tagNon-Erotic PoetrySavage Tormentor

Savage Tormentor


Struggling and twisting in this vicious wind
Hoping in vain this nightmare will rescind
Swaying and turning against its might
I pray for an end to this infinite night
Pebbles sting my face while fear fills my soul
Still I stumble on, sure to reach my goal

One foot at a time I face my savage tormentor
His eyes glow with a need that gnaws at my center

My footsteps grow heavy and my arms weak
Still he waits for the one he seeks
It matters not that he is stealing my heart
Like a thief in the night, he loads his cart
Seeking and hoarding his valuable treasure
He carefully weighs and considers its measure

As I grow closer his thief’s hand enslaves my neck
Bringing a close to my eternal trek
With one squeeze of his hand out comes my breath
As he lowers his head for the kiss of death
The thief has turned to murder as he takes my very life
Plunging with his weapon of choice as if it were a knife

My soul escapes its hard shell and seeks its mate
Divinely silent, I settle in to wait
Battered by the wind and on the run
Fascinated I watch as two souls become one
Is this fate or something more divine?
For nothing has ever felt this fine

If he is my demise then I seek to die
Like the air seeping from my lungs on a soft sigh
For there could be no other who makes me soar
No one else leaves me screaming for more
With murderous intent he slashes at my defenses
Plundering and raiding and jumping my fences

Stumbling I find I cannot fight any more
He has embedded himself deep in my core
My fate has been sealed with nary a care
Never a thought given to how I will fare
No longer an unwilling dissenter
I turn to face my savage tormentor

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