tagCelebrities & Fan FictionScreams in A Minor

Screams in A Minor

byFormerly Ty©

Alicia Keys had been practicing for her performance at the Video Music Awards. She seemed very tense; at least that's what a stagehand noticed during her preparations'. His name was Duane; he couldn't stop looking at her beautiful face. Her smooth, bi-racial skin tempted him to jerk-off multiple times behind the curtains. There have been times when he felt his orgasm and nothing actually came out.

Alicia caught Duane in the act sometimes but didn't seem to do anything about it, she just laughed, often she would wink her eye at him causing him to get pumped up for her once again. During the four-week span where Alicia would practice and practice for her first time performing in front of a huge crowd. It was about 2 days before the show and she was really high-strung. She drank herbal tea, chewed on all sorts of things to calm down but to no avail would they relieve her tension.

Duane would often give her a helping hand and she would look at him in a sort of nasty way like she knew what he was doing and thought it was nasty. Well she was really trying to sing her song when all of a sudden her voice was taken away by all the preparation.

"Duane?" Alicia said with what voice she had left.

"Yes, what's wrong with your voice?" Duane asked.

"Could you shut up and get me something, anything to stop this?" she asked.

"I'll see what I can do." said Duane. He quickly ran to the store and came back within minutes.

"Okay, I have some herbal stuff. The Chinese guy said it has great healing ability for the throat so here." Duane handed her the herbal pill and she took it without hesitation. Half an hour later she called Duane back.

"Is something bothering you?" said Duane.

"You know that bullshit you got me from that Japanese guy…" said Alicia.

"It was Chinese!" responded Duane.

"I don't give a shit if it was Mongolian, you better find me something quick or I'll fire your jerk-off ass!" she said in a scratchy voice. Duane walked away with his head down and thought what next?

"Duane…" Alicia said. He turned around and looked at her beauty.

"What is it?" he said.

"I'm sorry, I'm just angry that I haven't got any sleep and I have so much things going through my mind and…" she said.

"I understand Alicia," said Duane. "I have a perfect plan for you to get rid of all those symptoms."

"It better be good," Alicia said. "I don't have much time left."

"I read on an Internet site that in order to restore your voice box in your throat, you have to swallow someone else's bodily wastes." Duane said.

"Like what? You mean kissing right?" asked Alicia.

"It wasn't very specific, but I think that was what they meant." Duane said.

"There's no one else around to kiss." said Alicia. Duane looked at the ground and looked back up to see Alicia staring into his eyes. "Well, since you're the only one her, I guess we're gonna have to tongue kiss. But you can't tell nobody about this shit or else I'll kill you."

"Ok! I promise." Duane said enthusiastically. He sprayed his mouth with Binacca to impress Alicia for the only chance he'll ever have. Duane sat on the piano bench right beside Alicia, they moved towards each other's lips; Alicia dare not look as she closed her eyes. They would soon touch their lips and kiss each other, Duane was the one to insert his tongue into her and spurt his saliva into her beautiful mouth, and he grabbed her cheeks with his hands.

Alicia would soon enter her tongue into his mouth as well. They swapped their saliva for a minute until Alicia pulled back. They glared at each other, not daring to talk about it. Alicia wiped her lips, trying to talk but all she had noticed was her voice got worse and she couldn't talk now. She slapped Duane in the face, trying to get a cheap kiss off of her by making that stuff up about exchanging bodily wastes.

"I'm sorry Alicia, obviously that was not the solution." said Duane. Alicia talked but no words came out, Duane read her lips as he had kissed it. She appeared to say "what now?"

"Let's try another bodily waste." said Duane. Alicia nodded her head uncertainly but agreed with Duane. "How about sweating?" asked Duane. She agreed by nodding her head. Duane thought that he would sweat by working out, he started to do jumping jacks but not that much sweat came off of his perfect build body, did I mention Duane had a really nice body for a middle-aged man (30). Now he started doing push-ups and after twenty-five consecutive times he was pouring with waste.

"Her it goes, just lick It." said Duane. Alicia closed her eyes and licked his sweaty tricep. Duane loved her soft tongue, as did his big cock rising to the top of his tight jeans. She licked both triceps up and down till there was none left to fulfill her needs. After a quiet ten minutes, she tried to talk and realized that it didn't work that much but her voice came back a little raspy.

"That is not enough," she said.

"Well there is two more things we can do." Duane said.

"What is that?" Alicia asked. Duane knew this would come to her surprise but he did it anyway. Duane pulled down his jeans revealing his swollen black member with veins bulging out and the head was purely pink.

"Oh no! I'm not doing that shit. Next thing you know, Alicia Keys blowjob all over the Internet." she said with a certainty.

"You don't have to suck it if you don't want to, I'll just jerk-off into your mouth ok?" Duane said.

"I think I can do that." Alicia agreed with a low voice. She lay back on the bench after taking off her long coat. Duane saw that her navel was showing and that got him even more hard.

"You better make this quick like you always do." Alicia referred to when she watched him masturbate and after one minute he would cum. But Duane wanted to savor this moment so he came over to where her head lay at the end of the bench and started jerking off into her mouth as she tried not to think about what was happening. Alicia denied it but deep down inside she loved his gigantic black cock.

Duane began to buckle his hips as to keep from cumming, but Alicia took his black rod and jerked it for him into her mouth. He felt as though he would fall to the floor as she began to suck his black dick and took it fully into her narrow mouth. He felt his jizz about to spew inside her hot mouth and so it did within seconds she had mangoo all on her lips and in her mouth. She hesitated to swallow it but thought about her performance tomorrow and gulped some of his sperm down.

"Did it work?" asked Duane. She tried to speak but realized that she could not speak at all once again. She knew Duane was just making those myths about swapping bodily wastes would help her were getting false when she swallowed his sweat. But now that she started she didn't want to stop.

"One more thing to try, if it doesn't work, then you'll have to lip sync. She looked at him as to ask what was the last thing?

"I'm gonna have to make you scream loud by getting pleasured by Me." he said. She backed off the bench and looked at him weirdly. She was willing to do anything to sell her performance tomorrow but didn't want it that bad. But she then realized how bad it would be if people thought that she couldn't sing live. She then came towards him and agreed with a nod. Duane was so fucking happy his dick shot up again instantly. But Alicia didn't want to get fucked.

She slowly took off her clothes. Duane saw her purple lingerie she wore for this special occasion. She got fully nude in front of her stagehand and really liked it. Duane saw her yellow body and boy was it as beautiful as she was and is. Alicia sat on they keys of the piano facing Duane with her pussy ready for hot steamy action. Duane got on his ashy knees and began to kiss between her lovely thighs. All Duane could see was her facial reaction to his pleasuring her.

He stroked his index fingers' between Alicia's thighs and kissed them also. As he got closer, Alicia got even more aroused and just wanted him to eat her wet slit. She put her hand around his head and leaned against the piano ready for Duane to get the first lick of her sweet, juicy clit. He began by licking the small strip of pubes above her wet slit and she treasured this.

She couldn't take his teasing no more; Alicia forced his head into her moist pussy, as she was too aroused to take anymore of his tantalizing ways. Duane tasted her clit full of her foreign juices not known to him, the sour taste soaked into his taste buds and he loved it. Alicia liked it also, the silent moans from her facial expressions showed how much she loved this.

Duane would soon enter his tongue inside her box and through her vaginal walls which housed her juices. Duane bobbed himself in and out of his little black and white pussy. The bobbing motions of Duane got Alicia even more aroused than before and she sucked on her left breast. She was now ready to reach climax as Duane took his hand and placed it below her navel and just above her bush.

He gently applied some pressure to move her G-spot down allowing him to brush his tongue against it. Alicia instantly felt the effect through her walls came a tidal wave of her juices. She had reached climax and it was her first time ever. Her eyes rolled back and she dug her long nails into his shoulders; Duane knew he had done the right thing as her orgasmic juices flowed onto the keys of the piano and onto his chest.

Alicia looked at Duane like what now? Duane knew she was ready for his black member. Alicia got up on the top of the piano with her ass in the air, Duane's member erected into the air for her tight ass. But Duane wanted her clit not the asshole. Duane got on his knees on the piano behind Alicia's ass. Alicia was ready to scream when his big black cock would enter her.

Duane was so excited; the thought of fucking a beautiful star was really exciting. Duane was now ready, he stroked her spine, and Alicia felt the tingling and just wanted to get this over with. Duane slowly penetrated her smooth, moist clit doggy-style. He began by entering her box slowly with his swollen member. Her serene moans lit up the stage as Duane began fucking her tight pussy even faster.

Alicia wanted to scream louder but to no avail. Duane was fucking her vaginal walls harder and faster than he first began; Alicia's walls got more looser after a few minutes, that's when Duane could slid into and out of her more easier. He felt it was his turn to release his juices after a couple of minutes. So he stopped, he bended over and kissed her back softly and whispered into her ear.

"Turn over you bi-racial slut so I can give you a taste of what I'm really made of." he whispered. She turned over and looked unwaveringly into her beautiful eyes with a blank look. She told him with her lips 'Fuck me' Duane took this as a sign to give her the ultimate pleasure by giving her another orgasm. He pressed onto her stomach while inserting his black dick inside her hole.

He slowly entered her clit, but within seconds he was jumping up and down like a jumping jack onto her swollen pussy. Alicia began to phantom scream. Duane fucked her tight pussy faster and harder to make her scream; he now knew what to do. Duane did the same as he did before, while on top of her, he took his right hand and placed it below her belly button and just above strip of bush.

"Yeah you dirty slut! Ooh, take this." he said. Duane gently pressed down on that spot and his big black cock brushed up against her G-spot allowing her to reach orgasm. She dug her nails into his back and glared into his eyes with a look of pain. Her juices flowed onto his cock which was now wet. He slid into her more easily. Duane knew his time was up and kept pounding her.

All of a sudden, Alicia screamed as loud as she could. Duane would soon take out his black cock and jerk it into her face on top of the piano. Alicia took his cock into her mouth and jerked it as well. Duane could feel his juices coming faster and faster with every jerk from Alicia.

"Oh shit! Suck me you slut! Aah…Aaaaaaaaaahh!" gagged Duane as he came into Alicia's beautiful mouth. She swallowed all of his semen down into her stomach as she felt her throat feeling better. She continued to jerk his slithery cock until he would ask her the question.

"Did it work?" Duane asked. Alicia sang the high note of 'Fallin' to reveal she could talk once again.

"Yes! It's works," she smiled at him. "Thanks to you baby."

"Don't thank me, thank my big black buddy." Duane said conceitedly.

"I will always thank him." Alicia responded. She kissed Duane's black cock. They both went back to their normal jobs as a stagehand and a superstar. Alicia will forever thank Duane and his big cock that helped her perform at the Video Music Awards.

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