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Scouts Gone Wild


Author's Note: Thanks to Tom Collins and Lordmikel for helping with editing this story and other suggestions. I hope you enjoy the variety and as always comments are encouraged and enjoyed. ~ Red

Betty stood looking out at the group of Senior Scouts. She sighed. How had they gotten to this point? How had they gone from the leading troop in cookie sales to the last? She had no idea and now she had to tell these girls that for the fourth year in a row they were not going to meet the Council's goal of 5,000 boxes of cookies. Her eyes scanned the young faces that were so eager to please. She'd been with these girls since they started scouts, 13 years ago. Now all of them were Senior Scouts, all were eighteen, and all of them were ending their career in Scouting in just a few short weeks. The ending would be bitter if they didn't make their goal. She took a deep breath and called the meeting to order and then told them the bad news.

"What?" Annie whined. "That's not right. We work hard for the Council. . . and it isn't our fault they raised the prices of the cookies and now no one wants to buy them "

"Damn," muttered Robin. "They even took the best ones away. Do you know how many people got pissed at me because they got rid of the mint ones? How bright was that?"

Betty arched her brow at Robin and the perky blonde apologized for her language. Betty smiled and smoothed back her tight pony-tail. "I know it is frustrating, but we can't make people buy them."

"No. . .but fuck. Sorry," Denise blushed. "They took away the favorites. It's like the customers like one for a few years and then they just rip them away. Did you even taste the low-fat sappy shit they tried to pass off last year? They brought that garbage back and then raised the prices too. Hell, that elf guy in the tree makes the same damn things and sells them a whole dollar cheaper."

With Denise tirade of words Betty knew she'd lost control of the girls. The conversation became heated and she allowed them to hash out ideas for several minutes before regaining control.

"Just fuck 'um," a voice from the back of the group muttered.

Everyone turned to look at the young girl in the back, the quiet one of the group. Sally sat there her eyes looking void of much emotion, though inside her head she was formulating a plan. "Just fuck who?" Robin asked.

"The customers, the council, our parents. . . just fuck 'um. Tell them for every case they get a blow-job, every ten they get sex and damn. . . if they buy more, they get two of us."

Betty's eyes grew wide in their sockets. "Sally "

"What? Come on. . .you know we'd make a lot of sells. Be the best year ever. . .maybe even earn a badge or something," Sally laughed.

Robin turned back and grinned. Betty, however sat there in shock as the group of girls huddled together. Denise offered to have a party at her place that weekend. Her parents would be out of town so the girls and Betty could all get together there. Betty quickly disagreed to the entire thing and told the girls they were not going to sell cookies like that. The girls sighed and then chuckled, telling Betty they had only been kidding. As the meeting shifted to the Summer picnic plans Betty found herself thinking of Sally's suggestion. She blushed as she imagined offering herself up to her neighbor for a case of Lemon Lolly Swirls.

The weekend came and Betty caught herself several times wondering what the girls were up to. She was concerned that they were acting out on Sally's plan; so noon that Saturday, Betty was knocking on Denise's home and walking into a well coordinated meeting. Her eyes took in pie charts and maps of the town all colored coordinated, as were the girls.

Robin had her long blonde hair pulled into a braid and from her blue summer dress it was apparent she was hitting the west side of town. Denise's red locks were piled high in a clip, her curls showering her shoulders, was wearing a green dress that matched the color that highlighted the east side of their small community. Annie wore yellow and her brunette locks hung loose down her back. She was covering the north, leaving Sally all dressed in red embracing the south. Betty sighed and shook her head in surprise. "Well... where do you want me? It is obvious you're going through with this. I may as well help."

The group grinned and hugged Betty then presented her with a rainbow patterned dress that matched the cut of the others. "We knew you'd be here," Denise said. "Had these all made up Wednesday. . . told mom it was for a play."

Betty chuckled and left the group. When she came back she was given a list of all the important people that worked in the community, but didn't live in town, but rather out in the country.

The group agreed to meet the following night at Denise's. Each one had their cell phones, condoms, and a Taser that Sally had stolen from her Dad the Police Chief and the weapons closet at the station.

The girls and Betty then left, each with a goal in mind, a map in hand, and an order form. . . blank.


Go West Robin. . . Go West. . .

Robin smoothed down her Unofficial Blue Bunny Scout dress and walked confidently toward Mister Roger's house. Her knuckles wrapped on the door and when she heard footsteps behind it she quickly released the top three buttons of her dress. Mister Roger's opened the door and stared at the full-breasted blonde and sighed.

"Robin, I told you I didn't want cookies this year. They are just too expensive. You're a great girl to have as a neighbor, but they just aren't worth it," Frank sighed. His eyes did take the time to notice the unbuttoned dress and the soft curves of the young tits that were openly on display or so it seemed.

"I agree Mister Roger, so I wanted to offer you something that was." She pressed a small business card in his hand and waited for him to read it. When the door opened wider and her neighbor said "one case" Robin stepped in and grinned wide.

Robin had been in her neighbor's house lots of times, but always with her parents or Missus Roger. The older man now lived alone, his wife having passed away a few years ago. The door closed behind her and she looked expectantly at her customer.

"Where would you like to collect your ummm?" Frank's question trailed off.

"Anywhere you're comfortable," she whispered. She dropped her purse by the door and slipped closer to the seventy-year old widow. "I don't want to cause too much work on that pace-maker of yours." Robin's hand slipped up the inside of Mister Roger's shirt and teased a nipple. Her smile rose as she felt it harden beneath her fingertip.

"I'll be fine Robin. Let's go to the living room."

Frank watched the young woman walk toward the room indicated and he felt his cock tingle. He'd not gotten a blow-job in years and he could almost feel his neighbor's sweet lips surrounding his dick. He watched her turn toward him and Frank slid into his easy chair. His hands moving to his belt buckle.

"Oh let me Mister Roger," Robin smiled. She slid down to her knees and ran her hands up and down his thighs. "Mmm... you still have what it takes don't you?" she mumbled, her mouth pressing soft kisses up the sides of his khaki pants. She got to his crotch and ran her tongue over the cloth-covered bulge; her teeth nipped the top gently once she made her way to it.

"Impressive," she winked as she took in the large outline that rested under her mouth.

Her hand ran firmly over his bulge and up to his belt.

"Glad you like," he groaned as he watched her slim, young fingers work away the belt and the button of his pants, then the zipper.

Once Robin had the older man's cock out she was more then impressed. "Fuck. I'll let you ram that baby into me for a case," she muttered.

Frank puffed out his chest, full of pride, "Better not overwork the pace-maker, remember?"

"Damn," Robin grabbed his stiffened member and eased it as well as his balls from his boxers. Her fingers played over the tip and down the swollen veins, before they came to rest on his testicles, where her nails played over them. "A titty fuck and you can have a couple more boxes."


Robin grinned and swallowed his balls with one great thrust of her mouth. She sucked on the twin spheres, rolling them between her lips and tongue before increasing the motion with her clenching jaw. Her hand wrapped around his dick and she stroked him for several long minutes while she nuzzled his sex and drew the twin spheres deeper into her mouth. Her tongue lapped over the crevices and the hairs tickled her cheeks, but she didn't care. Her eyes were watching the already massive tool in her hand continue to stretch and her pussy was becoming slick with come as she thought of abandoning the twin balls in order to inhale the hard shaft.

"Ohhh yeah," Frank muttered as his balls were swimming in her mouth. He grabbed her long blond hair, the braid loosening in his grip and brought her up from his dick. "Suck it. Suck it hard for those cookies Robin," he groaned.

She grinned and opened her mouth. His cock was plunged deep as her fingers toyed with his testicles. Robin felt the tip of his sex slam against the back of her throat. She angled her head so that his shaft could go deeper and as she accepted him into her warm haven her fingers went in search of her pussy. Robin bobbed up and down on his sex as she finger-fucked herself. She moaned against his cock and when he gasped for breath and ordered her to bring her tits up she released her sex and his.

"Mmm..." Robin smiled. Her slick pussy juices coated her fingers and she licked them clean. She grabbed her large breasts and watched Mister Roger slide his dick between them. "Ohh yeah. Are you gonna come on me?" she asked.

Frank knew the deal. He knew that to come on her would cost him another two boxes. He didn't care though. "Fuck yeah," he growled.

Robin grinned and began moving her massive breasts up and down. The head of his sex came out between her white globes and her mouth was there to receive it. She swallowed stream after stream of pre cum. Soon she was swallowing his seed and then wearing them. He shot his load into her mouth and though it was rare for him to come twice the young beauty managed too make him and that shot streamed down her chin and across her breasts. "Ahhh..." Frank moaned. He watched his dick slide between the soft flesh and shuddered when she gathered some of the come from her tits and lapped it from her fingers.

"Mmm...," she grinned. "Nice."

"Uh huh," he answered back.

"Thanks Mister Roger. You enjoy your sixteen boxes of cookies."

Robin waved goodbye and headed down the street to visit Mike and Melinda Baker. Once there she managed to sell ten cases to each one of them and another twenty when they all joined in at the same time. It was a couple hours worth of work, but she didn't mind, nor did they. When four-thirty came around Robin realized she was hungry for more then come and waited at the parking lot of the local Ice Cream shop. Her fingers toyed with her cherry slurpie and her other hand played with her clit. She'd sipped her drink and then brought her fingers up to enhance the flavor, after she was finished with her little break she went back to work.

East Wind Brings Denise

Tabitha Allen stared out her upstairs bedroom window. Her mother had gone away for the weekend, left her some money for pizza delivery as well as a signed blank check for emergencies. When she saw Denise's little convertible pull up into her drive she moaned. "Damn cunt, wanting to sell more of those stupid cookies. Wait till I tell her mom ain't here and she won't get her usual order."

The doorbell chimed and Tab happily waltzed downstairs. "Hey," she said opening the door. She looked over the smiling redhead and smirked. "Mom's not here. No cookie sales for you," she started to shut the door, but growled low when Denise's foot wedged in front of it.

"I know your mom's out of town. That's why I'm here. You don't like me. . .that's cool. . .but you like pussy and so do I. So I have an offer," Denise stated. Her eyes looked over the small boobs that were unsupported by a bra and she could see the dark nipples protruding.

Tabitha's stood there and listened to Denise's new sales pitch and invited the girl in. "I've got a check that's blank. You can fill in the amount when were done. She took Denise's hand and led her upstairs to her mother's room. "Get undressed Bitch, this is gonna be fun."

Denise felt her pussy tighten and she lifted her dress off her full figure and slipped out of her sandals. She watched Tabitha do the same and soon the two women were face to face. Their nipples were barely touching. Denise's hands moved over Tab's full breasts and she lifted them in her palms. Her mouth moved to Tab's and soon their tongues were drinking deep of each other's flavor.

Tabitha's hands slid down Denise's chest and she pinched her nipples, twisting them hard before she released them to move to more firm muscles. Her hands gripped the blonde's ass cheeks and pushed her toward her sex. Denise released Tab's breasts and slid her hands to the girl's hips and ground their pussies together.

"Oh fuck, Denise," Tabitha hissed in the other woman's ear. Her mouth captured the soft lobe and her arms wrapped tight around her afternoon playmate. She sucked and tugged on Denise's ear as she walked her back toward the bed. Their nipples caressed each other and both girls were soon falling to the bed. Denise landed firmly on her back, her tits bouncing against Tab's. Tabitha sat up and straddled Denise's juice-covered cunt.

"Fuck your so God-damn wet," Denise hissed. Her fingers slid to Tab's cunt and she flicked the swollen clit with her fingers. "I've got to taste that pussy Tab."

Tabitha grinned and walked herself up to Denise's face. Her knees rested on either side of the blonde's head and she watched as Denise shifted, making sure she was right where she wanted to be. Tab grabbed the headboard of the bed and lowered her slick cunt down to the open and eager mouth that rested beneath her.

The first hot, sweltering caress of Denise's breath brought a moan of pleasure from deep within Tabitha and she shuddered. Several streams of honey escaped from Tab's pussy and dripped onto Denise's face. "Oh fuck that's hot," she muttered as she lowered her cunt further, this time wiping her slick juices from Denise's chin to her nose. When her clit hit the tip of the blonde's nose it hooked and Denise treated it with a long lick, before she coated it with a lazy, relaxed stroke of her tongue.

Denise looked up and squeezed Tabitha's ass cheeks as she thrust her tongue in between the bald pussy's lips. She rolled her tongue over the sweet folds, drinking in the woman's fluids, while Tab gripped the headboard tightly. She bit at the pink cunt and slid her mouth up and down the heated center. The nectar flowed thick and the sounds of the two fucking moved through the room.

"Ohh yes," Tabitha moaned. She closed her eyes and felt Denise's tongue move in and out of her slick pussy. The juices flowed thick from her cunt and were eagerly suckled and lapped up by Denise's mouth. The tightening of her sex told her she'd be coming soon and she ground her sex into the woman's face.

The aroma that wafted from Tab's arousal overwhelmed the other woman and she wanted more. Denise pushed two fingers into the girl's pussy and screwed them left then right. Her nails scrapped the velvet walls, coaxing out more nectar. "Fuck " Tab screamed. She came all over the hot mouth and fucking digits that were invading her sex.

Denise bathed in the woman's juices. She felt the warm fluids cover her fingers and her face. She licked and tugged, suckled and fucked her way through the hot syrup until Tabitha was shuddering a second, then a third wave of lust from her pussy.

"Delicious," Denise muttered against the come-covered sex that she finished cleaning, before sliding from between the woman's legs.

Tab turned around and grinned. "Blank check, remember..." her voice trailed off as she crawled toward the spread legs of her newest lover.

"Yep, just waiting for you to make your order known," Denise answered.

Tabitha buried her face into the redhead's cunt and began ordering many cases of cookies.


Annie's Northern Exposure

Annie had managed to convince a number of friends to purchase cookies from her. Her body was throbbing and her pulse racing by the time she showed up at her Uncle's house. She opened up the backdoor and walked in. Her eyes scanned the living room and she headed upstairs. Once there she rounded the landing and walked into his bedroom. There he was sitting on the chair by the window and Thomas his son standing beside him. Both men were naked and both were waiting for her.

"Annie," Thomas said.

"Hey," she smiled. Her eyes ran over both hard cocks. "I didn't know you were home this weekend." She slowly slipped free of her dress and sandals. Annie dropped to her hands and knees and crawled to her cousin and her Uncle.

"Seems your selling cookies," Robby said, having just hung up the phone with a bowling buddy. Once she reached his side, he cupped her chin and raised her face. "How many do you have sold?"

"I don't know. I've lost count."

Robby ran his fingers over his niece's lips. "Well. . . that's not good. Guess I'll have to sample on the flavors so I can make sure I'm your most-valued customer."

"Whatever you wish."

Thomas walked behind his cousin and gripped her ass. His cock was already glistening with lube and his fingers moved over her hole, caressing lubricant over the entrance as well as pressing some inside her puckered entrance. "I'm ordering some too. Seems we need something to snack on at the college." He pushed his cock into her tight ass and moaned as she pushed back against him taking him fully into her.

Robby watched his son take his time fucking his cousin's ass. His cock stood straight and hard, his fingers wrapped around it. Annie moaned as Thomas continued to pound into her. She could come right now if he told her too. Her body was burning. The juices of her sex coated her pussy and her legs, but she'd managed to keep her orgasm in check and fought hard to wait till her Uncle was ready. The muscles of her sex clenched and released. She felt her climax waiting and she whimpered when Robby placed the head of his cock against her lips.

"You may come," he told her.

Annie moaned, her mouth opening to let the sound escape. As she did Robby thrust his swollen member into her warm cavern and she closed her lips over his sex. The moan vibrated through his cock and he pushed her head down, forcing her to accept his fullness. She sucked hard on his sex and felt the rush of his blood pumping through the extended veins of his dick.

Thomas continued to fuck his cousin's ass with forceful plunges of his dick. He felt her come flow from her pussy and slide toward him. It added to the lubrication he'd used on her as well as slithered around his balls. His nails dug into her skin and he felt her shudder again as she came once more.

"Oh yeah. You like me fucking your ass, don't you?" he groaned out. His hand came up and delivered a hard slap to her ass.

Annie hissed and raised her mouth from Robby's cock. "Oh fuck yes " she muttered then enveloped his balls into her mouth. She rolled them left then right as her fingers moved to stroke his stiff rod. Her cheeks were full of his testicles and she tightened her hold on them.

Robby groaned as he felt the grazing of her teeth against his jeweled sack. He felt her tongue lapping at his testicles, while her hand moved up and down on his cock. "Fuck Annie," he muttered as she suckled him.

Drops of pre cum escaped his dick and he watched it slide down his head. Annie saw it too. Her mouth abandoned his balls and her tongue made a hungry lap over his swollen head. She cleansed him of the oily substance and took his cock once more.

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