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Secret CD


It was getting close to my friends birthday she is 40 years old and has a very nice ass and quite big breasts she has brown hair and also is about 5ft 3. On her birthday I decided to give her a cd but what she didn’t realise was that I was not only giving her a cd I was giving her more. The cd I gave her had subliminal messages on it, the messages said that she wanted to fuck me, and I was really hansom and that when ever she was near me or thought of me she would feel very horny. I put this on her favourite cd so she would listen to it a lot and I would get a fuck.

She seemed very happy with the cd and one day I was sitting in my house and saw her staring at me and I also saw her start to play with her tits. All of a sudden she came across and rang my doorbell I answered it and she asked if she could borrow some sugar she came in and I could see from her tight shorts that she wasn’t wearing any panties and then realised that she was getting very damp.

She then all of a sudden burst out crying saying that she really wanted me and hugged me by now my 7 and a half inch manhood was getting solid and started to stick into her stomach. She has realised and stopped crying and looked me in the eyes and said “I want you to fuck me so hard now” so all I could do was say “ok” she kissed me passionately then she pulled off her top and bra and I started to suck her breasts she then started to moan as I lightly bit them.

I then moved my hand down to her leg and lay her down I moved my hand down to the front of her shorts and down them and started to stroke her clit. She was now moving her hands along my cock through my trouser and then unzipped my jeans. She pulled out my cock and started to suck she took it all or most of it down her throat and it felt like heaven she was an animal. I came in her mouth and then started to lick her clit she was getting so damn horny and it tasted so good the scent that came off was pure heaven she kept moaning and screaming for more and then screamed for me to fuck her hard now as she came I swallowed all off her juices.

Even though she had 2 children her pussy was still quite tight and I slipped my cock inside her and felt her muscle grab my cock. I started to fuck her and she kept shouting for more and for me to fuck her stupid finally she came to 6 orgasms and she went home.

The thing I didn’t realise was that her daughter had also been listening to the music and I got another knock at the door and the daughter came in and pulled my cock out and sucked it as well I then sucked on her juices and fucked her silly. As she lay tired I took some of her juices and line her anus and stroked the muscles to relax them I then inserted a finger and then 2 and then put my cock in and slowly pumped away she was so horny she was loving it I was fucking her ass and then started to finger her clit and took her to orgasm after orgasm.

I went across to there house to find them both watching TV and I sat next to them and asked did you enjoy what we did they both said yes and that gave me an idea I told them to show me a bit of lesbian incest. I got the mum to start kissing her daughter as they started it was a bit rigid so I started to stroke there cunts to ease them and relax them and it did relax them they started slip the tongue and get more passionate as the there hands started to dart over each others bodies over their asses and tits as sighs came from every where. I then told them to strip each other and they did and started to kiss again then I told the mum to start to stroke her daughter shaved cunt as she did they both started sighing and I realised that she wanted to eat her daughters cunt so I told her to I then went to their bedrooms and in the mums bedroom I found a 6inch vibrator and a 7 inch dildo in the daughters room so I took the vibrator and gave the dildo to the mum and told her to insert in her daughter she did and started to fuck her pussy with the dildo I took the vibrator and bent the mum over and started to lick her cunt as it got wet I inserted the vibrator and turned it on full she was so hot I took it out and inserted it in her tight virgin ass and put my cock in her pussy I fucked them both stupid and we all collapsed after about 8 orgasms.

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