tagErotic HorrorSeducing Simone

Seducing Simone


I stepped from the train, the wind catching my short circle skirt, sending a swirl of red fabric up about my taught thighs. I ran a hand through my auburn hair and started down the platform, my rolling suitcase trailing behind me. The sun had just begun to set and here I was just entering town. I remembered the directions given to me by the woman with the thick Scottish accent. A left at the entrance to the station, across the tracks, second right and then I would head straight until I saw the sign swinging above the door of the welcoming hostel. I was relieved that I had thought to seek a place to stay when I was London, rather than waiting until I had reached Stirling, Scotland. The countryside appeared peaceful and I stopped a moment to gaze at the setting sun.

As I entered the station, I nodded at a man who sat quietly gazing at me as I rolled my bag through the station, the clicking of me bag over the cobblestones resounding against the bare white walls of the station. I felt suddenly isolated and alone. His lucid eyes lingered on the swell of my breasts, my waspy little waist, and I swallowed hard as a feeling welled up within my chest. I felt my cheeks flush as I shot another glance his way as I rolled past him.

The street lamps had begun to shine down and a slight fog had arisen, a mist covering the streets. As I turned left out of the station, I heard a new noise added to the cacophony of my bag and my shoes. It took me a minute to pinpoint its direction, this pounding that cut through the darkness. It sounded like another person's footsteps not too far behind. I crossed over the tracks, my pace quickening. I turned to see whom it was that was walking behind me but through the advancing fog, I could barely make out the lamppost that I had just walked past. I trudged through the darkness passing by the first street and gladly awaiting the second one, when suddenly I felt a hand grab me. I felt one clamp over my mouth as I let loose a cry and my arms were pinned to my sides by another strong sinewy arm. I felt a sharp pain in my neck and my eyelids fluttered to a close...

When I came to, I felt the chill of the air against my bare skin. My mouth seemed hot and dry as if I was in terrible need of something to drink. I struggled to move my sluggish limbs only to find that my arms and legs were bound to the four-posts of a bed covered in red satin. I noted that my sight had that fuzziness about it that only comes when I have had too much to drink. I surveyed the room; candles lit up gray stonewalls, and danced across my flesh stopping to play upon my pert nipples. There were other furnishings: a chaise, an armoire, a mirror, and two candle laden nightstands. The door appeared to be of a heavy oak, its iron handle rusted with age. My mind raced at what waited beyond that door, at what had brought me to this chilly room.

I didn't have to wait long for my answer. The handle turned and in came the man from the station, a tray in his hand. He did not speak to me, his eyes merely wandered over my bare breasts, the small swell of my stomach, the tiny patch of auburn hair between my legs. I noted his ivory skin and those silvery eyes surrounded by a ring of dark lashes. His hair was nearly as dark as the sky had become once the sun had set in Stirling. His appearance and the beauty of his eyes had caught me off guard; I began to struggle against my bonds.

"Let me go, you fucker," I studied him as I spoke. His lips remained sealed together. He set the tray on one of the nightstands beside the bed. I glimpsed a bottle of chilled wine and some grapes.

"God damn it, let me go." I felt my muscles straining against the fabric of the ropes; they dug into my skin and burned my flesh. I was trying to muster up the right timbre in my voice, I wanted to sound angry and threatening but his very presence was soothing to me. This man who had dragged from the streets of a Scottish town, stripped me naked, and tied me to an old-fashioned bed calmed me. He poured some wine into a crystal glass and placed it at my lips, I gulped the liquid down. It was sweet and crisp, clearing my head rather than adding to the confusion. He set the glass down. I gasped when I felt his hand touch my skin; he dragged those cool fingers over my skin drinking me in as I had drunk the wine. His fingers lightly slid over my stomach, wandering below my breasts.

"Simone," he said. "Simone, you are my angel."

I closed my eyes as his hand caressed my breasts, flicking each nipple with a tender yet playful intensity. I didn't wonder at how he knew me, how he knew the touch my body craved or the fact that he knew me, he knew my name. I reveled in his touch. My mouth opened as I cried out when he pinched one nipple, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. He brought his lips to mine, his tongue searching, his icy breath mixing with the air from my lungs. His hand sliding down and down until he slipped his fingers within me. I bucked against him, in awe of how wet I had become. He stood up and released the sash that held a black robe about him. He revealed his body to me and I was dumbstruck by the youthful beauty of his form. His thick cock stood erect. He climbed onto the bed and began to stroke my skin with his cock as he had done with his hands.

I wanted so badly to touch him to guide him into me, to feel his thick cock within my glistening sex. Yet my hands and legs were bound to the bed, all I could do was whisper, "Please."

He smiled and claimed my mouth again, his mouth trailing kisses over my neck, my breasts, my stomach, and my thighs. He parted the tuft of hair over my mound and brought his tongue up to my slit. Dear God, he ran his pointed tongue over me pausing at my clit. He flicked my clit with his tongue, sliding his hand over my stomach and pinching my breasts. He slid one finger into my pussy, then two, then three. Pumping them in and out of my wetness as his tongue flicked my clit. I moaned and writhed beneath him, my hands clinching into fists, my feet digging into the satin of the bedspread. So close.

Then suddenly he stopped, bringing his face up to mine, my juices covering him. I kissed his lips and delighted in my own salty sweetness. Moaning and writhing and begging him, "Please," I whispered again.

"I want you to desire me, my sweet Simone," He nibbled my ear.

"Yes," I shivered.

"I want you to beg me to love you," His hand slid down and grazed my thigh.


"I want you to adore me and want me above all others." He placed his finger at my clit and began to gently move it back and forth, starting the delightful friction again.

"Yes," I whispered, "Yes, I want you"

"Ahhh, but you are not yet ready." He claimed my mouth, his tongue and mine dancing and devouring one another.

His finger flicked at my clit, the friction building the tension within me. The walls within my pussy began to tighten. Each touch, each flick bringing me closer. He slammed two fingers within me. I gasped, and cried out as I milked his fingers with my cunt while I came.

"Now, now you are ready." He kissed my lips. I felt him slide himself between my thighs, his slick cock poised at the entrance to my cunt. I felt him move his dick up and down my slit, the glistening wetness covering the tip of his flesh. He paused at my cunt and let the tip enter it and then took it out. Then he placed it within me again, took it out. Again and again. Just the tip, in and out of my pussy over and over. At last he thrust forward, bringing his hips to mine, his mouth covering mine as a whimper escaped my lips.

"Oh yes," he whispered into my ear, "Now you are ready."

He pumped into me; his cock throbbed, making the tightness within me begin anew. Reaching down my legs, he untied my ankles. Bringing my legs up to his ears, he remained within me, his cock slowly pumping in and out of my cunt. Each thrust making me whimper more and more. My pussy seemed stretched and full, yet not uncomfortable, just completely full. He kissed my feet, rubbing his hands over them as he continued pumping in and out of my wet cunt. He brought my legs down, spreading my thighs wide beneath him. I wrapped my legs around his back, desiring him deeper within me. His thrusting became more frantic, his cock thrusting harder within me.

"Cum for me, sweet angel," He whispered.

"God yes," I cried. My pussy tightened around him until at last I came, milking his dick, yet he had not fulfilled himself. He merely went back to teasing me, pulling his dick out and placing only the tip within me. My arms remained tied to the bed and I longed to caress his dark hair and to touch his bare flesh as he had touched mine. He kept putting his tip within me and then pulling out, teasing me and making me beg once more.

"Please," I whispered, "I want you inside of me."

He slid within me very slowly, withdrawing his flesh completely each time. He slowly slid within my sheath, and then withdrew completely. His hand pressed down upon my clit, nudging it gently back and forth as he entered and withdrew. I writhed and moaned and pleaded, "Please," I said, "Please fuck me."

He would not give in. Each time he slowly slid his dick within me and then slowly slid it back out. "Oh please," I moaned.

He thrust in a little faster this time, "How is that, my angel?"

"Please," I begged.

He grabbed my hips and thrust hard within me, slamming into my cervix. Harder and harder he thrust. Harder and harder. Faster and faster. I cried out and thrashed wildy, "Holy fuck," I cried.

He kissed my breasts and fucked me. His dick slammed into me, his hands caressed every inch of my skin. I looked into his eyes. He smiled wickedly and I noted how white his teeth seemed. They seemed pointy and abnormally long. He brought his lips to my ear and kissed me. I gasped when I felt a prick of pain at my neck. I felt my heart beating wildly as he thrust within me, his dick slamming harder and harder. He sucked at my neck, the pain dissipated and replaced by a warm desire for his seed to burst forth within me. He licked his lips and brought them up to my ear, "I will make you immortal, my dear." He brought his lips back down to my throat and I felt the sweet prick of the pain yet again. I felt my cunt pulsing and milking his dick. He suddenly thrust hard within me and I felt his cum shooting within me as the blood drained forth from my body.

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