tagMatureSeduced By My Neighbor

Seduced By My Neighbor


When I was 18 my parents left for a week of travel in the summer. So they asked our neighbor to look after me. You know, just check in from time to time to make sure I wasn't having any parties. She was in her late 30s or early 40s at the time, and was definitely a part of many masturbation sessions. She had this firm body that just begged you to look at her and wonder.

The whole week, she would walk the short path that connected our houses and stop by in the evenings to chat. We'd hang out for a bit and she would go back to her house. Her husband got called away on a business trip toward the end of the week, so she asked me if I could help on the yard work. I agreed for no other reason than I liked her and could think of nothing better than to spend a day looking at her body. And oh man did she allow me to look. She wore these cut-off shorts and a bikini top.

I was working without a shirt and thought nothing of her putting lotion on my back. Looking back, I know she was looking at me as much as I was looking at her. Anyway, it was hot and we spent the better part of the day joking around and mowing, clipping and pruning.

When it was over, she asked if I wanted to come over later for a barbecue. I said sure and left for a shower at home. And that's when it started. I was so lost in the warm water and the soap on my cock and balls and my fantasy of her that I never heard her enter the house. But when I was well into my stroking there she was. Standing at the bathroom door watching me.

I was in shock. When she did speak, all she said was "Don't stop. I want to watch." At that age I couldn't help but stop. Neither of us did anything for a moment until she broke the spell. As she moved toward me she removed the T-shirt she was wearing, and there they were. I think I was transfixed with her breasts. Large and firm and swinging with every step. She reached into the shower and put her hand over mine, helping me stroke myself. Setting the rhythm. One of her feet were on the rim of the bathtub, and her other hand was at her crotch. She only removed that hand to guide my head to her nipples. Her only words were "suck on them."

I didn't know it at the time, but I swear she came at that point. Because she shuddered and then her hands were all over me. I reached up to support myself, as her fingers explored my body. They pinched my nipples and caressed my balls. She ran her hands over every inch of my body before working one finger up my ass. I think I started to say something, because she had me suck on one of her fingers. Almost like it was a cock. So there I was, sucking on one of her fingers while she fucked my ass with her other one in total ecstasy. When I was about to cum, she took her hand from my mouth and grabbed my cock, holding it tightly and not allowing me to do so.

It was wild, my body shuddered like I was cumming anyway as she continued working my anus. Looking back that should have told me something...

When I calmed down, she kept hold of my cock and led me back along the path to her house. I was still completely nude but was so pent up from my near orgasm I willingly followed.

When we arrived at her place she sat me down on the couch in front of the television and put in a videotape. It was a porn tape. Amateurish and definitely on the wild side. It started off at an orgy with more people than I could count. She removed her shorts and sat down on the couch. Her legs were spread open toward me and she motioned for me to slide over. I went up to kiss her, thinking that was the cool thing to do. When she pushed my head to her pussy.

As she guided my head, she kept talking to me in this purring kind of way, purring and moaning at the same time, "Have you ever eaten a girl out before? Hmmmmm? Have you ever tasted a pussy? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah, use your tongue. Come on, suck on that. Oh yeah, come on my slut." I'll never forget her calling me that. Calling me her slut. It turned me on, not only that I was eating out the object of my fantasies, but that she was talking so dirty to me.

At a certain point, she pulled me up and slid my cock into her. Man, I think I was going like a jack-hammer. Her finger nails gripped my ass and pummeled me into her. She would reach up and lick or bite my nipples. Her mouth wandering over my chest as she took my hand and placed it on my now wet cock.

"Feel how wet that is." And I did. I could feel my cock sliding in and out of her as this incredibly sticky fluid covered my hand. Then she took the hand away and started to suck on it. That's when I came.

When I recovered, we both looked at each other. She had this grin on her face that was like nothing I'd seen before. And again, she reached for my cock. She began licking and sucking the juices from it as I watched the video. There were women doing men, women doing women, and at one point, I could see a man sucking another man. All the while, her mouth and hands were working my cock and balls into another frenzy.

When I was very hard she moved up my body, to hover her just fucked pussy over my face. All she said was,, "Okay, now do me."

My tongue was out like a shot. She wanted me to go down on her again. So I did, not thinking about having just cum inside her. It wasn't until I had started that I tasted my own cum. I think I pulled back, because her hand came down to my head and kept me there. I remember this gob just dripping out and into my mouth. After I swallowed, I felt her pussy almost crush my face as she entered another orgasm.

"Are you ready for something wild?" I wasn't sure at that point, but she said she would be right back, leaving me to watch more of the video. She returned with two dildos and said she wanted me to fuck her while putting the electric one inside her ass. It was the first time I had done anything like that, but I was so horny, I readily complied. There we were, watching the video as I pounded away. I guess she could feel me starting to cum because she pulled forward leaving my young cock to fall out.

"Now it's your turn." She said. She took the second dildo and worked it into my mouth.

I complied, sucking on it, willing to do anything just to get her lips around my cock again. And again she took my cock into her mouth What I didn't know was she had taken the slick vibrator from her ass and started to place in mine.

She looked up and said something like, "Just relax, don't worry," as she began pushing it further up me.

If I hadn't woke up next to her in bed I would have thought the whole thing was a dream. About one minute later I think I wished it was. Because there, at the foot of the bed was her husband. Not moving, just watching the two of us lie on top of the sheets naked. She turned to me and said "Don't worry. He likes to play too." Then turned to him and said "Come on, why don't you be a good little slut and taste what I have inside me."

There I was, kind of in shock, watching my neighbor lick the recently fucked pussy of his wife. She sensed this and reached over to my cock. Taking its hardness into her mouth and sucking it. This was just like watching the movie the night before. Watching him sucking on her, feeling her sucking on me. I leaned back and closed my eyes. I wasn't sure at what point I felt the second mouth on my balls but I didn't care. Nor did I care that the night before was just my training for sucking her husband's cock.

There I was, eighteen and about to join her husband as her eager slut willing to do whatever she dreamed up that could bring her pleasure. And she did...

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