tagMatureSchool Aide Ch. 02

School Aide Ch. 02


Saturday –

Arrives and with it a whirlpool of emotions and feelings. I couldn't get the vision of yesterday afternoon out of my mind. And I trembled wondering what her graduation gift was going to be.

I primed myself, making sure that I was as adult as I could imagine being. I wanted to make a good impression. No longer just a high school teenager, but a person about to complete a rite of passage. Little did I know that I was about to experience a rite of passage only a shadow of anything envisioned in those moments spent relieving the build up of raging hormones.

I bounded out of my house and made way for the subway. The means to arrive at my destination. I wanted time to fast forward, and would have glad been able to teleport myself instantly from here to her apartment. Damn science fiction!


I stand before her apartment building.

I press the buzzer to her apartment, and anxiously await the buzzing sound. Time seems to stand still, as I imagine this all to be a charade. My legs soft and wobbly. My heart racing. My face flushed. Is this a dream. I am lost in dark thoughts....

The shrill sound snaps me out of my reverie.

And the sound of her voice, tinny and small in the microphone sends waves of relief washing through me.

This is not a dream. I am here. Just moments away from seeing her. Being in her apartment.

I push open the heavy wrought ironed screened glass door and enter the foyer. I breath in the air, trying to get a sense of her place.

I look up the stairs and see her at the top of the first flight. She is smiling. My heart melts.

I take the steps two at a time. I would have tried three, but I feared that I would have tumbled and made a fool of myself. The thought of bodily damage not entering my mind.

She took my hand as soon as I was on the second floor, and the smile she held my gauze with as she led me to her apartment both stilled my heart and caused my pulse to race.

Swish –

The door closed.

And my eyes began to adjust to the dimness of her place. The curtains were all drawn, letting only a dim glow to be cast through them.

A slew of candles were lit, their warm glow bathing the room with light and scent.

And she stood before me.

Wearing the pale green dress.

And a smile.

Was she nervous? I wasn't sure.

I know I was. My mouth feeling so dry and parched all of a sudden.

As if on cue, she asked if I needed something to drink, soft drink, juice, or ....

The or.... was an open invitation. The first of several memorable ones that day.

"Water would be fine" I mumbled.

She said to take a seat, and I did on a sofa.

She went into the kitchen and came back with two glasses of water.

As she set them down on the coffee table in front of me, my breath caught.

The neckline of her dress dropped forward.

And I had clear vision of her.


Her breasts hung down, forming perfect hills. The peaks, hard dark pink nubs surrounded by perfect circles of pink.

My cock immediately responded, and I shifted to allow my cock room to grow.

Was this part of my graduation gift?

Her voice brought my eyes upward.

I saw her smile and the twinkle in her eyes.

She came over to me and put her hands around my neck. The scoop of her neckline revealing her charms more closely than ever. I was in heaven. She was an angel.

She shimmied slightly, causing those twin peaks to softly sway. And I closed my eyes and moaned.

A giggled escaped, followed by "Do you like what you see?"

I was dumbfounded.

Did she have any doubt? Did she not think that she was the most perfect vision I could ever imagine?

I speechlessly nodded. My eyes searching hers.

With her smile still captivating me she sat down next to me.

I quickly took a sip of water, knowing that the glass was shaking as I sipped. I carefully set the glass down again, and she took my hands.

We looked at one another.


I didn't know what to do.

I knew that I wanted to kiss her.

To taste her sweet full lips.

And slowly as if we were dancing, we came closer and closer together. Soft warm breath blowing across, before lips gently grazing one another.

Arms closing in circles around one another.

Lips caressing.


Tongues gently meeting and becoming one with one another.

Hands caressing softly, exploringly.

My hands confirm that what my eyes saw was not a mirage.

They wandered her and there.

No gentle ripples of material beneath material. Only the bare essence of her.

I was getting light headed knowing that I was holding her so close and that she was so bare, yet so dressed.

Our kiss became more passionate as the heat within us rose.

Her hands reached in back of her and took mine into hers.

And she slowly brought them around.

To her sides.

I could feel the hardness of her ribs, and the beginning swell of something much softer.

Her hands continued to slowly guide my hands.

My hands being drawn to feeling the fullness of her.

My hands trembling as the fullness of her filled them.

Soft, yet firm. Supple. Feeling the very tips just protrude beyond my pinkie. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Was this heaven?

My hands were encouraged to caress her. To feel her warmth. To savor her.

I felt the two hard nubs, and gently rolled them between my fingers.

She stopped kissing me.

Her head falling backward, eyes clinched shut, and her lips pursed as a low moan escaped them.

As she leaned backward, my hands were now freer to explore he wonders of her.

I gently kneaded her supple flesh.

Luxuriating in the softness of her.

Her orbs full and yet soft.


Her breathing heavy.


My pulse quickening.

My cock straining.

She opens her eyes, and they are glazed.

She takes hold of my hands and slowly stands up.

She is shaky, but does make it.

And she takes my hand and gently pulls me up.

We have to go someplace.

To Be Continued...

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