soon? I cannot wait to see you for the first time. To kiss you and taste you. To touch you. To feel your hands on me. To let my fingers stray along your body, enjoying you, exploring every inch of you. I will leave no place untouched, no place unkissed, no place unlicked. I will slowly remove your clothes and explore your body with my mouth, lips and tongue. I will kiss the hollow place at the base of your neck. I will tease your nipples with my tongue as I suck your beautiful breasts. I have never seen your breasts, but I know they must be beautiful, because you are so beautiful. How do I know? I know because of the words you write to me. A woman who can write the words you write has to be beautiful. Your letters are so erotic. So titillating. So arousing. I cannot begin to read one of your letters without becoming aroused.

Sometimes when I see I have a message from you I already begin to get hard just thinking about it. I will sit and read your letters over and over, fondling myself until I cum only from your words. What do you think of that? Does it turn you on to know you can make me cum with just your words? I was thinking this morning of the last time we spoke on the phone. Do you remember? How could you forget? I was describing to you how I wanted to lick your ass, going into the greatest detail. Telling you what a pleasure it was going to be for me to penetrate your ass with my tongue. You were moaning and said you were getting close and then you began to describe to me your desire to eat my ass.

"Cum with me," you whispered.

I began to stroke myself as I listened to your words imagining your tongue in my ass and mine in yours. Every word you spoke was like an electric shock through my cock. I described to you how I was tasting my precum and I asked you to taste your pussy and tell me what it was like. I could hear you sucking on your fingers through the phone. I was absolutely aching for the taste of you. I imagined my hands spreading your ass cheeks, my tongue inside of you, smelling you, feeling your cheeks pressed against my face, holding me there. I knew you were getting close and I could feel myself getting ready, I could feel it starting deep inside my balls. Cumming with you that way was incredible. As I stood there shooting my load, you moaning your pleasure, I could not believe how much I desired you, how much I wanted you. Do you know how much I want you?

I just tried to call you and you did not answer. Are you off to the Internet café to send me a letter? I hope so. I know the weekends are the most difficult time for you and I appreciate your trying to write to me. Have I told you yet today I cannot imagine my life without you and your letters? You have awoken a whole new side of me. I side I have always enjoyed but just let go dormant. What a waste. But you have brought me back to life and I love you for that. I love everything about you.

Last night after I had written my letter to you and was drifting off to sleep, I began to think of your letter when you asked me if you could fuck my ass. I thought of my initial reluctance. My fear you would think I was gay. What a fool I was. I know I hurt your feelings, especially when you offered to let me have your ass, a thing you have never experienced before, and then I tell you no. I am sorry I was such an idiot. Now I can't imagine anything that could be more pleasurable. The thought of you and I sharing this together, giving each other our virginity, what could possibly be more intimate, more exciting, more pleasurable. I cannot wait to be with you, to share this with you.

I think we will want to do this after we have licked and eaten each other, you sucking my cock and making me cum in your mouth, me eating your pussy, licking all your cum into my mouth. As I lay there with my head on your thigh licking up the last drops of your cum, you in the same position, my softening cock still in your mouth, I will just simply say "Are you ready?" You will nod yes and begin to suck me again. I will slide up a little, better to access you. You open your legs wider in anticipation. I put my finger inside of your pussy and soak it with your juices and then rub them on your ass. I like to lick your cum off of your ass. I like it when you cum laying on your back, your hips elevated, because your cum runs out of your pussy and down between the crack of your ass. I sometimes spread your cheeks and watch it run out of you and onto your ass and then I wait until you are wet with your pussy juice before I begin to lick it off. I know you like this; I can tell by the way you moan.

Isn't it funny how I start out writing to you in the future tense and suddenly revert to the present? It is because I become so engrossed in my letter that I feel as if it is the present. I know my cock thinks it is the present. Am I crazy when I refer to my cock as thinking, as if it had a mind of its own? It does sometimes you know. I will be busy doing something and I will get hard for no reason, at least I think there is no reason, but it is my cock reminding me of you. But I digress.

As I begin to lick your ass, enjoying the taste of your pussy mixed with the flavor of your ass, I start getting hard again. I know you are sucking me but it is the taste and sensation of tonguing your ass that makes me so hard so quickly. You take me out of your mouth and push my cock out of the way. You reach up and spread my legs.

"I want to taste your ass."

I open my legs for you, wanting you to touch me there, to lick me. I twirl my tongue around you and try to slip it inside you. You find it hard to concentrate on what you wish to do to me, as I explore your hole with my mouth and tongue. I want to eat your ass, make you cum this way. I reach for your toy, the one you masturbate with when I am not with you, but I cannot feel it. I placed it on the bedside table before we started to make love. I wanted it there so I can use it when I began to play with your ass.

"What are you looking for?"

"Your dildo, where is it?"

"You will see."

You pull away from my probing tongue, so you can better concentrate on what you have in mind for me. I try to hold you, but you turn around so you are facing my ass and you begin to lick me slowly up and down, licking circles around my asshole. You push my legs up, spreading them wide, and my ass is open to you and your desire. Your finger begins to caress me and between that and your tongue the feeling is almost overwhelming. I try to relax and allow my ass to open up to your pleasure and mine. My cock is rock hard. I want to stroke it but am afraid if I do I will cum. You continue to lick me, lubricating my ass with your saliva, urging it to open for you. The feeling of your mouth and tongue on me is exquisite.

My eyes are closed; I am lost in the sensation, when I feel something cold and hard at my opening.

"Do not worry, trust me."

How could I possibly worry, I love you and trust you more than you can imagine.

"Roll over."

I roll to my stomach, my curiosity aroused. You gently lift my hips so I am on my knees, my ass in the air, my head on the bed. I feel a warm liquid being squirted on my ass hole and I feel you rubbing it on me pushing it up inside my hole.

"What are you doing?"

"You will see."

My cock is beginning to throb, aching, wanting to be released, but not before I experience what you are about to do. You stop rubbing me with the warm liquid and I cannot feel you touching me. I wonder what you are doing, but patiently wait for the next sensation I know will come. I feel a drop of warm liquid fall on my leg and I can hear a squishing noise.

"What are you doing?"

"Relax you will enjoy this."

I allow myself to relax and try not to anticipate what is to come, but to just enjoy it. I feel you touching my ass with what seems to be the same object, yet now it is warm and wet. You begin to touch my asshole with it. Rubbing it all over. You slowly push it into me and twist it so it will slide easier. I feel what seems like a large ball invading my ass and I try not to tense up. I now know what it is you are touching me with. It is your toy, your dildo. My mind is racing, I know how big your dildo is and cannot imagine it inside my ass. How will I be able to take all of that? You allow my ass to adjust to this invasion, softly stroking my cock to relax me and allow my mind and ass to grow accustom to this new feeling. The feelings are unbelievable. You again start to push your dildo deeper inside me twisting it, easing it farther up into my ass. My excitement is growing and I find myself pushing back against this foreign object invading me. I want it up there. All of it. You pull it back and squirt some more warm fluid on it. The feeling is one of being emptied and I do not want to be emptied but filled. As I sense you starting to push it up inside of me again, my lust overcomes me and I drive my ass back hard until I feel the whole thing completely up my ass. I can feel your hand holding onto it so it does not fly all the way inside me. I moan with a pleasure I have never felt before and want nothing but the feel of you and your dildo fucking my ass.

Slowly you pull it out and then push it back in again. I try to match my movements with yours. Thrusting back as you push forward. Pulling back as you pull the cock from my ass. Your moans are matching mine, your lust is as great as mine, your pleasure equal to mine. My desire for you increases one hundred fold as you fuck me. I bite the pillow and dig my hands into the sheets as my thrusts become more rapid trying to get it all as far in me as possible.

"I have wanted to fuck your ass for so long. Ever since you told me you wanted me to do it. Do you like it?"

I cannot answer you. I cannot say anything. All I can think about is you and what you are doing to me. The way you are fucking me. I moan and whither on the bed, my hips bucking. You sense my impending orgasm, roll over on your back and slide up between my legs. You hold the dildo steady and let me fuck myself, letting me do all the work as you take my cock in your mouth. I think I am going insane. I have never felt such pleasure. Every time I pull forward I bury my cock in your mouth and as I push back I bury your "cock" up my ass. I can feel it cumming and you can too. You start sucking me harder and faster matching the rhythm of your "cock" in my ass. I cry out from the pleasure and explode with a burst of cum which you eagerly swallow. I have never had an orgasm so intense, never knew such pleasure. My hips are like a machine bucking and fucking. I cannot stop cumming. You keep ramming and sucking trying to prolong the pleasure. Suddenly your body arches up off the bed and I know that you too are having an orgasm, just from the pleasure of pleasuring me. I feel you moaning around my cock, still trying to swallow all my cum, as you body lifts up.

I can no longer remain on my knees and begin to fall forward, rolling to my side, your dildo still imbedded in my ass, your mouth on my cock. I can feel you moaning and want to taste your cum. I crawl down between your legs, keeping my ass clenched around the dildo and start to lick you. As I lap at your dripping wet pussy, you cum again and I drink it, savoring every bit of it. You grab my hair and pull my tongue into you and hold my head with your thighs and let me eat you. As your body begins to settled down, I lick my way up your stomach kiss your breasts and then kiss you deeply letting you taste yourself and tasting myself on your lips and in your mouth.

"Where is the dildo?"

"Still in my ass."

"Do you want me to take it out?"

"No leave it there, I am not sure I could stand the emptiness if you took it out."

I lie down next to you and take you in my arms. You snuggle up to me and feel for the dildo still in my ass.

"Have I ever told you how much I love you?"

"You don't have to tell me you just showed me."

You smile at me and I cannot imagine my life without you. I caress you and think about the pleasure you have given me and the pleasure I wish to give to you.

I just finished talking to you on the telephone. I am sorry I made you angry with the letter I wrote you yesterday. I did not mean too. I told you about those women at the restaurant because I wanted you to know they meant nothing to me, I only think of you. I hope this letter makes up for my callousness and you will forgive me. I only want you and no one else. No one can give me the pleasure you do even if it is only with words. I maybe number sixteen now, behind all those other guys, but hopefully when you read this letter I can move up a few slots, maybe even make it to number twelve. What do you think?

I love you.

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